Julie Says


Mom kept on squeezing and rubbing until Dad’s dick went soft and there was nothing more coming out, then she bent over quickly and kissed it. After that, she tucked it inside his pants and pulled his zipper up. Dad kissed her on the lips and they started to leave, holding hands. I heard him thanking her and promising her a really hot time “Tonight…when the kids are asleep.” I felt so jealous!

I couldn’t follow them back to our campsite right away, because everybody would see I had a big damp patch between the legs of my shorts from where my pussy had been so wet. So, first of all, when I knew Dad and Mom were really gone, I went over to have a look at how much stuff had come out of Dad’s dick. It was a bit disappointing really; most of it had run off the bush’s leaves and disappeared, and the only thing left was just transparent, “snail trails”. Then I went a bit deeper into the woods to where I found a nice sunlit place under a tree. I took my shorts right off and spread them out so that the sun would dry them and lay down on the ground beside them to sunbathe. Then I was very naughty; I felt soooo hot inside! It’s true - the girl can’t help it! Before long I was imagining it was my hand that was making Dad feel so good, getting myself so worked up that I kicked my panties right off and played with my tits while I rubbed my pussy. I had such a lovely hot cum!

When we got home I was surfing the Net in my room when my friend Cindy came round. We had the house to ourselves, so before long we were lying on my bed touching each other with all our clothes off, while I told her how Mom made Dad shoot his stuff and what I did afterwards. She got so excited we ended up with both of us playing with her pussy. She had never seen a man’s cock, let alone a hard one, so I couldn’t resist showing her the pictures Robert sent me. Cindy almost freaked when she saw the one of him shooting his sperm over my tits. She couldn’t believe that I had sent all of my pics to him! Then Robert came on line and we started chatting. It was soooo neat when he was saying nasty sexy things to Cindy and I was stroking her pussy at the same time. Poor Cindy could hardly type her answers straight!

Then Cindy asked Robert if he’d ever had anything to do with girls like us…

Robert says: “When I was a teenager at school.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “lol I didn’t mean then. I meant now.”

Robert says: “Not for a long time. It was before I came to live here, just after my divorce.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Why did you get divorced?”

Robert says: “My wife told me a very big lie.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “What sort of a lie? How big? Did she have sex with another man?”

Robert says: “Gigantic lie, even worse than adultery! When I got home from work one evening, Leanne was looking very pale and told me that that morning she suddenly started bleeding badly. It wasn’t like her normal menstrual flow, and anyway, it wasn’t the right time. So she went to her doctor, who told her she’d been pregnant, but had just had a miscarriage.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Oh how awful. She must have been so sad.”

Robert says: “Well, we were both pretty upset and I spent the next weeks loving and comforting and looking after her. Until, when we were at a party at our mutual friends’ house, our hostess, who had too much to drink, told me in a private moment how she thought I was ‘such a really great guy for allowing Leanne to have that abortion’. You can imagine how gobsmacked I was – no, on second thoughts you can’t, not at all. Anyway, I confronted my wife after we got home. She admitted that was what really happened and then told me she never, ever wanted to have children. We broke up soon afterwards – incompatible goals, I guess.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “That was so mean of her! What about the girl?”

Robert says: “Aaaah, Nikki. I was hoping you’d forgotten about her.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Julie told me to ask. She’s still touching my pussy. Ooooh, she just put her finger inside! It feels nice!”

Robert says: “Lucky Julie! I wish it was something of mine and a lot bigger than her finger!”

Julie says: (Cindy) “That’s reeeally NASTY, Robert! Tell us about Nikki, pleeeeze!”

Robert says: “Nikki lived next door. She was about Julie’s age, short blonde hair, cute nose, same height as Julie, smaller breasts than she has, but still a lovely rounded shape, and, like Julie, she had a very nice bum. We had a training length pool in our back yard and Leanne used to give Nikki and some other kids lessons. After Leanne moved out the other kids stopped coming, but Nikki still came over to swim. It was school summer vacation time by then. I didn’t mind, far from it! I used to work from home a lot then and I often sneaked along to a window that overlooked the pool to watch her! Very naughty of me, I know! I didn’t masturbate or anything of that kind. I just admired her fresh young beauty. I’m not sure if Nikki knew I watched her. If she did she didn’t seem to mind. She was a bit of an exhibitionist – kind of like Julie is, lol!

“Nikki was always hitting on me to spend time in the pool with her; she said it was boring swimming by herself. Once she even came into the house and walked through to my office dripping water all over the carpets to ask me to go. To stop Nikki doing that again, I finally agreed. Besides, her little nipples were sticking out so hard through her costume I could have looked at them all day! And the cozzie was too small down below, really tight into the crack of her pussy. Mmmmmmm, tempting!

“It was neat fun. We did more playing than swimming really. You can tell from my pics that I am pretty strong and she really used to love me lifting her above my head standing on my hands so that she could try all kinds of dives into the water. We also got quite good at her doing handstands on my hands too, after lots of practice! We also used to fool around with other things, like underwater swimming races. She was fast!

“Nikki was very aware of her body; what teenage girl isn’t? And she was very aware of my maleness too. Sometimes she used to try to catch me by surprise by swimming up to me underwater to pull my swim shorts down. When she realised there was a cord at my waist that stopped her from succeeding she tried to undo that as well. At first I kept it double knotted, so she always ran out of breath before she got very far. One day though, I gave her a shock by just having it tied in a bow, which she got undone very easily, but that was as far as I let her go.

“I never got sexually aroused. Messing around like that with Nikki was just Fun. Then, one afternoon, she turned up wearing a bikini instead of her usual one-piece costume. I was already in the water, thank goodness, because she made such a big production of taking off the tee shirt top and sarong-like wrap she always wore when walking in public between our houses that I ended up with a monster boner. Wow, she looked soooo tasty! She stayed well away from me at first, still a little bit shy in her new gear I guess, but before long it was Fooling Around As Usual, only now I had to be extra-careful where I put my hands!

“A few days went by before Nikki dived into the water at the far end of the pool from me and came shooting up from the bottom high into the air without her bikini top on. Oh my, her bare tits, and her nipples, which were all dark pink and hard from the cool water, were so beautiful! And didn’t Nikki know it! She spent a long time half submerged with her little cones bobbing up and down just under the surface, with a little knowing smile on her lips, pretending to have difficulty in getting her top back up from around her waist. I hoped she couldn’t see what I was doing deep under the water, but I was having a fine old time with my hand down the front of my swim shorts working away at the enormous hard-on that had simply shot up!

“Losing her top became a regular thing from then on. And every time Nikki was just that little bit closer to me when it happened, until the day she dived in and had another try at my shorts. I was totally under her spell by now and just stood there and let her do it. It wasn’t the cord she had difficulty with this time, it was pulling them down past my hard cock! She burst out of the water with a whoop of triumph and threw her arms around my neck and her thighs around my hips. So there I was with this gorgeous half-nude young piece of tail clinging to me, with my naked erection pressed into her pubic area and up her soft belly and her little bare tits crushed against my chest, wondering what the hell I could or should do next.

“Nikki didn’t give me any time to make up my mind though, because, with a wild giggle, she kind of wriggled her whole body raunchily against mine then dropped back under the water. Next thing, I felt my dick getting a hard squeeze and a tug, then she took off like a torpedo, almost kicking me in the nuts as she went. I had to let her go. You may ask, why didn’t I take off after her and nail her? You try swimming with a pair of swim shorts tangled up around your ankles!”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Julie wants to know, was that all? So do I.”

Robert says: “Oh no, not by a long way! By the time I’d got my shorts pulled up, Nikki was out of the pool, on the edge at the far end, drying herself with a towel. She was teenage, bare-breasted perfection! And when she began to dry her back and shoulders, her little tits jiggled so beautifully I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! A few seconds later was even more of a terminal moment. Nikki shucked off her bikini bottoms and simply stood there stark naked, letting me stare at her.

“She beckoned me to come closer, starting to dry her bottom half as I swam down the pool. By the time I arrived at her feet she had finished. Again, she let me look up at her for a few moments. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her pussy! Her soft curly pubic hairs were all fluffed up from where she had dried them and the cleft of her pussy was soooo inviting. I didn’t get to see all of her though, because she kept her legs tight together – except for one brief glimpse when she hooked her discarded bikinis with her toes and flicked them into the centre of the pool. “Robert,” she smiled sweetly, “Could you get my togs for me, please?” By the time I found them and resurfaced, Nikki had her tee shirt on and a pair of panties, and was doing up her sarong. I went right up to the edge of the pool and held them out to her, but she backed well away saying, “Oh no, Robert, you’ll just pull me into the water…throw them to me.” In the end I gave in and she took off like a startled deer, letting out one her cheeky giggles as she went.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Nikki sounds so cool! I wish I was as brave as her!”

Robert says: “So you could reeeally tease poor old men like me? But, there is a lot more.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Oooooo, tell us please!”

Robert says: “Horny little moo. Are you wet yet?”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Soaking. So is Julie. C’mon…”

Robert says: “I didn’t see Nikki for over a week. I figured she’d scared herself with her daring. But one afternoon she showed up. I was in my lounge listening to some music and reading a book I’d been saving for some time. But that was thrown to one side as soon as Nikki appeared! She was wearing her tee shirt and sarong, but she wasn’t dressed for swimming - I could see she had nothing on under her top from the way her breasts moved. And there was no dark shadow of her bikini bottoms through her sarong, so she clearly had ordinary panties on. One lot of teasing jokes led to another until she suddenly asked me if I’d liked looking at her boobs; her nipples were sticking out like organ stops by this time. I told her of course I did, they were very beautiful, as were all the other bits of her I saw as well. This obviously pleased her a lot, although she did flush a little pink in the face at my mention of ‘the other bits’. Then she asked me, “Would you like to look at my boobs again?” I would have fallen and kissed her feet if she’d asked me to as a pre-condition, but all that I had to do was answer, “Yes…please.”

“She took my breath away, being so warm and close by, and not soaking wet as usual from the pool. She took her top off and cupped those appetising little orbs in her palms, with her nipples poking through the circles of her fingers and thumbs, and kind of swayed her chest from side to side. “Are they nice?” she asked. I managed to gurgle “Yes, lovely, very lovely.” Then she asked me if I would like to feel them. The look of crushed disappointment on her face was a picture when I said, “No.” But I made her feel better immediately afterwards when I told her, “But, I would very much like to kiss them.” Nikki agreed straight away.

“I had a large sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace, I still have it now but in my bedroom. I took her hand and led Nikki over to it and asked her to lie down. I got down beside her propped up on one elbow and just admired her for several minutes. Nikki’s chest rose and fell softly with her breathing while I studied her breasts intimately. They were so wonderful really close-up like that, with the ultra-fine hairs on her skin and the faint tracery of veins beneath. And the way her nipples changed their appearance to reflect each alteration in her emotional state was simply magical!

“Naturally, I couldn’t just kiss them! There was no way I could stop myself from suckling on her teats, and licking them, and nibbling gently at them with my lips. And of course I did touch them with my hand, caressing and teasing the sister I was not stimulating with my mouth. In no time at all, Nikki was moaning sensually and lifting her breasts to me for more loving. At the same time she rolled and lifted her pelvis in that sex movement that comes naturally to all of us. That girl was really getting into it!

“It was when I was transferring my attention back from her right nipple to her left one that, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nikki slide her hand down her belly and into her panties. Her sarong had come completely undone and fallen aside leaving her spread thighs totally bare. What an enchanting picture! I resumed my sucking and nibbling, but more insistently now, at the same time watching what she was doing down below in my peripheral vision. Nikki’s little moans rapidly turned into sharp panting cries and the gyrations of her lower parts became ever more frantic as she climbed to her peak. When I sensed she was almost there, I took all of her nipple into my mouth and bit on it firmly with my teeth – not to hurt her, but to give her that extra sensation that would take her over the edge.

“It worked. Every woman I have ever known sexually had spectacular orgasms, but hers were extra-special. Nikki was a girl who simply loved to cum, and she masturbated for hours to capture that wild electric pleasure as many times as she could. But, I didn’t know that then, so when she took off that first time her sheer exuberance and intensity amazed me. I had never seen anything quite like it!

“I watched over the slim quivering form curled up beside me on her way down with great interest. Her aftershocks went on for many minutes, for much longer than any woman I had known before. Finally, she rolled back onto her back and gave me a shaky little smile. Her hand was still inside her pants, so, just to show her I didn’t mind that she’d brought herself off like that, I grasped her wrist and brought her sopping fingers to my mouth, where I sucked her honey tasting juices from them. Nikki looked up at me in wide-eyed wonder that I would do something like that! But the next time, and there were quite a few ‘next times’, she offered me her fingers to taste straight away.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Wow! This is so hot! You’re not making it up are you?”

Robert says: “Nope. It happened just like I’m telling you.”

Julie says: (Cindy) “Coooool! Tell us more! Did she touch you?”

Robert says: “Nikki had to leave soon after that in case her mother was wondering where she had gotten to. Hey, I’m starting to write “American”, must be your influence! Anyway, I spent the rest of the day with a massive hard-on, thinking nasty sexual thoughts about Nikki and ending up with a bad case of blue balls. I had to make myself cum twice to get rid of the discomfort! The kinds of things I didn’t do with her in my head weren’t worth thinking about!

“She came back the next day, same result, and the next day, and the day after. I tell you, Nikki really, really loved to cum! Then, on the Monday, after the weekend when she hadn’t been able to visit, I was making love to her nipples with my lips as usual when she asked me, “Do you really like licking my stuff from my fingers?” I told her that of course I did, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Then she asked, “Have you ever gone down on anyone…kissed her pussy?” I told her that I had, many times. “What’s it like?” I said, kind of half-joking, half-hopeful, “Take your pants off and I show you.”

“Her thighs were sooo smooth against my cheeks! And her pussy was ozone spicy, salt and honey, and oh so wet and responsive! She came very quickly with a full-blooded moan of ecstasy. Luckily, my house was quite apart from all the others in the street, so nobody came to investigate the “murder” that must have been happening. And, she gripped my head so tightly with her legs I was worried she’d break my neck!

“After Nikki calmed down she really made my day. As if letting me taste her pussy wasn’t enough, she asked if she could see my cock! I started to undo my zipper to get it out. “No, take all your clothes right off. I want to look at it properly. I’ve only seen it underwater.” I think it took me about ten seconds to do as she asked, then I sank back on the lambskin and let her have her way with me!

“She started off by picking it up in her fingertips from where it lay up my belly so that it was stood upright. She examined every millimetre in such minute detail I could feel the draught of her breathing! And she pushed my legs wider apart so that she could look closely at my balls. And then, oh heaven, Nikki bent over and kissed my cock on the very tip, very quickly, but it was like getting an electric shock. She felt me jump and turned to smile at me, “It’s beautiful,” she said, “And so are your balls.” She let me thank her, then asked, “I’d like to see you cum, is that all right?” I reached down with my hand to take hold of my dick to make that happen, but she pushed me aside, “No I want to do it…show me how…please?” I was greatly tempted to ask her to suck me, but was also sure she wasn’t ready for that then. So instead, I showed her how to hold my shaft and how to run her hand up and down, and where the sensitive parts are, then laid back to enjoy.

“Mmmmm, it was somethin’ else, far better than I’d ever dreamed it would be with her! That lovely, slender, naked, girl-sex-smelling naiad kneeling level with my hip tenderly stroked my raging hard-on with both her hands with immense concentration. “It’s so hot!” she murmured, “And it’s so soft-feeling and smooth outside, but so hard underneath!” Her little breasts swayed delightfully while she worked on me, her nipples swelling to fullness with renewed arousal. She looked at me sharply when the first droplet of fluid emerged from my tip, but I told her that it was normal, “It’s called pre-cum.” She smiled and said, “Like the stuff that comes out of me when I start to get really excited…like I am now!”

“I still don’t know if it was intentional, surely Nikki must have felt my cock stiffen and start pulsing, but just as my first spurt of sperm was shooting out, she bent over to kiss me again. My cum hit her right on her lips. Luckily, it’s the second shot that really comes out hard, so she didn’t get all that spattered. But the shock of it forced her to sit back on her heels to see the rest of my orgasm happen. She still kept hold of my cock though, and my sperm ran down all over her fingers. I also noticed that she licked my stuff from her lips while she watched and didn’t pull any faces at the taste.”

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