tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 13

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 13


Jeanine opened her eyes. She found herself lying in a bed, fully nude. The room the bed was in seemed normal. No pink slime creeping up the walls, no fleshy stalactites dripping with pheromone laced liquid draped from the ceiling. The sterile fluorescent lights of a normal hospital room hummed overhead and everything seemed normal. Jeanine tried to sit up. Her head was pounding. She fell back against the bed.

"So, you're awake," a woman's voice said.

Jeanine looked around to find the source. To her left she came face to face with a gorgeous blonde woman. She wore a white, buttoned up lab coat. Two buttons at the top of the coat were undone giving Jeanine a view down deep into her vast cleavage.

"My my my," the woman said. Her voice oozed with sultriness. It sounded familiar but she was still too light headed from the whatever hit her earlier she couldn't figure out who it was. "You've had such a nasty little bump. I think it would be better if you stayed in bed and take it easy for a while."

"Wh-where am I?" Jeanine asked still groggy from the ordeal.

"You're in the hospital. Where else would you be?"

"Brandi? Is-is that you?"

The woman smiled at her colleague. She pushed her chest up.

"Do you like the new look? I feel like a whole new woman."

"How? We saw you being eaten by the slime."

"Its fascinating really. The slime is actually the cells of mutants, whatever we are, who have dissolved into a semi-dormant state. You see if a hive member hasn't eaten a man or consumed his DNA for a certain amount of time, their cells start to lose their cohesion. Eventually they melt into the mass of protoplasmic slime we saw in the halls. They slowly fall into dormancy where they live as eggs until male DNA is in the area."

Brandi pressed a button allowing the back of the bed to go up giving Jeanine a better view of the room she was in. The room was one of the bigger quarantine rooms of the unit. They had taken down the curtain that separated the doctor's area from that of the patients. All the beds except for hers were pushed together in the center. A large undulating mass of female bodies were on top of the beds. Ten or so other blonde women of varying shades mixed in with a few black, brown and red haired women were there above the covers exploring each other's bodies. Each of them pleasured each other wildly screaming, moaning and grunting as they all slapped together or rubbed up against each other letting their bodies move like a single mass of flash. Fleshy protrusions from both their mouths and their vaginas were out exploring each other leaving trails of female juices all over each other's bodies. Each proboscis found an opening and inserted itself into one another piercing into the folds and lips of each lust filled woman. Others found their way to mouths where the women sucked each other's explosive ejaculate. The whole ordeal made a sticky white mess.

"Of course," Brandi continued, "the hive can delay the effects of this dormancy by having sex and drinking each other's juices."

"Where's Johnson?"

"He's over there. Cassandra wanted to spend a little time with him."

Brandi pointed to a chair in a corner off to the side of the room. Johnson was sitting down and a thin attractive woman with long red hair rocked back and forth rhythmically slamming into him. The woman turned her head around, peaking at Jeanine. She gave her a big, toothy grin. Johnson's face contorted into one of both pleasure, fear and pain. The redhead looked back at her victim and gave him a violent thrust. Her vaginal teeth snipped the man's shaft off. A little bit of blood gushed out before the woman's vaginal proboscis slipped into the hole left by the initial bite. Johnson's face twisted into a sour grimace and was about to scream but the redhead's second proboscis shot out of her mouth down his throat before breath could leave his lungs.

Two women broke away from the group on the bed and came over to lick any blood, semen or pieces of body that dribbled off the lower feeding tube. They hummed their enjoyment and grunted with pleasure whenever the vaginal feeding tube came up covered in their victim's fluids. The two women kissed each other lapping up any mess they made. Then they went back for more. They used their tongues at first but eventually their own proboscises were out pleasuring each other as they lapped up the officer's leftovers. After a while they came back to each other and completely focused on their own pleasure. In the final moments of their passion their breasts opened and the fleshy petals interlocked as the tongues played with each other.

Eventually the two women let go of each other and, holding each other's hands, went to the other side of the quarantine area. They brought an operating table in. On the table was a woman with brown hair. Her body convulsed with multiple uncontrollable orgasms. One hand grabbed her crotch diving deep into her dripping wet vagina while the other wrapped itself over and around her expanding breasts.

"Erica?!" Jeanine cried.

Erica continued running her hands all over herself as the orgasmic spasms continued to roll through her body. She didn't seem to notice anything. Not her colleague's call nor the activity going on in the room. Her eyes were closed and she was too focused on the extreme pleasure her body was producing. The two women that rolled her out stood on both sides of the table. They ran their hands over the spasming woman's body, gently and sensually massaging every inch of her skin. Bending down, they suckled and used their tongues to play with both pert and perky nipples while their hands moved down between the officer's legs. Their continuous massage caused Erica to thrash about in further, deeper lust.

"What are you doing to her?!"

Jeanine's captor smiled, putting her finger to her lips. "Just watch," she whispered. "It will all be over soon."

With a gasp Erica opened her eyes. A look of pure excitement and arousal crossed her face. She let out loud, pleasurable screams as she sat up and arched her back at the machinations of the two women. Her expanding breasts pushed the skin on her chest and stomach out tightening her old flesh. The rest of her body moved and shifted under the casing of her old skin as she and the two women continued with their heavy petting. Finally, like an over cooked piece of sausage escaping from its meaty shell, a part of the skin gave way. Then another pop and another opening. An enormous rip ran down the center of her body and Erica's new breasts and torso became exposed. The two women started digging into the moaning woman's flesh and, in unison all three of them ripped the skin from the still thrashing woman on the table. Erica slowly fell back onto the metal table panting and marinating in the slimy liquids of her transformation. Her old, shed skin lay in tatters all around her drying out in the hospital air. The woman glistened in the fluorescent lights. She turned over and looked at her colleague in the bed slowly running her hands across her body.

Jeanine turned back to Brandi standing on the side of her bed. She came face to face with two smooth and creamy hemispherical breasts being held up by a perfectly toned frame. Her nipples pointed outward from her body like small, truncated cones amazingly pliant and inviting. The former officer smiled at her captive. She pushed up her two cantaloupes bringing them to full view.

"I see that you like them," the blonde said. "Well, you're in luck. Relax and I will help you through your own initiation. We will soon be sisters once again."

The woman lunged forward straddling the female APF officer. Jeanine could feel Brandi's heat emanating from her lower lips. To keep Jeanine from getting up, Brandi grabbed her shoulders and pinned her against the bed. Brandi squeezed her thighs around her victim. The outer labia of both women lined up as she pressed her body against the APF officer. Jeanine gulped. A strange mixture of arousal and fear rose within her.

"Initiation?" she asked.

"Of course," Brandi said making an evil grin. She leaned over and ran her hands across the officer's upper body sensuously massaging every inch of the front of her upper torso. Her two, now perfect, mammaries hung down over the officer, swinging with every movement of her arms. "We've been on Squad Six for almost five years. The two of us have been through so much together. It would be such a shame if we didn't share in this beautiful new experience as well."

"No," Jeanine yelled, trying to push Brandi off, "I'm not joining you!"

Brandi grabbed the woman's shoulders and slammed her down onto the bed. Her eyes became intense and the erotic playfulness in her voice became more forceful. Then she shoved her fleshy orbs into her victim's face. Jeanine tried to remove the hanging cantaloupe's now beedy, aroused nipple away. Brandi kept moving her body so that, no matter what Jeanine did, she'd be face to face with the tiny reddened milk spout. The woman on top pressed down against the APF officer's face and the nipple slipped between her lips. Jeanine knew this was it. Johnson was eaten, Ellis was eaten, Brandi was infected. She was the last surviving member of Squad Six and now the bimbo on top of her who used to her friend and colleague is about to infect her. Using her forearms Brandi squeezed her breast. A warm sweet liquid trickled into Jeanine's mouth.

"Swallow it!," the blonde commanded. "Drink it all!"

Jeanine looked back at Erica who silently mouthed encouragement. She had no choice. The liquid slid down her throat. She started to feel aroused as it took effect. More liquid spewed out filling the APF officer's mouth. She could feel something soft and firm penetrate the folds of her labia. The blonde woman on top of her gave her victim a thrust and the tip of the fleshy tube dove deeper connecting to the entrance of Jeanine's vagina. Jeanine closed her eyes as her sex became engorged and sensitive. With the spraying of milky feminine juices from both the woman's vaginal proboscis and her breasts, waves of hot pleasure welled up deep within her. Her face became red and flush with intense sexual arousal. Jeanine could no longer control herself. A scream of ecstasy left her mouth as the first orgasm erupted into her body. The vaginal proboscis pulsed and undulated inside of her stimulating everything. The blonde bucked back and forth over her extracting another moan from Jeanine. An evil smile ran across Brandi's face. At this point the officer didn't fight so the blonde released her and continued to rock back and forth fucking her now compliant victim with her extension and laughing maniacally at the woman's submission.

Jeanine reached up and played with her captors squishy breasts letting her juices squirt out over her body. Each of her orgasms rolled through her body at shorter and shorter intervals. Eventually they merged into a single, continuous, amazingly ecstatic orgasm. The APF officer arched her back as her flesh split open the same way Erica's had. The blonde woman, still on top of her reached into the flaps of skin and pulled ripping the woman's body out of her old casing. She withdrew her vaginal proboscis and dismounted. Jeanine, a new woman, stood up and let her skin slip off her body onto the floor. Erica, having finished another session of masturbation got off the operating table and walked over to the newly, initiated Jeanine.

"It's finally done sister," the woman said after giving her a deep, passionate kiss. "How do you feel?"

"Liberated," Jeanine said.

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