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Aaahhh my dear beautiful sensual sweet Caribbean lover.

As you know when I first read your story my cock was already hard and throbbing. As I read on I could not hold back, I caressed my cock, stroking, as I continued reading, imagining the feelings course through my old body...

I look down your glistening body, watching your engorged pussy lips open to take me deep into your hot, wet, eager vagina. As the walls of your cunt ripple, my hard cock doesn't pause but seeks its way deep into you, right to your very core. We gaze into each others eyes, holding our position for a moment, no longer separate identities, now one soul.

I pull back till just the swollen bulbous head of my cock remains in you, your body takes over, your kegels milk my cock, your pelvis tilts up and from below you ride me.

I feel my balls tighten, the feelings so intense, the sight of your belly twitching as you flex your hips, your powerful tummy muscles rippling, I can't hold still any longer, my brain is now in hibernation, my primal instincts have kicked in, my cock spears into you, your love juices are flowing freely, the obscene liquid squelching sound is like music, our body's dance that natural primitive ritual of mating.

I feel you cumming, squirting your love for me, soaking my balls, the sounds emerging from your throat, as your cunt twitches on my cock, raise the hairs on the back of my neck.

I pause for a moment giving you time to regain your breath then lift you up. The kisses that follow are so tender, so loving, so intimate, our love for each other expressed as we make love with our lips and tongues.

Backing you against the wall, wedging you in the corner, my cock, nestling between your swollen labia lips, slides once more into you, thrusting deep into you, lifting you off your feet at the peak of my movement, our tongues still jousting in our mouths, my hands exploring your firm athletic body.

Knowing well your reaction, I forcefully grasp your breast, bringing my mouth to it, I nip and nuzzle it. As always this triggers your pussy, you spasm on my cock, milking it as you scream, venting your soul as your climax hits you.

Your body collapses, your knees turn to jelly and as I ease out of you, you slide down the wall. My cock finds the warm wet lips of your wonderful mouth and I slide deep into it, your tongue caresses me, your lips close tightly on me as you suck me in.

I ride your mouth, the sight of your lips as my cock rams into you bring me over the top. I can't hold back any longer, I pull out of you again and sit, pulling you down to straddle my thighs, my cock sliding so easily into your body. Once more I guide your movements as you ride me, your eyes are shut tight, your head thrown back, every sinew and muscle in your body tense, your cunt muscles clamp my cock, squeezing it, milking it. My cock twitches, my balls tighten and I spurt my seed up into your core. A groan erupts from deep in my belly as I roar like a lion in the jungle... I have had my woman!

We don't have much time. However, we use what we have to hold, stroke and lovingly, tenderly caress each other.

We part unwillingly, reluctant to break the bond of love forged between us. Not knowing when we might once again share physically the great love that binds as one soul...Even though thousands of miles of ocean separate us.


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