tagIllustratedKaty's Reluctant New Look Ch. 03

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 03


In this chapter our reluctant heroine (Katy) attends an end-of-summer party. Her husband (Jake) makes sure she finds herself in some delicate situations. Katy spends considerable time and energy extracting herself from them. Hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Bob and Cheryl for providing the wonderful artwork for this story!!


"Hmmph!" I snorted at Jake as he continued to insist I go outside with him to wash our car wearing my blue satin panties in the place of my blue bikini bottoms. Jake knew I wanted the car looking spotless for tonight's party and he thought it might give him an opportunity to leverage me into showing off for him.

"Relax, Katy. The kids are at Grandma's. The garage is a hundred feet from the sidewalk. Nobody will even notice. We're too far away from the street. Just put on the panties instead of the bikini bottom and I'll meet you outside," he responded.

"I'll do nothing of the sort," I scolded and continued brushing my hair.

Tonight's party was the 'End of Summer' ball; one of the biggest parties of the year for the North Texas chapter of the Conservative Women's Voting League and everything had to be just right. The league had reserved an entire floor of rooms in the Four Seasons hotel downtown. All our friends would be there; Phil and Nicole, Larry and Amber, Sam and Ana, and Joe and Judy. Tonight was going to be so much fun!

"Yes, you will," he replied playfully, grabbed them from my panty drawer and tossed them onto the bed beside my bikini.

I must admit; the satin panties, with small front and back panels and thin straps between them did look very similar to my bikini bottoms. And, from a distance it would be hard to tell the difference. But, even if no one else knew, I would know. And it was Saturday morning and our neighbors would be out and about. What if they decided to come over and chat while we washed the car?

I decided it was time to stand my ground. I stood up with my feet apart; my hands crossed indignantly in front of my chest and told him, "I'm not your little floosy, Jake. I don't exist solely for your pleasure and you will treat me like a lady!"

When he didn't respond, I assumed I had won the argument. "Wow!" I thought to myself. "That's a first." Jake always gets his way and to be truthful, I was a little disappointed he didn't bend me over his knee and give me a spanking. I just love it when he does that! He's such a man's man. He's an ex-marine, over six feet tall and made of solid muscle.

I needn't have been disappointed because no sooner had I finished my little display of defiance, than he took charge. All in one motion Jake pulled me by the arm, sat on the edge of the bed and laid me across his lap.

Knowing how this game is played, I pulled my legs together and kicked my feet like a little girl while he held me down with one of his strong arms and pulled my pajamas down with the other. I wanted to scream, "Spank my bottom hard!" Instead, I stayed in my role and screamed for him to let me go as I struggled to get free from his grasp.

Well, my protesting didn't convince him to release me. In fact, it seemed to have the opposite effect and I braced myself to receive his first swat. "Ouch! That hurts!" I yelped as Jake's big hand stung my bare bottom and my only disappointment was that it wasn't hard enough.

I kicked my feet more rapidly and was wiggling in his lap to get away when the second swat came. Oh, my goodness! That one stung! "Owwh!" I screamed. I could feel the heat rising on my butt cheeks as I prepared for my third swat; hoping it would be just as hard as the second.

The third swat came quickly on the heels of the second. It stung just as much and my pussy warmed up right along with my bottom. This time Jake asked me, "Now, are you going to wear the panties?"

I feigned a whimper, forced a few tears and reached behind me to cover my behind with my hands before answering. "Okay, okay, okay, I'll parade around for you in my panties. Now, let...me....go!"

He let me break from his grasp. I stood, and as I pulled my pajamas up he told me, "Good girl, Katy."

"Hmmph!" I snorted, letting him know how much I disapproved before grabbing the panties and bikini top and marching off to the bathroom to change, rubbing my tender bottom as I went.

"Oh, and wear your new wedge heels too, baby! I'll see you outside!" he shouted gleefully from halfway down the stairs.

We live in a community of new homes in the suburbs and the houses are set back onto large lots with long driveways and about fifty feet of space between each house. The house on the east side of us was still unsold. But, the house on the other side was lived in by an up and coming conservative couple like ourselves, named Brian and Mandy. Now, we're all good friends.

I keep telling Jake that his little game of 'Showing Off My Sexy Wife' needs to come to a quick end. We have an image to protect, for goodness sakes! But, he doesn't seem to care and it's very frustrating! He's already tricked me into several rather compromising situations that I'd rather not talk about. Suffice it to say; he's being a horny devil and I've just about had enough of his antics.

After arranging the bikini top over my boobs, I slid the panties up my long firm legs and onto my butt. Then, I stepped into my new wedges. With them on, I'm almost six feet tall with long, curly black hair and brown eyes. Jake likes to call me his brunette beauty queen and I just love him for thinking of me in that way.

"Jake Roberts! You're up to something. I just know it," I said to myself as I arranged my panties on my hips until they mimicked how my bikini bottoms would look. "Hmmm, pretty close match, but that is trouble," I said, noticing how my black bush was visible through the thin fabric and wondering if it could be seen from the sidewalk once I was outside.

I felt so naughty walking out the door and into the late morning sun to join Jake in our driveway dressed so scantily. He acted nonchalant about the whole thing and threw me a sponge as he filled the bucket full of soapy water. I kept myself hidden as best I could behind the car where nobody walking down the sidewalk could see me below my waist.

Jake just carried on as if nothing was out of the ordinary; as if it was perfectly normal for his beautiful, conservative wife to be washing the family car on a sunny Saturday morning in her high heels, panties and bikini top!

I wasn't about to admit it to Jake, but my pussy was tingling from the excitement of being so exposed. "Hellooo?" I said, incredulous that he hadn't said anything. "Here I am in my underwear. I can't believe I'm doing this for you, Jake. Are you happy now?"

"Oh, stop your whining and get over here to help me with the front grill," he answered playfully as he sprayed down the front of the BMW. "You love doing this," he added.

"Hmmph!" I retorted and pranced myself out into the open for the entire world to see. "What if Brian and Mandy see me, Jake? I'll be sooo embarrassed."

"They've left for the day, Katy. I talked to Brian earlier this morning as they were pulling out of their garage."

Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about them seeing me. But, across the street I saw that Ron and Debbie Wilson, a fifty-something couple, were both outside working on their front yard flower beds. I noticed that Ron looked up as I soaped up the grill and seemed to be staring quite intently. Well, I could hardly blame him and I wondered if he could see my pussy. "I hope so," I thought naughtily.

"Looks like Ron is enjoying the morning," Jake said sarcastically as I bent over to wash the underside of the bumper. "But, Debbie doesn't seem to approve."

I sneaked a peek across the street and saw her staring at Ron with her hands on her hips, and giggled. "The old biddie. Poor Mr. Wilson. He's in trouble isn't he?"

"Yep, I'd say so," Jake replied. "She just swatted him on the back of the head."

We took our time washing the Beemer. And, why not? It was such a nice, sunny day and the car was so dirty. I have to admit to getting a bit more daring as time went on; doing things like bending over straight-legged to soap up my sponge and bending over the hood to wash the windshield.

I felt so sorry for Mr. Wilson. His wife shouldn't be mad at him for staring at me. It's not his fault. It's Jake's! Just as I was thinking about it, Jake sprayed me with the hose!

"Eeeeekkkk!" I shrieked as tiny droplets of cold water sprayed across my chest. I hopped about in my high heels; my boobs jiggling up and down as I bounced from one foot to the other and pushed my arms straight out toward him as if I could block the spray with my hands, and shouted for Jake to quit. "These are brand new heels," I protested and added, "You're going to mess up my hair!" He eventually stopped; but not until my outfit was wet.

I was so embarrassed. There I was, standing in my driveway with my nipples poking out of my bikini top like little pencil erasers and the wet satin fabric was clinging to my pussy lips and completely see-thru. I wondered if any more of the neighbors were watching.

"Now you look good," Jake said and snickered at me.

"Honey, look what you've done. You've got me all wet and my nipples and pussy are showing." I tightened my jaw and spoke through clenched teeth. "What if they can see?" I said as I motioned with my eyes toward the Wilsons.

"If he cranes that neck much more, he'll give himself a whiplash," he retorted. "Come on, the car's only halfway washed. Let's finish up. We've got a lot to do before the party."

"You just love playing your little game, don't you?" I asked sternly as I bent over the fender to scrub the hood, showing off my wet bottom in the process.

"What? Me?"

"Yes, you," I said and soaped up the hood as I spoke.

"Hey, A guy has to have some fun, doesn't he? Besides, you love it too, Katy."

"I most certainly do not," I told him. But, the truth is that I most certainly do! My pussy was wet from being exposed to our neighbors. But, we have an image to maintain and I'm not about to admit that his little game of 'Show Off My Sexy Wife' is so much fun for me. That would only encourage him.

Well, by the time we finished there seemed to be a few more husbands out in their front yards, all sneaking looks down the street toward me. Jake was parading about with his chest pushed out, proud as a rooster. I suppose no harm was done, except with the neighborhood wives. "Jealous little vixens," I whispered to myself as we finished up.

Jake must've heard me whispering because he asked, "What's that hon?"

"Oh, uh," I had to think of something to say pretty fast. "Just some little sticks in.....here, Sweety!" And, I bent over one last time, pretending to pick them from the spokes of the wheel rims.

I spent the afternoon checking up on our two kids and running last minute errands to get ready for the party. I made the circuit of Grandma's house, the pet food store, Victoria's Secret and the liquor store. Jake was running some errands as well, and we were both scheduled to meet back home by six.

"Perfect," I said while applying my last bit of lipstick doing sixty-five down the interstate. I pulled my sunglasses out of my long dark hair and over my blue eyes. I always want to look terrific when I leave the house. I want just the right outfit and just the right look for all occasions. Like, today for instance. After we finished washing the car I put on my color coordinated Chanel blue skirt, white blouse and matching accessories. Our image is important to us. Jake understands this and supports it completely.

That's why I didn't really understand the little episodes of 'Showing Off My Sexy Wife' that Jake had forced on me a few weeks ago. He knows that all we really have is our reputation. If we ruin it, we might as well move out of town! Showing me off in front of two of his best friends in my panties and bra was so reckless! "What if Nicole and Amber had found out, Jake!" I said out loud, as I weaved between slower cars, adding, "Damn it, Jake! You let them stare at my pussy, for goodness sakes!"

Pulling into our neighborhood I was still thinking about it. "Just model the dresses I bought for you," Jake had said. "C'mon baby, this is Phil and Larry we're talking about here. You've modeled before in beauty pageants, so it shouldn't be a big deal to model for them. They need your help to get gift ideas for their wife's Christmas presents," Jake had said. "Besides, they aren't going to tell Nicole and Amber."

I had been completely embarrassed that afternoon. Nicole and Amber are two of my best friends. They would never have approved of their husbands watching me model sexy dresses for them. Let alone, allowing them to see me all but naked! By the time Jake was done sweet-talking me, the only clothes I had on were my stiletto heels and a see-thru g-string.

And that episode was not long after he had me wear that tiny little pair of low-cut stretch shorts to the racquetball game with Phil. By the end of our second game my perspiration had made the shorts transparent. With the crotch liner cut out, the stretchy, wet fabric had molded to the lips of my pussy. Not only was it producing a huge camel-toe, but it was transparent. How completely embarrassing!

Jake's car was already there and after parking the car I looked into the mirror to make sure my makeup was in place, saying out loud to myself, "I'm not a tramp, Jake. I'm a respected, conservative woman in our community. I'm attractive, tall and slender, great legs, long thick curly hair and blue eyes. That should be enough for you, honey!" I let out a little frustrating whine as I slammed the car door. "humph!"

Attending parties with my girlfriends is always fun. We always get together at the same table. We were all in our late twenties or early thirties; pretty and opinionated conservative women! Oh, my goodness, if they knew that Jake had shown me off to each of their husbands, I would just die!

To be truthful, I did enjoy thinking about it when I was around them. I enjoyed the thought of having done something nasty with the husbands that my girlfriends didn't know anything about. Of course, I would never do anything to hurt them. I was embarrassed to even think those thoughts. But, it was fun to know that all of their husbands wanted to fuck me. I would never do it. Not in a million years. And, Jake would never ask me to. Or, would he? No, no way! He had his fun with his buddies and now it's over.

Besides, Jake's buddies are scared of him. They wouldn't want to be on his bad side and in his crosshairs. Jake may be an investment banker, but he'd be just as comfortable in a platoon of Marines! He's a tough man, period. That's one of the things I love about him. He's a man's man! He's strong, smart and sure of himself! Jake is 6'3" and 225lbs with blonde hair and real good looks.

I like to think that I am the perfect match for him! I know he would never consider leaving me. After all, we are both 30 and in the prime of our lives. We have two beautiful children. And, we have each other's hearts.

The problem is a lot of other young and attractive women think they are the perfect match for him too. I am not going to give those little vixens a chance to cause trouble. So, in regards to his little indiscretions with me; my thinking was that if Jake wants to have a little fun by dressing me up sexy and showing me off like a little tramp, then I'd just play along. Which I did! And, now we're done!

Besides, I did get a lot of sexy lingerie and pretty dresses for my effort! The dress he bought me for End of Summer Ball is so pretty. And, the high-heeled sandals he purchased match it perfectly! I love my dress so much that I promised Jake I would wear the French-cut bra and panties with it. And yes, I would even wear the garter belt and stockings! Nobody can possibly see them under my full-length gown anyway! It was so thoughtful of Jake to let me buy a dress that didn't make me look like a high priced hooker. "Elegant and conservative," I said as I held it in front of me, while looking in the mirror after arriving back home.

After a bath, Jake packed up the car with our clothes for the party, my makeup case and overnight bags. Then, we sped downtown to the Four Seasons. After running across some friends in the lobby we made our way up to the 12th floor to find out that our room was directly across from Sam and Ana's and only a few doors down from Larry and Amber's.

The room was very impressive. Jake had reserved a suite, complete with a living area in the front, furnished with a wet bar, comfortable sofa and two high backed arm chairs. In the back of the suite was a very nice king sized bed and a cushioned sofa on the far side of it. And, the bathroom came with a Jacuzzi large enough for four.

It wasn't long before they were all in our room for a pre-party drink and a chance for us girls to compare our outfits. My goodness, Larry was already drunk and Amber was none too pleased about it! But, that didn't stop us from our fun. We all had drinks, us girls gossiped about the people we would see downstairs, and the men joked and cut up like they always do.

Us girls took turns unzipping our garment bags to show off our dresses and I went last because I knew mine was prettier than theirs. Ana and Amber's were very pretty but as I unzipped mine I knew they'd be jealous of my long red gown.

When I saw what was inside my eyes opened as wide as saucers. Gone was my beautiful red gown! It was replaced by the tiny little black silk dress that Jake had bought for me and promised I would never have to wear outside of our own bedroom!

Well, I held it up in front of me and gave Jake an angry look. And, all I got back was a shit-eating grin.

"Whooohooo!" Sam hooted, earning him a punch on his arm from Ana.

"Girlfriend!" Amber said jokingly. "This isn't the Erotic Ball!"

My face turned ten shades of red and my jaw tightened, but I managed to maintain my composure and tried to make it sound like no big deal. "Isn't this a nice surprise? Jake, you're so thoughtful to include my after-party, for-your-eyes-only dress! I'll go down to the car in a few minutes and get my beautiful red gown."

Larry chimed in, "Jesshhh, Kashee. We coood shhee urr titsh in zzhat."

"Larry, I'm sure that's just the alcohol talking," I replied as Amber kicked him in the shin.

The comment from Larry worked to clear out the room and once the door closed I turned to Jake.

"What?" he said, as I my eyes stared like laser beams at him.

"Jake Roberts, what are you up to? Where's my red gown?"

"I left it at home, Sweety," he replied and held up the little black dress. "This'll look much better on you. I even bought you a sexy pair of strappy sandals and stockings to match it."

I looked in the bottom of the garment bag and pulled out the stockings and heels but didn't find any panties or bra. "Honey, you didn't bring me any undies."

"Yeah, the sales lady said this dress is too skimpy to wear normal panties so I purchased a little g-string to go with it," he said.

I looked back into the bag and found the tiny g-string. "It was so small I missed it the first time," I replied, holding the little thing in front of me, dangling delicately off my fingernail. "Honey, this won't even cover my pussy."

"She said your panty lines would show through the thin fabric and a bra wouldn't let the halter cling to the swells of your breasts. Oh, before I forget; I brought you this for later," he said, reached into the dresser and pulled a leopard print corset from the drawer with a sexy pair of matching stockings and heels.

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