Chapter 1: Lunch Down Town

Julia finished most of her shopping and decided to stop off at Marty's bar and grill for a quick bite of lunch before tackling the final items. The place was empty except for three men at the far end of the bar; businessmen in for lunch most likely. Julia took a stool at the opposite end of the bar and ordered a drink. As she looked at the menu she casually glanced at the men at the other end of the bar, a fat middle aged man and a gray haired man who appeared to be in his seventies. It was the man in the middle that caught her attention.

He was perhaps 45,tall and dark with an athletic build. Not particularly handsome in a "pretty boy" kind of way, but there was sensual animal magnetism about him.

Soon the bar was filled with lunch customers and Julia could look at this intriguing man more closely without getting caught at it. She was stealing another glance at him when the bartender sat a new drink before her.

"I didn't order another drink," Julia said.

"From the man at the end of the bar." , he said indicating the man she had been checking out..She was a bit embarrassed Had he caught her staring at him?

When Julia looked back at the man , he saluted her with his glass , nodded slightly and smiled a small smile that only reached one side of his mouth, dark intense eyes bored into hers . He exuded confidence. He gave the impression that no one ever turned him down.

Julia was tempted to send the drink back, but heck, no point in wasting a good drink. Besides if she accepted his drink she felt she would be freer to look at him. She was becoming more fascinated with each passing moment.

She raised her glass and smiled back at him. Her lips formed a silent “thank you”.

She was wishing he would come join her , but he remained where he was , content to devour her with his eyes.

His chin was resting on his hand, one finger stroking his cheek, but it was the way he was looking at Julia that took his breath away. His eyelids were lowered and his smile had a very secretive, erotic quality. He seemed lost in a world by himself. Julia couldn't tear her eyes away from his.. She felt as a bird must feel when it's caught in the hypnotic charm of a snake. As she watched him, he slowly ran his tongue over his upper lip. He never took his eyes from hers. She found she couldn't break eye contact. It was as if he willed her to look into his eyes. He pressed his lips together for a brief moment and sent her an 'air" kiss and licked his lips again.

Julia was getting a little uncomfortable with this. She wondered what kind of game this man was playing. He seemed harmless enough, but her own feelings were making her nervous. She found him way too sexy and the worst part was , she was beginning to respond to his erotic behavior. She was getting very warm, but figured it was the drink.

They might as well have been alone at the bar for he paid not the slightest heed to the other patrons, but continued his seduction of Julia. As he continued to run his tongue over his lips, he slowly ran his right hand down his chest. To the others in the bar it was innocent enough, but Julia knew what he was doing. His gaze became more intense as he willed Julia to touch her own breast. Slowly her hand moved to her breast and lightly moved down it.

He smiled and nodded knowingly. Yes, now she was playing the game even if she wasn't aware of it. He laced his fingers together and leaned his chin on his hands. Never taking his eyes off Julia's, he began to nibble on the knuckle of his forefinger. Julia did the same. Almost imperceptibly, he slid the end of his finger into his mouth and began sucking on it. Julia chewed her knuckles until they hurt. He was mentally raping Julia and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She was sure now that it wasn't the drinks making her warm. In fact she was past warm. She was down right hot! All her senses were electrified. She felt as if she was sitting in a hot steamy pool of wetness. Her vagina was undergoing some tremendous muscle crunches as she squeezed her thighs together.She wanted desperately to slid her hands into her panties .She couldn’t remember when her pussy had been so hot and hungry for a man.


He tilted his head back, bit down on his lip so hard it brought blood.The muscles in his face tightened and contorted briefly, then he gave a huge sigh, looked a Julia and smiled a smile of triumph.

He called the bartender over and handed him a note to give to Julia. As she read it he slipped out the door and was gone.

The note read,"How was your orgasm? Mine was wonderful. Thank you!"

Julia was furious, mentally calling him every kind of son-of-a bitch. How dare he do this to her!!!

Chapter 2

Julia quickly paid for her lunch and hurried out side. She looked up and down the street frantically. She couldn't understand why, but she felt she had to find this man. She had caught a glimpse of him as he left the building and she thought he had turned left. She turned to the left and began walking in that direction.

What the hell am I doing she thought. I'm not the kind of woman to go chasing a strange man down the street. Yet, here she was doing just that!

Julia had gone only one block when someone fell into step beside her.

"Looking for me"? he asked. He smiled that same sexy, taunting smile.

"What makes you think I'm looking for you?" Julia asked. How conceited of him to assume she was after him.

"Because I don't think you finished our little game satisfactorily." He gave her a questioning look. "Did you"?

"I wasn't aware that we had a 'little game' " Julia bluffed.

"Really? Do you mean you weren't getting all hot and bothered in the restaurant?" he teased.

"You know you were and now your out here looking for the man that makes you cream your pants and I think you want some of the real thing". He had her by the shoulders forcing her to look into his deep smoldering eyes. For the life of her she was melting again. She admitted to herself that she not only wanted the real thing, but she had to have it.

She could only nod her head. He took her hand and started to lead her toward his car. She was still so aroused she would follow him anywhere.

"I live nearby", he told her." We'll go there and finish what we started"

"Did you know I'd follow you out of the bar?" she asks.



"Because you didn't reach an orgasm in there." He told her boldly."and I don't think you're the kind of woman to be satisfied with less."

"Why are you doing this to me" she whined.

"Because your very sexy looking and I'm horny and need to fuck someone and you obviously need to be fucked so lets go ".

Once inside his apartment, he wasted no time undressing Julia. He even managed to make it seem like they were old lovers and not two people who had just met. He wasn't having sex so much as making love. Julia was sure that he turned every sex act into a romantic love session. He was wonderful.

Every move he made was to insure her pleasure. Julia returned the favor and did what she could to please him with her efforts. He knew so many ways to make a woman feel good and he did them all slowly and deliberately. Although he treated her tenderly, there was a trace of savagery in kisses that bruised her lips. He brought Julia to the brink of orgasm time after time, withdrawing only to bring her back again. This strange man had her frantically begging him to fuck her She was a moaning helpless mass of hot uncontrolled sex . Julia had been turned into a wild savage animal and when she erupted in a thunderous climax she tore shreds of skin from his back as he crushed her mouth in a brutal kiss.

Afterwards Julia lay beside him in peaceful relaxation. Never had she been so completely satisfied by a lover. She wondered if she would ever see him again.

Maybe she would just have to have lunch at that bar again sometime.

The end.

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