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David sat on the aisle in one of the metal folding chairs that had been set up for the outdoor wedding. His wife, Suzanne, was somewhere with the bride, doing whatever it is women do before a wedding. The bride, Laurie, was their best friend, and had been for a couple of years, and David was going to miss her, figuring that, with marriage, she would be spending less time with them and more time with her new husband. David had met Jeff on several occasions, and even though he found him to be very likable, David was still a little resentful he was going to be taking more of Laurie's time.

It was a late summer wedding, and the weather was gorgeous, the sun bright yellow and the sky just starting to show the hint of the coming of autumn. David had worn his khaki colored summer suit, and was glad for the jacket, because even though it was sunny, the temperature was only in the high 60s. "Cool temperatures come early up here," he thought to himself. He fidgeted in his seat, and picked up the program again, pretending to read it like it was an article in the local paper about his beloved Packers. There were maybe twenty lines of print in the whole program.

David scrunched up the program in his hands and leaned his head back. He knew there were at least 15 minutes till the show was supposed to start. And then, there were the requisite delays, but since this was a second marriage for both maybe at least the delays would be minor. Weddings of older, or once-married folks tend to skip the drama of the first marriage, or the weddings of the young. The older ones know the guests are there for the party, and also know better than to keep them waiting any longer than necessary.

David's mind drifted, thinking back over the last couple of years. He'd never imagined, in even his wildest dreams, that what had transpired would ever really happen to him. He remembered that one winter's night that started the whole thing….

David and Suzanne had gone out to dinner. Married for twenty years, they had a great relationship and enjoyed each other's company immensely. Even though financially they were a little strapped, with two kids in college, they weren't lacking for anything. But they had a freedom they hadn't had in a very long time. David had been looking forward to the kids leaving, if only for the selfish reason of hoping their absence would give a little bit of a kickstart to their lovelife. In fact, age caught up with Suzanne, and she had lost almost all interest in sex. David was disappointed, to say the least, but he loved her company and stuck through it with no complaints. He figured whatever it was, it would be over soon enough.

Even though it was a nice restaurant, they took their usual table in the bar. There was more going on in the bar, and they both enjoyed the socializing. Just after their appetizers arrived, Suzanne's friend Laurie came in by herself. David knew she had recently divorced, but that was about all he knew of her. Suzanne asked Laurie to join them since they were so early into their dinner. Laurie politely protested, but soon agreed to join them. She ordered scotch, and David thought, "Does she like scotch, or is this her winter drink, or is this the divorce talking?" He knew it was sexist, but he couldn't resist.

Suzanne and Laurie started talking, about Laurie's 12-yr old daughter who went to her father's in the weekends, about their jobs and whatever. David kept mostly quiet, watching the two of them interact. They seemed like two really good friends, even though he knew they didn't get together that often. David finished his appetizer and when the waiter came by he ordered a bottle of wine for he and Suzanne. He asked Laurie if she would like some, which she did, and David asked the waiter to bring three glasses.

David continued to pretend to listen to their conversation, hearing it but not really completely comprehending. He was thankful when dinner came – it gave him something he could legitimately concentrate on without seeming to be rude. Just partway into his dinner Suzanne ordered a second bottle. She and Laurie continued talking and drinking, just picking at their food. David was close to finishing when he heard Suzanne, "Oh, he's not getting any. I haven't had any interest in it for months."

David looked up from his plate. He thought to himself, "And women think we have sex on the brain all the time? Get two women together, and they're talking about it inside of ten minutes." Laurie was looking at him, a sympathetic smile on her face.

"Oh, you poor thing," she said. "But at least you've been getting some."

"Nope, nothing," David said, "not for several months now."

"Well, that's better than me. My ex had no interest at all, and I LIKE sex."

Finally getting to a subject David thought he knew something about, he asked, somewhat rhetorically, "Was he on the right side of the fence?"

"Jury's still out on that one." They all laughed.

Suzanne said, "I told you he had personality. It just takes a while for it to come out."

Laurie looked at him and reached across to take his hand. "You'll be fine. It won't last long."

David got up to go to the bathroom. When he returned, they both looked at him and started laughing. He had no idea what was going on so he just took his seat and finished off his drink. The plates had been cleared and, apparently, the bill had been paid while he was gone. David was just mentally going through the TV channels when Suzanne announced, "Come on David. Laurie's coming over to our place for a nightcap. She's never seen our house."

David stood back up, thinking this might be a little more interesting than TV. Suzanne was always funny, and so too was Laurie. The two of them a little lubricated were turning out to be very entertaining. David held the door for both of them, and followed them out. Laurie got into her car, and David and Suzanne got into theirs. As they were pulling out of the parking lot, Suzanne asked, "Do you mind if Laurie comes over?"

"No, not at all. Why would I?"

"Well, she's more my friend than yours. I just wondered." There was a pause. "Do you think she's sexy?"

"Sexy? David laughed. "It's wintertime. You can tell how tall a woman is, and you can tell what color hair they have. But it takes Superman's x-ray vision to figure out anything else!" They both laughed at that, and made the turn into their driveway, Laurie right behind them.

Suzanne got a bottle of wine while David was arranging the winter coats in the entryway. Their house was warm, and when David finally made it into the kitchen, Laurie had taken off her sweater. "You may be right, Suzanne."

Suzanne looked over at David, figured out what he was talking about and laughed. Laurie looked at them both, quickly figured out she was the subject of their humor but had no idea what it was all about. David went in to the living room and laid a fire. The girls followed in a couple minutes.

They each took a seat. While Suzanne and Laurie talked about the decorating, David sipped his wine and tended the fire. The fire added a comforting warmth to the room – almost too much David thought, with the wine they'd already consumed. Suzanne moved over to the sofa where Laurie was sitting and they continued their conversation. David felt like joining in at several points but they were getting along so well he didn't want to interrupt. Pretty soon the bottle of wine was gone, and the girls were getting pretty giddy. David started feeling sleepy from sitting too close to the fire.

"David, why don't you go get another bottle of wine," Suzanne suggested. "And take your time." She and Laurie both laughed. They were obviously getting into some discussion they didn't want David to overhear. Eager for an excuse to move without seeming rude, David went into the kitchen and got out a bottle of Chardonnay. They'd been drinking red, but David felt like he needed something a little more refreshing. Before he went back to the living room he stepped outside for some fresh air. It had gotten considerably colder, and it invigorated him. After a few minutes he went back in, grabbed the wine and returned to the living room.

As he walked in, he overheard Laurie "Really? He's that good at that?!" Then they both started laughing again.

"Here's some more wine for my girls," David announced as he entered the room. The conversation died and Laurie inadvertently gave David a serious once over as he approached the coffee table. David ignored it, figuring it was the wine talking, but when he looked at Suzanne, he knew something was up.

'We can't mix white and red. David. Why don't you go get us some clean glasses? And, take your time again." David looked at her, a little annoyed, but when he saw the look in her eyes, one he hadn't seen in months, he turned and went back to the kitchen, his mind racing. "Just what the heck is going on here?" he asked himself. He got the glasses, and went back in.

This time they were apparently listening for him to return, for there was no conversation going on when he entered the living room, but they were both looking at him. David sat down and poured two glasses of wine. He'd gotten a soda from the refrigerator, thinking that if he was maybe, just maybe going to get lucky he wasn't going to waste the experience.

Laurie said, "I think I'm going to be needing a cab. I don't think I can drive."

"Nonsense," Suzanne replied. "We have plenty of room. Stay here. You don't mind, do you David?"

"Of course not," David replied, not thinking any more about it. Even though his little bit of time outside woke him up somewhat, he still wouldn't have wanted to drive. They made some small talk, but it was clear they were all getting a little tired. A few minutes later they picked up the glasses and took them back into the kitchen. David said his goodnights and walked back to the master bedroom, while the girls stayed in the kitchen a few more minutes before Suzanne showed Laurie to the guest room.

"Damn," Suzanne exclaimed. "David, could you bring a lightbulb from under the sink in the bathroom?" David, through a mouthful of toothpaste, muffled "In a minute." He rinsed, grabbed a lightbulb from under the sink and walked back to the guestroom.

When he walked in, the first thing he noticed was that all the lights were working. Then he saw Laurie lying on the bed, completely naked. His cock started rising in his pants, making a noticable bulge. David looked from Suzanne to Laurie, and back again. Nearly speechless, it was all he could do to get out "Wha?"

Suzanne was sitting in the overstuffed armchair in the corner, a wicked grin on her face. "I know it's been hard on you not getting any lately. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just haven't been in the mood. And I knew Laurie had been without for a long time, and she wasn't in the mood to get involved with anyone. While we were at dinner, I got this crazy idea. We've got needs and desires, supply and demand."

David was taken aback. This was nothing he'd ever expected, but the length of time since he'd last gotten laid was overriding any other concerns he may have had. Laurie looked at him with a come-hither look, which was particularly hard to ignore in her current state of undress. Suzanne still had that smile on her face.

"There are some ground rules, however. Laurie has already agreed to them. Number one: no kissing on the mouth. Any place else is fine. Number two: This will never take place in our bed. And number three: I get to watch."

David slumped on the bed, torn between what his head was telling him to do and what his pecker was telling him to do. "I don't know," he said. It was rule number three that was getting to him. Suzanne wanted to watch?

Knowing David, and knowing at least some of his fantasies, Suzanne sensed exactly what his apprehension was. "I'm not trying to be a chaperone. I'm interested. It kind of excites me. I've always imagined what it would be like to see you and me together, sort of an 'out-of-body' experience. This way, I get something I've wanted for a long time, and so do you, and so does Laurie."

With that Suzanne got up out of the armchair, and walked over to David. Standing in front of him, she started undoing the buttons on his shirt. He realized she was completely serious. She slipped her hands under his shirt at his shoulders and started pulling it down. David grasped her waist and pulled her toward him, his head buried in her ample breasts. She tipped her head down and whispered in his ear, "I love you. Enjoy."

With that she stepped back and made her way back to the armchair, slipping off her skirt as she went. David watched her sit down, smiled and turned to Laurie.

Except for her height, for she was a lot shorter than either of them, Laurie could have been Suzanne's twin. Voluptuous, with curves in all the right places, she was built, and she'd done an excellent job of covering it up. The round curves of her ass were as inviting as any David had ever seen. She sat up and reached for his pants, first undoing the button, and then struggling to get the zipper down over his fully erect cock. David stood and slid off both his pants and boxers. Laurie swung her legs over the side of the bed, straddling David's legs, her eyes level with the purple head of his cock. She looked at the clear droplet and used the tip of her tongue to clean that off, and then probed the source, trying to coax more out for her to taste. She grasped him with one hand and aimed it at her lips. With her free hand, she reached between her legs and coated two of her fingers with her own pre-cum. Then, showing her fingers to David, she rubbed it all over the head of his cock, before sliding her lips over it and suckling just the head. Having been without for so long, David instantaneously felt that oh, so familiar pressure building in his balls. Not wanting to come so soon, he fought every desire to thrust into her mouth and pulled away. She looked up at him, and realized he was saving himself. Laurie slid over on the bed, making room for David.

As he got on, she slid up, resting against the headboard. She reached over and grabbed one of the pillows. Raising her hips, she placed it under her bottom, and pulled her knees up. She was making it very clear what she wanted David to do. "I've heard about your abilities, David. Please, PLEASE, take me with your mouth!" David looked down between Laurie's legs. Her outer lips were shiny, tiny beads of her juices showing in the little bit of fine, blonde pubic hair that she hadn't trimmed.

David leaned forward, resting briefly on his elbows while he started kissing up the inside of her thigh. He could feel her tense up as he approached the area where her legs met. She rose to meet him, and David, not wanting to disappoint, dove in, burying as much of his tongue inside her as he could, her outer lips surrounding his chin and part of his cheeks. Working his tongue feverishly, he felt the rush of her slippery juices his mouth and cheeks and finally, his chin, where it created a steady drip. Pulling back, he slid his tongue up and out, searching out her clit. She was pressing against him, begging him to not leave, but once he found her clit, and began nibbling on it, curling his lips around his teeth so as not to hurt her. Laurie started to moan, and twisted into his lips, encouraging him to quicken his pace, and to bite harder. She pulled back, much like a man does on his last stroke, and thrust so hard into his face that David had to tighten his neck muscles to take it. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her. David felt the hot, slick, wetness of her cum puddle in his hand.

The bed shifted under David, and he opened his eyes. Suzanne was sitting on the side of the bed, wearing no clothes at all. She tentatively reached out and touched Laurie's erect nipple, then followed her hand down and kissed it. She looked up at David, and mouthed the words, "Now fuck her." Hard as a rail, and needing his release, David slid up Laurie's stomach, and watched in amazement as Suzanne reached out to guide him into Laurie. When he was buried, Suzanne pulled her hand out of the way and straddled Laurie's face. Facing David, she leaned forward to kiss him on the mouth.

When Laurie buried her own tongue into Suzanne, Suzanne buried her tongue in David's mouth. David started pumping slowly, knowing he wouldn't be able to withstand the incredible heat and wetness for long. Watching his wife straddle another woman he'd just eaten to completion served to only shorten his time horizon. David arched his back and drove home, clenching, pulsing, releasing til he had no more left. When he was done, he disentangled himself from the other two.

Suzanne was still receiving Laurie's licking in the place that hadn't felt like it cared for so long. The sight of David's softening cock, with the mixture of his and Laurie's fluids on it was the most erotic thing she'd seen. Not able to resist, she leaned forward, taking care not to break contact with Laurie, and before she took him into her mouth, she whispered to David, "I guess all I needed was a jumpstart."

David was startled when Suzanne sat down next to him, disturbing his reverie. "I think we're going to miss her," David said.

Suzanne looked at him, a smile already on her face. "They're only going to be on their honeymoon for a couple of weeks."

"Then what? They're newlyweds," David whispered as the music changed, indicating the bride's aisle-walk was about to begin.

"She told him."

"She WHAT!" Heads turned away from Laurie and toward David.

"Ssshhh! She told him. Last night. He was fine with it, and she invited him to join us. Of course, you wouldn't be the only male around anymore, but then again, you've said before you wouldn't mind seeing me with another man."

The pleats on David's suit pants were quickly straightening out as Laurie was passing them. Thanking the wedding gods that keep veils and trains away from a lot of second weddings, David watched Laurie's ass the rest of the way up the aisle. He turned to Suzanne and gave her a kiss on the neck. She placed her hand in his lap, her thumb absent-mindedly stroking the tip of his cock. The music stopped.

"We are gathered here today..."

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