tagErotic CouplingsKatie Gets Around Ch. 2

Katie Gets Around Ch. 2


As Kate and Steve dozed naked in each other's arms and gradually fell into a deep sleep together under the sheet of the hotel bedroom, the night was still young for Simon and Susan. In fact, it was just beginning to get interesting.

After Kate had left them, and Susan had finished her shower, the two of them started the evening quietly. They planned to go out for dinner later; as it was still early, they pottered around for a while, reading the newspaper and chatting like a contented married couple.

Susan sat there thinking: "Is he ever going to stop being so laid back; won't he ever make a move on me?"

Simon sat opposite thinking: "Tonight's the night!"

Susan was a tall willowy brunette with a healthy glow to her; she looked almost unnaturally healthy and fit all the time. She also came from a wealthy back-ground and Simon and she had seemed to gravitate towards each other. They had so much more in common; most of the other men at the college were somehow in awe of Susan. They looked but would not touch – more's the pity because there were one or two she would have liked to go out with or stayed in with. She had been at the college for nearly a year with only Simon to go out with and she was beginning to wonder about him; perhaps he wasn't that keen on girls anyway. She hadn't fucked in all that time. Susan wanted sex and if she didn't get it tonight she promised herself she would just go and take it wherever she could!

She had dressed casually in tight jeans and a loose T-shirt. Now she wished she had made more of an effort. A short skirt and no panties and he could have been feasting his eyes at this moment. Susan lay back on the armchair and opened her legs, but it didn't have the same impact as an open, wet, juicy, dark hairy cunt! And my but she was juicy – exercise always made her feel horny.

"Let's go out; I'm bored." She said. "I think I'll change. Won't be a minute." She soon returned with a short skirt replacing her jeans. She looked stunning; legs, legs and more legs.

They started with dinner and then went on to the only night-club/disco in town. It was always crowded on a Friday and they were lucky to get in. The bouncers knew who Susan's father was, so let them come to the front of the line and even got them a table near the dance floor. They were soon joined by friends from the college who were only too pleased to drink Simon's champagne and to try and get off with his girl friend.

The drink flowed until Susan got up and pulled Simon on to the dance floor. He was a terrible dancer, like an uncoordinated version of Mick Jagger on speed. Susan remembered being told that if you could dance, you could fuck. Not much hope tonight then.

But the music suddenly slowed and the lights went dim. By now the dance floor was packed. Simon and Susan melted into each other's arms - this was better! They squeezed tight against each other. Maybe he did like girls after all; Susan could fell him strong and hard against her stomach. His hands went down her back, stroked her firm sexy buttocks naked under the flimsy skirt. They kissed passionately tongues and lips mingling and tasting each other. His hand went down her left thigh and lifted her skirt. He fondled her naked bum and then ran his fingers between her arse-crack until he found her pussy hole, wet, hairy and ready for his touch. Shivers ran all down Susan's spine as he touched and rubbed her clitoris, which hardened under his fingers. His fingers were covered with her warm juices. My, this felt good.

The music stayed slow and seductive. The floor was so packed that men were pushing up against Susan or maybe they were just being friendly.

She could never explain what she did next. She was an inch or two taller than Simon; otherwise it would have been impossible.

She undid his zipper with one hand and pulled his hard dick out. She lifted her skirt up enough so that he just needed to bend his knees slightly to get into the perfect position. Susan put her hands down between her legs and opened her pussy lips for him. He eased upwards and she eased downwards.

She had the tight cunt of a woman who had remained celibate for too long but she was dipping wet. He had the hard impatient dick of a man who had always been celibate. The pressure was enough for him to slowly move inside her, each of them feeling the perfect pleasure of genital contact in a public place.

He was all the way in now and they began to move together in rhythm with the music. No one was watching them and, if they had been, it would have been difficult to be sure that they were actually doing it. Her skirt covered her behind and his shirt was just about long enough. But surely that movement was unmistakable!

No was interested except Susan and Simon; they were only interested in the feelings pulsating through their bodies and the friction of his penis in her vagina and on her clitoris. His hands held tight on her arse as they fucked.

"Hurry, Simon. The music will stop soon!! I'm coming!!"

As a small gap appeared on the floor, he thrust harder and faster oblivious of his surroundings. They came together forcing themselves to be as quiet as they could. Her cunt tightened even more as Susan exploded intensifying Simon's ecstasy as he felt his balls empty and his spunk run all the way up and into Susan in several warm spasms. A little more came out after he withdrew and ran down the insides of her thighs, mingling with her own juices. They relaxed in each other's arms and tidied themselves up as unobtrusively as possible, congratulating themselves that no one had noticed their very private and intimate moment.

Then, the applause broke out as the music stopped. Thinking it was for the DJ, they joined in until they realised, to their horror, that it was for them.

"Great show!" "Yo, Simon!" "Yo Susan!" "More, more!"

Susan for a moment looked shocked. But they were surrounded by friends. She yelled out "Yes, yes, yes!!"; and lifted her skirt and shirt for all to see. Her breasts stood proudly; her hairy minge and all between her legs was covered with juice and shone as the lights rose.

Simon stood in the middle of the floor with his zipper open, a nervous smile on his face that broke into a huge self-satisfied grin as the laughter and applause continued.

"Let's party" he shouted. "My place...NOW!"

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