tagFetishKatrina's Experiment Ch. 2

Katrina's Experiment Ch. 2


Katrina was typing in her chat room, nothing fun. A couple of her girlfriends from here and there and an immature guy trying to get her to cyber. She preferred talking about preferences and techniques than just empty sex chatter, usually punctuated with ‘I gotta go’ way too soon. Her friend Roxy32 on the other hand was a great chatter, energetic, fun to be with and fairly insatiable.

Katrina had also put up some of her picks and even after two kids she looked great: Milk-thickened breasts which kept their postpartum size, close cropped brown hair, rubenesque hips and long legs that were most often seen around Dave, her husband. Her other friend on at the moment was Kimmy. She was also featured on her site, but was in stark contrast to Roxy: A college junior with Rapunnzel-like golden hair, a petite taut body that looked to Katrina like she should be a swimsuit model and little feet that drove Katrina crazy. For some reason, she really wanted to tickle her feet! Katrina liked being in charge and maybe it was the fact that she was bigger and stronger than Kimmy that she wanted to make her suffer, in only a purely delicious way, of course.

Roxy: So girls, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve put in your pussies?

Kimmy: Besides men? :P

Kat: Eeew, who would put a man in when you have perfectly good vegetables and toys around ;)

Kimmy: :)

Roxy: So is your answer veggies?

Kat: No, mine would have to be a candle. It was about nine inches and spiraled. I twisted it in while I worked it. I think I have it in the FilmVault on my site.

Roxy: I saw that! I’d love to light your fire.


Kimmy: The best (or worst) I’ve had in me was a whole banana. Twice in the same day I put one in one to be eaten out by a guy friend of mine, and the second we put in, “mashed” it and he banged me with it. God, that felt good.

Kat: Wow, I’d like to see that :)

Kimmy: Well, you’ll have to come to Fla. sometime.

Roxy: I’ve gotten into fisting.

Kimmy: Really? Wow!

Kat: That’s great! I gotta get some pics of that on my sight.

Roxy: Sure.

Kimmy: What’s it like?

Roxy: Well, it’s very full-filling ;) You wouldn’t like it though, your little ass would split in half.


Kimmy: ROFL yeah, probably.

Katrina had been toying with a fun idea and she unleashed it on her friends.

Kat: Hey, have either of you ever used a popsicle as a dildo?

Roxy: No, too cold, and I can’t get them away from the kids.

Kat: ROFL!!!

Kimmy: Hey, that would be “cool”. Wouldn’t it stick though?

Kat: Not if you lick it up first ;) Get it good and wet, take off the frost.

Kimmy: Hold on.

Roxy: Where do you think she went?

Kat: ROFL Hopefully to get a popsicle.

Roxy: Bet you its cherry!

Kat: Your on!

They waited in visual silence until Kimmy returned.

Kimmy: Ok, back. I just bought some pops the other day and I got a cherry one, my favorite.

Roxy: Told ya!

Kat: Grrr. :)

Kimmy:??? Okayyyyy. Anyway, so how should I do this?

Roxy: Lean back and enjoy the taste first, get the frost off it and then work it in. Are you still clothed?

Kimmy: After what we’ve been talking about, yeah right. Okay hold on.

Kat: I’ll bet she sticks it to her lips and we have to call the fire department.

Roxy: That would make a great story.

Kat: Rofl

Kimmy: Okay, its ready. I’m going to lean back and put my feet up, work on this a while. If I suddenly sign off its probably because I just kicked the comp off the desk.

Roxy: haha

Katrina was tingling. She could see her young friend sitting in her chair, naked, her long golden locks cascading over the back of chair, her little feet propped on the desk and the cold cherry dildo penetrating her sweet slit. Katrina rubbed her newly shaven pussy with trembling fingers and thought of her friend, screaming under the penetrating cold, and giggling at the same time as she gave herself a freezing fuck.

Roxy: Everyone’s so quiet. I know Kat’s fingering herself and Kimmy’s probably in a coma. You okay there, girls?

Kat: Guilty :)

Roxy: Thot so ;)

Kimmy: Oh my god! It’s incredible! It’s so cold and hard and you can feel it the whole way. I barely started and I was squeezing it and, God the mess, oh my God it was great!

Roxy: ROFL

Kat: I’ll have to do it for the FilmVault then :)

Kimmy: Oh my God, yes! You’ll double your traffic if you do. I feel like such a slut but that felt so good. I gotta go, I’m going into the tub to finish my dessert.

Roxy: That good, huh? I gotta get some extra ones and put them where the kids won’t find them.

Kimmy: No doubt!

Kat: See ya, Kimmy. Take a picture for me.

Kimmy: I will. You’ll love it! There’s pop juice all over my pussy and up around my butt. The juice is still cold. Bye.

Roxy: So, what do you want to do now?

Kat: I’m putting this chat in the Kat’s Chat section. No one will believe she did it without the text. I just hope she sends me a pic to go with it.

Roxy: Fair enough. Hubby’s in the den and I need some loving now myself. Bye, dear.

Kat: Bye, Sweetie.

Katrina smiled and saved the chat to a file, uploading it to her chat file section: 1017.txt

She retired to the kitchen and found some pops of her own, set up the camcorder and hit the bed. An hour later she had some great film and a huge dry-cleaning bill.

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