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The thought of taking your partner completely by surprise can be a very arousing one, just the unpredictable things that keep a relationship fresh and new, as I have tried to do in this particular story. So Wolf, this story is dedicated to you my love, because you never know what I may do next...

I can imagine you standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as I walk in the room, standing behind you, and wrapping my arms around you, running my fingers lightly over your chest, I whisper, "I'm home Honey" and laugh softly as I slowly undo the buttons of your shirt. My hands can freely wander over your warm skin, my fingers moving up your chest until I can feel your heartbeat beneath them.

Moving your hands to your sides, and slowly slipping your shirt from your shoulders, then completely off, and throwing it to one side. My hands then run back over your chest, as the tip of my tongue traces your spine. Hearing you gasp softly just makes me a little more adventurous, as I slip one leg between yours and push up slightly, your body reacting the way I had hoped, and notice you turn off the stove, and quietly say, "Baby, do you plan on us eating tonight?"

Laughing I reply, "I'm sure we will find time to get around to it later on, Plus we may have worked up a better appetite"

Not allowing you to turn around yet, I continue to trace patterns over your chest with my fingers, and with feather-light kisses run them down your spine, then softly back up over your ribcage, now able to taste the salt on your skin.

Turning you slightly now, I move from behind you to face you, my fingertips never breaking contact with your skin, as I lick your neck up to your ear, whispering how much I love you. Then softly kissing down your neck, lightly nibbling your warm skin, until I reach the dip in your collarbone, my tongue traces the outline before my teeth lightly graze it. I see your head roll back slightly, as my tongue runs over your neck and into the hollow of your throat.

Planting kisses up your throat to your jawline, over your chin until I reach your mouth. My tongue then traces your lips, so warm and inviting, and I can feel your breath becoming slightly uneven, as my lips travel to your mouth and kissing very softly at first, but slowly intensifying, my tongue gently pushing between your lips, tasting you, as you gently hold me and receive my kiss with a desire of your own. My leg moving between your legs again, moving up, and feeling you becoming aroused.

Breaking apart from our kiss, my mouth moving down over your neck once again, whispering how much I want you, before moving down over the top of your chest, my tongue dancing over your hard chest, down over your sternum, while my fingers graze your ribcage. My one hand moving down to the button on your jeans and finding it quite easy to open, followed by the zipper, my fingers moving around the waistband of your jeans until they slide over your hips and to the floor, followed by your underwear. You lift one foot until they fall away, then the other and you kick them across the floor.

My mouth slowly moves south over your taut stomach, and running my fingers up the inside of your leg, from the knee to thigh, as my mouth again continues its decent. Breaking contact with your warm flesh for just a second, my tongue begins running up your leg, in the same fashion as my fingers did, just moments before. Resisting the urge to feel your arousal in my warm mouth, I start to slowly lick from base to tip, feeling you arch slightly, and then gasp softly, slowly circling the head with my warm tongue, before gently taking the head into my mouth. One hand cupping you, while the other firmly holds the base.

I can feel your hand running through my hair, as I hear a low groan escape your lips. I then slowly move my mouth over you, just a little, then back up, each time I move down, taking you a little further into my warm mouth, as you reach the back of my mouth, my throat muscles start to relax as you start to move against them, moving back up, then slowly back down, teasing you.

Finally taking you completely into my mouth, my throat muscles squeeze the head gently but firmly every time you move past them. I look up to see your eyes closed and your head slightly back. Moving faster, picking up the pace, I feel you harden even more within my mouth. My fingers at the base starting to move in rhythm with my mouth, covering you completely.

Slowing down the pace slightly, wanting you, I release you from my mouth, licking up again from base to tip before slowly standing, and seeing an amazed look on your face, then you asking why I stopped.

Taking your hand and leading you over to the counter. hopping up to sit on it, there is now an even eye contact, as you see the pure devilment in my green eyes, as I slowly take your hand and let you discover that at least one item of clothing had been removed before I even entered the kitchen. A look of surprise is on your face, as I laugh softly, my hands holding your hips, pulling you towards me.

My legs open to sit at either side of your hips, as my legs start to wind around the back of your legs. Sitting right at the edge of the counter as I pull your body closer to mine, my heart racing as I tilt my head up to kiss you. Feeling your arms wrap around my waist, returning my kiss with a hunger I have never known before, and feeling your arousal against me pushing slightly against my hot center. My legs lift a little so my ankles lock around your waist, as I arch forward to take you inside me.

Slowly feeling your body move against mine, inching inside me, as I groan softly into your neck. My muscles squeeze you gently as you move into me, my body aching for all of you, so my legs pull you sharply against me, and my hips arch to meet yours, taking you completely into my warmth. My heart beating with wild abandon, as my passion for you takes over, moving with you, whimpering softly as I take you further and further into my body.

My teeth lightly grazing your neck as my body moves with yours. Raising my mouth from your neck I kiss you deeply, hungrily, wanting all of you. I can feel your pace quicken, and in return, so does my own. I can feel the heat starting to rise deep inside me as our bodies slick with sweat, move even faster. I feel your body arch forward as an explosion goes off behind my eyes, lifting my body up by gripping your waist with my legs, take you so deep inside me.

As my body stiffens, every muscle tightens squeezing you tightly, I feel you move sharply inside me one last time, as my wet center spasms and drains you completely. I hear you moan with spent energy, and move slightly to the counter leaning against it, as I relax my weight back down against it. My legs still wrapped around you, planting soft kisses on your cheek as your face rests against my shoulder, as you catch your breath.

My heart still beating wildly, as I softly whisper how much I love you, my fingers softly running over your back, and hearing my own heartbeat, finally starting to slow down. Not wanting to move, but knowing I cant sit on the kitchen counter all night, I release you, then sliding off the counter, and looking at you, as you stare at me, asking what got into me this evening.

Smirking, I see you just look over my head at the counter and stove then back down at me, and I whisper, "Don't worry about supper, I'll even make you brownies later" as I dissolve into fits of giggles as you being to tickle me. Warning you that I will get even for the tickling being unfair, and with a promise of getting even later, I take your hand in mine, and lead you down the hallway to the shower....But, that's another story!

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