tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKidnapping Jenny McCarthy Ch. 2

Kidnapping Jenny McCarthy Ch. 2


The next day, Jason and Igor arrived to pick her up. They could barely contain their tent poles bulging in their jeans as they headed toward Jason's home. "Oh fuck this bitch is making me horny," Jason muttered.

Finally, they reached Jason's house. Escorting her in, they removed their clothes, showing 10 inches of Jason's thick black cock and 8 inches of Igor's Russian dick.

It was a turn on for her. They roughly unsnapped her bra, Igor, fascinated by the firm boobs and the slowly hardening nipples, started caressing them slowly and quickened his pace.

Meanwhile, Jenny was deep-throating Jason and she was titillated with the musky smell of his cock. He exploded with spurts of warm, salty cum which she drank down greedily and licked his cock to milk him dry.

"Look how wet her cunt is," Igor muttered. He dove into her muff, sending her spasming crazily.

"Oh fuck that's more like it.... I'm CUMMMMIIINGG..." and she exploded in one torrent of pussy juice, tangy and spicy in Igor's mouth.

"I'm hungry," said Jenny.

"Fine then... I'l go get some ice cream" muttered Jason. Igor was left to do his ultimate fantasy: fuck and suck her tits till they shrank. He came on her boobs and on her mouth, she greedily lapped it all up.

Jason brought back the ice cream and... a BRUSH! "This is for you, dearest. We're going to coat you all up with ice cream and slowly lick it off..."

They painted her with ice cream, paying attention to the tits which instantly sprang to attention at the touch of the coldness.

"Oooh... that's lovely... aah... don't stop... I'm gonna cummmmm..." and out gushed another flood of pussy juices.

They painted her armpits and she was bucking around like a wild horse, unable to stop.

They painted her ass and her pussy, sticking the brush into her cunt nd forcing her to lick off the sticky mess. They stuffed it into her tight bunghole and also made her lick off the shit.

Igor had a new fascination: her armpits. It was totally hairless, so perfect, as he licked it off he felt a hard-on again. Using her left arm as a guide he fucked her armpit and came all over it.

Jason licked from her legs and loved the creamy, smooth, silky feel of it. It was something he never experienced before, not even with the best whores he could find in town. No! She was of a higher class than that. They converged at her nether regions. Igor took out a jar of Vaseline, rubbed some over his manhood which by now was fully erect again, little by little, he eased it into her waiting asshole as she lay atop him. Jason decided to give her pussy a good fuck.

"Oh..." she moaned as she was sandwiched by the 2 men. Igor was overwhelmed by the tightness. "Ungh!! You're tight! Really tight!" he mumbled as he mauled her titflesh. Jason was paying no attention as he licked her legs sensually and sucked on her toes. "Hey Jason you didn't tell me you were into foot sex." she purred in her most sultry voice.

"Ummm... I'm just trying it out for tomorrow." he stuttered.

They exploded in her simultaneously. As they drew out, their cocks coated in shit, ice cream, cum, etc... she grabbed their dicks and one-by-one started cleaning them off.

"Sheesh I didn't know that shit tasted so nice..." she exclaimed. "Shit! I need to go to the john!"

They showed her the way to the toilet and told her to use the bath instead of the bowl. "And why?"

"We want to taste your piss... we're perverts" they replied.

And they got ready. They lay down in the bath, with Jenny on top, cunt facing them, releasing a warm yellow stream of piss which they greedily fought for and slurped it down as they licked her cunt clean.

For one last fuck, they gave her another d-p, this time Jason in her asshole and Igor in her pussy. Both men came twice in her nether regions and she orgasmed 3 times before all 3 of them fell asleep from exhaustion, Igor's hands on her tits still and both their dicks inside of her.

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