tagErotic HorrorKeira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 05

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 05


Keira woke with a start, gasping as she sat straight up, her hair flying into her face. Looking around, she found herself on the same table that Theon had tied her to, and the straps that held her wrists in place were hanging loosely off the edges of the table. The room was completely different, though, at least in the sense that there were no longer machines or boxes everywhere. Theon must have cleaned out the room while she was sleeping. A cold breeze brushed over her body, causing an involuntary shiver through her, and Keira realized that she was still naked. Her clothes were in a neatly folded pile of the edge of the table with a disposable cell phone, and a hand written note.

"Sorry to run off on you, love, but until you trust me a bit more, I can't have you knowing where I am. I will contact you on the mobile that I provided for you soon. I suggest you be very careful around Gavin, as well. Don't mention our meeting, either. It will look quite suspicious. Oh, and thank you, love, for last night. You are quite responsive."

Keira stared for a moment at the note in her hands, rereading it a few times. He wanted her to lie to the only people she trusted, the people who kept her safe all these years. She sat there for a long time before finally getting up and pulling on her clothes, tucking the disposable phone deep into the inner pocket in her shirt and left the building.

After two hours of wondering through side streets and back alleys, being propositioned as a hooker multiple times, Keira finally managed to find a main road and hunt down a taxi. A few hours later, and she was back at the organization. Theon had taken her much further than she had originally thought, and she was exhausted. She forced herself up the stairs to her quarters, tucked the disposable phone under her mattress, showered, and then collapsed in her bed, naked and oblivious to the world around her.

When Keira finally woke, it was dark in her room. Strong arms were wrapped around her waist, and warm breath tickled the back of her neck. She shifted a bit to get more comfortable and kisses trailed down her shoulder.

"Hello, sleeping beauty." Gavin's voice was soft in her ear, and Keira yawned in response, moving closer to him. His cool skin felt good on hers. She felt uncomfortably hot. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Really tired, and feeling kind of warm." She answered yawning again.

"You've been asleep for two days." Keira turned to face Gavin, pushing the hair sticking to her sweaty forehead away.

"Two days?" Gavin nodded and Keira made a mental note to check the disposable phone that Theon gave her. Gavin kissed her forehead.

"You okay?" Gavin pressed his hands to her cheeks and forehead as he spoke, and Keira nodded in response.

"Probably just coming down with something. Fatal flaw of being a human, always some bug or disease trying to take you out." Gavin smiled placing a hand on her neck.

"You know, you could always just ask to be turned. All it would take is a bite, and a few drops of my blood. Or any vampire's blood, actually." Keira shook her head, suddenly very aware of the bite on her neck from Theon.

"No thanks. I like my beating heart right where it is." She stretched, trying to hide her sudden panic. "You know, I've always wondered, how long after a bite does a human have to drink vampiric blood to turn them?"

"24 hours, exactly, no more. After that, they won't turn. Though, if a human just drinks vampire blood, they won't turn if bitten afterwards, they just end up with holes in their body and some of our abilities. Something about the bite, it has to be first. No one's quite sure why." Keira mentally breathed a sigh of relief, and she felt her body relax a bit. No need for her to worry about that, even if she had intentions of drinking a vampire's blood, which she didn't. She was in the clear.

"I'm sure I'll be as good as new in the morning." Keira laid her head on Gavin's chest, changing the subject.

"I'll stay and keep you cool tonight." They laid in silence for a few minutes before Keira spoke again.

"Have you ever been unable to kill a mark?" She asked suddenly.

"Because I physically couldn't or because I couldn't bring myself to?"


"No. I always remember that there was a reason they were marked, and my job is to take them out."

"What if they were framed?" Gavin shifted so he could look at her.

"Is there a problem with one of your marks, hun?" Keira shook her head quickly.

"No, I was really just curious." Gavin pulled her close again.

"Better not to ask questions. Just get your mark." Keira sighed and closed her eyes, drifting quickly into a dream.


Keira's dreams were twisted.

Full of washed out colors and blood.

A lot of blood.

Keira found herself in a large barren field, surrounded by burning trees. The sky was dark, the color of coagulated blood accompanied by a blood red moon. Everything around her was covered in a red haze, like a filter had been placed over her eyes. Even her skin looked red. All around her were humans and vampires alike, impaled through their bodies with large stakes that protruded from their mouths. Their blood dripped in thick ropes down to the ground. A moment later, the smell hit Keira, making her double over and gagging. She covered her mouth with her shirt, but it did little to keep out the smell. Vampires cried, muffled by the stakes, unable to die in this way. Their cries brought tears to Keira's eyes as she moved past them, trying not to look, but the carnage was everywhere. Not only were they impaled, but there were piles and piles of bodies all around her. Pools of blood so large, they could have been lakes.

"Keira." A whisper pierced the screams of the damned, causing her to turn around, looking for the source. Off the right, directly below some unfortunate vampires stood two figures, but it was too dark to make out who it was. Keira cautiously made her way towards them, trying to watch were she stepped. As she strode past a small pile of bodies, a hand shot out from the bottom and grabbed her ankle. Keira screamed, losing her balance as she yanked her leg out of reach, catching herself on a stake holding up a still, unmoving body. She tried to wipe the blood off of her hand, but it was stained with someone's blood.

Finally, sweaty and sore, Keira reached the two figures, only to find that it was Gavin and Theon. They were locked in a battle. Both beaten, bloody, and throwing punching at each other, their fangs bared. They both seemed to sense her at the same time, letting their arms fall to their sides. The only difference between them were their eyes.

"Keira, help me." Theon whispered her, though she heard him as if he had shouted. His blue eyes big and pleading as he held his hand out to her. Gavin stepped forward, his green eyes flashing fiercely, looking at her like she belonged to him.

"Join me, rule with me, Keira. Be mine forever." He smiled, his fangs stained with blood that dripped down the corner of his mouth.

Both of them pleaded with her, but soon a roaring in her ears blocked most of it out. A coldness wrapped around her legs, and looking down Keira saw a shadow winding itself around her body. She tried to get away, but she couldn't move as the icy, dark tentacles covered her in their darkness, touching her and caressing her body. No matter how hard she tried to get away, she couldn't and she could feel herself drowning in the darkness. Keira shivered as goosebumps broke out across her skin, and the darkness touched parts deep inside of her, her breath coming in gasps as discomfort turned to pleasure.


Keira woke from her dream, the familiar space and shadows of her room comforting her, but that silky darkness still caressed her, causing ripples of pleasure to spread through her. Her hands twisted in the covers on her bed as she threw her head back, panting and moving her hips. Just as all her nerves wound past the point of breaking, everything shattered as she came. Breathing hard she looked down her body, and was greeted by Gavin smiling at her as he dipped his face back down between her legs.

Keira gasped as Gavin ran his tongue up her slit and across her overly sensitive clit. Her hands moved to his head, her fingers entangling into his hair as he tasted every inch of her again, his fingers moving slowly inside of her. It barely took anything to get her to climax again.

As she breathed through her second orgasm, Gavin was on top of her, kissing her passionately, teasing her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling her deep inside of her. She gasped, running her hands up his chest, and around his shoulder, digging her nails into his back as he slowly thrusted into her.

"You're so beautiful, Keira." Gavin whispered into her ear. One arm cradled her neck, and one was on the small of her back bringing her close as possible as he kissed her neck and then her lips. He kept a steady pace and stream of compliments. Keira cupped his face with her hand as she returned his kisses, feeling much closer to him then the last time they slept together, and she moved her hips with his. Her nerves were still smoldering from her last two orgasms, and a few thrusts later, she writhed beneath Gavin and a third one coursed through her. Gavin thrusted into her again, cumming with her, kissing her hard.


Keira huddled in a booth in the far back corner of a Starbucks across town, nursing mocha latter. She wore purple contacts and a platinum blonde wig, trying to make sure that she wouldn't be recognized. She had gotten a message from Theon about meeting to talk, and she had agreed, curious to see what he had to say and why he had let her live.

"Afternoon, love." Theon's voice broke into her thoughts, causing her to jump, spilling her latter on her leggings.

"Oh, come on." Keira sighed dabbing at the soon to be stain.

"Sorry, love." Theon slid into the booth across from her. "I dig the blonde. It looks good on you." Keira didn't reply. "I said I was sorry."

"It's fine. What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Have you gotten any more marks?" Keira leaned back crossing her arms over her chest as she thought.

"Not yet, surprisingly. Usually I have 3 or 4 at a time. You are my only one right now."

"That doesn't surprise me at all." Theon grabbed Keira's latter and sat back a little. "I'm important." He grinned and took a sip of her latte, made a face and handed it back to her. Keira rolled her eyes.

"So important that you're wanted dead. I guess that is important." She smirked, and Theon raised his eyes at her. "Okay, fine. I'll bite."

"Oh, I bet you will."

"Shut up." Keira tried not to blush as Theon looked at her like he was undressing her with his eyes. "Why are you so important?" Theon hesitated. "Come on, I haven't got all day."

"Because ... I have the cure for vampirism." Theon finally said. He reached across the table, and took Keira's hands in his. "Would you join me for dinner tonight?"

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