Kass & Lexi: Football Fantasy


Lacy took her guys to the set of ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling. She climbed into the gear and had her players move a single bed under her and one lay down on his back. A smile from Lacy made his cock hard and she had her team lower her onto his cock. Then she told them how to operate the straps so that her twirled round and round while his dick was sheathed in her pussy. She also instructed them how to raise and lower her body with the straps so that she was sliding up and down and around and around his cock. The friction and sexual abandon was too much for the guy to last 5 minutes. Lacy fucked all five of her guys to orgasm within 20 minutes. She came half a dozen times while twirling around some college player's stiff dick.

Sophie went over to Kass and went down on her pussy filled with cum. When she finished, Kass's pussy was sated and clean as a whistle. One of the braver college guys then went down on Kass too and she felated him thin tongued his ass. He returned the favor seconds later so he was the first TODAY to have a go at Kass's gorgeous ass. He enjoyed it immensely and Kass dug it too. However, Kass's ass was hot and tight and that made him cum quicker. But he was replaced very quickly. Every guy in Kass's group wanted a piece of ass...literally.

Mandy was the first to have a guy in her pussy and one in her ass too. It didn't take long for her to increase the challenge to the other girls by jacking off two cocks and sucking one while she was serving cocks in her ass and pussy. When one guy came, he was replaced at an orifice by another man. Kass & Lexi both encouraged some of their guys to join Mandy too.

Once players got their rocks off a time or two, some of them did what growing boys do. They hit the free food and drink. Lexi watched the huge appetites of some of the big linemen. It looked like they failed to chew several times before they swallowed. And when it came to the beer, one strapping specimen downed three long neck beers before her took a breath. Lexi decided management had been wise to provide only beer and save the mixed drinks. With the ease of sex, the likelihood was the boys would over indulge in EVERYTHING.

Sophie had been active during all the playing. Any time Kass looked at her bed, Sophie was entertaining at least tow guys. She mostly has one in her pussy ands one in her mouth. Several times Kass had noticed Sophie on her knees taking it doggie while satisfying a player with her talented mouth (and Kass could testify to the talent of those lips and tongue). Other times, Sophie would be astride a player's hips while sucking another player's cock. You name the position, Sophie had used it today. And at least twice Kass caught Sophie with a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. She was enthusiastic when doing that but seemed to prefer one cock below her waist at a time. Maybe that was because she really seemed to enjoy using her hips to slam back at whoever was slamming her. She may have felt restricted when she had two cocks to keep in separate tight tunnels.

Chapter 6

The offense gang was equally split between eating and drinking and enjoying sex with women 3 to 10 years older and much more experienced than they were. Lexi and Kass decided to look in on the other room and see what the defense players were doing. As they neared the door, the first obvious difference was the noise level. Hoots and hollers and clapping could be heard coming from the other room.

After opening the door, they spied a crowd around a two couples on the floor. As they broke through those circling the couples clapping and counting they discovered bedclothes on the floor with Katie, the Irish redhead, and Alda, the dark Armenian beauty, flat on their backs with a play over each in a pushup position. The players were doing pushups over the girls while having their long hard cocks inside the girls. As they lowered their bodies toward the floor to complete a pushup, they sank their cocks deep into the girls.

One of the observing players explained the two players were competing in a pushup contest. Whoever collapsed or came first was looser. Kass asked how the girls were helping so the observer further explained that the girl's job was to MAKE the guy cum. They could not use their hands or do anything to mess up the pushup, but they could squeeze their pussy muscles, lick or kiss the guy, hump up at the guy or anything else they could think of that didn't upset the pushup move.

Lexi noticed that Alda was fucking back at her gut and Lexi detected a tightening of stomach muscles, indicating probably a tightening of the PBC muscles that controlled the vagina. Kass noticed the same humping by Katie and she must have decided that talking dirty would make her guy cum because the most obscene and filthy comments were coming from that cherubic face.

The count was currently at 65 and the observer said both guys had done 200 pushups before so the contest probably had a while to go. Kass was thinking, "Not if the women have any success." Besides, Kass knew strength in your arms didn't relate to whether you came quickly or not and these guys may have already gotten off at least twice.

Further inside the music was louder as Radonna used her ghetto booty to tantalize the player sitting in the chair watching that fine ass. Seconds later, Radonna backed closer and sank her hips down so that his cock entered her pussy. Then she started the shaking of her ass up and down and the guy yelled and came.

He was immediately replaced by another player in the process started again with Radonna dancing while the player watched her charms up close and personal. After a few minutes, each guy would be hard as steel and Radonna would connect sexually and bounce that glorious booty. Every guy came within two to five minutes of the slick connection. Lexi almost wished she was a guy so she could experience that feeling. It must be exquisite.

Kass was looking around for Lucy. What she saw shocked even her. Lucy had a big defensive lineman on his knees on the bed. Her tiny body was behind him.......... with a strap-on, fucking the guy in the ass. And the guy seemed to love it, especially as Lucy reached around and jerked his cock in time with spearing his ass.

The big lineman must have signaled he was going to cum because Luck quickly pulled the strap-on dick out of him and scrambled around to kneel in front of him as he stood up. Her sweet mouth latched on to the cock head and she did not miss a drop. The big guy fell away and as he did another, more slender player approached the bed. Lucy was cleaning off the strap-on and lubing it up again. There were 5 guys around the bad apparently waiting their turns.

Kass approached Lexi. She pointed over to Lucy.

"I really want to do that to some of these football studs. Maybe they have had enough to drink to approach them now. Let's go back to the offensive side and do some fucking ourselves!"

Lexi nodded, "Damn, I am getting wet again just thinking about that." she stated.

The two stunning blondes walked naked back to the other room unaware of how many defensive players' eyes watched those two fine asses swivel away while thinking that they might want to visit the other room and get a chance to nail those two hotties. The girls went straight to the toy tables and each took a strap-on.

Lexi approached a muscular running back, drew her slender fingers across his face, trailed down his pecs and belly and grasped his stiffening cock. She whispered in his ear.

"Hey, stud. How would you like to fuck me in the ass?" When his grin spread all over his face, Lexi added, "Then all you have to do is let me friend Kass fuck your ass while you do me."

The player got a stunned look in his face. Kass stepped up, pinched his butt then caressed his nuts. "You'll be surprised how good it will feel. You'll cum so hard that you may pass out. Tell you what. I'll lick you and get you warmed up first and if it is too much we'll stop but you can fuck us both in the ass." She promised. The player nodded and followed the girls to the bed.

Lexi lay back on the bed and the player (he told them he was Robert) began to kiss her and play with her sensitive nipples. Then he slid a finger into her pussy as Kass slid under him and sucked his very hard dick. She then positioned him on his knees and began to tongue and lick his ass as she jacked his cock. While she was tonguing Robert's ass, she felt Lexi's hand touch hers and felt Lexi's thigh against her hand as Lexi got into position to receive Robert's hardness. She backed away and fingered Robert's asshole as Lexi eased then head of his weapon into her ass.

Kass let them work his whole cock into Lexi before she put her hand on his hip to stop him and inserted a lubed finger in his muscular black butt. He jerked a little with the contact so Kass sweet talked him telling him how good it would feel caressing his prostate as she moved her finger in and out. She already had her strap-on in place so as he relaxed she stepped up behind him and eased the tip of the strap-on shaft into Robert. He groaned and Kass told him to relax as she stuck her tongue in his ear.

She whispered to Robert to begin pumping into Lexi's ass. As he did, she simple followed his movements with her hips and slowly increased the length of the shaft entering Robert's butt. Robert seemed to be comfortable with this and he did actually begin to feel pleasure. As he increased the speed of his thrusting, so did Kass. Moments later, Lexi was calling out that she was cumming. Her ass muscles clamped down on Robert's cock and Kass slammed deeper in hip so he was sandwiched between a fucker and a fuckee.

He was surprised at how good that felt and even more surprised that the rolling of Kass's hips made the shaft rub against his prostate which in turn made him call out that he was cumming. Lexi pressed her ass back into him and Kass pushed her hips forward to gibe him the maximum penetration and orgasm. He seemed to spurt for a full minute. It was a strong, hard orgasm. Lexi felt every throb and spurt in her tender ass.

A small crowd had gathered watching the action. Cat calls of "Going gay?" and "Getting corn holed" rang out. Robert looked at his friends and stated that he could whip any of their asses, but if they wanted a cool feeling, they ought to try this. Several began nodding their heads. Shortly Kass and Lexi has 7 guys who wanted to try fucking an ass while getting fucked. Lexi and Kass traded roles so that Lexi got to do the fucking while Kass offered her ass. They kept trading until all 7 guys had been treated. By then some of the other girls were making converts using strap-ons.

As they rested, Lexi & Kass looked around. Sophie had a guy in her ass as Lacy used the strap-on. Mandy was frantically fucking the kicker with her strap-on and was jerking him off at the same time. As they watched, the kicker came. It looked like his sperm went about six feet. He must have been VERY excited!

One of the defensive backs and a one of the linebackers that had seen Lexi & Kass leaving their room decided to go to the offense's room and try their luck. They saw Kass & Lexi standing next to a bed and noticed that Kass had on a strap-on and figured she had just nailed Lexi with it. The white defensive back was thinking about asking them to do it again while he and his black buddy, the linebacker fucked them both.

"Hey beautiful," Brad (the defensive back) said to Kass, "My buddy, Tyree (indicating the intimidating linebacker) saw ya'll in the other room earlier. We'd really like to fuck you both until you are brain dead."

Kass wondered if this macho bullshit worked on the college girls. They both were ruggedly handsome, well muscled and had nice cocks. Brad was 5 feet 11 inches tall, 214 pounds, blue eyes, sandy colored hair, a cocky smile and an eight inch fat cock. Tyree was six feet four inches tall, 238 pounds, rippling muscles everywhere, brown eyes, big wide smile with teeth so white and even he could be a dentist's commercial, AND a ten inch black cock that was already hard. It was almost as big around as Kass's forearm and the head was dark purple, just like Kass had said they wanted to get these players.

"Sure," Kass smiled sexily and her tongue appeared touching her teeth. "You two can do anything to us you want to as long as it doesn't hurt and as long as we get to fuck YOU each in your ass!"

Tyree was quick to respond, "Hell no! Fuck that shit, Bitch! We ain't pussies!" As he spoke with a snarl, he got up in Kass's face.

Kass still smiling sexily gently placed her soft hands on Tyree's big chest. She gently but firmly pushed him back a couple of steps, stepping toward him as she did. Lexi tensely watched this exchange as Brad looked on sneering, but Brad was surprised at how easily Kass handled big Tyree, the toughest, meanest guy on the team.

"Tell me big fella. Have you ever fucked a girl's ass?"

Tyree nodded yes.

"Did you tell her it wouldn't hurt or that it only hurt for a moment?"

Again, Tyree nodded that he had.

"And what experience did you base that claim on since you have never experienced an ass fucking? Did you even care that the girl might experience pain, especially from that big tool you carry around? Don't bother to nod this time. I'll answer for you. You didn't give a damn if it hurt her or not. You just wanted to get your rocks off!"

"And one more thing big man, if you every get in my face or call me a bitch again, there is going to be a fifteen yard penalty. It will be your nits fifteen yards away from where you were standing when you insulted me."

Tyree didn't know what to say. He was generally good to women but felt his manhood had been insulted. He wasn't afraid of this stunning woman, but he was certain she wasn't afraid of him either.

Kass smiled and put her hands on Tyree's chest while stepping in close to him. "Since you have never experienced anal sex yourself, you are probably not aware that some of the best looking, most virile and richest men in Texas come here and pay us to perform that service for them. You'll never be with a woman who can please you more than I can, but unless you are willing to experience anal sex, you'll never know."

Brad spoke up, "Maybe we can be talked into trying what you want, but do you have a private room. Both of us are team captains and we don't want to deal with the kidding or possible loss of respect."

Lexi chimed in, "Well if you noticed in your own room and here in this room, there has been a lot of butt banging going on. We gave our asses up for the guys and lots of the guys agreed to let us do it to them. But we understand your reluctance in public. There is a room close by we can use. Come on."

The four naked bodies filed into the nearby private suite complete with a huge bed, sofa, large flat screen TV and mirrored wall. The boys seemed nervous until Lexi and Kass stepped forward and hugged them and mashed their saucy big tits against the hard pecs of the defensive players.

"So, Killer, what do you want to do?" Kass sexily breathed into Tyree's ear.

Tyree was much more polite when he was out of sight and didn't have to protect his rep as mister tough guy. "Maam, I'd love to taste your juices"

As Kass pushed Tyree back on the bed and straddled his face, she flatly stated, "Come on, Killer. Cut this "maam" bullshit. I'm only about 8 years older than you. And a hundred years more experienced."

He grabbed the checks of her ass and pulled her pussy to his lips. "Yes maam. I was respecting those hundred years experience." He grinned just before he swiped his long pink tongue up into Kass's juicy crevice.

She began to moan almost at once as he drilled that long tongue deep and rubbed her clit gently with his thumb. It didn't take her long to turn her body so that she could caress and suck his healthy boner. She paid some attention to his ass too and he was smart enough to reciprocate. Soon both their butts were wet and slippery. Kass moved easily to her knees and told Tyree to get behind her. She motioned for Lexi to get behind Tyree and motioned Brad to lie down in front of her.

Tyree knew what he wanted. He wanted to invade that fabulous ass he had watched walk out of the other room. He eased up to Kass's hips, placed some lube Lexi had handed him on Kass's crinkled asshole, placed his big cock head against it and slowly pushed forward. He was big, but Kass knew to relax her ass muscles and push back at him. Seconds later the head of his dick popped into Kass. It was incredible tight and felt as good as Tyree had imagined.

He waited until Kass moved her hips at him before pressing more of his big cock into her. He also reached around her hips to strum her clit and slide a finger in her pussy. She wiggled her ass appreciatively. Tyree was showing more patience than some men much older than him. It was obvious he wanted Kass to enjoy the experience too.

Lexi eased into position and though Tyree knew she was there, she put one hand on his hip and caressed his balls with the other to help relax him. It didn't really help. Moments later she held his hips so he would cease moving and she lubed his but then eased the tip of her strap-on into him. He tensed and she calmly whispered for him to relax and let go. She promised he would not regret it. Tyree started moving in and out of Kass again and as he did, he impaled himself more on Lexi's fake cock as he withdrew his massive weapon from the hot tight confines of Kass's clenching muscles.

As Tyree sawed in and out of her, she leaned forward and took Brad's stiff penis in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. As she did, she reached between her own legs and fondled Tyree's balls, occasionally stroking her own clit. Shivers ran through her toned body as Tyree fucked her ass. He was smacking his hips into her butt and she was pushing back just as hard. She knew Lexi was reaming Tyree's ass by now and he was moaning but Kass could not tell if it was her ass or his ass that caused the most moans.

In the quiet of the private room, Kass could feel and hear Tyree's hips smack her ass, but as things speeded up, she could also feel and hear Lexi's hips slap into Tyree's ass. That extra little jolt and knowing what it was (plus Tyrees big and well used cock) sent a little tremor through her body. She looked at Brad and saw he was enjoying her oral ministrations but he was wide eyed watching his tough friend getting butt fucked by a small woman.

Tyree speeded up again and moaned saying how good that felt. Again Kass didn't know for sure whether he was talking about her ass or his or a combination of both. It didn't really matter. The tough guy had agreed to try this and he was enjoying it. Even Brad was grinning now.

Tyree's hips were a blur now pumping in and out of Kass as Lexi pumped in and out of Tyree and pinched his nipples gently. Her nipples were so hard, he could feel them scraping on his back. Kass's body started jerking as her orgasm over took her. As it did, her ass muscles were clenching hard on Tyree's big cock. He yelled his pleasure and she felt his dick explode in her ass.

"Ohhh! Fuck!! I'm cumming too! Oh, God this feels incredible!"

They all collapsed in a heap on the bad. Lexi had withdrawn from Tyree's ass and discarded her strap-on. Kass and Tyree had both cum, but Lexi and Brad had not. Lexi got off the bad and came back from the bathroom with a warm wet wash cloth. She cleaned Tyree's wilting penis. Then she grabbed Kass by the ears and pulled Kass's face to her pussy. She could have used Brad, but she knew how talented Kass was orally and she figured their putting on a show would get Tyree hard quicker.

"Come on, Ms. Killer, take this edge off my senses that you helped put there. I need some relief before I can continue."

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