tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 06

kitty Waited Ch. 06


kitty softly stroked Master and climbed onto His cock when it was good and hard for her. she smiled at Him as He slowly slides into her pussy. It felt so good to have Him inside her and she was all ready purring for Him. kitty worked her pussy around His cock.

kitty rocked her hips as she rode Him. she meowed at Him as one of His hands spanked her and tugged a tad bit at the tail. It felt good to have the tail inside her while she rode Him. It made her feel full and knew she would cum hard for Him. This was indeed going to be a special day for U/us.

"You are such a good kitty for Master. Yes, ride My cock kitty."


"Yes, save Your speech for when You truly beg Me to cum."


Master spanked my butt a bit harder as my pussy tightened around His cock. As my hips rose and fell over Him in rhythm my grip changed. her body was drenching His cock with her juices and starting to run down His shaft. That was how wet she was becoming for Him as she rode Him.

"Yes, kitty, you keep riding My cock and beg Me to cum. Master knows you can't be that far off from needing to cum. Am I right kitty?"


"No, kitty, use your words to that question."

"Yes Master"

"Is Master right about you needing to cum soon?"

"Yes Master, You are right. kitty does need to cum soon. her body quivers over Yours."

"Hmmmm. Such a good kitty you are for Me."

"Please may kitty cum for You Master?"

"You can beg better than that kitty."

"Please Master; may kitty cum hard over Your cock drenching You with her cum?"

"Not yet My kitty but you may cum soon."


Master grabbed my ass and forced my body down tighter on His cock. my body quivered a bit in need as He did that. He felt my body shake and smiled at me as i meowed at Him in pleasure. He moaned at me as He felt me tighten around Him as i settled further down on His cock. He spanked my ass a bit and whispered softly into my ear.

"you may cum now kitty. you may cum hard with Master. Drench my cock with your juices kitty. Show Me what a good kitty can do."

"Oh yes Master!"

With that said kitty came hard and long over His cock. her body shook and quivered as she came. she drenched His cock and down onto His lap. His cock erupted in sync with her orgasm was drenching her pussy with His seed. It felt so good and her orgasm lengthened with His joining hers.

her body quivered and shook until the last bit of her orgasm subsided. Slowly she lessened her grip on His cock. she purred and meowed at Him and kneaded His chest to show her absolute pleasure and love for Him. He kissed her lips and drew her into a long kiss.

"Oh kitty that felt so good. Is kitty happy?"

"Yes Master. kitty is very happy."

"Master is pleased. kitty begged well for Master. you are such a good girl."

"kitty loves to please her Master."

"Then lick up the cum on My cock kitty."

"Yes Master. kitty will lick up the cum that coats Your cock."

kitty slid of His cock and His lap and began licking and sucking on His cock. she was being gentle and mindful that He too had just cum. she licked Him clean of their combined cum. He looked down at her and had a pleased look on His face.

she was enjoying pleasing Him and He had not told her yet to stop. Master would tell her when He was clean. kitty was beginning to think she was in store for all sorts of pleasure and fun with Him today. Master shifted a bit in His seat and tapped her on the shoulder to stop. she looked up at Him and smiled and purred.

"Get back on my lap now kitty."

"Yes Master, kitty will obey."

"That is My good kitty."

kitty curled into Master's lap and ran her hand along His chest. This was a normal behavior for her. she always sat so that Master had easy access to her body. she would just have to swing around a bit to ride Him should He express that need to her. kitty was careful about how she sat in His lap as not wanting to hurt any part of Him.

"Did kitty enjoy herself riding my cock this morning?"

"Mmmmm....yes Master kitty did enjoy herself. she loves to be a pleasure to You. It was very pleasurable to her as well."

"Very good My kitty, that is what Master wanted to know. Kitty?"

"Yes, Master?"

"Tell Master how it made you feel."

kitty started to blush at Master's question. she couldn't help it as expressing such things sometimes made her relive in her mind and sometimes in body what had just occurred. she could feel herself getting very wet again and knew that His lap would soon be getting damp from her. Master didn't mind having a damp lamp.

"It made kitty feel like she was a true pleasure to You. she was not expecting such a treat this morning after what had transpired earlier in the bedroom but is grateful for every moment of pleasure that she gets to spend with You. kitty would never take for granted those moments."

"Any thing else you wish to tell Me, My kitty?"

"It made me feel alive as well Master. i realize that i am always alive really when with You but it made all of my sensations come alive. It truly felt wonderful."

"That pleases Me to hear that kitty. Master does like to know how good You feel from such a pleasurable event between U/us. Master does like to show His love for You and use You for His pleasure as well as yours."

"kitty is happy about that Master."

"Why is that kitty?"

"Because kitty enjoys every moment spent with You. she treasures these special moments because they are beautiful and not something she shares with A/anyone else."

"That was a good answer kitty."

"kitty was just being honest with You Master. she is honest in all things."

"I know kitty. Master likes to hear these things from time to time."

"kitty is getting used to answering Your questions Master. In fact, she is looking forward to them now."

"Oh? kitty is – is she?"

"Yes, Master, kitty is."

"So if Master was to kitty why His lap was wet right now kitty would answer Him?"

"Yes she would", answering while blushing. "Your lap is wet because she was reliving in her mind the events that have transpired between U/us and it's made her wet all over again."

"Awww.....what a good kitty Master has."

"Only the best this kitty is for You Master."

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