tagLoving WivesKayla and Their Friend Ch. 03

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 03


Kayla eventually sat up in bed and was about to go to the bathroom, when she noticed something had fallen from the pocket of Jake's jeans. Looking closer, she realised that it was a copy of one of the nude photos that Jake had taken of her some months before.

"Jake?" she turned to him with a puzzled look.

"What's that picture of me doing in your jeans - I thought you'd only got them all stored on our computer?"

Jake suddenly flushed up and completely taken by surprise, he tried to find an explanation.

"Oh that. Well, it's one I particularly love and I like to have a copy on me so's I can look at you when I'm away."

He knew it sounded weak but it was the only thing he could think of.

"Jake ..... you're lying, aren't you..... I can tell."

Kayla looked hard at him and as her face cleared, he realised she'd made her own decision on what it was really doing in his pocket.

"I think," she emphasised the 'I' and continued her deliberation in silence for a few seconds before going on,

"I think you've showed it to someone else. You changed into clean jeans before Peter came around earlier and I know it wasn't in the pocket then, so you must have put it in there since."

Jake knew he had to think hard if he was to get away with what he'd actually done. On the other hand, there was just a possibility that he could work things to his advantage. A second or two later and he had an idea ....

"Well actually darling I was .... oh shit, all right then .... look, I guess I'd better just come clean."

Kayla arched an eyebrow and looked questioningly at him.

"Yes, I think you had ..... and .... well, let's just say, .... it better be good!"

"Do you remember that evening when I was taking all those fantastically sexy photos of you as you undressed for the camera?"

"Yeees .... go on."

"Well, do you remember the bit where we both got incredibly hot and you were saying things about how you'd really love for other people to see you totally nude and then, as you got into it, you said how you'd love other guys to start playing with you -- parents of your school kids and even some of the people we know?

"Then you even started talking about how fantastic it'd be if another guy actually started to slip his cock into you; and you went on about how you'd really love it if the other guy was one of our friends and ...."

He looked Kayla straight in the eyes and noticed there was a blush beginning to surround them, obviously caused by his reference to what they'd both been saying in the heat of passion.

"And then later on you were telling me about Peter and how you found him quite attractive as 'the older man' and ...."

"Yeah, yeah Jake ..... but that was all in the heat of the moment and I didn't really mean ...."

Jake noticed that her blush had now spread all over her face and down her neck. She was really pretty embarrassed - but by the sound of her increased breathing, she seemed to be getting quite hot again as well.

"Oh come on Honey," she tried to play down what he was saying, "You know it wasn't just the moment of passion talking. We both got quite worked up talking about how we'd like things to go.

"And even after we'd made love and then calmed down a bit, we continued talking about it; and how really exciting it might be for someone else to see you totally naked, touch you up and then slip their cock into you from behind as you bent over! That wasn't in passion .... well it was in passion a bit later on but it didn't start that way."

Kayla was by now evidencing discomfort and when she pushed her hair back from her forehead, he noticed that her hands were trembling slightly.

Now was definitely the time to slide out of his awkward corner and in so doing, test just how much Kayla had really meant when she'd outlined her fantasies that night - and even suggested various thrilling scenarios they could try to heighten their excitement. Jake went on,

"Well, when I was looking at some of your photos the other day, I got really hot and when I thought about what we'd both been saying, I reckoned it might be exciting if, in real life, Peter could 'accidentally' see a picture of you naked! So I printed one out and put it into my jeans before Peter came round.

"I was intending to slip it between a couple of magazines on the coffee table where he'd be able to see a 'teaser' - just your face and part of one breast showing between the magazines. I knew that if he was anything like me, he'd probably take any opportunity to have a proper look at the whole picture while neither of us were in the room!"

"Oh my God Jake - did he actually see it?"

Kayla was now in full blushing mode and her breathing had got even faster. The anger had gone from her eyes and was replaced by a narrowing of her eyelids - a look that he associated with her getting turned on.

It was obvious to him that now was definitely the time to see just how far he could go. He continued, making up his story as he spoke.

"I don't know Honey. Before Peter arrived, I slipped it between the magazines where he couldn't fail to see part of it from where he would be sitting. Then when he came around, I stood in front of it so you wouldn't sit there and perhaps notice it. If you remember, I stood back and offered him that particular seat."

There was almost silence for a few seconds -- just the sound of Kayla's short breathing, then

"Oh Jake, that's awful! Do you think he actually did ever see it?"

"That's the trouble, I left the room so he could have a chance to look at it while he was on his own and I meant to stand just outside the door, so I could see whether he did take a look. Unfortunately, you started talking to me and I turned away. When I went back in the room, it was quite a few minutes later and by then Peter was dealing with the champagne.

"So you don't know for sure then?"

"No .... Certainly 'not for sure' anyway ....."

Another silence during which Kayla shifted around in her seat.

"But do you think he saw it?" She held her breath as she waited for a reply.

Seeing the look on her face, Jake decided to push things. Taking his time, he drew out what he wanted to say.

"Well actually .... yeah, I think he almost certainly did, because when I came back in the room, I reckoned it was in a different position. Then for quite a while I couldn't get near it without causing suspicion and I was also worried you might see it and get mad with me. In the end, I managed to pocket it when we got up to go eat."

"Shit Jake, what the hell am I going to do if he did see it? I mean.... after all, he's not long ago met me and he'll be wondering what kind of people we are to leave naked images of one of us laying around in photos like that!"

"If he's got any sense honey, he'll have loved seeing you in the nude like that!" He laid emphasis on the word 'love' and gestured towards the photo.

Kayla looked down at the picture now lying on their bed and gasped in realisation.

"Jake! .... Oh shit Jake! .... It's that one with me holding my legs wide open. Not only can you see both my tits but you can see right deep inside me as well -- my pussy's wide open to the camera! And look how my nipples are standing out. Oh hell Jake, I'm so fucking embarrassed I don't know what to do!"

She shuddered and looking down again, seemingly completely transfixed by the image. Jake took it from her and gazed at it for a few seconds. He decided to push things even further, now knowing that what he was about to say would almost certainly get Kayla even hotter for the moment, even if she got pissed about it later.

"Yeah, I know. He'll really have loved seeing that Darling; and if he did see it - and I reckon he did see it - then if he's anything like me, he'll have started beating off to the thought of you all lovely and nude for him like that, just as soon as he got home. And what's more, I reckon he's probably beating off to it again now, as we speak!"

He sat down on the bed and put his arms around his young bride. One hand slipped around her back and he reached under her arm to take a nipple between his fingers. Suddenly, he became aware that her bra' was missing and that through her top, he was holding a naked breast in his hand, its nipple as hard as it could be. This was a turn up,

"Hey Kayla .... darling .... you've taken your bra' off! When did you do that, you wicked little wife you? And don't deny it, 'cos I know you had one on just before Peter arrived!"

If it were possible, Kayla blushed even more and began to stutter,

"I .... er .... well, it was quite warm wasn't it Honey and I er .... well, I ehm .... oh fuck it! Look, I just took it off .... all right? Anything wrong with that, is there? I mean, it's not as if he could see anything and after all, it is bloody hot isn't it!"

The last bit came out emphatically, as if she would brook no further discussion of the matter. Nonetheless, she did moan slightly as Jake's fingers began to roll her nipple with a little more urgency.

"I think you took it off because you wanted to taunt Peter. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. I must have been so pre-occupied with setting up that photo in the right place and trying to make sure Peter saw it. Wow! I didn't even notice your bra' had gone .... unusual for me, don't you think? I bet Peter noticed though - it must have made his evening seeing your nipples thrusting hard at your top like this! Look down your front darling, they're hard as nails even now and you can't miss their outline against your shirt .... oh fuck darling, they look .... you look just so bloody sexy!" Then he added as a rider,

"Particularly after seeing that photo down there on the table - just look darling and see how incredibly sexy you are, completely bared for his pleasure!"

Kayla looked mortified for a moment and then, as if giving in to the tension of the moment, she reached down and took a hold of Jake's hardening cock through his pants.

"Well now, will you look here Jake, who's getting hard then? I guess all this is beginning to turn you on isn't it?"

She undid the top button of his pants and unzipped him until she could slide her hand into the opening and grasp his naked cock. She slowly slid her hand up until the foreskin gathered loosely in her palm; and then slid her hand down again in a long motion which left the foreskin drawn right back and the sensitive head of his penis open to her ministrations.

"Well Jake .... does it turn you on?"

Jake undid her top very slowly and exposed both her breasts. He lowered his mouth and still not answering her question, he suckled at each nipple in turn, hearing her delighted moans of pleasure as his tongue swirled around their ends -- nibbling gently with his teeth and humming deeply so that the vibrations excited her even more.

"Oh Jake, that's amazing. Don't stop.... oh please don't stop that!

But Jake did -- and suddenly. He'd had a really naughty thought and he wanted to share it.

He sat up on the bed and looked down at his beautiful young wife. He saw her elongated nipples, still wet from his attentions but managed to pull away and sit back a couple of feet apart from her, pushing his penis back in his boxers.

"Darling .... Please can we try something nice and kinky?"

Kayla looked at him -- her smile tinged with frustration at seemingly being left unsatisfied when she was so aroused.

"Try what Jake -- you're not going to do something awful are you? Come back here, that was lovely what you were doing."

"Absolutely not Honey. It's just that we're both really randy and we both know what's getting us going. I just want to extend the fantasy a bit and see how it goes!"

Oh yeah .... and what particular fantasy are you talking about?" she asked flippantly.

"Oh, I think you know darling."

"What? Do you mean the thought of someone else screwing me, or the one about some other guys seeing me naked?"

"Both really. Look, I know how we're both turned on by the fantasy of other guys seeing you naked and the same goes for someone else screwing you... It's not just me who gets randy but you've also admitted how much the thoughts excite you -- and after all, it is just a fantasy, shared for our enjoyment."

"Go on ..."

"Well, I think you're also turned on by the fantasy of Peter doing something to you. Oh, I know he's older than both of us but I still happen to think that adds to your enjoyment of the fantasy. Would you agree?"

"Yeeees .... I guess so."

"Let's pretend that he's outside our bedroom window, looking in, thinking we don't know he's there."

"Oh Jake, don't. I already feel fucking turned on. Just come here and let me ...."

"Ah no Honey. I think we ought to see this through and by the end of it, I guarantee we'll both be so fucking switched on it'll only take us half a minute to shag and we'll be coming all over the fucking place!"

The coarseness of his description served only to add further eroticism to his proposal.

"I thought I could take the camera outside and photograph you getting undressed for bed. That way, when we look at the pictures later, we can pretend it was Peter outside looking through the window. You could have made out not to have seen him, so's you could strip, purportedly in 'innocence' and let him see you naked for real!

"How about that for a turn-on? You could do what you liked and let him see what you want him to see and all the time it'll appear completely accidental."

Kayla looked at her husband, her head shaking slightly at the thought. Then, with a degree of sarcasm,

"And then I guess, you'd want him to actually see the photos later on wouldn't you? Just like the last time, when you put that photo between the magazines by accident I suppose!"

"Now that is a turn on thought -- I hadn't considered that. If he sees the photos of you completely nude, he'll think that my taking pictures of you was unknown to you and everything you're showing is therefore by accident. Then when you meet him, you'll be able to play the complete innocent and act as if you're unaware he's already seen everything you've got under your clothes!"

Jake couldn't help reaching down to readjust the massive lump which had formed again in his pants. The thought of once more sharing explicit images of his naked wife with their friend, albeit by a circuitous route this time, was really turning him on and he couldn't wait to get started. He went on,

"Would you actually like me to do that for you darling? I know I'd really love for Peter to see you with absolutely sweet fucking nothing on at all. I reckon it'd be such a turn on for both of us - but particularly for my new found exhibitionist wife, don't you!"

"Oh Jake, I'm not sure." She looked back at the photograph on their bed and thought for a moment.

"It's like I said Honey, I'd be so fucking embarrassed -- particularly if he has seen this picture; and I'm really embarrassed about that likelihood already. Just look at me, holding myself open like I'm in some lewd porno picture. Don't forget, all those photos you've taken of me naked were originally meant to be only for our own viewing. I didn't expect to find out some other guy had seen one of them as well."

Jake chipped in,

"But shit Kayla, it is pretty exciting that he's almost certainly seen that photo of you all deliciously bare like that, isn't it?"

Kayla seemed to make up her mind and eroticism guided her words,

"Oh God yes!" she moaned in sudden excitement,

"It'd be incredible; and the way I'm feeling right now darling, I'd love you to do it! Ooooh, just the thought of playing up for him, pretending I don't know he's there -- like, acting the true exhibitionist. I'd really love him to see me completely naked .... I might even play with myself with my legs wide open to the camera. You know, pretend I've got so turned on by my body that I want to masturbate in private!"

She looked at her husband for a moment or two and then came to a decision. Recklessly, she grinned at him and sent a sudden burst of anticipation through Jake.

"Oh hell Jake. Yes! Let's really do it and then .... later on, please, please will you contrive to let him actually see all the photos later!"

Kayla was almost panting with lust as Jake went off to get his camera. She took off her top and replaced the bra she'd earlier removed. Then she put her top back on again and buttoned it up so it would take longer for her to strip everything off when the time came.

She turned the bedside light-shade and then adjusted the overhead spotlights so that they properly lit the area of bedroom she'd be using. Finally, she left the blinds open enough for Jake -- or Peter - to see in properly.

Jake called out to her from the front door,

"OK Honey, I'm just going out now. Start whenever you're ready!"

She heard the front door close and shortly afterwards, Jake tapped gently on their bedroom window to let her know he was in position.

As Kayla began to very slowly undo the buttons of her top, her mind started wandering; and in her thoughts it was no longer her husband outside with a camera but their new found friend Peter. He was looking in through their bedroom window and he was oblivious of the fact that she had spotted him voyeuring her.

And she was going to make sure that he had a full detailed view of everything he wanted to see of her stark naked and playing with herself.

As she started to strip, her mind wandered further to consider all that would be going through his mind when her husband eventually found a way to let Peter see the photos ...

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