tagBDSMKate's Test Ch. 03

Kate's Test Ch. 03


I absolutely love the two chapters of "Kate's Test" by lofwyrkp, and decided, I am going to continue the story.

If you like it, Part 4 is already lurking somewhere on my mind.


Kate's Test

Part 3

For one week now Kate was in heavenly hell. Since she had the band on her clit, she was barely thinking straight. Claire still left her mostly alone, but the looks she was throwing at her have changed. Not so much predatory anymore, not like a hunter looking for its prey. The looks Claire was casting at her were now more of a fine connoisseur sampling her newest acquisition. But nevertheless, Kate was still left on her own, Claire has still not made her final move, was still watching.

Kate, who already had to struggle with daily life when she had only four titanium rings putting her body into special bondage, was barely able to follow classes now. Since she had the fifth ring, bonding her clit, she was a puppet on a string, and the puppeteer was her own clit. In the last days her clit had grown in size, was maybe one inch long, and the protective hood was held back by the ring. This resulted in her being in constant bliss, her sensitive clit being caressed by the skirts she was wearing now, to put as little pressure as possible on it. On every move, she felt bolts of electricity flashing from her clit to her brain. On the second day after the clit-ring was taking hold of her, she thought that maybe her clit would get used to it, getting less sensitive, without the hood protecting it, but it didn't look like it.

Today was even worse than any day before, she had just managed to 'survive' the first class of the day – chemistry – and was heading for English lit in the building on the other side of the campus. On each step her skirt was caressing her elongated clit, and the baggy top tucked on her nipples in sync. She was already dripping wet, early in the morning. All her thoughts circled around getting release, somehow, quickly, NOW. But she had already learned that just frigging herself to an orgasm didn't really help. What she needed, what she wanted, she could not really understand, but her thoughts kept coming back on that scene where Claire was masturbating in front of her, telling her to cum for her, while she was in heavy bondage. Just thinking about making Claire masturbate, that she somehow had the power to make Claire horny, was a major turn-on. She badly wanted that feeling back, when she was tied and helpless, watching Claire playing with herself. She got butterflies in her stomach just thinking about it, and her pussy was leaking. With a moan she finally sat down at her desk, struggling against an orgasm she could feel building up in her clit. That was another change in her, since she had the band around her clit. Until she got the clit ring, when she could feel an orgasm building up, she had that feeling starting deep down in her pussy, slowly spreading out, reaching for her clit, and she came when the feeling was reaching her clit. Now it all started in her clit, the feeling spreading out from there, going up to her brain and crawling back down to her stomach. And since her clit was constantly teased, it was more like she was pre-orgasmic 24/7, her line of thought constantly being bent to sexual images of bondage – and of Claire.

She managed it through the rest of the classes; the worst was always walking to another room, being almost her normal self, while sitting, moving as little as possible. The way back home was bringing her into a state of sexual frustration, her nipples tried to poke holes into the sweater and were hurting from the constant rubbing and tugging of it.

She entered the room and was happy to see that Claire wasn't there.

"I can't take it anymore" she was thinking, desperate.

"I need to cum, I need to play with myself."

First of all, she needed to get rid of her clothes. Her nipples were on fire, and her clit had turned her pussy into a faucet. Juices were running down her legs, her labia were swollen and sensitive and if she didn't get out of her clothes right now, she had the feeling that she would just faint. In her present state she didn't even care about Claire coming home soon or anything else. Walking to her bed, she pulled the sweater with one quick motion over her head and got rid of her skirt. Breathing heavily, feeling her heart beat in her throat and her ears, she just dropped on her bed, frantically rubbing her clit.

"I want to cum, I want to cum, I want to cum", somehow this mantra had kicked out any other thought. She kept flicking her clit, expecting to cum any moment, being for hours in a pre-orgasmic state, but she just couldn't cum.

"I want to cum, I want to cum, I want to cum", someone was saying out loud in a desperate voice. Only after awhile, she realised it was herself.

"Oh my god, what's wrong with me" she was asking herself "I can't cum".

She started to sob. Being on the brink of an orgasm, and not able to cum, was just too much. Jumping from bed, she frantically ran to grab the key to her trunk, and opened it, looking for items that could help her to her much needed orgasm. In her aroused state it had completely dropped out of her mind that Claire could walk in any minute, all she could think of was getting release. She took out her handcuffs, a blindfold, her favourite gag, ankle locks and several rods, that fixed together made a nice spreader bar. The priced item of the growing collection of 'little helpers' was a huge dildo that she had bought some months earlier but never used because of its intimidating size.

It didn't look like a penis, just a plain rounded cylindrical shape, but it had an extension. When Kate bought this monster, she wanted it the moment she saw it. It would fit nicely to her bondage games, she had thought back then. The main part was 'only' 8 inches long, but it was a staggering 6 inches in diameter. It was so big it would never fit into her pussy. But that was just fine with her, because it had an extension on top, like a second much smaller dildo. That added another 3 inches and was 1 inch thick. On the base of the monster was a special suck cap, guaranteed to never let go, until one pulled the release lever. This thing looked really weird, and most would say, "it's not useable", but for Kate it meant stimulation with the smaller part, while threatening herself with the huge part. She loved such mind games while doing her self-bondage sessions. The plan was to attach it to the side of the desk and fuck herself doggie-style, while being gagged and hand-cuffed. In the end she had just chickened out and left the monster untouched – until today.

Unlike the other games she had played before, this time it wasn't planned, she just came up with ideas as she went along. First she gagged herself, placed the blindfold just above her eyes, to be pulled down as one of the last things to do and attached the handcuffs to her left wrist, letting it hang there for now. Already those few items made her knees weak and her heart beat like mad. While holding the dildo in her hand, she had a sudden idea how to add an element of threat and pressure. She went to her trunk again and fetched four nipple clamps and some rope. Putting all her remaining items on the end of the bed she rubbed a part of the floor clean so that the suction cup would hold well. The space between the bed and her desk was about 4 feet wide and just about right for her plan. She measured the distance from there to a nail on the wall with the rope and added several feet to that length. Cutting four separate lines of that length from the rope, she tied one nipple clamp to each line, placing those ends on the floor and letting the other ends hang from the nail on the wall. After that she set the spreader bar to a bit more than shoulder width and laid it down on the floor, over the lines with the nipple clamps. The final preparation, before she could set everything in motion was to tie a knot in the loose ends of the lines hanging from the nail and hanging a weight from it. The weight sat on the ground, pulling the nipple clamps away, but not too much.

Now everything had to go quickly. She took the monster dildo and fastened it with the suction cup to the floor. Pulling on it, she found out that she couldn't pull it off, not even with both hands. Satisfied, she cuffed her ankles to the spreader-bar, standing right above the dildo, leaned over to grab the nipple clamps and pulled hard to lift the weight at the other end some 10 inches from the ground. Since the lines went under the spreader-bar before going to the wall, the clamps got pulled downwards. A pair of lines she let run to the left of the dildo and the other pair to the right, and – holding her breath – clipped them to each of her inner pussy lips. Ouch that hurt! The clamps were really biting into her sensitive flesh, and her small inner lips got pulled down by the weight, spreading her lips to a thin 2 inches and slightly going outwards. Finally she used her ankle-cuffs to tie her feet to the bed and the desk. She was now standing there, her feet held immobile by the spreader-bar and the ankle-cuffs, her dripping quim maybe 10 inches above the huge dildo, spread open painfully with the help of the nipple clamps, gagged, and now just about to pull the blind-fold over her eyes and to cuff her hands behind her back. She had bought new hand-cuffs after Claire had switched the keys, the new ones had a built-in timer and opened automatically. No more getting caught by Claire! She set the time to '30', blindfolded herself and locked the handcuffs behind her back.

When she heard the faint 'click' of the lock, she moaned into her gag. Now she was completely helpless, couldn't move one bit, didn't see anything, and already her pussy-lips were screaming for release. The only way to ease the pain was to bend her knees, bringing the weight down on the ground – and also her quim close to the dildo, but not touching it. The meanest part about it all was, that this way her labia didn't get pulled to extreme length, but after a few minutes her muscles started to shake from the unnatural posture, with somewhat bent legs.

After 15 minutes her legs were really shaking and the only thing she could do, to prevent herself squatting down (on the dildo!) was to straighten herself up, but therefore pulling painfully on her labia. She grunted, when the clamps bit down on her soft flesh pulling them down. Giving in quickly she bent her legs again but this time her muscles were hurting so much, that she just couldn't control them so well anymore. She felt the thin part of the dildo getting shoved up her wet cunt, sending a shock of electricity though her body. She moaned into her gag with pent up sexual desire and couldn't resist her urge to get more of the dildo into her cunt. Suddenly she felt the six inch thick base touching her flesh and she panicked. She was really scared of what could happen, she simply didn't believe that she could take something with SIX fucking inches in diameter. She pushed herself up again – or at least tried to. Her legs just shook and her muscles refused to comply. She spent too much time standing with bent knees, only concentrating on saving her labia from getting pulled down. The thin part of the dildo was well up into her cunt, the thick part pushing against her, and she couldn't get up! She was screaming into her gag, shaking her hand-cuffs in desperation, but they didn't let go. She tried to figure out how much longer she had to suffer through all this, swallowing hard.

At that moment she heard the door open and someone stepping in. That could only be...

"Hello Kate, my darling" Claire purred into her ear, raking a finger nail over her flat sweaty belly. Kate wanted to cry, talk and run away in the same time. "It took you awhile to offer yourself again to me in such a nice way, pet" Claire whispered next to her "but finally you did. And this time I am going to accept your offer".

Claire removed the blindfold and Kate had to close her hurting eyes from the sudden brightness. She was breathing hard, and her legs demanded her attention again, pushing the humiliating scene to the back of her mind. Her body weight slowly, oh so slowly started to push her onto the dildo, she could feel her cunt slowly getting pushed open, her lips getting more and more spread.

Claire could see how the huge base of this monster-cock started to push Kate's labia into her cunt, and quickly removed the nipple clamps.

"I don't think we need those anymore" she purred. When Kate opened her eyes to look at her captor, she saw her putting her notebook down on the desk, facing her. On the flat screen she saw – herself! Claire must have hidden a webcam somewhere in the bookshelf, and had known very well, when to enter the scene. After setting down the notebook, Claire stepped again behind her and fiddled with her handcuffs. Did she want to release her? Hope shot up in Kate.

When it made 'click' Claire said: "Just switching off your timer, pet, we don't want the show to end, no?"

Not stopping there, she opened the spreader bar and the ankle-cuffs and pulled her Kate's feet from under her. That made Kate immediately fall down a full inch on the dildo, pushing muscles to the side she hadn't even known were there.

Kate just wanted to die, what could she do? She was stuck, in the purest sense of the word, and no help in sight. She tried to talk through her eyes, begging Claire to release her, but to no avail. Slowly she could feel the dildo sliding deeper into her, her pussy lips stretched to the tearing point, her cunt spread like never before. It hurt, awfully, but in the same time, she started to feel 'good' somehow. She felt a hot feeling spread from her pussy all over her body, and even though her clit was left alone, she could feel that an orgasm was slowly building up, while that monster claimed more and more of her.

Claire was walking over to her bed, laying down on it. Keeping at the head-end of it, she was almost in front of Kate.

"Come on, Kate, let go. Take that monster like you should. Fuck yourself for me. Show me that you can take it." She started to undress herself, while she was watching Kate.

Kate couldn't avert her eyes. Claire was undressing herself in front of her, going to masturbate, because of what was going on. She felt suddenly so good. Finally she was able to make Claire needy again. She could feel something go click in her head, and finally understood what was preventing her from cuming. She wanted, no, she needed Claire with her. She needed to play with herself while Claire was watching. She wanted to make Claire cum, just from watching her.

Claire was by now completely undressed and leaning against the wall, her legs spread as wide as possible, slowly stroking her pussy lips and rubbing her clit.

She made sure Kate saw all of this, and whispered softly "Come on, Pet, fuck yourself for me. Get this thing up your cunt completely."

Upon hearing this, Kate moaned softly into her gag and let go, slowly sliding down on the monstrous dildo, impaling her like an elephant's prick. She felt more than full, she felt like being slowly cut in half and she had completely forgotten about the thinner part of the dildo. Her pussy lips were completely pushed into her, drawn by the log being pushed into her quim. She was shaking like in fever, looking down with astonishment, seeing that rod not only slowly disappearing into her, but also saw how her belly got pushed out by it filling her up, as if she were pregnant. She felt so full, as if it would come out of her mouth any minute. The deviant view of this huge *thing* disappearing into her alone made her almost cum. She moaned into the gag and grunted endlessly.

Suddenly her eyes flew wide open and her heart missed a beat. The thin part of the dildo (as if 1 inch is thin!) hit the bottom. She had never felt anything like that, no cock has ever reached her cervix. It felt so great when the soft round tip rubbed her closed cervix. She pulled air through her nose in short gasps, and felt an orgasm hit her. She grunted and shook and looked into the eyes of Claire while she came. It was the weirdest orgasm she could imagine. Stronger than any before, but somewhat 'handicapped' because her cunt, which usually was milking and grabbing whatever was in her quim, was stretched to its limit and didn't do anything, couldn't contract at all.

Claire was really enjoying herself, slowly stroking her pussy lips and fucking her quim with two fingers, licking them from time to time. When she saw Kate cumming, she cooed, encouraging her to go on. She knew that Kate couldn't see what she saw: There were still something like 3 inches to go, and hell would freeze over before Kate would be able to prevent the inevitable.

While Kate had her orgasm, she kept on slowly sliding down on the rod. Actually, the only thing that was still slowing down that progress, was the tremendous girth itself. A thinner dildo would already be up her twat to the hilt. Sliding farther down on that trunk meant one thing for Kate, and suddenly she panicked. Switching from an immense orgasm to sheer panic made her mind go blank, and she grunted. She wanted to lift herself up from the dildo, but even without worn out muscles she could never have done that, with the dildo firmly impaling her. Her eyes rolled back, while the thin tip of the dildo slowly opened her cervix, sliding into her innermost part bit by bit. Feeling herself split in two like that was finally too much for Kate, she orgasmed again, this time falling into a coma, while her butt finally reached the floor, the dildo firmly inserted into not only her vagina but going right through her cervix.

Kate's head lolled to one side, but she didn't fall, the dildo held her upright. Claire stopped playing with herself, and made sure, that Kate was breathing normally and that the dildo hadn't done any visible damage. Happy with what she saw, she opened the door to their room and said to a girl waiting outside:

"Like I said, she's definitely a keeper. And keep her is what I am going to do."


To be continued (?)

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