tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKatrina's Experiment Ch. 1

Katrina's Experiment Ch. 1


Katrina flipped the switch on the camcorder and stepped backward slowly, letting herself come into focus in the camera’s field of view. She smiled prettily, running her hands through her hair and tilting her head back, her chest out, pressing her firm breasts against the thin material of her white cotton t-shirt, her nipples already taut. She reached down to the hem of the shirt, bending forward so that it bloomed open at the neck and her breasts were now easily visible, dangling in the shadow of her shirt.

She stood upright, pulling up on the hem exposing her smooth flat belly and finally her breasts before pulling the shirt off altogether. Katrina’s hands slipped down to her panties, white and pristine, and her fingers hovered over the puffy mound at the junction of her legs. Her thumbs hooked into the waistband and she pushed down, slipping the elastic over her shapely hips and down her thighs, her dark muff coming into view as her panties fell to her ankles.

Katrina backed up further until she was against the foot of her bed, the little white socks on her feet the only shred of clothing left on her body. She sat primly on the dark green comforter, crossing her legs, cutting off the view to her furry pussy. She pouted jokingly at the camera, enjoying the future distress of her unknown viewers. Her hands rose up to touch one erect nipple, rounding it slowly with her finger and thumb. She looked into the camera again, winking. With slow deliberation, she reached out beside her and grabbed the electric shaver. She flicked the switch and brought the buzzing bulb closer to her body. She rubbed the vibrating casing against her breast, cupping it in her free hand against her nipple, the shaver sending little shivers of pleasure into her chest and down through her belly into her legs and groin.

Carefully, she uncrossed her legs and leaned back on the bed until she was on her back, bracing the soles of her feet on the edge. She slid the shaver down her belly, spreading her legs at the same time showing her bulging pink lips from underneath and the curve of her buttocks beneath that. She guided the whirring device to her pubes and with a slow but steady stroke, sheared off a line of curly dark hair. Her free hand pulled at the skin around her lips as she carefully defurred herself a stroke at a time. Each passing was like a long delicate stroke on one of her watching lovers swollen members.

Katrina let out a sigh as she felt the stubble around her newly exposed pinkness. She slipped a finger inside for effect, showing how easy it was now that she was unobscured. She switched off the shaver and set it aside, picking up a little tube instead. She sat up, unscrewing the cap while looking into the camera, smiling slyly. She squeezed out a healthy portion of goo and with three fingers, spread it across her hairless slit. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as the cool grease touched her delicate flesh. She rubbed it into her skin for a while and then picked up a clean white cloth, as white and pure as her clothes had been, and rubbed the stuff away.

When she removed the cloth, her groin was completely smooth, pink and tantalizing. Katrina feigned the smallest look of surprise and complete joy smiling into the camera. She set down the cloth and picked up a large lifelike dildo, thick in girth and a dark mocha color, that of a mighty Zulu warrior or perhaps a powerful stallion. She edged the faux cock closer to her clean pussy and stopped. Katrina looked into the camera, her eyes shining, and reached to her side with her free hand. She picked up the remote control for the camcorder and with the bulging penis inches from her treasure, she pressed a button. The recording light on the camera winked out.

Katrina fell back on the bed, laughing hysterically, kicking her socked feet in the air. The air was cool on her mound and she loved the feeling, hell, the whole process had been a scream.

She quickly went to her computer and turned the film clip into a .mov file, titled it 853.mov and before long it was on her web site.

Katrina smiled as she clicked the link, watching from the camera’s viewpoint as she teased the camera, then shaved off her dark muff. She rubbed her pink slit as she watched, licking her fingers after a few strokes and replacing her other hand as she tasted herself, excited, then replaced the slick fingers and tasted from her other hand.

With a shiver, her orgasm came and she filled her slit with her fingers, pulling out more of her sweet honey to taste. When she recovered, the room was warmer than it had been: Not surprising. Katrina turned off her computer and got dressed. Soon there would be e-mail for her and plenty of it.

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