tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKim's Nightmare Ch. 03

Kim's Nightmare Ch. 03


Bill and Tom held Kim's struggling body while Fred drilled two holes in the dining room wall and Ralph fought to screw in two eye-bolts in the wall studs.

"I guess hubby says this is okay, too, Kim."

Tom whipped the baby doll up and off and they dragged the screaming woman to the wall by the leash.

"Please, no!" Kim screamed as Bill struggled with her left arm, finally pulling it up so Fred could tie her wrist to the eye-bolt. As she kicked and screamed he fastened her right wrist as well until her arms were high above her head in a wide "V".

Then she felt Fred's hands moving all over her legs and despite her kicking he tied her ankles together.

"NO!" She screamed again as she saw Bill holding the thick leather-wrapped handle of the whip.

"She's getting too loud," Bill cautioned. "Here, use this." He handed Ralph the ball gag. He caught her shaking head and succeeded in forcing the ball in her mouth, then snapped the leather strap around the back of her head.

"Mrrphhh!" she screamed through the ball gag as she saw Bill move behind her.

He raised the whip.

He world exploded as the whip slammed into her back.

She screamed into the ball gag as six thongs of thick leather slashed her back.

"Errgghh!" the muffled scream escaped.

Bill took aim and Kim screamed again as the whip slapped into her soft round ass.

She screamed a third time as the strands whipped into the backs of her thick creamy thighs.

Kim held her breath through her pain, felt the whistle, and screamed when again the whip slashed across her back.

Again and again he whipped her.

The whip was an erotica store toy and was not designed to cut flesh, but each stroke of the whip left six wide red welts.

Finally he finished whipping her. By now Kim hung whimpering from her wrists, her back crossed with forty-eight red welts, her ass and thighs with two dozen as well.

Fred released her from the wall and Kim fell to the floor. But instead of allowing her even a moment's relief Bill led her by the leash crawling across the floor. He made her kneel on wobbly legs and drew the white chemise over her shoulders. It was backless – an accident but fortunate for her tortured back. He made her step out of the pink g-string, falling the first time she tried, and put on the sheer white thong.

Bill pulled her up by the neck to stand on her weak legs, and stared at her hairy pussy revealed under the see-through panties.

"You can have that drink now, kitten," Bill laughed as he pulled her by the leash to the couch.

She took the tall cold glass and drank to relieve the pain in her back. In a short time she felt the room begin to spin.

"Ready baby?" Bill smiled.

"Don't, please," Kim cried. "I can't take anymore."

"You'll take what we give you!" Bill said wildly. Even drunk she could tell he was losing all control and for the first time she began to think they would just kill her.

"No!" she slurred. "I'll fuck you. Please don't kill me!" she squealed.

"You fuckin bitch!" Bill screamed as dragged her to the dining room table. "I tell you what happens!"

Ralph grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms hard to the opposite end of the table while Bill threw the hem of the camisole up over her ass. She screamed as he yanked the thong down her hips.

Kim lay on the table, gasping for breath.

"You wanted her ass," Bill panted to Ralph. "Come and get it!"

"NO!" Kim screamed. "Oh god NO!!!"

Ralph handed her arms to Bill and he held her wrists long across the table as Ralph moved behind her and spat in his hand. A few strokes later he pulled out and she felt his slime-soaked cockhead poking at her asshole.

"NO!" she screamed again to no avail. Her mind exploded as Ralph shoved his cum-dripping cock through the tight ring of her asshole.

Ralph was still pissed Bill had pulled him off of her the day before – and took it out on her asshole.

"Oh god please!" she wailed as the most horrible agony of her life tore through her.

Bill lifted her head by her hair and glared into her eyes.

"You asked for this, bitch!" he snarled.

Then he spit in her face.

"What the fuck?" Tom called out as he walked in the door.

"Come on, let's turn this cunt out," Bill called. Without hesitating Tom dropped his pants and ran to the table.

"Get on up," Bill laughed. Tom climbed up on the table as Ralph continued to pump his cock in Kim's ass. Ralph lifted the screaming wife and pulled her up on the table, then he knelt behind her.

"Get her on it," Bill told Tom. Needing no encouragement Tom slid under Kim's struggling body. Ralph grabbed her hips while continuing to fuck her ass and Tom held his cock on one hand and her thigh in another. They succeeded pushing her down on Tom's raging hard-on.

Ralph gripped her hips tighter and pulled her downward, impaling Tom's cock into her cunt.

"Aaahhh!" Kim screamed as for the first time in her life she was being double fucked.

"May as well airlock the cunt," Bill laughed to Fred. Fred moved quickly to the head of the table, and when Kim opened her mouth for another anguished squeal he shoved his cock between her lips.

Tom wrapped his arms around her back, holding her, while Fred grabbed the back of her head with both hands. Then he turned and looked at Bill who was now preparing to start the video camera.

"Fuck, I don't care anymore," Bill smiled as he turned the video camera on and focused on her tortured face.

With that Fred began to press until he felt the head of his cock hit the opening to her throat.

Kim's eyes bulged as she felt the cock try to enter her throat. Then hands on the back of her head pulled her face tighter to him and Kim felt the head sink into her throat. She began to gag.

"I don't think she likes it," Tom laughed.

"Who gives a fuck what she likes," Bill replied. "Just shove it on down her cunt throat!"

Tom did not need any encouragement. When he had had his blowjob from her the day before all he could think about was shoving it in her throat.

Now he had his chance.

So just like in the porn videos he began to stab at her throat with firm shoves of his cock.

"Nrrggg!" Kim gurgled as Tom's cock began to relentlessly jab into her gullet. "Llllggggrrr" she gurgled when he succeeded in shoving all the way in to her throat, feeling his pubic hair against her lips.

She couldn't breathe, her mind was racing as she felt she was being strangled. If there was anything in her stomach it would have come up as she gagged on the cock through the pain of her ass rape and the sickening feeling of two cocks in her.

Desperate, she beat her hands on his thighs.

Tom sensed she was choking to death and pulled out. Long streams of thick saliva poured out of her mouth and hung to the head of his cock.

"You like that, tits?" Bill laughed. Kim could only cough and gag.

Once again Ralph slammed deep into her tortured ass.

"Aaaahhhh!" Kim screamed.

Tom matched Ralph stroke for stroke, working his cock in her pussy while he pulled her up and down on him.

"Would you rather do it?" Bill asked out of nowhere. But she knew what he meant. She knew her choices – have Tom shove his dick down her throat and choke her, be terrified of choking to death, or do it herself and throat his cock slowly.

Crying, she let her mouth open and Tom pressed deep inside.

"Nnhhh!" she gurgled over the cock in her mouth. Desperately she reached behind the disgusting man and held the backs of his thighs. Then, as Terry had forced her to do, slowly directed the cock into her own throat.

As Terry, her "loving" ex-husband had forced her to do, she let her throat muscles go limp.

And took the full length of Tom's cock.

She still gagged as the cock entered her throat, but she knew she could tolerate this. Terry had made her do it so many times.

She forced herself to suck on the shaft of his cock as he was buried down her throat.

Ralph and Fred settled into a slow double-fuck rhythm, each of them enjoying the feel of her cunt or ass – and the feel of the other cock rubbing against theirs through the thin sheaf of flesh.

Bill knew Ralph especially enjoyed feeling Fred's cock rubbing against his. He laughed for a moment when he realized Fred didn't know Ralph was bi-sexual!

Kim continued to gag and retch on the cock in her throat, but she could tolerate it. He was much thinner than Terry, and was not throat-fucking her like Terry would. This cock just lay there as she worked on it.

"Here it comes tits!" Fred began to squeal. "Right down your throat!"

"No," Bill commanded. "Come on her face." He lifted her head by her hair.

Fred pulled out as he started to cum. Kim cried as the slime spewed on her left cheek and began to drool down her jaw. A few seconds later Ralph pulled his cock out of her ass with a wet "plop" that made her want to throw up. She saw him moving in front of her, then she felt the stream of hot cum splash against her forehead and eyes as he jerked his come onto her face while Bill continued to hold her head up.

Tom was last. He pulled out, walked to in front of her, and began to pump his cock vigorously. A few moments later she felt a third cumload splatter on her nose and lips.

Bill set down the video camera and took up the still camera. While wet come began to roll off her chin he started taking pictures of her cum-drenched face. Over and over the camera flashed as she felt the cum slither down her face. She knew they were going to send the pictures to her husband.

But to her shock Bill started to talk in a calm voice as Kim lay broken and cum-covered on the table.

"Your hubby gave us everything we needed the first time we e-mailed him, baby love," Bill began.

Kim's mind forced out the word.


"Why did we keep you?" Bill continued her sentence as he gently wiped her face with her blouse.

"That's simple, tits. He didn't want you back."

"I don't believe you," she said strongly.

"Neither did we, so we asked for proof. We didn't want him settin us up with the cops." Bill walked to the desk. "He sent us this."

Kim turned her eyes from the photograph Tom had printed his second ransom trip. But she had seen it – it was her husband with a deep moan on his face as a woman she recognized from the courthouse was giving him a blow job.

"He said we could keep you, tits," Bill said in almost a pained voice. "And we weren't going to pass up some pussy, not once we saw how pretty you are."

Kim's mind tore at the sight of the photograph. She began to wonder if the woman was part of this as well and had forced Gary...

"No, tits," Bill said gently. "He said he's being well taken care of and as far as he's concerned we could keep you."

"Then all those e-mails..."

"Yes, Kim," Bill answered. "We were trying to give you back!"

He handed her the drink. She shook her head.

"Oh, and by the way, my brother was released on bail today."

Kim could not speak, it was too much for her.

"Actually, Kim, in the last e-mail he said he'd fuck you up if we did bring you back."

She lay in shock, unable to move.

"Let me help you up, baby." Bill took her hand and helped her from the table.

"Oh, and by the way, the whip was his idea." Bill thought for a moment. "He said it was always a fantasy of his.

She nearly fainted. She knew it was his fantasy from a drunken conversation years earlier.

"And he said if we had to bring you back to make sure we give him the whip."

Kim's legs collapsed under her.

"Time to go back to him."

"NO!" she screamed as they dragged her to the van to be returned to her husband.

And her nightmare began.

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