Chapter One

I came awake with a start as the sunlight struck my closed eyelids and when I lifted my head and started to open my eyes, I wished I hadn't moved. There began an insistent throbbing in my head and my eyes hurt so I closed them and with a groan, laid my head back down on the soft pillow. I felt a movement beside me, my moving having woken up whoever I had spent the night with, and felt a soft hand come across my chest.

The warm body snuggled in closer to me and the hand wove about among my chest hair before moving down to stroke my stomach and then touch what I knew to be the early morning erection.

'Good morning lover,' a soft voice whispered into my ear as it was kissed and then the lips brushed mine in a kiss. 'You were wonderful last night. Twice, and I think you're ready again,' the voice said as my throbbing penis was gently stroked. I could only grunt my agreement and I felt the bed move as my partner rolled away for a moment, getting what was obviously a condom that I then felt being unrolled down over my straining cock.

'Don't move,' said the soft voice, and I felt a leg come across my thighs and I knew I was being straddled and my erection was held upright as they sank down on it. The tightness was incredible and I gave out a gasp at the same time as my partner did as the warmth of the body slowly closed round my cock as they sank down till our thighs met and I was fully inside.

With the dull throbbing of my head, I tried to remember last night and who it was I picked up that was now moving up and down on me in the tightest fuck I'd ever known. But I soon gave this up as nothing came to mind and so I just lay there and gave myself up to the pleasure I was getting from the person riding up and down on my prick. That steady rhythmic movement that held me tight in the body's warmth, feeling the muscles play as it teased the head of my cock as it almost came out before being swallowed up again was bringing me ever closer to an orgasm.

'I'm going to come,' I managed to gasp out.

'So am I,' came the voice above me and the movements became more jerky and faster and I heard the whisper of tissues as I began to thrust my hips upwards to meet the downward ones and then I came in pulsating bursts and heard the gasps and groans above me as I began to slow down to just a few more jerks as I spent myself inside the fitted condom.

'That was just great,' I whispered, my whole body feeling a certain lassitude except for the same throbbing still going on inside my head. I then opened my eyes to see what gorgeous creature had given me such a wonderful fuck and then wished I hadn't. Instead of seeing a wonderful pair of breasts on the body astride me, all I saw was a flat hairless chest of an incredible handsome youth. 'Oh shit,' I groaned and closed my eyes again. I'd just been fucking a youth! I say youth in a loose term because anyone younger than my thirty years I always considered them that way. What the hell was I doing in bed with another male? I tried to get my pulsating head round as to the why, how and when did I finish up like this.

While I was trying to work this out, the lad had got off my still hard cock and had stripped off the condom and was now sucking on me. I couldn't help but groan again as the hot mouth took in the head of my piece and give me a very good tongue wash in the process of having the dregs of my sperm being pulled out of me as though by a vacuum cleaner.

I opened my eyes again, or rather, I squinted through the slits because of the sunlight and ran them round what I could see of the room we were in. I didn't recognise it, so where the hell was I? I also hadn't recognised the youth whose head was now bobbing up and down on me and wondered if it was his room we were in. But how on earth had I finished up with him was the question, and I couldn't come up with any answer. I couldn't even remember last night at all, or any other night, but what was even worse was that I couldn't even remember my own name.

The youth seemed to have finished attending to my cock for he let it slip out of his mouth and he came sliding up the bed to give me a kiss on the cheek and cuddled up to me.

'That was wonderful Mark,' he said. Was that my name I wondered? If so, what was his? 'Twice last night and then again this morning. I've never met or had such a man as you. You are wonderful! The best thing that has happened to me in a long time.'

'You can't have known many then,' I managed to say.

'Don't you believe it! I've had so many I've lost count, but you are far and away the best lover I've ever had,' he said as he kissed me again on the cheek. As he had snuggled up to me, I had automatically put my arm round and under his neck as he had laid his head on my shoulder and I wasn't sure what I should do now with him virtually in my arms.

'Look,' I said, somewhat uncomfortable in what I was going to say. 'Don't think me rude or whatever, but who are you and where are we?'

'You mean you don't know what happened last night?' he exclaimed, lifting his head up to look me in the eye. 'Well I shouldn't be that surprised really, seeing what happened.'

'Fill me in.' I said.

'It's you who've just filled me in,' he giggled, 'and twice last night.'

'No, I'm serious,' I said, giving him a little shake. 'I don't remember what happened last night.'

'I shouldn't wonder,' he said, 'after taking a bullet to the side of your head.' Well that explained the headache but not why I couldn't remember any more, unless that actually did cause my loss of memory.

'Shot? Go on,' I urged, the headache lessening with this knowledge.

'You were in the club last night....'

'What club?'

'The Blue Parrot, where I work...'

'Doing what?'

'I sing and dance there. It's a transvestite club...'

'A what?' I interrupted him again.

'A club where men get dressed up as women and perform. That is, to sing and dance and, well, entertain the customers and get them to drink as much as possible of the overpriced drinks that are served there.'

'You're a queer then?' regretting instantly what I had said considering the position I was now in myself.

'I prefer the word gay if you don't mind,' he said a little haughtily. 'This is the age of sexual liberation.'

'Forgive me,' I apologised. 'Please continue, but before you do, let me ask this question. It might seem foolish but I don't know who you are? Let me be frank....'

'You told me your name was Mark,' He interrupted and gave a chuckle as he looked up at me with his lovely blue eyes. They sparkled with gaiety and I thought I caught the look of affection, but I'm not sure of that last part. 'I'm sorry about that. Is your name Mark or not?'

'I don't know. If it wasn't for this headache I might be able to recall something. All I can remember is waking up here in bed with you,' I said.

'Wow! I've heard of amnesia but never met anyone before with it. You really don't know who you are?' he asked lifting himself up on his elbow to look at me properly.

'No. If I could get rid of this damned headache, I might remember something,' and I put my hand up to my head and felt, for the first time, a large piece of plaster stuck to the side of my temple.

'That's where the bullet hit you,' he said. 'Let me give you something,' and he rolled off the bed and went to a table and opened a bag and I then really looked at the room we were in for the first time. It was bland and without any character and obviously not his place. Just the bed we were lying in, a dresser, a wardrobe and one picture hanging on the wall above a well worn arm chair. The wallpaper was so faded that I couldn't really say what the pattern was, or rather, had been. I couldn't see if the place was carpeted or not as this youth whose name I still didn't know, disappeared through a door which I guessed must be the bathroom for I then heard some water running. He came back and I couldn't help but admire his naked body in the fullness of youth. Slim but not without strength, for his thighs were muscular and I could also see that his arms were solid enough. It was his face that really drew my eyes for he was, for a man, handsome, but beautiful with his hair down to his shoulders and I could see what had attracted me to him if he had been dressed as a woman. The eyes which I've already mentioned were surrounded by the longest lashes I've ever seen that seemed to curl up and give him a surprised expression when he opened his eyes wide. The eyebrows were obviously plucked and shaped to draw your attention to his wide eyed look that seemed to convey an innocence that I knew now to be false for he was very experienced in one so young. I guessed his age to be about the early twenties and wasn't far off when he told me later that he wouldn't be celebrating his twenty first birthday for another couple of months yet.

His cheekbones were soft and rounded and his chin was just off of being square. His teeth were perfect though I'm not a dentist but they looked fine to me. His lips were not quite full but looked soft as I knew they were having had him kiss me already and he had the habit of when looking at you, to run the tip of his pink tongue round his lips as if in anticipation of what he might be fed.

It was only when he handed me a glass of water and two pink sugar coated pills did I look at his groin. Looking down at the size of my tackle, I knew that he was a bit lacking in this department for his penis could have only been about three inches long in its flaccid state and I could barely see his scrotum. His backside, which I had seen as he went to the bathroom, had been two firm cheeks that moved up and down as he walked and something not to be ashamed of.

'What are these?' I asked as I took the pills and popped them in my mouth and washed them down with the tepid tap water.

'You don't want to know, but they are not drugs I assure you,' he replied, 'but they will definitely help your headache.' As he was speaking, he climbed back into bed and cuddled up to me again, my arm going round to hold him and I somehow felt content though it struck me as bizarre; me embracing another naked man in bed.

'Okay,' he said as he settled down in the crook of my arm. 'My name is Tracey Spencer. My father had a weird sense of humour and I believe he was drunk at my christening. He was a fan of that old film star, and thought it would be funny to reverse the name. I took some stick when it came to school, but I coped with it and it hasn't done me any harm in my work.

I first saw you three nights ago when you came into the club and I sat down at your table after one of my turns on the stage.'

'This was in this club the Blue Parrot, right?' I asked.

'Yes, and I liked the look of you straight away and went to your table where you bought me a drink. We didn't say much that first night, but you opened up a little bit the second night. You were looking for somebody though you wouldn't tell me who. I tried to hit on you but you just smiled at me and wouldn't rise to the bait. It was last night that it all happened.

You were there at the same table and you even bought me a few drinks between my turns on the stage. I had just finished my last song and dance for the night and as I came down from the stage, you went off to another table where three men were sitting together, which is unusual in a place like that. I was too far away to hear what was said but you were leaning over the table and seemed to be in a fierce argument with one of the men.

This man then reared up, knocking his chair over and pulled out a gun and pointed it at you. You then lunged across the table towards him as he fired. I didn't know you'd been hit at that time for you knocked the gun to one side and I think you broke his wrist for he gave out a scream. Then you hit him across the throat and he fell down. One of the others was trying to get a gun out when you pole axed him and he went down. I didn't see you hit the third one because people were already getting up from their tables but he was on the floor when I got to you.

You had blood pouring down your face and you had a wild look in your eyes, but you let me lead you away from the pandemonium that was going on with that gun being fired off.

I got you out of the club and into a taxi and there I wiped off as much blood as I could with my panties. I don't normally wear them, but I was last night, and that is what I used. Now I wasn't sure if you killed any of the men, but to be on the safe side, I brought you to this hotel. I thought it might be wiser than going to my place in case of somebody saying that I helped you out of the place.

I had a problem at the desk because of your appearance but explained that we'd just been in an accident and that we needed a room for a couple of nights. To explain the lack of luggage, I told them that we'd also lost the keys to the car that had our things in but I would retrieve them today.'

'So we're in an hotel?'

'Yes. The Berlin Palace.'

'Berlin Palace?' I echoed, looking again at the dismal room.

'Yes. A right dump that doesn't deserve the name.'

'How did you book us in?'

'As Mr. and Mrs. Kaufmann. You managed to get some money out of your pocket to pay and so they let us have this room.'

'What's with this Kaufmann and Berlin Palace?' I asked.

'Don't you know that we are in Germany? In Berlin?' This was spoken by Tracey in German and I automatically answered him in the same language.

'Berlin!' I almost shouted as I sat up. 'What the hell am I doing here? Hey! I speak German!'

'Very good too, and with a Berlin accent, like mine,' Tracey said. 'Though why you are here, I don't know considering what you had under your coat.' He pointedly looked across the room and I then saw a shoulder holster with a gun inside, hanging over the back of the arm chair. 'Yes,' Tracey said. 'You were wearing that when I got you undressed last night, though why you didn't use it in the club, I don't know. I'd asked the porter for some plasters for your head and I found it when I took your coat off. Your shirt was covered in blood and it's in the bidet soaking to try and get rid of it. I washed you down and then put the plaster on the gash that I'm afraid is going to leave a scar.' I put my hand up and gingerly touched the dressing.

'We'll put a fresh one it soon. You were still groggy so I got you undressed and put you to bed and as there was nowhere else for me to go, got into bed with you. I'm glad I did for an hour later you were all over me and gave me the best fuck I've had for years. Then after a short sleep, you had me again and it was just as good as the first time. Let me say this in my defence,' Tracey said as he felt me stiffen up. 'I didn't come on to you. If I'd known that you'd lost your memory, I wouldn't have let you take me, but I'm glad that I didn't know. Oh Mark, you were truly wonderful,' and he gave me a kiss on the cheek as he hugged me. His hand then ran down my chest and over my stomach and found that I had another erection. 'You really are a big boy,' he said as he took me into his hand and gave it a gentle rub. 'Can I taste you properly this time now you are awake?'

I was still striving to remember something of what he had told me and he took my not replying to be an assent for he gave me a quick smile and disappeared under the sheet that covered us. I gave out a gasp as he took the head of my cock into his hot mouth and began to tongue and suck on me. I've had it done a couple of times by women, but he was by far the better in giving me a blow job. As this was the first time I'd really been sucked upon by another man, I couldn't resist to push the sheet down to watch his head bob up and down on me. I gave out another groan and spread my legs wide for my comfort as I gave myself up to the pleasure I was getting from him. He then moved in between my now open legs without letting go of me and gave me quick glance of his shining eyes as he chewed on my erection.

He hefted my balls as he let go of the head with his mouth and nibbled his way down the underside of my shaft before going all round it before going back up to the top to finish me off. I warned him that I was about to come and I felt rather than saw him take a deep breath and then concentrate on his rubbing and sucking on me. He didn't miss a beat as I felt the sperm surge up and out of the eye of my cock to fill his mouth and I could see him swallow it as it came out of me. Even when I'd finished, he hadn't. He continued to suck and squeeze me to get the last drops out before licking me clean and with a final kiss on the top, came back up the bed to give me a hug.

'You taste wonderful and I'm surprised that you were able to rise up so soon after our early morning fuck.'

'Th...thank you Tracey. I've never had another man go down on me before so I can truthfully say that was the best head I've ever been given. I should also thank you for getting me out of that mess last night.'

'I'm glad I did,' Tracey said, giving me yet another kiss on the cheek. 'You need a shave by the way. Also I think, some food and hot coffee.' As if on cue, my stomach gave out a rumble. 'Well that say's it,' He said, letting go of me and getting out of bed. He went through to the bathroom and I couldn't help but look at that backside that I'd fucked this morning, and during the night. Was I a queer, sorry, gay too, I thought? The only certain thing was that I wasn't a lesbian. I heard him go to the toilet and then the running water which made me guess he was having a wash. I ran my hand over my chin and found that I certainly did need a shave but decided to try and get rid of this headache that had lessened somewhat before trying to think out the details of my past.

Tracey came back into the room and I could see how athletic he was in his body by the way he moved. I couldn't help but look at his small limp penis with its small sac below and wondered if he ever got to use it. The hair at his groin was the same ash blonde as his head so it was obviously his true colouring. He then picked up some clothes that I hadn't noticed before and saw that one item was a dress. The next was a black bra which he put on and expertly fixed the clips at the back before taking up a suspender belt and putting this on round his waist. It was quite erotic to watch as he then began to put on black stockings and fix them to the studs at the end of the straps and it looked really sensual when he stood up for me to see his genitals framed by the black female underwear.

'Were you wearing that last night?' I asked as he was putting the dress on over his head.

'Of course,' came the muffled reply. 'How do you think I got us booked in as Mr. and Mrs. Kaufmann.' He pulled the dress down tight and then smoothed it over his hips and I could now see why he had been accepted as my wife for he looked really beautiful as a woman. 'Can I have some money to get you some shaving tackle and a couple of things for myself as well as some food,' he asked as he began to slip into a pair of high heeled shoes.

'I assume there's some in my trousers as you said I paid the bill last night,' I said. He picked up a pair of trousers from the chair and felt in one pocket and brought out a wad of Euro notes.

'Wow,' Tracey said as he riffled through these. 'There must be nearly a thousand pounds worth here. I don't suppose it's worth me asking where you got this lot from?' he grinned. He might have thought it funny but I didn't. Where had the money come from? This was another problem that I didn't want to think about at the moment.

'Take what you need,' I said as I lay back on the pillow and I heard rather than saw, Tracey come across to the bed and felt his lips touch mine in a kiss.

'I won't be long,' he said, and I heard him leave the room and then a few minutes later, I was asleep.

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