tagBDSMJust a Quiet Night in Ch. 01

Just a Quiet Night in Ch. 01


She was sure she made no sound as she rested on in the doorway to the living room; shoulder against the jamb with a knee cocked. He heard though; from his bound form she saw him first stir then his head turn the acute angle to where she stood. She smiled. His eyes looked over her fully; first taking in full measure of her own -- as he always did -- then moving down her body; finishing on her bare feet where they rested and remained.

She admired him from her position; he had reacted instantly to noticing her, she must have made a noise or something; she knew he would argue later that the electricity in the room had changed or some other sweet nothings he seemed so swiftly to say. She was at the wrong angle completely to be seen from the corner of his eye; even now, his head was turned almost as fully as his bindings allowed. Yet he had responded instantly: the back had straightened, his breathing slowed and became heavier instantly.

She entered the room; padding across the soft, plus carpet of the living room. His eyes were transfixed on her feet. Technically, this was a transgression, his eyes should have remained forward. However: it was him, her pet and footboy. It was his weakness and the initial source of the control she held over him.

She stopped; looking him over. Grinning. Yes, this misdemeanour would be overlooked. The poor boy had a painful night before him and she should allow him the few pleasures she felt kind enough to grant.

She gave a wicked evil grin; which he did not notice.

She approached further, moving so that she approached him now from behind; admiring his kneeling form and admiring all the accoutrements she had added to his already submissive form.

His hands were bound behind his lower back with leather cuffs connected with a metal chain. She had allowed a small amount of slack in the chain, she had no desire to ache his shoulders and numb his hands under the strain of bindings that were too tight. His ankles were bound also, leather cuffs with an 15-inch spreader bar between them. This was a new toy, only bought yesterday and she had so delighted in presenting it to him earlier. She wondered if it should have gone on his knees; no: that was definitely for later.

Around his neck was a 2-inch wide black leather collar. It was unadorned except for a single riveted ring in the front and the metal buckle at the back of his neck. A chain-link leash with a braided leather handle hung from the ring, the end resting on ground between his thighs. From her angle, stood above his prone body she could not see his front: but fondly remembered tying the rope around his genitals; thin but study hemp rope that she knew would provide no give like she had allowed with the chains on his wrists. She knew two silver clamps were tight on his nipples too, a thin silver chain connecting them. She almost shivered remembering how he shook after applying them. Looking down she could see the last thing she had applied, the small butt plug that she had shoved inside his tight ass.

It wasn't that she didn't care: she had just long along realised what this did for him and knew fully, completely and earnestly that despite any fear or discomfort he may feel: he loved and craved the control that she exerted over him. Over his body, over his mind, his very thoughts.

His bare torso was breathing heavily; she felt confident her allure and presence added a significant amount, no doubt his enjoyment of his predicament helped as his cock strained within its hemp bindings; then again, the ball gag he was wearing could not have been perfectly conducive to clear breathing. His skin rippled with goosebumps as she moved closer; running her fingers through his hair before gripping a handful. Tugging. Speaking sternly: "Head down."

His response was immediate, his forehead touching the plush ivory carpet, just in front of the sofa. Her grin widened as she bent down a little, running her hand down his back to his bare bottom where she teased the crack of his ass. Her middle finger making a point of pressing on the plug. He tensed and she ordered once more: "Lift!"

He rocked forward on his knees instantly even more; raising his backside up higher. His plugged hole now looked upwards and she could even see his bound balls too. All exposed for her whim and pleasure.

She slapped her hand firmly against his ass cheek; then a second one on the other. Following up with a few more for good measure; not forgetting short, sharp slaps to the plug. She kept up her spanking momentum, as she moved around to the front. In front of him, she gripped his collar, lifting his head to leave the floor and rest above her bare feet. She could feel his breath, heavy, breathing through his nose on her skin as she sat down.

The sheer black-lace gown she wore, ankle tenth, with slits up to mid-thigh brushed against his head. Deliberately she placed a bare foot on his back, then pressed the toes of the other foot to his to his cheek. He groaned with pleasure as she bent her ankle up and down so that the toes brushed over his skin.

He was utterly adorable, she thought, so ravishingly helpless: "Are you going to be a good boy tonight, or a bag boy tonight?" She asked rhetorically, knowing his gag would mean he could not reply. She reached down, curling her finger through the ring of his collar and yanking it up so he now faced her. His eyes burned with passion looking into hers; she was sure that she was radiating the same.

"Ah.. bad boy it is..." She cooed, staring into his eyes before leaning down to reign small kisses over his spread mouth. "For that you will have to please your Mistress now. If you preform well, footbitch, perhaps I will only punish you physically." A soft tug on the silver chained attached to his nipples for emphasis. He tried hunching over to alleviate the pain but she still had a firm grip on his collar and held him upright. "If you don't do well..." A foot moved up from the carpet to press on the plug. A gasp escaped around the ball gag in his mouth... "perhaps something a little more..mmm.. humiliating... slavegirl using her strap-on on your ass perhaps. You do so dislike that, don't you?" She paused, letting him savour the threat before leaning forward to remove his gag. "So do a good job won't you, my little footslave, so we don't have to discipline you more." The gag was tossed aside, she pulled on the ring of the collar guiding his face to her pussy as the other hand was used to part the gown she was wearing. Beneath it, she was bare, her skin was already moist from fantasizing about the servicing she so desired. Parting her thighs she heard a quick gratitude from his lips.

She didn't have to say any more: he dove in with enthusiasm and no little bit of talent. Her hands slipped into his hair as his tongue slipped between her pussy lips. Finding her clit. She shuddered with pleasure as he licked it up and down until it grew firm under his tongue. When he slipped it into her hole she felt her belly muscles instantly tighten and strain, lifting her bottom off the couch to force his tongue deeper. The heat of his mouth, the warm wetness of his devoted tongue drove her until she was moaning and gasping and her hands were in his hair forcing his mouth against hard against her cunt.

He lowered his body instantly, his wet face beginning to worship the tops of her feet. Kissing one by one. A she recovered, she had the kindness and wherewithal to life one foot so he could kiss and lick her sole too.

Once sure she was fully recovered and air back in her lungs she leant down, gripping his hair and lifting: "good boy" she muttered, before stroking his cheek. She pushes his head down again, flat to the carpet once more as she stood. Walking to his side she patted his bum, then swatted the plug. "Stay there footbitch; I need a drink and then I may be back soon".

She padded off; a warm, glorious smile on her face.

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by Anonymous

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by Obedient_Slave7005/22/18

Like it

very nice first story. I enjoyed the imagery and the way that the Mistress controlled them the scene. I look forward to reading more stories from you.

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