tagSci-Fi & FantasyKingdom of Desire Ch. 04

Kingdom of Desire Ch. 04


Crystal, followed closely by Olga, urged her horse up a steep incline to the top of a hill. As they loosed their Merlin Falcons their four guards caught up with them.

“Princess Crystal,” Jormund said, “Once again I must stress the importance of you and Princess Olga remaining in close proximity with us. Your father has assigned me to protect you two. King Jasper would have my head if anything happened to either of you.”

Olga and Crystal giggled as the captain of the guard scolded them.

Crystal and Olga dismounted and watched their falcons. After a few minutes the guards settled into their saddles. Crystal looked around, then slapped her horse on the ass as hard as she could. The horse took off down the hill and through the meadow below. Crystal grabbed Olga’s arm and the two princesses took off into the woods. They ran past trees and through brambles. Behind them they heard the frantic orders of Jormund.

“C’mon,” Olga said, goading Crystal on. As they started to pick up the pace Crystal tripped over a branch and fell.

“Shit,” Crystal swore, holding her knee.

“Shhh!” Olga said, “They’re going to find us.” Crystal took out her small dagger and cut her dress at mid-thigh. She handed her knife to Olga and she did the same. Crystal laid the scraps of clothing on the ground and the two girls laid down in a dip behind a log.

Olga ran her hand up the inside of Crystal’s thigh and kissed her passionately. Her tongue roamed the recesses of the redhead’s mouth. Crystal responded, squeezing Olga’s firm breasts. She pinched Olga’s nipples and the blonde let out a squeak.

“Shh, remember,” Crystal said, putting a finger to Olga’s mouth. In the distance the clip-clop of horseshoes could be heard.

“I think they are going the other direction,” Olga whispered.

“I think you’re right,” Crystal said, “can you imagine the look Jormund will have on his face when he explains to our parents the he lost us?”

“Priceless,” Olga said and kissed her again. After ten minutes of necking they got up and moved in a round-a-bout path back towards the castle.

As they walked through the woods they heard faint footsteps.

“Shit, they found us,” Olga said.

“We give up, you win,” Crystal cried.

“Good,” a man said as he stepped out from behind a tree.

“Shit,” Crystal said. The man was dressed in crude leather armor, and was carrying a crossbow. He was no Faeremonian guard. Two more men, similarly dressed, stepped out from behind trees.

The three men were young, well built and trim. The life of a bandit does not provide an excess of luxury. Crystal could tell by the leader’s accent that he was from Hundumboot.

“Lars,” the leader said. One of the bandits moved towards the girls.

“Drop your weapons,” said the hundumbootian with the crossbow. Crystal pulled her knife from its sheath and dropped it to the forest floor. The blond bandit who responded to the name Lars laid his club on the ground and pulled two lengths of rope from a collection hanging at his belt. In turn he pulled Crystal and Olga’s arms behind their backs and fastened them securely. The two other bandits moved closer and picked up Crystal’s dagger. Lars then searched both of the girls further for weapons. He squeezed their breast, and patted down their sides. Then he spent slightly more time than necessary checking between the girl’s legs.

Crystal and Olga followed the bandits silently, deeper into the woods.

After two miles they came across a lean-to and a tent next to a fire pit. The bandits put their things down next to the shelters. Lars led Olga to a nearby tree.

“What are you going to do?” Crystal asked the leader, trying not to let her voice quiver.

“They’re just going to have a little fun with the lass,” he said with a smirk, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn. For now you can kneel her and watch what’s in store for you,” he said, pushing her to her knees.

The other two bandits untied Olga’s hands and fastened them behind the small tree. Lars stood behind the tree and gripped Olga’s large breasts. She bit her lip as Lars flicked her nipples through her gown.

The Leader pulled out his long Hudumboot cock, and slowly started to stroke it. Hundumbootians have notoriously long schlongs. Crystal saw the rumor was true as her reached a solid eight inches well before he was fully erect.

The third and still un-named bandit lifted Olga’s skirt and started to probe her pussy with two of his fingers.

“Sto….,” Crystal started to say, but was quickly silenced by a hard slap across the face from a long hundumboot cock. Crystal groaned with pain, laying sprawled on the ground with the Hundumboot and his dick standing over her.

“Aiiiiee!” the leader screamed as he fell on top of her. Crystal screamed and tried to wiggle out from under him. Crystal thrashed and kicked herself free of the Hundumbootian. When she was free of him, she looked over to see two arrows buried in his back. She looked over to see that the other two bandits had suffered similar fates.

She heard a rustling of leaves and looked around attentively.

A centaur made his way through the bush to show himself. As he neared the center of the clearing more started to emerge. All in all nine male centaurs made their way into the campsite. Crystal got to her knees and then to her feet to greet them.

The centaur who first entered the clearing spoke. “I am Atan’Ko.” As he spoke he drew a long curved sword. Crystal eyed the blade extended before her.

“So you have only freed us from our captors to make us your prisoners?” The centaur laughed.

“Ye have little faith,” he said, “use the blade to cut your bonds.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Crystal exclaimed, “Please forgive my doubt of your good intentions,” she cast her eyes downward.

“It is forgiven. Of late you have been given much reason to distrust strangers.”

“Still my assumption is unforgivable.”

“It is forgiven, all ready forgotten. Please, cut your bonds.” Crystal stepped closer and freed herself on his upturned sword. She quickly ran over to the bandit laying in front of Olga, drew her knife from his belt, and freed Olga. Then they walked slowly back to the centaurs.

“I am Crystal, Princess of Faeremonia, and I am eternally grateful to all of you for rescuing us from these Hundumbootian bandits,” Crystal curtsied.

“And I am Princess Olga, and I too am eternally indebted to you.” The centaurs all moved to surround Atan’Ko.

“As I have said, my name is Atan’Ko, and I am the first born of the chief of the Yellow Feather tribe.” He extended his hand, and each of the girls took it in turn. His upper body was uncovered and both girls noticed that he was extremely muscular. He had long, jet-black hair that was decorated with braids and beads. All of the centaurs had long hair. Atan’Ko, as did all the centaurs, had a scimitar and a buckler strapped around his waist. They also had a long bows and quivers at their sides. Another centaur moved up next to him.

“This is Toran’Ko, my youngest brother.” He was attractive, but somewhat smaller than his older brother. His muscles were well toned, but did not bulge the way Atan's did. His light brown hair was pulled back in a long ponytail. Olga and Crystal shook his hand, and then shook hands with each of the other centaurs as Atan introduced them.

Some of the centaurs got out food and prepared it as Atan spoke with Crystal and Olga.

“Where are your homes?” Atan asked.

“Well I come from far to the north,” Olga replied, “but my family is staying in Faeremonia with Crystal and her parents.”

“My castle is about six hours from here on horse back,” Crystal explained

“Well, if you two ride on two of us, we can probably make it by sundown,” Atan suggested.

“You would do that?” Crystal asked, a little surprised.

“Of course, honor dictates that we escort you to your home.”

“Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this will mean to our parents,” Crystal said. Olga, Crystal and the centaurs ate quickly and then got on their way. Crystal rode on Atan’s back and Olga rode on Toran’s.

At first they rode at a slow pace, making their way through the woods.

“So, where is your tribe?” Crystal asked Atan.

“Three days to the south, and one to the west,” he answered and kept moving.

“Why are you so far north?”

“Of late, our game herds have thinned. Our tribe is over populated. My father sent his oldest and his youngest to find a suitable place to start another tribe.”

“Well, have you found anything yet?”

“I was thinking that this area would be suitable, but I know nothing of local lords and their jurisdiction.”

“Well, my father owns all of this.” Crystal said excitedly, “The Hundumboots claim to own it also, but if you would defend the land and agree to pay some small taxes, I am sure that my father would let you settle it.”

“Well, it appears to me that this meeting has been very fortunate for the both of us. Look, there is the road.”

“Oh, fuck,” Crystal said, “we are further south than I thought.”

“Can we still make it by night fall?” Atan asked.

“Yes, but only if we hurry.”

“Hold on.” He said, and took off at a slow gallop.

After an hour of galloping Toran slowed, and called for his brother to halt.

“What’s wrong?” Crystal asked. Toran motioned for his brother to come closer and whispered something in this ear. Atan chuckled.

“He says that Princess Olga’s breasts rubbing against his back has made him erect.” The rest of the centaurs let out a boisterous laugh.

“And?” Crystal asked, looking over to see Toran’s head was cast down, and Olga was smiling.

“A centaur cannot ride if he is erect. We will have to wait until it dies down, then Princess Olga will ride with one of the older centaurs.”

“How long will it take to die down?”

“At least an hour and a half. Centaurs are not easily aroused, but when they are the erection lasts.”

“Well could he just go into the bushes and attend to it?”

“Masturbate?” Atan asked laughing, “Centaurs cannot masturbate, how could we reach?”

“Then we’ll never make it before dark.” Crystal said, with a slight hint of distress in her voice.

“It is all right, we will camp the night and arrive in the morning.”

“But our parents will be worried sick.”

“Don’t you think the solution is obvious?” Olga asked sliding off Toran’s back.

“What do you mean?” Crystal asked, still oblivious.

“Well since the problem is my fault, I suppose it is my responsibility to solve it” she said.

“Ohhhh,” Crystal said, as Olga got to her knees and started to rub Toran’s shaft.

“uhhhh,” he moaned as Olga stroked the upper half of the two-foot cock with both hands. Her hands feverishly stroked the upper half of his member as she licked its giant bulbous tip. Olga stretched her mouth as wide as she could. Her lips reached just past the head of his cock.

The centaurs all gathered round as Olga ran her left hand up and down Toran’s length, as her right massaged the base of his dick. Olga swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, and he groaned moans of encouragement. Olga felt his cock pulsing and moved her hands and tongue faster and faster.

“The others seem to be enjoying the show,” Crystal said to Atan, still on his back. She watched Olga remove her mouth and start to lick up and down the length of the horse cock.

“Public sex is a big part of centaur society,” Atan explained.

Toran started to twitch and stamped one of his back hooves on the ground repeatedly. Then, like a catapult, he shot his load. It left a puddle in front of him, and a trail that ran back to his shrinking dick.

“See, I told you it was simple,” Olga said, looking very pleased with herself.

“Not that simple,” Crystal said.

“What do you mean?” Olga asked, but she could answer her own question as she followed Crystal’s eyes to three more erect centaur warriors. “Well I guess we best get to work.” Olga said, moving into position and kneeling between two of the centaurs. She took one of the two-footers in each hand and started to pump swiftly, as Crystal climbed off Atan, and pulled her dress over her head. The third erect centaur gawked with lust, as did the rest.

Crystal climbed under the remaining horny centaur. Her back was against the centaur’s belly, and she used her left hand to steady herself by holding onto the centaur’s left front leg. With her right hand she reached back and found the centaur’s member. Slowly she guided the enormous cock into her pussy. Tears welled up in her eyes as the centaur stretched her. She reminded herself that in birth an entire child would have to pass through there, and by now she was well lubricated. She managed to fit about six inches, just over a quarter of the centaur’s full length. Slowly she started to slide the six inches in and out of her pussy, and slowly more and more fit inside her.

“Yes, God, yes!” the centaur screamed as she reached nine inches. Slowly Crystal increased her speed. By now her tears were long gone, and she had only one orifice still flowing.

Crystal moaned, bringing herself down on the centaur’s shaft faster and faster. She felt a total loss of control as her mind was blown in orgasmic explosion.

From her orgasmic haze she heard the centaur scream a warning “Ohh God, I am going to cum.” Crystal managed to pull herself off of the centaur just in time to feel the full force of his ejaculation on the back of her head, the rest splattered on her back.

“Amatu…,” Olga started, but got caught by a blast of centaur cum to the face. “Gurgle gurgle gurgle,” she tried to speak, but had to swallow first. “Ah man,” she said and then caught another blast down the front of her dress.

The centaurs thanked the girls and apologized profusely for drenching them. The girls assured them it was quite all right.

The girls exercised a little more caution when pleasing the next four, using their hands and a little tongue. In no time all that was left was Atan. Crystal caressed the lower half of his enormous cock, while Olga pulled at the top of her dress, revealing her two beautiful breasts.

Atan breathed heavily as Olga slid his cock between her grapefruit sized breasts. She pinched her nipples as she moved her tits along the cock. The girls exchanged smiles as Crystal rolled the centaur’s balls in her hand. Their combined efforts quickly got the centaur prince off, but they carefully avoided getting any on them.

Olga and Crystal quickly licked and sucked his cock until he was completely dry. They got dressed, and the now much-relieved troop was off.

They reached the castle just as the sun was setting. Both sets of Royal parents were waiting, and much relieved when they arrived. Almost as much so as the centaurs. Crystal and Olga took turn explaining everything that happened, and why the centaurs were here.

“I am so happy that both of you are back safe,” King Jasper said, hugging the girls, “And I am sure something can be worked out for you Atan. Tomorrow morning we can discuss the details. Tonight we will set up a pavilion for you to stay in on the parade grounds.”

“Thank you,” Atan said, shaking his hand.

“Just one more thing,” Jasper said, “What is all down the front of your dress?”

The girls looked at each other.

“Ohh,” Crystal said, “The bandits spilled soup on her.”

“Ohh,” King Jasper said satisfied, but Crystal saw that her mother’s eyes were filled with suspicion, and on the walk back to the castle Queen Olivia’s nose was quite attentive.

And that night Crystal could’ve sworn through the window she saw a silhouette moving across the parade grounds towards the centaur’s pavilion.

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