tagIllustratedKayla and Their Friend Ch. 04

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 04


As has been stated by her husband in an earlier comment, Kayla is a real person, as indeed is Jake.

However, and just to add to the eroticism, I have included some pictures this time and I can tell you that this is no internet model here -- this is Kayla herself, in genuine photographs taken by Jake!

The story itself? Well I leave it to you to decide on whether it's fact or fantasy, for I've said enough!


She turned the bedside light-shade and then adjusted the overhead spotlights so that they properly lit the area of bedroom she'd be using. Finally, she left the blinds open enough for Jake - or Peter - to see in properly.

Jake called out to her from the front door,

"OK Honey, I'm just going out now. Start whenever you're ready!"

She heard the front door close and shortly afterwards, Jake tapped gently on their bedroom window to let her know he was in position.

As Kayla began to very slowly undo the buttons of her top, her mind started wandering; and as her fantasy began to expand, it was no longer her husband outside with a camera but their new found friend Peter. He was looking in through their bedroom window and he was oblivious of the fact that she had spotted him voyeuring her.

She was going to make sure that he had a full detailed view of everything he wanted to see of her -- she was determined to excite him with views of her gorgeous body stark naked with her pussy open and of her playing with herself.

As she started to strip, she returned to reality for a moment. Her mind wandered further to consider all that would be going through his mind when her husband eventually found a way to let Peter see the photos and she began to shake from the eroticism of the thought. She wanted to share every inch and every opening of her gorgeous nakedness with their friend and knowing that she would supposedly be doing it unwittingly, she returned to her fantasy task with the enthusiasm and openness of the 'innocent'.

Outside, Jake had set up two tripods - one with his digital still camera and one which held their camcorder -- the latter was now recording everything that went on in their bedroom.

While the camcorder silently watched all that was happening, Jake concentrated on ensuring that they had some good still photos; but sensing how much his hands were now shaking with excitement, he was glad that this time he didn't need to try holding the camera steady -- the tripod meant that all he had to do was click the remote shutter cable each time he wanted a shot.

Inside, Kayla finished undoing the buttons on her top and positioned herself so that the camera would have a teasing shot of her back, with just a hint of her bra-clad breasts swelling from a slightly sideways posture. As she slid her top slowly down her arms, the bra remained the only item of clothing between her upper body and the camera.

This far down the line, she was wholly oblivious of the fact that it was her husband outside -- now her mind told her she was definitely being the 'unwitting' exhibitionist for their voyeuring new friend Peter; and she was going to make sure he had sight of her living body in every lewd pose she could devise.

The top came off completely and she cast it gently to the floor. Then, as if suddenly discovering her breasts, she pointedly looked downwards to contemplate their soft roundness swelling from the top of her bra'.

She reached both arms behind her back and upwards to undo the clasp. Even then though, she maintained the tease of slow movement and it was a full minute before her breasts were completely bared -- but away from sight of the camera.

She wanted Peter to see them at their sexy best, so she surreptitiously rubbed the nipple ends for a moment until they swelled out into hardened nubs of eroticism which stuck out a good half inch from her gloriously puffy areola.

She slowly turned her body slightly more towards the camera and then moved around on the edge of their bed so that she was fully exposing both naked orbs to the lens. She raised one hand to cup her left breast and after a moment or two, began to circle the finger end around the areole, carefully avoiding its end to prolong her delight. Letting go, she licked the finger and then began a gentle swirling motion around her hardened nipple, which caused her to gasp and involuntarily close her eyes in a sudden burst of pleasure.

Outside Jake could hardly contain himself and moving back from the camera to avoid moving it in his excitement, he opened his zipper and took out his cock. Returning to the eyepiece, he gently masturbated himself with his right hand, while his left was gripping the release cable.

He saw that Kayla had by now stood up from the bed and was trying to undo the belt on her jeans. The effort made her fully exposed breasts jiggle in the most exciting way and having undone the waist-band, Kayla slid a flattened hand down into the front of her jeans until she could feel the soft narrow landing strip of hair just above her clitoris. In her rising excitement of exhibitionism, she was unable to stop and couldn't resist pushing further down to rub at it for a few seconds before plunging two fingers deep into her vagina. Her face now illustrated just what pleasure the movement had given her and wanting more, she pulled back slightly to allow a third finger to also explore her now soaked pussy. Jake pushed the shutter release and the camcorder continued its silent witnessing of events.

Jake was beside himself with lust now and was about to speed up his own movements when he heard the sound of someone approaching their front door. The bedroom window was at the side of the house, so he was unable to identify the visitor from where he was standing. He panicked for a moment and quickly pushed his fast flagging cock back into his jeans and zipped up, before speedily making his way around to the front of the building. As he came around the corner, he saw that it was Peter, who was carrying something and was about to ring the door bell.

"Peter!" Jake whispered as loudly as he could, fearful of disturbing Kayla in what she was doing for the cameras.

"Peter! Around here .... quiet, in case you disturb Kayla." Jake sounded conspiratorial.

"Oh shit," came the reply in a hushed and equally conspiratorial tones, "I'm so sorry. I didn't think either of you would be in bed at this time of the evening. Is she OK -- not ill I hope?"

He had come to the corner and although aware of a lighted window, was not at a sufficient angle to identify what was going on.

"No," replied Jake. "She's not ill .... it's just that we .... er .... well, it's just that ...."

Peter noticed the cameras set up on their tripods - lit through the partly open bedroom blinds.

"Oh shit again!" he said with an understanding grin, "Interrupt some filming did I? I hope you'll let me see the results again ....?"

Jake's face was flushed with a combination of randy excitement at what he'd been filming, his shock at suddenly encountering their friend and an ensuing total indecision.

"Well, er ..... I er ....."

"No need to explain Jake; I'll just come back some other time you lucky bastard. But I still wouldn't mind seeing the results" he added.

Jake suddenly came to a decision and holding his breath for a few seconds, he found himself blurting out,

"Why wait for the pictures? Kayla doesn't know you're here yet and you've always wanted to see her in the flesh, so why don't you come over here and look for yourself? Better be bloody quiet though, in case she hears you ....No Talking!"

They went around to the bedroom window and looking in, saw that Kayla had undone the waistband of her jeans and was about to push it down over her hips. Her breasts were in full view, their firmness allowing them to remain tight to her chest despite the angle of her body. Her nipples were harder than they'd ever been and now Peter was also going to be witness to everything she was about to do.

Jake was beside himself with the excitement of the situation. He'd made a decision now and whether he wanted to change his mind or not, it was too late by far, for Peter had now seen how far Kayla had got in her seductive behaviour.

Jake became aware of Peter whispering in his ear. His face turned slightly away, so as not to miss any of what was happening in front of them.

"Oh my godfathers, I know I've seen pictures of Kayla totally naked and they were fucking amazing; but to see her in the flesh? Oh, wow Jake. Will you just look how hard those glorious nipples of hers are! If only you knew how often I've dreamed of seeing her in person without clothes. Is she going to strip completely?"

Jake had pulled himself together enough again to take the shutter cable in his hand and click off another couple of pictures. His other hand had dropped down to his crotch again and although he hadn't taken his cock out this time, he was rubbing at it through his pants. He became aware that Peter was doing the same thing himself, a foot or so away from him.

"Yeah, she's supposed to get properly naked for the camera. I told her to imagine she was being voyeured by somebody out here and I think she's really getting into the fantasy - she's obviously not doing it for me any more, just look how her eyes are glazed at the thought of someone being out here! I think she's going to show us her pussy in a moment and she has no idea you're going to see it!"

He thought hard for a moment but the excitement was just too much to control his thoughts any longer.

"In fact Peter, I think I should tell you .... I er .... well .... I er .... oh fuck it, told her to imagine it was you outside - so in her fantasy, she's actually stripping for you!"

"What?" Peter almost shouted in surprise but managed to contain his expletive in time.

"You mean she got hot at the thought of me seeing her stripping?"

It was too late for any retraction and in any case, Jake was by now so totally immersed in the unbelievably illicit thrill of showing their friend his wife's increasing nakedness that he wanted to share everything he had with Peter.

"She certainly did and what's more, I reckon she's got so hot right now by acting out the fantasy that if you walked in through the front door, she'd probably jump on you before she even thought about it!"

Kayla had reached her ankles with the jeans and was in the throes of elegantly stepping out of them. She left them on the floor and standing up, was left with only a pair of pretty, high cut panties to cover what was left of her modesty. Her mound could clearly be seen through the thin material and for some reason, Peter found this all the more sexy.

"Like what you see, do you?"

They both pulled back from the window as they heard Kayla speak, worried that they'd been seen together. After a few seconds, they realised she was still acting out her fantasy and moved back to where Kayla could be viewed. She continued to speak to her unseen voyeur as she moved closer towards the window and her next remark authenticated what Jake had just told Peter,

"I've been longing to show you all this Peter!" She smoothed her hand down her body in emphasis.

"Would you like to see more? .... Well would you then? I think you would, wouldn't you? .... Oh yes, I can see that you would Peter - that's a really lovely smooth bulge you've got in your jeans there!"

Kayla's eyes were staring at the window now and neither Jake nor Peter dared to move in case she should see their two shadows.

"All right then .... I'll just slip these panties off and show you how hot you've got me."

She slowly bent over and slid the panties down her legs. A reflection in the mirror behind showed a delightful picture of her butt cheeks being slowly opened with the movement, until they were fully parted to allow a view of her smallest opening and the beautiful moistened lips of her pussy below.

She stood up until she was completely upright and then spread her feet out slightly so that the lips of her pussy opened below underneath the thin landing strip of her hair.

"Do you like that?" she said teasingly. "Is that enough to excite you Peter? I really hope so, because I've wanted to share it all with you since we first met and you kissed my cheek in front of Jake!"

Now completely naked except for her shoes, she walked from the middle of the room towards the short staircase and adopted a sideways pose in which her gorgeous ass was prominent.

She took a step backwards again towards the bed and then sat down on its edge, before lying back fully with her legs slowly opening. One hand went to her clitoris and the other went to gently play with her left nipple.

"How about this then Peter .... Do you like seeing me play with myself .... Would you like me to show you some more of my body .... Ooooh yes, I think you would, wouldn't you ..... you're obviously enjoying the show so far?"

Kayla shifted backwards until she could bring her feet up and rest them on the bed, the heels tight to her ass.

With her knees upwards, she grasped her legs just below and gradually opened them in a very slow movement.

She moved her hands downwards and reached between her thighs. With her thumbs she spread the lips of her vagina apart to allow her pussy to open fully.

She was now completely exposed, the lips of her pussy spread wide apart and her clitoris on open view.

Peter marvelled at the magnificence of what he was witnessing.

Here was the young bride of his new friend, the schoolteacher who looked after young children during the day and returned home to be the perfect loving wife in the evening -- a responsible young bride whose public life was that of a beautiful but conventional partner of a popular couple.

He'd met her and talked with her and had been captivated by the way she had welcomed him into their life and home - the perfect, demure housewife.

On the other hand, and by courtesy of her very loving husband, he'd firstly been allowed to see photos of her fully clothed. Then, as Jake had gradually admitted to his more carnal fantasies, Peter had been allowed to see increasingly more revealing pictures of Kayla until he'd eventually viewed images of her completely bared for the camera and with detailed close-ups of her glorious body.

Now he was witnessing a dream realised. Here was that very conventional girl, exposing her nakedness to him - albeit in her own fantasy -- and he was captivated.

Eagerly, he looked into her open vagina and wished that he could announce his presence and go inside to fondle those amazing nipples and feast on her delicious pussy.

Kayla was breathing heavily now and was obviously so turned on by her fantasy that she desperately needed release.

One hand now went closer to her pussy and she just gently touched the clitoris with her second finger,

"How about this then Peter; do you like my lovely wet pussy? I'm going to play with my clit now and make myself come for you while you're watching me"

Her voice cut through the silence and sent a shiver of erotic thrill through both of her voyeurs. As she looked at the window, her gaze settled in direct line with Peter's eyes and she seemed to be looking straight at him as her eyelids half closed in pleasure.

Jake became aware of Peter now playing with his cock beside him. It was out of his jeans and he was stroking wildly, making little moaning sounds as he began to come, spurting long threads across the paving of their patio.

Jake realised that he had unconsciously reached into his jeans and taken his own cock out. He had been working it and was about to come himself when they heard Kayla begin to moan loudly.

She thrust her crotch upwards and her finger was a blur as she wildly lashed her clitoris with its end. With a sudden deep throaty growl, she began to come and her body twitched in excitement as waves of pleasure flowed over her.

But, it seemed, she was not finished despite the intensity of her orgasm -- for after a few minutes of panting, she eventually controlled her breathing and looking at the window again, said.

"Wow, that was unbelievably exciting Peter -- I hope you enjoyed seeing me come like that. It was lovely to know you were watching me when I was completely out of control. Would you like to see yet more Peter? Because I want to show you more and now I think that ...

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