tagRomanceKissing in the Dark

Kissing in the Dark


It's pitch black as we lay together. I know exactly where Brandy is but I can't see her. I can smell her hair, feel her toes against mine, hear her breasts move and sway as she breaths, and soon I will be tasting her sweet lips.

I lay my hand on her thigh and start to move it upward. My hand raises with her gorgeous hips, then dives into her body as her hips give way to her chest. My hand starts to move from her side and slowly caresses her breast, stopping at a nipple. My finger circles it, slowly coaxing it alive. Both of Brandy's nipples respond to me touching only one of them, and I am greeted by a slight moan from my wife's mouth.

My hand continues its journey up and rests upon Brandy's face, soft, and gentle. I move my hand closer to my own and Brandy's face follows, no need to grab or push when lust will do the work for you. Our lips meet, and our tongues dart out to touch each other, each of us probing for approval to open wider and let our tongues play. They glide across each other, dancing as our lips come together, a never ending ballet of who's tongue is in which mouth. It ends with Brandy nibbling on my tongue and quickly jumping towards my upper lip to bite on that as well.

After rescuing my lips from my wife's mischievous teeth, I kiss her chin, then her collar bone, resting my mouth there and licking the sensitive skin near her neck. I savor the salty taste of Brandy's body and move on. I slowly move my mouth down to her breasts. I ignore the nipples as they are still diamond hard. Instead I hold her ample bust, tickling the underside with my tongue, constantly shocking her with the pain of my teeth. A tender lick, and a heart felt caress from my fingers, punctuated by the sharp pain of my teeth. I alternate between pleasure and pain as I move between both breasts, teasing and pinching. The more I do this the harder it becomes, Brandy has begun to breath hard with excitement.

I end the torment of my wife's breasts, by kissing both nipples and allowing my tongue to flow down between them, only to continue down, stopping only for an instant at the navel, where she tries to moan, but instead gasps with pleasure because I've finally allowed my hands to play and they are in between her thighs. My mouth continues its travels until I can smell what my hands have only hinted at; my wife's vagina, engorged with arousal and moist with her own juices.

I let my fingers glide across her moist lips collecting moisture for what is to cum. My tongue is placed upon her clit, where it slowly strokes upward, causing my wife to breath even harder. Once my fingers have stroked her lips long enough I gently place a finger at her opening, putting as much pressure on it as possible without entering. My wife calls out "Oh God, fuck me" and I simply respond by sucking on her clitoris, and finally letting my fingers penetrate her. My fingers glides in and out, slowly at first, but then faster, keeping pace with Brandy's feverish breathing, all the while my tongue is at her clit caressing and sucking, and at times bitting. My wife's vagina starts to convulse around my fingers and I know she's going to climax soon, so I stop. Her only response is "Damn you" as I glide up to her head in the darkness and place my fingers in her mouth, which she goes on to clean all of her juices from. Then I finally kiss her allowing her to taste my pussy soaked tongue. As we kiss I reward her with exactly what she wants.

My cock, stiff from all the playing, presses against Brandy's lips and I slowly enter her, making sure she can feel every inch, every vain as I delve into her pussy. She breaths in and bites my lip, unable to process the pleasure she is feeling in the dark. I begin to move faster, and with more purpose, pushing my cock along the walls of her vagina, filling and stretching it with every stroke, and then pulling out, till just my head is left and she feels empty. With the emptiness she moans and I reply by driving myself into her pushing her senses beyond ecstasy.

As I'm thrusting, I reach for her tits, giggling with her furious breathing. My hands latch on and squeeze and massage them, pinching the nipples. My wife's moans turn to out right screams. I keep thrusting and feel her tighten around my shaft. He voice response with "OH GOD YESSS," hissing at the pleasure. I continue my assault on her body and I feel the tightening of Brandy's pussy around my cock. I enjoy the wet sound it makes as it slides in and out of her. The feeling is intense, and I feel a tightening in my balls and know that I can't last much longer.

I lean down to kiss her. Crazed with lust, she forces her tongue into my mouth, and bites my lip. She removes her mouth from mine and places it next to my ear. She stops her screaming and moaning and whispers in my ear, "I'm cumming." Her pussy starts to squeeze uncontrollably on my cock, Brandy's voice turns into a stifled squeak, audible sounds only released as I pound into her. Her legs rap tightly around me with her toes curling to touch my back and her hands and nails dig into my shoulder.

The pain of her nails, and the pleasure of her pussy cumming on me sends me over board as well. My balls tighten and I can feel it start. Within a seconds I thrust into Brandy and explode, delivering to her the gift of my orgasm. I lose all sense of reality and just enjoy the feeling of my seamen racing out of my cock and into my wife. I come back to reality and my wife and I start to breath softer, both satisfied. We lay together in the darkness, holding each other, enjoying the feeling of each other's heat and sweat and we fall asleep kissing in the dark.

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