tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 03

Julie's Mistake Ch. 03


The young blonde had never felt so cheap and used in her life. All of the values that she stood for and all of the things that she had worked so hard for were simply hanging by a thread. And worse yet, she knew that her future was controlled both by Hall and the outcome of his license renewals. She was realistic enough to know that even if she did everything that he told her to, that he would destroy her if his business failed because of her mistakes. This gave her a two-fold feeling of doom. Still, Julie decided to try and at least talk to Hall about getting the video back of the two of them fucking in the hotel room.


Julie sighed deeply. She had lied to her fiancé about this after hours meeting with Hall. She told him that it was going to be held at Hall's local office and involved other members of her law firm when in fact Hall had told her to meet him at the restaurant in the five star hotel in which he was staying. She also told him that she would be very late and that he shouldn't expect a phone call from her tonight. As she walked into the hotel, she paused and closed her eyes in resignation. There really was no choice, she told herself.

The doorman and bellhops eyed the young woman with open admiration. They had worked at the hotel long enough to know that a beautiful woman who showed up at the hotel dressed like Julie was going to be flat on her back taking some dick soon enough. They envied the wealthy men who somehow always seemed to get between the legs of the finest looking women.

Julie was directed to a circular booth in a secluded corner of the restaurant and there saw Hall making notes on a pad. She stood at the table on trembling legs for several moments before he looked up. The lawyer had worn what he had instructed her to wear. She had on a very short black leather skirt that hugged her well formed ass cheeks and no panties or hose. Her long, tanned legs made their naked way down to her well manicured feet in a pair of open toed high heeled shoes. The top was a tight turtleneck that she wore because it was made of fairly thick material. She chose this because, as instructed, she again was allowed no bra. Even so, it was clear that her large melons were not contained in a bra, as they swayed provocatively from side to side as she walked.

When Hall finally acknowledged Julie standing there, he smiled broadly and offered her his hand. She smiled back, revealing her perfect teeth, and her face beamed beautifully with the smile. It went through her mind that she had just smiled for the first time in a long time.

"Julie, please have a seat."

Julie sat in the booth. It was shaped like a U, and had a back that was several feet high and made the booth extremely private. Hall moved to the middle of the back of the booth and motioned her next to him. Julie slid along the padded seat until she was sitting next to Hall. A long white table cloth covered the table.

As the two ate, he talked about the status of the license renewals and about what he wanted to accomplish. Hall told Julie that the sale of one of his stations was now being held up because of the license renewal issue. He told her that the feds had been pressuring him for months to sell one of his stations to a group of black investors and that when he had finally gotten them to agree to the price he set, that he had had to approach them with this renewal problem. He had explained to them that the problem was outside his control, but they continued to believe that he was only trying to leverage them for more money. Not only was he out the millions that they were obligated to pay him, but they were now threatening to file suit over his failure to convey the station with a valid, renewed license.

Julie sat next to him half listening to this story, but trying to work up the courage to ask about the videotape. Her mouth was dry from nervousness. She sipped on the martini that he had bought for her. When she finally spoke, her voice sounded cracked and high-pitched.

"I ... I ... I really would like to get that videotape back," she finally stammered.

She quickly realized that this request came out of the blue.

Hall chuckled gently. "I'm sure you would," he replied. "And, if you assist me as I know that you will, then, certainly, you will get it back. All in due time. All in due time." he said. "You certainly have my word that it won't be sent to your work or your fiancé unless you force me to send it."

She listened to him with a terrible dread. Julie expected what happened next. Hall's hand moved to the silky smooth skin of her muscular thigh and remained there caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh while they spoke. What she didn't expect was that he would lean over and kiss her mouth. As his tongue probed her mouth, his hand went under her top and began to softly knead the fleshy breasts and nipples, quickly bringing them to a stiff attention. This startled Julie, but she did nothing to stop him. She even forced herself to tongue back at his intruding tongue. After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only a matter of seconds, Hall pulled his mouth from hers. He continued to massage her D cup breasts and looked into her blue eyes as he did so. Her sensitive nipples remained erect to his touch. Finally, as a waiter approached, his hand moved from under her blouse.

Hall ordered them each another martini and told her to finish the first quickly. Julie downed the drink as soon as she could. The public assault on her body then continued.

"Open your legs up for me," Hall said.

Despite her foreboding, Julie parted her legs. His fingers found her well manicured pubic hair and massaged the top of her pussy without entering her. Still, the moisture became evident on his fingers as he rubbed her pussy lips vigorously, and several times he wiped his fingers off on her inner thigh.

Hall then stuck his middle finger into Julie's moistened love hole which brought a nearly silent cry of passion from the young woman.

"Ohhh," Julie moaned. Her eyes closed and her small hands instinctively went to Hall's hand as if she could somehow control his meaty fingers. There her hands remained, one on his wrist and the other on the back of his intruding hand. The sensation brought on by not only feeling his finger working within her, but also feeling the movement from outside her was almost more than she could bear.

As her pussy bathed his finger in wetness, she struggled with the physical desire that she was feeling. Was she just a whore, she wondered? Why did her body betray her?

Despite her brain screaming for Hall to stop, Julie couldn't keep her pussy from a wetness brought on only by deep sexual desire.

Hall smiled slightly at the reaction from his companion. Julie's thigh muscles relaxed ever so much and her breathing became a bit labored from her parted lips. Hall even noticed that her hips began to move in the ancient dance, meeting his finger's every thrust ever so gently.

He knew that if he continued to work her love hole like this that she would be brought to orgasm. But that wasn't what he was interested in accomplishing. In fact, he had accomplished all that he wanted when he showed her that she could be brought to the threshold of orgasm by him even in a public restaurant.

The young woman knew that Hall was going to fuck her that night. The tingle in her vagina and the buzz that she had from the martinis clouded her judgement, but she knew that until she recovered the videotape, that she was his sex partner, unwilling or not.

Hall handed her a hotel key. "Julie, go up to my room, 1825, and slip into the outfit I bought for you. I'll be up in ten minutes."

Julie took the key and slipped out of the booth to go upstairs. She could feel the intense moisture in her pussy and the wetness on her thigh where Hall had wiped his fingers.

Hall watched her walk away, the skirt barely concealing the muscular globes of her ass, and revealing the long stretch of tanned legs all the way up to her perfect ass cheeks. He smiled when he saw the heads of men turn from their tables to watch this beautiful young woman walk out of the restaurant on her unsteady legs.

When she entered the room, she noticed the white lacy panties and short top laying on the bed. She examined the pieces before she put them on. They were of the finest silk, and the top was made to barely accommodate her D-cup titties. Julie stepped out of her high heels. The young woman then took off her top and felt goose bumps on her large breasts from the cold air. She completed undressing by unzipping the skirt and pulling it down her long, tanned legs. She padded nude on the thick carpet towards to bathroom to try on the lingerie top. It was sheer and came down to the flair in her hips, leaving her tanned legs naked. Then she put on the skimpy panties that completed the outfit. Julie did not have a big ass, but the years of athletics had given her a well formed one and the little silky panties did not entire encase her buttocks. She turned to look at her butt in the mirror and knew that Hall had gotten the tiny panties because it would show off her ass cheeks. As she changed she continued to look at herself in the mirror. She knew that she was going to be used as a receptacle for Hall's sexual desires and she felt a strange wetness in her vagina. It was not an entirely bad feeling except psychologically. The young lawyer nervously wondered if this was what a prostitute felt like as she anticipated being used by one of her clients.

Julie had just finished folding her clothes over a table in the room when she heard the door to the room open. She turned to face Hall as he entered, her hands nervously squeezing in front of the tiny white panties she wore, her pink nipples on her big tits erect and visible beneath the sheer teddy top.

Hall walked in, a couple of bottles of wine under one arm. But behind him walked several black men all dressed in suits! Julie's mind swarmed.

"Julie, I want you to meet the buyers of that station I was telling you about over dinner. Gentlemen, this is one of my lawyers, Julie." Julie stood in the center of the hotel room not knowing what to do. Her mind raced and her instincts told her to run, but there was really no place to run to. The black men were all dressed in suits, but the suits were like those worn by black gangsters. The men wore brightly colored fedoras that matched their loud suit colors.

All that she knew was that she stood in a man's hotel room in a very compromising situation with her personal and professional life completely hanging in the balance of a man who was apparently intent on using and humiliating her. With tears welling up in her blue eyes, the nearly naked blonde woman felt her wobbly knees bend and she sat down in the hotel room chair.

Hall wasted no time. He quickly walked over to Julie and reached down to cup both breasts in his hands. Although she reached up to his arms in an effort to keep him from massaging her nipples, she didn't resist in a meaningful way. The former cheerleader felt her nipples harden further in the man's hands. What is wrong with me, she wondered? But the combination of alcohol and the finger-fucking that she had endured downstairs had lowered the resistance that she was able to display.

The big man looked at one of the other men that he had brought to the room."Turn on some music," he said to the man.

Music soon filled the air of the room. Hall released Julie's nipples and tugged at her arms to make her stand.

"Gentlemen," he announced as he displayed her to the men, "this may be the finest piece of ass this side of the Mississippi. Not some fucking hooker slut that I paid five hundred dollars to for you to fuck the brains out of. Only the best."

Hall grabbed her hand to show the large engagement ring to the men. "She's promised to another man, but owned by me," he boasted.

"This little gal probably hasn't fucked ten guys her whole life, but she'll be well used tonight!"

Julie heard the black men snicker. Julie had never considered herself bigoted in any way, but she had grown up in the southeast and had been a cheerleader at a university in that area and had always heard frightening things about black men and their sexual thirst, especially for blonde white women. She hoped that Hall would control them enough that they would only get to see her shamed, not participate in the humiliation.

"Have you ever seen jugs this size on a woman with a stomach this flat? Big, firm white woman's titties. Shortly she will dance for you and make you happy. But, first, she needs to make her owner happy."

Hall sat in a chair. "Baby, do a little lap dance for me."Julie took a deep breath and tried to gather her wits about her. She knew that she had very little control over this, but felt that if she dissolved into tears that she would lose what little she did have. "If that's what Hall wants," she thought, "that's what he'll get." And the beautiful blonde began to sway provacatively.

Her black audience began to cheer and clap and high five each other.

The terrified young woman stepped between Hall's outstretched legs and turned her back to him.

How could she be such a slut, she thought.

Her blue eyes met the dark faces of the men in the room. She recognized the lust that each of their faces exhibited. As her arms moved gracefully into the air, she felt Hall moving slightly behind her. Then she felt his hands on her naked thighs, pulling her gently down to his lap. Julie was grinding her hips in an effort to satisfy Hall's demand for a lap dance, but it seemed very humiliating to the young woman. But her shame was heightened even more when she felt his naked tool standing perfectly stiff against her scantily clad buttocks!

Hall pulled her buttocks towards his rock-hard rod. As the soft flesh of her ass was squeezed next to his erect cock, his hands reached under the short hem of her top and began to knead the massive mounds of tits on her chest. Then the man turned her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Julie face was inches from his hard cock.

"Suck me."

The beautiful young lawyer felt her knees sink into the soft carpet and her shapely buttocks come to rest on the back of the heels of her feet. Her hands rested on Hall's hips.

Julie looked into his eyes. "Please don't make me do this," she whispered. Hall stared at her in silence.

Having no choice, she reluctantly took Hall's large erection in her hands and parted her full lips to begin the fellatio. Julie bathed the bulbous head in her saliva and slowly began to bob her head up and down on the cock. Hall had his hands resting on the back of her head and neck, but his eyes were focused on the angelic face now giving him head.

Hall enjoyed the feel of the soft skin on Julie's shoulders and neck and how she would occasionally look up at him with her big, blue eyes.

As she tongued the underside of his stiff penis, Hall knew that he was close to shooting his spunk into her mouth. One of Julie's hands held the base of his cock while the other moved to his thigh. She could feel the tension in the muscles there and knew that he would be reaching orgasm soon.

"Stay on it, baby."

"Suck me."

"Oh, God," Hall cried as his hot seed began to explode from his cock. His hips bucked wildly into Julie's face, but she was held tightly to his cock by his hands and was forced to swallow the thick, salty semen as it struck the back of her throat.

As his legs relaxed and his cock deflated, Julie pulled her red lips off his dong and lifted herself pitifully onto a nearby couch.

"Oh, no," she moaned in shame at what she had just done.

But before she could even regain her bearings, two powerfully built, naked black men pulled her lingerie top up over her full, firm mammaries and she found their two black heads suckling on her teats as if she was the mother of twins.

Through her mental haze, she heard Hall's voice. "Easy, guys, you'll each get to fuck her."

Julie's eyes rolled back into her head and she felt her heart become a lump in her throat. "A gang-bang," she thought. "They're going to gang-bang me!"

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