Kings For A Day


There we were again in a tropical island bar owned by the well-tanned locals. Its funny how karaoke is such a craze on these warm Pacific islands. I guess the locals have no other form of entertainment. Anyhow, like many other times, Sasha and I gad spent the day lying out, snorkeling, napping, and then having a nice, candle-lit seafood dinner. By about 12 am local time, we were feeling very good from the fruit and alcohol that coursed through our veins. Our skin was turning a warm brown, and we were in a playful mood.

We tried our hand at a couple of songs. Sasha always sounds good. We weren't really paying attention to anyone else, and there weren't many people to pay attention to anyway. I sang an old song from the 60's called "Little Red Ridin' Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. I wasn't too bad. It's a sexy little song. I walked back to our table and took a sip of my umpteenth mixed island brew as Sasha buried her face in the karoake songbook.

As we were sitting there, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and this middle-aged guy in a ball cap, Hawaiian shirt, jeans, and boots says, "Hey. Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, right?"

I was surprised anyone would have known that. I was impressed, and I raised my drink up and smiled and said, "Yeah. How did you know that? That's pretty good."

The guy smiled and said, "Man, I love that song."

As he was talking, Sasha wasn't really paying attention. She was trying to find that perfect song. The man seemed to look familiar, but my buzz was not allowing me to realize who this laid-back dude was.

"My wife said she thought that Paul Revere and he Raiders sang that song, but I swore to her it was Sam the Sham."

"Yes," I said. "It's definitely Sam the Sham." I shook his hand and smiled.

"You two are pretty good," he said. "We've been watching you for awhile."

This caught Sasha's attention. I looked at Sasha as she looked up at him. I saw immediately that the very presence of this man put an excitable gleam in her eye. Sensing that there was something more to Sasha's reaction, I immediately looked back at him, and then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks it hit me. This man before us was none other than Billy Bob Thornton. It was all we could do to speak, but I managed to eek out, "Why don't you sing one?"

"Oh, I've been thinking about it, but I'm not quite sure yet." Billy Bob looked at us and asked us if we were married, and that he and his wife had been watching us and how much fun we had been having. Trying desperately not to let on that we knew who he was, Sasha asked, "Would you and your wife like to join us?"

"We thought you'd never ask," he said excitedly. "I'll go get Angie.

Sasha and I looked at each other in utter amazement. Sasha grabbed my hands and almost popped out of her seat. "Oh, my God! I can't believe this!!"

I told Sasha to play it cool. "Whatever you do, don't let on that we know who they are." I was just as excited as she was. "Shh. Here they come."

Billy Bob led his wife to our table. She was wearing sandals, a white summary dress with a breezy, sleeveless white shirt. She had her hair down with one yellow flower in her hair.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your names," Billy Bob stated. "I'm Billy, and this is Angie."

We all stood and shook hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Sasha said as she met eyes with Angelina.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," Angelina said as she cocked her right eyebrow with a sexy confidence.

Billy and I saw Angelina's subtle gesture and looked at each other with a smile and an unspoken understanding. They sat down with us.

"Let me get us a round of drinks," Billy said as he motioned for the waiter. "Ahh, hell. Drinks are on me tonight."

"You two sure are having fun," Angelina said. "Are you on your honeymoon?"

"No," I said. "We just like to come and relax and get away from it all."

"Well, you're both good singers, and you're funny, too. I like that. I think that's sexy, don't you, Billy?"

"Yeah, babe. Awe, shit. We don't even know your names," Billy said.

"I'm Sasha, and this is Brian."

Angelina asked, "Well, weren't you going to sing something for me, baby?"

"Oh, yeah. Brian, what do you think? You've got good taste in music. What should I sing?"

I was too nervous and excitable to think straight, so I just said (as if I knew what I was talking about), "Well, let us hear you sing one and see how you do, and then, I'll think of one for you."

"allright," he said. "I'm going to try one out." Billy walked over to the karoake man.

Still pretending to not be awestruck, I asked, "So, are you two here on your honeymoon?"

"No, we're just taking a vacation, kind of like you guys."

The waiter brought us all beer instead of fruity drinks. Sasha and I didn't question it.

"He loves beer," Angelina said as she placed the longneck to her beautiful lips. She looked at both of us as she swallowed. "I bet you two are a lot of fun."

We grinned and gave her a dose of our sexy, cocked eyebrows as if to let her wonder.

Billy began singing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by the Eagles. He sounded great. As the night wore on, we shared stories, drank beer, and switched off singing with one another. By the end of the night, we had laughed ourselves silly and were snockered. As we departed the karoake bar, Billy and I made plans to play golf the next day while Sasha and Angelina agreed to lay out together on the beach. We all hugged and went to our cabanas.


We all met the next morning. Oh, hell, I won't lie. It was more like noon. After a nice breakfast, Billy and I headed out to the links while Sasha and Angelina headed for the beach. Billy and I had a blast. Neither one of us was a good golfer, but it was great fun to drink a few beers and shoot the shit. As we got to know each other a little better, Billy asked me if Sasha had ever had any experiences with a woman. I was hoping to God I knew where this was going.

"Well, Billy, yes. Yes, she has."

"Really," he seemed interested. "Well, uh, I want to ask you something, and I'll perfectly understand if you're not cool with it."

"No, go ahead, Billy, ask."

Billy cautiously approached the subject, "Well, I'm not into guys or anything."

I broke his nervousness with, "Don't worry. Neither am I."

"Phew. That's good. We didn't think you were. So, what me and Angie would like to propose is that you and Sasha come over to our place tonight, and if anything was to happen between Sasha and Angie, well, then would that be cool?"

"Billy," I said with 100% confidence, "not only would that be cool, you would fulfill a fantasy for both me and Sasha. I appreciate the fact that you're even having trouble asking this."

Billy walked up to me on the 7th green and put his hand on my shoulder. He smiled from ear to ear and said, "Oh, buddy. We're going to take you beyond fantasy."


"So, is Brian a good lover?" Angelina inquired.

The straightforward question made Sasha tingle with excitement as she lay back on her beach lounger. "Oh, yes. He's the best."

Angelina pulled her shades down her nose slightly and looked straight into Sasha's eyes. "What does he do to you that drives you crazy?"

"Oh, my God." Sasha was getting excited. "He does this thing where he holds the nape of my neck while he's sucking one of my nipples and he's gotten me so wet that he's sliding in and out of me while one of his fingers teases the inside and outside of my ass." Sasha was not shy when it came to discussing sex, especially with another beautiful woman.

"Do you let him fuck your ass?"

"Oh, God, yes!!! I love that," Sasha expressed.

Angelina licked her lips, and smiled at Sasha with her Cheshire cat grin. Sasha and Angelina had obviously become with one another on the beach that day. "Billy and I want you two to come over to our place tonight. Is that cool?"



Sasha and I were ecstatic the rest of the day. After dinner, we headed to Billy and Angelina's cabana. We rang the doorbell three times, and Angelina answered the door. She was dressed as a belly dancer with a metal veil over her face exposing only her unmistakable, sexy eyes. She had her hair in her Lara Croft ponytail, and she was in incredible shape. "Come in. We're so glad you came."

When we entered, Billy greeted us with a present for Sasha. Billy was in a long, flowing , multi-colored, felt robe. He had another Middle Eastern looking robe on his left arm that he gave to me. Angelina grabbed Sasha by the arm. "Follow me, and you can open your present."

We all walked down a long marble hallway, which led to a huge Moroccan-styled room with eccentric throw pillows covering the floor. The lights were dim and bounced perfectly off all the auburn colored walls, which were trimmed in gold. Billy walked up to a bar and took a long drag off of a beautiful, intricately decorated hookah. Then Angelina joined him and took a long drag off of the hookah tube. Their sweet smoke filled the air – marijuana and apricot.

"Come, join us," Angelina said.

I shared a tube with Angelina, while Sasha took drags from Billy's. Angelina said playfully, "Put your robe on, sexy man." As I admired Angelina's body, I looked over and saw Sasha playfully blowing smoke in Billy's face.

"Aren't you going to open your present," Angelina asked Sasha.

Sasha opened the beautiful box, and it was a belly dancer costume similar to Angelina's, yet slightly different in color. Angelina blew smoke in all of our faces and then kissed Sasha slowly on the lips. Then Angelina said, "We're going to put on a little show for you boys. Come on, Sasha."

Sasha followed Angelina in total bliss. She had everything she'd ever wanted: Brian, Angelina, hookahs with marijuana, and a sexy belly-dancer outfit. Billy and I continued to smoke from the hookah. I took off all of my clothes and put on the robe. When I looked at Billy, he had put a turban on his head. I was so high; I laughed my ass off, which made him laugh hysterically. "Don't laugh; you're going to wear one, too." He pulled a turban from behind the bar and he helped me put it on my head. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

"Sit down, man. Get comfortable."

We both laid back onto the pillows with the hookah placed between us. We chilled on the floor taking drags from the hookah getting ready for the show. We were KINGS FOR THE DAY.

Soon the music began. Angelina appeared on Billy's side of the room, and Sasha appeared on mine. Wonderfully enchanting drumbeats began with slow, sexy Moroccan music. The girls began dancing for us, their men. Neither girl looked away from their respective lover'' eyes as they danced erotically. Almost instantly, they approached us and moved their bodies inches from our face. I loved seeing Sasha dance for me. She leaned her head in my face, but I couldn't kiss her through the veil. She placed the hookah valve under her veil and took a drag as she stared into my eyes. I wanted to make love to her, but I knew there was more to come.

Sasha and Angelina approached the other in the center of the room. They began to dance close to one another. They pressed their bodies close to one another and simulated thrusting into one another. They looked into one another's eyes, and they both knew that they would soon have the other in front of their lover's eyes. Everyone in the room wanted it.

Angelina removed her veil. Sasha removed hers. Angelina had put Sasha's hair into a ponytail just like hers when she was helping Sasha dress in the Middle Eastern garb. Angelina placed both hands on Sasha's face and began kissing her passionately. Billy and I were very excited as we continued to transcend into another world. The room was becoming hotter with all of the candles and sweet smoke.

Angelina playfully pushed Sasha to the pillowed floor. Sasha fell back in slight shock, but it was a delightful shock. Angelina slowly reached inside her costume and pulled two sharp knives from the two sheaths on each hip. Sasha saw the knives and her adrenaline charged her with unsurety. Angelina pounced on top of Sasha and held her arms down. Angelina placed one knife between her teeth and one in her hand. With her other hand, she held Sasha's wrists to the floor. Sasha wasn't sure she liked the danger, but she couldn't resist not knowing what further plans Angelina had for her. Angelina began to slowly cut Sasha's clothes from her body. Sasha understood. Angelina let go of Sasha's wrists as Sasha permitted Angelina to remove her costume with both knives. Angelina smiled as she got off on the power. As Sasha lie there sweating because of the heat and her fading nervousness.

Angelina now used both knives to cut the straps from around Sasha's waist. Her skill and precision with the knives was like a surgeon. She stared into Sasha's eyes as she continued cutting away her outfit. Sasha and Angelina were transfixed on each other. Sasha was allowing Angelina to control her. After a few minutes, Sasha became fully trusting of Angelina and her blades. When she was totally nude, Angelina lay over the top of Sasha and placed her face very near Sasha's. Angelina pretended to kiss Sasha as they continued to stare each other down, then Angelina teasingly pulled away. At just that moment, Sasha realized that Angelina was playing with her. Sasha grabbed Angelina's ponytail and rolled over on top of Angelina.

Angelina was surprised by the sudden exchange of power, but she grinned satisfyingly. Sasha ripped Angelina's top apart with her bare hands and quickly ripped Angelina's panties off. She straddled Angelina and began to kiss her passionately. It was what Angelina wanted. The two kissed and kissed and kissed. Seeing the way the light reflected behind these two beautiful naked bodies made me as hard as stone. I felt so sexy knowing that Sasha was turned on.

Slowly, Sasha kissed and licked Angelina's nipples. She then went to Angelina's vagina and slowly started to lick it. Angelina writhed and moved her body in position so she could see Billy. She spread her legs right in front of him as Sasha began to lick her. Angelina was getting very hot looking into Billy's eyes as Sasha licked her. Billy grinned as wide as I had seen him grin before. Billy and Angelina made love to each other in their minds. Angelina loved the control of pressing Sasha's face inside her as her lover looked on. She began to squirm. She moaned and said, "Oh, yes. That's it. Oh, fuck. You're so good. Lick it. Yes. Lick it. Suck on it. Oh, my God. Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum."

Sasha licked ferociously and powerfully knowing full well that Angelina was going to cum.

"Oh, fuck, Billy. I'm going to cum for you. I'm going to cum for you while this girl is licking my pussy."

She grabbed Sasha's ponytail where it met her scalp and pressed Sasha's face deeper inside her.

"Yes, Yes!! Ahh, yes!! Aah, yes!! Ahhh!!!! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm cum, I'm cum, I'm. Cum. I'm. Ohh."

Angelina had just released her orgasm and made her pussy so warm and wet that the light touch of Sasha's tongue became unbearable.

Slowly, Angelina guided Sasha across the floor of pillows in front of me. As I looked into Sasha's eyes, I could tell she was in a zone. She was, at that point in time, a sexual animal. She smiled at me while looking into my eyes. She grinned at me evilly and licked her tongue across her own lips. She quickly grabbed Angelina's ponytail and guided her face into Sasha's moistened vagina.

Angelina licked her softly, and Sasha's eyes rolled back in her head. She couldn't believe she was being tasted by Angelina Jolie. She looked at me and smiled while beads of sweat became more abundant on her naked body. Even I was starting to glow from my sweaty body in the candlelight. I pulled my robe over to one side and exposed my hard cock. I grasped it at the shaft with my hand and began to stroke it gently.

Sasha and I kept staring into each other's eyes as Angelina licked her. Sasha was getting wetter as she saw me rubbing my cock. She knew that Angelina was exciting us both.

Sasha began to enjoy her lengthy orgasm. She held on to her bottom lip with her two front teeth. Sasha didn't make a sound as she orgasmed. Her body just flinched and tightened as she pressed Angelina's face into her strongly with both hands. Angelina surrounded Sasha's clit with her mouth and hung on while Sasha rode her face. Sasha looked at me and smiled.

As much as I wanted to cum, something told me not to yet. Angelina turned Sasha over and they lie horizontally on the pillowed floor touching pussies. They were in our full view. I looked over to see if Billy was as happy as I was. He was staring at the girls, also stroking his cock.

Angelina and Sasha held each other's legs as they grinded their pussies together. They were drenched with sweat yet they wanted more. Both girls moaned loudly. They were enjoying riding each other. They writhed like snakes as their intertwined bodies poured with sweat.

"Make me cum again, Angelina," said Sasha. "Yeah," Sasha said, "Fuck it. Come on. Fuck me. Give me all you've got. You like that don't you. Fuck me."

Angelina ground her inner legs harder and harder. The girls were touching clits and getting each other off. Their bodies were as if they were one as their fluid motion was an energy that moved rapidly back and forth. They both screamed as they came together. Their bodies twitched together. They clutched each other's skin as they held on in order not to break the bond. Soon, their orgasm ended, and when it they did, it was as if the more they came, the more they became sexual predators. Both girls smiled at their respective lover.

Sasha crawled across the floor to me as I stroked my cock. Angelina crawled to Billy as he did the same. As each of us stared into our lover's eyes, Sasha and Angelina almost instantaneously opened their mouths at the same time. They wanted us to cum in their mouths. I knew Sasha didn't usually like me to cum in her mouth on her face, but this time, she was different. She was a sexual beast, and she wanted my life from me.

I placed my cock on her bottom lip. When my cock felt Sasha's soft lower lip, I immediately lost my control. I came fast and hard. My cum left me and poured into Sasha's waiting mouth. As I watched the white cum enter her mouth, I also watched her tongue combat the onslaught of cum. Sasha began to swallow my cum, and when she did, she stuck my cock down her throat and sucked every last drop of semen from me. She swallowed every drop. I was in ecstasy. Sasha and I smiled at each other. She kissed me and said, " I love you."

I said, "I love you, too, baby."

We both smiled and looked over at Angelina and Billy. At just that moment, Angelina had finished retrieving Billy's load in her mouth. As she smiled back at us, we could see a sliver of saliva mixed with Billy's semen glistening in her mouth from the candlelight. Billy looked over at me, and said, "Its good to be king!"

I smiled in agreement and laid back. I was spent. Sasha lay on top of me, and we drifted off to sleep in this temple of our fantasies.

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