tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKatie Comes Back Ch. 04

Katie Comes Back Ch. 04


They ate a generous delicious breakfast: Frobisher's English special with eggs, bacon, sausages, kidneys, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding and fried bread, washed down with orange juice and strong black coffee. Then they had time to rest until Bobby's guests began to arrive. He got dressed and kissed Katie good-bye.

"Thank you for a wonderful birthday surprise." He said, thinking: "I wonder what else is in store for me today."

As Katie relaxed and had another coffee, she was wondering the same. Would she meet Mr Maddox at last? Would she feel different now she had spent the night with his son? Would Bobby want to continue what had started? Would she feel out of place with all these young people? She had noticed how fresh and innocent Annabelle had looked, a perfect English rose.

As the other guests arrived, some by chauffeur-driven car and some by helicopter, Katie decided what to wear. She looked through the wardrobes full of expensive clothes and shoes. She tried a few dresses on; they fitted her perfectly. She wanted something cool, classy and sexy but not too sexy. Eventually she chose a simple blue, close-fitting knee-length cotton dress, skimpy white panties and bra; she lay them on the bed and had a quick shower. She sprayed perfume above her breasts, and on her tummy and inner thighs. She dressed, put on a pair of white slip-on shoes and inspected herself in the long mirror. Pretty as a picture, she thought smiling to her self. Then she left her bedroom and traced her way back to the pool.

As soon as she got there, she wondered why she had bothered. All the guests were in swimming gear; most of the girls were topless. Some were clowning around in the water, others lounging and chatting away by the side of the pool. Frobisher was serving soft drinks and snacks; at least he was dressed in his best butler's uniform. Then Hugo walked over, took her arm and began to introduce her to the guests. They were all teenagers, between sixteen and nineteen, and seemed to know each other. Annabelle seemed to be in a better mood now; she was sitting with Bobby and a couple of other good-looking young men, the centre of attention as she preferred. She was wearing a patterned, one-piece suit that showed off her figure perfectly. Katie noticed her good-sized tits with nipples prominent under the costume.

Although they were all friendly and polite, Katie felt the youngsters wanted to be on their own and to party without adult supervision. She wandered off on her own and familiarised herself with the estate. She walked down to the lake and began to follow the path around it. By now the sun was strong so she tried to stay in the shadow of the trees. Even so, by the time she had circled the lake and returned to the lodge, she was hot and tired; the exertions of the past 24 hours were starting to take their toll. She decided to have an early lunch and to rest during the heat of the day. By now the guests were enjoying the various activities available; the noise of laughter and high spirits filled the air. They wouldn't notice her absence.

She helped herself to a light lunch from the buffet and retired to her room. She enjoyed smoked salmon and a mixed salad and a drink of water. She then undressed, lay on the bed and relaxed; she thought about the situation she was in. She needed to get those photographs back and, so far, Mr Maddox's tasks had been fun. But why was she enjoying it so much? She felt at home in these luxurious surroundings; she had never been so sexually satisfied but, on the other hand, he felt horny all the time. Even now, she sensed how wet she was as she remembered Bobby inside her with that desperate expression on his face! Was she becoming a nymphomaniac? Then she thought, "Who cares? But I must be careful it doesn't go too far."

Katie dozed off and dreamed she was in the dark, dancing with Mr Maddox, arms round him; in her dream she felt warm, secure and at home. Then the light went on suddenly and it was John she was dancing with! She pushed him away and woke with a start. The final image was that of her husband's face and the look of hate on it. Little did Katie know that, at that moment, John was in a down-town motel room with a naked Sue. They had met in the pub the previous evening and had too much to drink. One thing had led to another; they had arranged to meet today and were now fucking doggy-style as if there was no tomorrow. John had told Sue that his wife was frigid; she had taken pity on him and was doing her best to compensate! She had invited him to a dance that evening.

In blissful ignorance, Katie looked to see what she should wear this evening - there was to be a formal dinner and dance. As she explored to the back of the wardrobe, she noticed a wooden flap with a catch at eye level; with curiosity, she opened it. Behind the lap, there seemed to be a glass window looking into the adjoining bedroom. Katie just thought what an evil but delicious man Mr Maddox was and was about to close it again. But then she saw two figures enter the room; they didn't notice her so Katie concluded it was a one-way mirror. She could see them but they couldn't see her. To be sure she closed the wardrobe door quietly behind her so that she was in the dark. She could just about hear them and she was keeping very, very quiet.

It was Bobby and Annabelle; they had been playing tennis and had come in to cool down or so they told their friends. They both looked hot and sweaty. Katie gasped as they laughed and fell into each other's arms. As Bobby rolled her over on to the bed, they began to kiss passionately wrapping their legs around each other. She saw him slide one hand up Annabelle's short skirt and up the back of her thigh to reveal her white panties. Annabelle grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

"That's better." thought Katie. "Don't give in too easily." But to her astonishment, Annabelle repositioned Bobby's hand to the front using her free hand to ease the gusset of her panties to one side to reveal a flash of dark pubic hair. Bobby began to caress between her legs until Annabelle's enjoyment could be heard through the mirror. Suddenly she pushed Bobby away, stood up and quickly removed her top, her skirt, bra and panties. She was in too much of a hurry to bother with her trainers. Bobby did the same and they were soon both naked on the bed. Annabelle lay there on her back with her legs open.

"Go on, Bobby. For fuck sake, take me. I've waited too long!"

Bobby remembered Lesson Three: to make sure the woman had at least one orgasm before he fucked her. Instead of ramming straight in to her, he went down between her legs and explored. His hands went up her sides, over her snake hips and up her stomach to her breasts. He found her nipples and took each between his fingers. Annabelle had started to moan and, when his tongue flicked along her pussy lips and then up to her clitoris, her body began to tremble. Bobby licked and sucked and then tried to ease his tongue into her vagina. Then he remembered Lesson Four about a virgin's hymen and went back to the clit. Katie watched as Annabelle's head arched back, her hand went to her mouth to smother the squealing that built into a stream of uncontrolled babble.

"Oh yes, Bobby! Eat me! Tongue me, taste me! I'm coming, baby, I'm coming!" Then she raised her arms and screamed out each time the orgasms hit her: once, twice and so on until Katie lost count. By now she had a finger on her own special spot and was rubbing in time to Bobby's rhythm. As Annabelle's body relaxed and Bobby rested, Katie slowed her tempo but continued to watch avidly. Would Bobby follow her suggestions - he had so far. Yes, there he was unpacking a condom and rolling it onto his dick while Annabelle watched, intrigued at how much it had grown since she had seen it that morning after Bobby's swim. It was pointing up almost vertically, thick and powerful looking. She longed to have him inside her but was apprehensive. She had been told it would be painful the first time. Even so, she kept her legs open and waited.

Bobby lowered himself on top of her and positioned himself at the entry to her pussy.

"Are you sure about this?" Bobby asked, although he had little intention of stopping now.

"Yes, please. Push it in; I need you now Bobby!"

Bobby thrust forward but found it didn't slide in the way it had with Katie.

"It's no good, Annie. It won't go in."

"Try again and do it properly this time. I want to be fucked now!"

When Bobby pushed again, this time a little harder, he still met resistance. So Annabelle ran her hands down his back, over the scars from earlier and grabbed his buttocks. With all her strength, she pulled him towards her. Suddenly, he slid all the way in and began to fuck her slowly but strongly. Annabelle felt a sharp pain between her legs; she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the pleasure as it gradually replaced the pain. And what pleasure! This had been worth waiting for.

By now Bobby had settled into a good fucking rhythm before Katie's incredulous eyes - what a day, she thought! Oblivious of anything but Bobby and Annabelle enjoying themselves, blood glistening on Bobby' pulsating dick as it filled her tight little cunt, she suddenly realised somebody had crept into the wardrobe behind her and closed the door. Arms encircled her and a man's voice whispered in her ear; she remembered hearing it before but couldn't place it.

"Quite a boy - eh?"

Katie froze - it must be Mr Maddox again. His hands fondled her breasts as he nibbled on her ear lobe. She could from his hairy chest against her back that he was naked too and from the pressure below that he was feeling as horny as his son. His hands went down and parted her legs; Katie smiled and waited. Her eyes were on Bobby but her thoughts were on what was behind her.

"Mr Maddox! At last! I thought I'd never see you again."

Immediately he thrust into her, grabbing her hips, and went about his business. Now Katie remembered how large he had been when she went for the job interview and was delighted to feel how tight her pussy felt, how soon he found her G-spot and how the friction soon translated into gorgeous rippling sensations all through her body. He fucked fast and strong, his balls slapping against her. As she came again and again, she felt even tighter around him. An impatient man at the best of times, Maddox had given Bobby a start but he came first exploding deep into Katie's wet and juicy pussy. He slid out, leaving a trail of semen running down the back of her leg.

Katie leant against the wall of the wardrobe for a moment looking forward to a cuddle and chat. Then she heard the door open and close and the steps of Mr Maddox striding across the bedroom floor. By the time, she had found the handle of the door and got out of the wardrobe, he was gone. Katie saw an envelope on the bed and quickly opened it. There was another of the photos of her and Steve together with another this time of her standing in the nude with water in the background.

"Oh for fuck's sake. He was watching all this morning." she thought. "When is this going to end?"

Angry now, she dressed quickly and ran out around the pool. She found Frobisher.

"Where's Mr Maddox?"

"He's just left. You might just catch him."

Katie rushed out the front door and looked around. Then she heard the sound of an engine and propellers; she turned around and watch a helicopter slowly taking off. As it circled and built up speed, she could swear she saw a hand waving to her from the window Then the helicopter disappeared behind the trees.

Katie burst into tears. She stood there, with the photographs still in her hand, while a few guests watched curiously. Then a convoy of three cars drove up along the drive. Katie watched indifferently as more guests got out until she realised who they were. In one car was John and Sue, in the other Claudia and, in the third, her old friend Steve.

This was going to take some explaining............

To be continued...............

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