tagIncest/Taboo'Just' Jane Ch. 07

'Just' Jane Ch. 07


I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Sure being Poole's slut has its perks but it's not like he's living in the fast lane and I'm hanging on for the ride. If Poole has money you would never know it. He still drives a Taurus station wagon that is almost twenty years old.

He eats out occasionally but unless Tina picks the restaurant it is always reasonably priced. His clothes are nice but not exactly the latest trends. Other than golf he has no real hobbies but seems comfortable in almost any setting.

When we do fuck, it's not like he's some thrill seeker doing it in some parking lot, in an elevator, or at work. Mostly it's right here in his bed. I explain that because, for me, it's been a love hate relationship between us most of my life.

I've always loved sex, and after a few years married to Donald, that seemed to be a bad thing. Until Poole there really hasn't been another man that seemed to understand. I thought Amanda did but after four years I learned even she was out to control me.

No I'm Poole's slut because I love him and I love being his slut. Poole and Tina both seem to understand my needs and accept me for who I am. At first I thought they might try and use me, now I wonder if I'm using them?

I looked at the clock and as much as I hated to, I pulled off of Poole's cock. I slept restlessly that night. I looked at the clock one more time and slipped out of bed.

"Where are you going?" He looked up at me through half closed eyes.

Bending over I took his semi hard cock in my mouth and cleaned my juices off of it.

"I have something I have to do. Don't worry I'll be back to take care of both of you." I kissed the end of his dick.

"Do I have time to take a shower?" Poole asked.

"You do, take a long hot one, I'll bring you up some coffee." I shook my ass looking back over my shoulder.

"One of these days." Poole teased closing his eyes again.

Heading to the kitchen I started the coffee and texted Tina. Knowing she was an early riser Tina replied instantly as I expected. I sent instructions and after the coffee finished headed back upstairs. Poole was still lounging in bed when I sat his coffee down.

"I thought you said I had time for a shower?" Poole looked at me lustfully.

"You do, I'm going to freshen up and then I'll be back." I teased him by shaking my ass at him again.

It took less time than I expected so I waited to hear Poole in the shower before I started mine. Grabbing my breasts I squeezed them hard hoping to curb my excitement. Finishing up I had just one last task to perform. I moaned slightly then straightened up and looked in the mirror.

"You can do this Jane." I said out loud then shook my head unhappy with my choice of words. "You can do this slut." I smiled now.

Throwing on a sheer robe I moved down the hall stopping and then quickly passed Poole's bedroom heading down the stairs.

"Are you ready?" I whispered.

"Mom what are you doing?" Cody said quietly looking at my naked body beneath the robe.

"I'll show you in a minute, now give me a kiss for good luck." I said.

Cassie was wearing a spaghetti strap tee shirt and long sweat pants. With her nipples tenting her top Cassie approached me first and kissed me softly. Cody was in pajama tops that buttoned in the front and mid length pajama bottoms. We kissed as well and then I released the top three buttons exposing her massive cleavage.

Tina the least modest had on one of her bikini tops and skimpy workout shorts. She stepped forward and held my waist.

"Are you sure about this Jane." Tina's lips brushed over mine.

"Will you help me?" I asked back.

"You know I will." Tina's lips pressed at the corner of my mouth. "You don't have to do this."

"Oh but I do, for me as much as Poole." I moved my lips to meet Tina's.

"I love you slut." She whispered.

"I love you too slut." I whispered back.

Tina and I kissed passionately as the girls looked on. I finally pulled away and took Tina's hand.

"It's time you give me to him." I smiled.

Tina led me up the steps, we were about half way when I heard a gasp.

"Mom?" Cody called out pointing to my ass. "Is that what I think it is?"

Cody quickly covered her mouth with her hand. I was going to reply but didn't have time.

"Slut is that you?" Poole called from his room.

"Yes." I quickly answered as we reached the second story.

"It sounded like you were talking to someone." Poole came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

"I was." I answered as Tina walked me through the door.

"What are they doing here?" Poole looked at the girls behind me and then at Tina.

"We've come to give you a present." Tina offered me up.

"I don't understand." Poole looked at us all.

"Poole." I walked up to him. "They're giving you me. All of me."

I turned and displayed my ass to Poole. I slowly raised the sheer robe giving him a clearer view of the butt plug lodged between my cheeks.

"I'm yours Poole, it's time I stop pretending Donald satisfies me. You and Tina know it and now so do Cassie and Cody." I dropped the robe and turned to Poole. "I am giving you something no one has had, my virgin ass."

"But Jane ..." Poole started to argue.

"Poole!" I cut him off. "I told you when we're alone I preferred to be called slut." I laughed.

"So you want Cassie and Cody to watch?" Poole asked a bit unclear.

"More than watch they are here to give me to you, and help." I turned to them and smiled.

"And Tina?" Poole asked a bit more accepting now.

"Tina is here so you know she and I have no secrets. I accept her as the Queen Slut and your wife." I said. Pulling the towel from around Poole's waist I gripped his growing cock. "Tina will do the honors of guiding you in my ass."

I dropped to my knees and guided Poole's cock in my mouth. His excitement was instant as he grew quickly. I stroked the root and sucked the head. I felt his precum ooze from the slit.

"I think he's ready ladies." I looked up at Poole and grinned. "Cody you pull this out, Cassie the lube is on the floor outside the door, you get the honors."

Tina walked to me and gave me a firm kiss. Removing the robe from me Tina led me to the bed. Moving on top I got on all fours presenting my ass to them all.

"Slowly baby, the probe is good sized." I explained.

Cody stepped up and placed a finger through the loop. That alone made my ass tingle. Tugging slightly I could feel my sphincter challenge the withdrawal. I whimpered as the smooth orb stretched me for the second time.

"Don't stop Cody, it's almost out." I moaned.

"What if it's gross?" Cody squeaked.

"It won't be, I washed it good three times. It's all pink inside." I looked up at Poole and laughed.

Satisfied she wouldn't get crapped on Cody pulled more firmly. I felt the same wonderful tightness when it popped out as when it went in.

"Ok Cassie, do your thing." I laughed again. "Do me first then Poole, lots of lube honey, he's bigger than the butt plug."

I felt the cold slimy goo drip on my ass then get rubbed around my anus. Cassie's hand left me and I looked over at two hands coating Poole's cock.

"Hey how come she gets the real cock and I get the fake one?" Cody complained.

"Because I trusted you to be gentle." I laughed.

"Here you take Poole and I'll finish the slut." Cassie said smartly.

I heard Poole sigh as the switch took place. More cool lube dripped on my ass and Cassie's fingers coated me a second time. Then without warning two fingers slipped past my tight muscle.

"Cassie." I yelped.

"Not gentle enough slut?" She snarled.

I pushed my ass back hard on her fingers until I hit her knuckles.

"Perfect baby, just perfect." I chuckled. "Tina I need him in me now."

"Ok slut here he comes." Tina warned me.

I looked over one last time. Tina's delicate hand hardly reached half way around his cock. I saw Cody pick up the towel, I felt Cassie's fingers slip easily from my ass. I took a deep breath seriously considering for the first time if Poole would actually fit.

"Jane?" I heard the concern in Poole's voice. "We don't have to do this."

"Slut you have your orders. Cassie, Cody come hold my hands." I hissed.

Cody flopped down beside me and took my right hand. Cassie knelt beside me and held the left.

"I want to watch." Cassie squealed as I gripped hers.

"I can't." Cody whispered. "He's too big mom."

Just then I felt a large blunt object press against my asshole.

"Stop me if it hurts too much." Tina said.

"Whatever I say or do, don't stop." I explained. "Kiss me baby."

Cody rolled on her back and offered me her lips.

"Now Tina!"

The pressure started instantly, the discomfort was nothing like I felt the first time Poole stretched my pussy. I tried to relax like I did putting the butt plug in but this was much bigger and less tapered.

At the first serious twinge a groan escaped my lips.

"Should I stop?" Tina called out concerned.

"Fuck no, don't stop." I yelled back.

Tina pushed ahead, I pressed my lips against Cody's. The twinge was now serious discomfort as it felt like Poole was trying to push my ass inside out. I kissed Cody harder as a slight burning sensation started to build.

"Just a little more slut." Cassie squealed. "It's like his cock is fisting you."

I pressed tighter to Cody my lips surely were hurting hers. I wiggled my butt up and down then side to side. I could feel my sphincter refusing to stretch any further.

Slimy fingers rubbed my tight asshole and stretched my cheeks wide. It almost felt like giving birth backwards. Just as I was about to take a break a sudden streak of white hot pain gripped my ass.

I moaned hard into Cody's mouth and then I felt it. The head of Poole's cock was in my ass. My whole body shuddered and then slowly relaxed. I offered Cody my tongue which she quickly accepted.

"It's in!" Cassie shouted. "Mom, Poole's cock is in your ass!"

My daughter explained as if I didn't know. I pulled loose from Cody to her dismay.

"Fuck me Poole. Use your slut's tight ass and make her happy."

With one hand Cody guided my face back to hers and started to kiss me again. Her other hand took mine and placed it inside her top. I gripped her big tit as our tongues danced together. Through our kiss Cody could feel Poole slowly work his way deeper in my ass.

As he pulled out I moaned in her mouth. The feeling in my ass was one of fullness and accomplishment. Each thrust was like a new experience. I pulled loose from Cody and she bit my lower lip.

"Oh yess." I cooed.

Poole now gripped my hips and was slowly and steadily fucking me. Cody reached up and grabbed my tit and squeezed.

"Are you happy slut?" My daughter asked affectionately.

"Very happy baby. I know you think this is wrong Cody, but I do love it." I kissed her warmly. "I'm so glad you decided to be a part of this. I love you more than you will ever know."

"I love you mom." Cody kissed me firmly. "Now I need to see him fuck your slut ass."

Cody rolled out from under me and kneeled opposite Cassie. They were each still holding a hand as Poole continued his assault.

"Mom?" Cody leaned back down. "Uncle Timmy's not even all the way in!"

"That's not funny Cody."

"She's right slut, Poole's still letting you adjust." Cassie chuckled.

"Give it to me Poole give it all to me." I whimpered. "No! Wait, I want to see it."

"What?" Poole questioned.

"Pull out, I want to turn over and watch you fuck my ass." I said excitedly.

"You heard the slut." Tina bubbled. "Let me grab some pillows."

When Poole reluctantly pulled from my ass, I felt my tight muscle clamp around the head of his cock. Poole stopped no doubt to enjoy the sensation before pulling all the way out. I went from over stuffed to feeling abandoned.

"Hurry Poole I need to feel you back in me." I pleaded.

Turning over Cassie and Cody each pushed my legs back as Tina stuffed two big pillows under my butt.

"Look her ass it's still gaping open." Cassie squealed to Cody. "Mom you are the perfect slut!"

Poole's eyes looked in mine and I could see he thought the same thing.

"Fuck me Poole, make my ass yours and only yours." I implored him.

Tina grabbed my lovers cock and slapped my pussy playfully, I moaned thrusting my ass up.

"Hurry slut, I want his cum in my ass." I whimpered.

Taking pity on me Tina guided the monster missile back to my sore asshole and centered it. Poole looked at me again with a satisfied smile then looked down at his cock. Anticipating what would happen next my eyes followed his.

"I want this Poole, make me happy."

Poole leaned in I could feel the pressure starting to stretch me open a second time. This time the feeling was a delicious mix of throbbing and extreme pleasure. I knew my tight ass had just taken him but his cock seemed even bigger this time if that was possible.

Then just like earlier I felt my asshole tighten around his shaft after the mushroom head of his cock slipped in.

"Are you ok?" Poole whispered for all to hear.

I could see the genuine concern as he now looked back up at me. I may be his slut but I always knew he cared for me deeply.

"I'm better than ok. When I watch you bury that monster in my ass, I'll be in heaven." I hissed.

"Do it Uncle Timmy, fill her slut ass." Cassie squealed.

I looked down and Poole started pushing in again. Cody reached down and helped me hold my head up so I could watch my ass being filled. I swear I could feel every vein and ripple as it skidded past the thin membrane of my asshole.

Poole was about half way in and I could feel the pressure to expand further inside of me starting to build. I wiggled my ass pulled back on my legs and then the most incredible feeling surged through my body.

"Oh Poole I'm cumming."

It wasn't the earth shattering orgasm I usually get when he fucks my pussy. This was a deeper, warmer less intense but still satisfying climax. My body shuddered, my ass clamped down on his cock, I moaned in pleasure and greed.

"All of it Poole, your fucking slut needs all that cock!" I cursed.

Pooled pulled his cock out a couple of inches but before I could protest he started back in. This is what I had been waiting for. Fucking my ass was sooooooo good. Still not embedded all the way I let him fuck me instead.

"Deeper Poole." I watched as his cock worked in and out quickly.

Each thrust pushed into new depths of my body. Cassie and Cody looked on in awe as his cock went even deeper.

"Mom he's almost all the way in." Cody said in shock.

"Another inch slut." Cassie cheered.

I looked up at Poole and saw him focusing on my ass. He had a look of determination with a slight smile. I knew then it was all worth it. Not just the preparation and discomfort, but the whole journey to get to this point.

I thought back to my childhood when I was enthralled with him. Just before I married Donald I despised Poole and all he stood for. Then I came to work for him and learned how wrong I was.

I remember the night we first fucked and how Tina approved. I thought about all those times I sucked Poole. I thought about Donald watching me go knowing my pussy would soon be full with Poole's cum.

I remember all those Sunday's camped between Tina's thighs and then when she went between mine. All of those memories flashed through my brain and more as I felt Poole's cock bottom out in my ass and his balls slapped my lower back.

"Cum in me now." I pleaded.

It was wishful thinking, but I wanted him to know I wasn't done yet. I laid my head back on the bed and basked in all the sensations I had never felt before. Poole was fucking me easily now, I could feel each time his cock swelled inside my ass.

"Mom this is crazy you know." Cody leaned over and kissed me.

I took Cody's hand and placed it on my left tit. With my hand over hers I squeezed hard.

"He's going to cum soon..." I gasped for air as Poole slammed hard in my ass. "...Cassie baby I need you now."

"Beg for it slut." Cassie taunted me.

"Please baby? Please do it for mommy." I pleaded.

Just as she had done before when I was desperate for love Cassie slipped two fingers deep in my pussy.

"I can feel him in your ass, slut." Cassie squealed.

Poole shoved his cock deep and hard. His massive hands gripped my waist and held me from moving. The next thing I felt was the warm release of his cum deep in my ass.

"Oh god he's cumming!" I yelled.

I felt Poole pump twice and send another payload of cum rooted in my ass.

Cassie flicked my clit, my ass contracted around Poole's cock, my pussy around Cassie's fingers. Cody squeeze my tit and then I joined Poole as a mammoth orgasm shook my body.

Poole continued to fill my ass as my body tried to figure out where all the pleasure was coming from. I reached down and pulled Cassie's fingers from my cunt when a pair of lips pressed hard on my mouth.

"That was beautiful Jane." Tina said as she pulled from our kiss. "Look at him he's never been happier."

I looked up at Poole as he looked at us, Tina was right he was clearly delighted.

"Give it to me, I want to taste your cum." I requested.

Poole looked at me in shock for maybe the first time. Thinking about it for just a moment he pulled his half hard cock from my ass and walked around the side of the bed.

Scooting closer I reached out and guided the slimy dick in my mouth. Just as I hoped it had no real taste other than Poole's cum. Poole let me suck him for a few minutes and then pulled away.

"I expect to see all of you at the table for breakfast in thirty." Poole said heading into his bathroom. "Slut, if you expect a kiss I suggest you brush and gargle twice." With a wink, he was gone.

I just had my ass fucked the first time ever by Poole. Standing under the warm water of the shower I was proud of the fact I was able to take his cock. The dull ache in my ass would be a reminder for hours and maybe days, but it was worth it.

It took almost a minute before my gaping hole would close, even now my sphincter is raw and puffy. My finger easily slips in as I hunger to taste his cum. Some of it leaked out but I am determined to keep all I can for as long as I can.

Cassie and Cody are in the kitchen helping their Aunt Tina with what will now be brunch. The three of them are still dressed like they were earlier. Cassie was wearing a spaghetti strap tee shirt and long sweat pants. Cody was in pajama tops that buttoned in the front and mid length pajama bottoms. Tina had on one of her bikini tops and skimpy workout shorts.

Cassie saw me come in first, like always her pert nipples tented her top and her loose sweat pants hung low on her waist threatening to slip past her ass.

"So, the slut can still walk?" She crossed the kitchen and wrapped her arms around my bare waist.

"Maybe a little bowlegged, it was a bit like riding a horse." I teased.

"Or a horse cock." Cassie teased back.

Pulling me close my oldest daughter gave me a firm kiss. Her tongue briefly met mine before she pulled back.

"You taste minty fresh slut, Poole will approve." Cassie chuckled.

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