tagBDSMJust a School Project Ch. 01

Just a School Project Ch. 01


Sara could feel her heart beating faster and her pussy moisten as she listened to her professor speak in her college human sexuality class.

The class began with a mixed crowd of both female and male students, but had slowly dwindled to a small group of female students as the course was in its final week.

The professor was in her late 40's, very attractive and had a very stern, but kind demeanor to her. She seemed like she could be a very nice lady, but definitely wasn't somebody to mess with.

The class had started off very "text bookish", so-to-speak, but as the class got smaller and the male students were no longer present, the class slowly veered towards a whole new perspective on human sexuality. The professor had started to voice her opinions on female supremacy both in, and out of the bedroom.

Sara had never really heard anything about this subject before and was very intrigued by it all. As the class progressed, Sara showed more and more interest in the subject and was constantly asking the professor questions about it.

One day after class, the professor asked Sara to stay, so she could have a word with her.

"Sara, I have noticed that you have shown quite a bit of interest in my lectures about female supremacy and I was wondering what your thoughts were about it?"

"Well, yes, I am very intrigued by what you have been lecturing about professor. I always look forward to coming to your class."

"Good Sara, I'm glad that you are enjoying my class. Obviously, I can't really be too explicit with this subject when I'm lecturing for obvious reason, so are there any questions that you may have that I can answer for you?"

"Well, I do have some."

"How do you know so much about this?" Sara asked

"Well, let's just say that I practice what I preach." She replied as she let out a small giggle

"So, you lead this kind of lifestyle?"

"I sure do, and I love it."

"The way that you are showing so much interest in this, I am willing to bet that you would like it too."

"Tell me something Sara, did a lot of what I was lecturing about in class make sense to you?"

"Did you feel a sense of excitement? Be honest."

"Yes, it made a lot of sense, and yes it did excite me." Sara replied, a bit embarassed

"Hahahahah........I'm sure you did Sara. Its okay to feel a little embarrassed about it, it's perfectly normal. This isn't for everybody. It takes a special kind of woman to pursue this lifestyle."

"Do you think that this is something that you would like to explore further?"

"Yeah, I definitely want some more information on it."

"Okay, fair enough. I got an idea."

"Do you have a boyfriend Sara?"

"Yes, my boyfriend Rob that I am rather serious with."

"You know that you have a major fifty page paper coming up soon as your final for this class right?"

"Uggggggggg.......Yeah, how could I forget! I'm dreading it!"

"Hahahaha..... I know, everybody is."

"Tell you what; what if for your final project I propose something else? Something a lot more interesting and fun?"

"I would say that I would definitely be interested!"

"That's what I figured."

"Stay after class tomorrow and I will have something for you okay?"

"Okay, sounds good professor. I am looking forward to it."

Sara could hardly wait to see what the professor had in mind. She could barely sleep that night thinking about it all.

The next day after class Sara stayed behind as instructed by the professor.

"Glad to see you stayed Sara."

"Yeah, I'm intrigued by what you have for me." Sara replied with enthusiasm

"Good. Have a seat."

The professor reached for a wide manila folder on her desk and handed it to Sara.

"Now, before you open this I just want to say a few things."

"The reason why I am doing this for you Sara is because I can tell that you are somebody who is going to take this project very seriously. I am a good judge of character and I can tell that you are that special kind of woman that I was talking about yesterday."

"Plus, this gives me an opportunity to help guide somebody who I think has the potential to be a strong, independent woman, such as myself in the right direction. All I am trying to do is bring out the type of person that I think you really are."

"Understand Sara?"

"Yes, I do professor and I thank you for that."

"It is my pleasure Sara."

"Now, you may open the envelope." Sara removed the contents of the envelope and was confused about its contents. Inside was a small notebook, about fifty pages or so thick, a set of papers that were stapled together that said "Instructions" and a contraption that she had never seen before. A plastic curved looking device and a small key lock.

The professor could see the confused look on Sara's face and proceeded to explain.

"Your project is going to be on male sexuality, in particular, the control of your boyfriend's orgasms for the next two months and the effects that it has on him and his personality."

"The journal is for him, so that he can document his feelings, thoughts, etc, so that we may study them later on."

"The plastic thing is called a chastity device. It will ensure that your boyfriend follows the guidelines that you set for him during this project by not letting him masturbate unless you allow it."

Sara could feel her heart pounding and her pussy moisten as she listened to the professor explain the contents.

"But, how do I get him to put it on?"

"Well, that's the part where you have to get creative my dear." She giggled

"You have to use all of the tools that your body has to offer in order to convince him. Remember, guys are weak when it comes to sex. They can't help themselves and will do almost anything to get it. Girls are a lot stronger when it comes to this and you have to use it to your advantage."

"Remember, you have to be that strong woman that I know is inside of you!"

"You think you can handle it?"

"Ummmm.....Yeah, I think so!" Sara replied with a confident voice.

"Good. I strongly feel that once you begin this adventure things are going to fall into place for you. You are going to see in yourself the woman that I know is in there somewhere."

"Remember, your grade is going to hinge on how well you follow my instructions, so be strong and don't deviate from them!"

"I won't professor!"

"Good, now make me proud!"

Sara gathered the contents and put them back into the envelope. She left the classroom and began to walk towards the school parking deck as she went over the whole conversation that she just had with the professor in her head.

She got into her car and couldn't help but reach down and rub her crotch as the professor's words "Control his orgasms" ran through her mind.

It was a surreal type of feeling. She was nervous and turned on at the same time, a feeling that she had never experienced before. She began to unbutton her pants so she could have access to her swollen clit, when sounds of other students in the parking deck jolted her back to her senses. She took a moment to catch her breath and regroup.

Finally, she started the car and began her journey back to her apartment. All she could think about the entire car ride home was playing with her pussy once she got home.

She pulled into the lot and literally ran into the apartment. She quickly took her jeans and panties off as she made her way into the bedroom. She laid herself down on the bed and began to rub her clit furiously as she quickly exploded into orgasm.

Panting heavily, she paused momentarily to catch her breath and then began to work out another orgasm from her now drenched pussy. In the excitement of the moment, she didn't even hear her boyfriend enter the apartment.

Hearing the commotion, her boyfriend walked into the bedroom and saw her spread eagle on the bed furiously finger-fucking herself. He watched silently as she exploded into orgasm. When she was done, she lay with her head back on the pillow, panting and relishing her post orgasmic experience.

He stared silently for a few minutes at his girlfriend's wonderful body. Her wet, swollen lips matted from all the pussy juice that had oozed out. He had an instant hard on!

"Having fun?" his words taking her by surprise

"You friggin scared me!" she said a little annoyed by his untimely presence. She grabbed the covers and quickly covered herself with them.

"How long you been standing there?" she questioned

"Long enough." He said with a grin as he sat beside her on the bed.

"Why are you covering yourself up?" as he tried to take the covers back off of her.

"No, not now." She tugged back at them.

"Don't need me right now huh?" he said sarcastically as he giggled

"No, not really." She giggled as well, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed babe, I completely understand. If anybody would understand it would be a guy." He joked

"Sometimes you just got to rub one out!" hahahahah

"Yeah, I guess.........." Still embarrassed Seeing an opening to change the subject she asked

"So, how often do you "Rub one out."

"Hahahahah, not that much since I started dating you." He fired back with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Nice try. Don't try and dodge the question."

"I don't know babe, when I feel like it."

"Come on, you know. Once, twice, three times a week?"

"Will you stop it; I told you I don't know when I feel like it." He replied obviously annoyed by her nagging

She decided not to pursue this any further at the moment, but it was definitely something that she was going to in the future. He left the room to go use the restroom, and she took the opportunity to get dressed. When he got out of the bathroom, she was sitting on the couch.

"So, babe, I was thinking, instead of going out to dinner tonight like we had planned, do you just want to order food and get a bottle of wine instead?"

"Ummmmmm......Okay, sure. I'm kind of tired anyway."

"Yeah, me too."

They ordered some pizza and cracked open a bottle of wine. The pizza arrived and they sat down to enjoy their meal. They engaged in general conversation, but all she could think about the entire time was how to approach the subject that was now weighing heavily on her mind. She decided that it would be best if she approached this whole thing slowly, and in increments rather than trying to dump all of this information on him at one time. He was going to be on a need to know basis.

"So, remember that big report for my human sexuality class that I have been complaining about?"

"Yeah, how could I forget, you have been bitching about that for a while."

"Well, my professor said that I might not have to do it."

"What? That's awesome!"

"How did you sneak your way out of this one?" he joked

"Well, it's not like I don't have to do anything for a project, I just don't have to do a paper."

"So, what do you have to do instead?"

"Well.......This is the part that kind of involves you."

"Me? I'm not doing it for you, that much I can tell you now!"

"No, no silly, It's just something that you can help me out with. Plus, it's on your favorite subject!"

"I'm listening."

"I have to do a study on male sexuality. To be more exact, it has to do with the male orgasm." A huge smile came across his face as he listened to her explain the project.

"I can definitely help with that! This is definitely my kind of study!" he said with enthusiasm

"Now, before you get too excited, it's actually a little more complicated than that. It's not like this is going to be a cum fest for you. This is serious and it requires you to keep a journal."

Overly excited, he leaned in for a kiss. It was like all he had heard of the conversation was the cum part and that's it.

"I'm serious....." she tried to explain as she returned his kiss.

"Are you going to take this seriously?"

"Of course I am." He responded in between kisses As he continued to kiss her, the words of her professor ran through her mind. "Use the tools that your body has to offer."

She gently pushed him off of her, so that he was sitting back on the couch and she quickly straddled him. He was obviously turned-on by the conversation because he was breathing heavy and she could feel his raging hard-on through his pants as she straddled him.

She began to kiss his neck and grind her hips into his crotch.

"You know, I might not be so nice to you during this little experiment."

"Maybe I won't let you cum at all!"

"What do you think about that?" she whispered in his ear as she continued to grind her crotch into his swollen cock

"Why not?" he asked as his breathing quickened from the teasing

"Because that's part of the experiment." She explained

"That doesn't sound like fun."

"Ohhhhhhhh........but we can make it fun." She said as she began to unbutton his pants.

She reached down and grabbed his swollen cock.

"We can have a lot of fun with this project." As she began to stroke his cock

His excitement grew to a whole new level.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh baby...........that feels good.

"So, are you going to help me with my project?" as she increased her grip on his cock

"Yes, Yes..........I will help."

"Good.............I'm glad. "

At this point, his cock was so hard and he was so turned on that he would have probably agreed to a root canal, but he already said yes and she was going to hold him to it.

As a reward for cooperating she stroked him until he blew his load all over himself and the couch.

"Wheeeeeeewwwwww .........Man, I needed that!" he said as he began to catch his breath.

"That was awesome!"

"Glad you enjoyed it babe, but remember, you agreed to help me with my project, so don't forget."

"I know, I will help you."

"Seriously though, I need a real commitment from you that you won't leave me hanging with this once we start. Do you promise to follow through?" She asked in a serious tone of voice.

"Yes babe, I promise."

"Okay, so let's start now real quick."

"Now? Come on babe, let's just relax a little."

"This will only take a second. I just want you to write down in your journal how you are feeling right now that's all."

"Alright fine."

She handed him the journal and he began write:

"Oh, please label the page Day 1 for me okay."

"Okey, Doke. Will do."

Journal Day 1: My girlfriend rocks! Just got an awesome handjob!

The next day while her boyfriend was at work she sat down and read the instruction packet that the professor had included in the envelope. The instructions were divided into segments and there were strict instructions not to read ahead. The set of instructions for segment one was to begin to initiate the orgasm denial phase.

"From this point on, the male should not have any orgasms."

"Begin the experiment by administering ritual, nightly teasing sessions. Begin with one-to-two minute sessions the first night, and then add two minutes each night thereafter."

"Remember to document findings."

"This segment will last for one week." Sara was excited and couldn't wait to get started.

Later that day as she was finishing up dinner, her boyfriend arrived home from work.

"Smells good."

"Yeah, just made some chicken cutlets real quick."

"Sounds good to me, I'm starving!"

They sat down, ate dinner together and had general conversation about their day. After dinner, they both got changed into their lounging around clothes and sat down on the couch to watch TV. As they were watching TV, she leaned in and planted a nice, wet kiss on his neck, which immediately gave him the Goosebumps.

"Hahahhah, stop that." He said jokingly

"Stop what?' she replied as she slid her hand down his leg and rubbed his thigh.

"You don't want me to play?" she said teasingly

"I do, but I'm trying to watch something."

"You can watch while I play." As she moved her hand to his crotch

She could slowly feel his cock begin to stiffen as she rubbed it from the outside of his pants. Once his cock was nice and stiff, she stopped and resumed watching TV.

"See, that wasn't bad right?"

"What do you mean wasn't bad?"

"This is all part of the experiment that you agreed to help with remember?"

"Hahahahah.......Yeah, I remember."

"This experiment is going to be easy!" he joked

"Yeah, it should be interesting." She replied as she handed him the journal

"Fill this out real quick."

Journal Day 2: My girlfriend interrupted my TV waching!! Just kidding honey!

The next few days were more of the same scenario. Teasing his cock through his sweats on the couch as he watched TV, but with an additional two minute increment each night. Slowly, what started off as he described as "easy" seemed to get more annoying.

Journal Day 5: This "experiment" is getting on my nerves. All I want to do is watch TV and relax, but she won't leave me be!

The experiment was nearing the end of its first week and things seemed to be going fairly well, so she decided to step it up a notch. This time she did not bother him while he was on the couch, instead she caught him off guard while he was exiting the bathroom. She stopped him in his tracks and quickly dropped to her knees. She pulled down his sweats and slowly enveloped his manhood into her mouth. Slowly, she began to suck his cock.

"Yeeeeaaahhhhhhhh...........that feels so fucking good." He moaned

She could feel that he was already on edge, so she was going to have to take her time and go slow to ensure that she would squeeze out the twelve minute session that was now required.

"Fuck babe, that feels good......Go faster!" he moaned

"Just relax and enjoy." She responded After some fussing on his end, she completed the twelve minute session and stopped, leaving his cock glistening with her saliva and bobbing for attention.

"Babe, you're killing me!"

"I know, but come on; it's only been a few days. You aren't going to give up on my already are you?"

"Huuuuuuuuhhhhhh......No!" he sighed, obviously annoyed

"You know what to do right?"

"Yes....." Journal Day 6: Just got an awesome blow job in the hallway, but didn't finish! Not cool! Very Annoyed!

The next day Sara sat down to read the next segment of instructions from her professor.

"By now you have probably already begun to see a change in his personality. This change will only intensify as the week's progress."

"The next phase of instructions is almost identical to week one's, but also includes the use of oils, lubes, etc...... Anything that you see fit that will help to intensify the next stretch of teasing.

The increased nightly increments of time will also remain the same. The next segment will last for the next two weeks and is most likely going to be very hard on the male subject. The use of the chastity device is highly recommended from this point on to maintain accurate results from the experiment."

Sara picked up the chastity device and looked at it intently as she turned it in her hands, viewing it from every angle. Her pussy moistened and her heart began to race as she began to imagine his cock encased in it, totally in her control. She knew it wasn't going to be easy to get him into it, but she was confident that she could.

The next day was day 7 and the start of the next segment that was going to last for two weeks. That night as they finished dinner and got ready to start their normal routine of sitting on the couch and watching TV, Sara suggested something a little different.

"Hey, you want to take a shower together?" He cocked his head to one side and sarcastically responded:

"Why, so you can tease me some more?"

"No, I just thought it would have been nice to shower together that's all."

"Tell you what, if we go and take a shower and you can make it the whole time without getting a hard-on, I won't tease you tonight. How does that sound?"

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