tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnight's Conquest Ch. 3

Knight's Conquest Ch. 3


[I got carried away and the chapter is getting quite long. So I decided to put the rest of it in a new one. Sadly, this chapter does not have any sex in it. The next one is fast moving along and will be out soon (less than a week). I promise that I will make up for all the carnal action this one is missing.

I also would like to introduce you to the characters that are participating in my little fantasy.]

Darien – Our Knight
Luna – the demoness
Alana – the wife
Krysta – the prostitute
Nathan – the King
Oscar – the Prince
Brundt – the executioner
Frankel – the commander
Jana – Queen

* * * * *

You arrived at the Prince Oscar's quarters. Standing by the door is Aldrin. Aldrin is the regular escort of the Prince. "Aldrin, what is your excuse in getting this day off?" you interrogated.

"Hello to you, too, Darien." He answered sarcastically. "Before I answer your question, congratulate me first." He continued.

"Alright, congratulations! Don't tell me you got promoted." You replied. "Don't be so surprised, if I am. However, I'm not getting promoted. I have to take the day off to witness the birth of my first child. The intervals of my wife's contraction are getting shorter. Lady Hilda said she might give birth today." He said joyously.

"Congratulation will not be enough. This is a cause for celebration. I didn't even know that your wife is pregnant. Why did you keep this a secret?" I asked. "You know that we have been trying to have a child for a long time. Thank God, He finally heed my prayers. Keeping an eye on the Prince is a full time job. I don't even attend our meetings anymore. So I didn't really get the chance to break it to you guys. And truthfully, I don't want to jinx it."

"Give my regards to your wife. And let me know if it is a boy or a girl." You yelled and he hastily walked away. He just waved back and smiled. You turned around and resume his post. You are just adjusting yourself to be more comfortable when one of the servants peeked through the door.

"Sir, Your Highness would like you to come in." The servant pulled the door wider to let you in. The prince has just finished clothing himself, spun around slowly and asked, "Knight! How do I look? Am I presentable enough for the people of our kingdom?"

"You look elegant, your highness." You answered. He held up a mirror and smooth out his eyebrows and mustache. "Hmm… Something is missing. Get my blue hat with a feather on the left side." The servant quickly went to the other room and came back to with the hat. Prince Oscar put it on, turns his head from side to side while looking at the mirror, and concluded. "This is perfect. I'm ready to go. Lead the way, knight."

He started to stride towards you when he suddenly stops. "Ooops.. I almost forgot. Servant, fetch me the scroll with a pink ribbon in the second drawer of the desk near the south window of my study." The servant disappeared into the another room and reappeared carrying and the scroll. He bends over as he handed the paper to his Prince. "It's not for me. Give it to the knight."

You reluctantly accepted it. You are about to pull the string when Prince Oscar stopped you. "That letter is from Krysta. Don't read it here. Open it when you are alone." You tried to hand it back to the Prince and said, "I'm sorry, Sire. I don't know anybody named Krysta. Your highness must have been mistaken."

"Trust me, knight, you know Krysta. Just put it away for now and let's proceed to the coliseum. My audience is waiting." You put the scroll inside your vest and walk with him to your destination. It is quite a distance from the palace to the arena. You passed through the town. The people seem to love the Prince. The gathered around him as strolls down the street. They would make way and bow as he passed. He would wave, smile and say hello to the town folks. After a few more minutes, you arrived at the arena.

There is a line of guards by the entrance. Upon seeing the Prince, they unsheathe their swords, raised it above their heads and salute the royalty. You stood at the prince left side as you passed under the canopy of sharp blades. After you passed the last guard, they put the blades back to their scabbard and resume their stance. The crowd rose and cheers as the prince arrived at his seat in the middle of the front row. You, on the other hand, remained standing to watch over the activities below. A few hours went by, you felt a light tap on your shoulder.

It was Aldrin. Before you can ask the reason why he is not with his family, he explained that it was a false alarm. It will be another day before the baby comes out. He said that he is here to relieve you. He already discussed the matter with Frankel. You waited for a lull moment to interrupt Prince Oscar and excuse yourself from the proceedings. He doesn't care less, either way. So wade yourself through the crowd to get out of the stadium.

You reported back to Frankel to obtain new orders. He is sitting by his study and scribbling some notes. You tried to get his attention with a soft voice so that you won't startle him. But before a croak comes out of you mouth, he turned around and greets you with a rather somber tone. He looks befuddled.

You walked over and queried to what is bothering him. He put down his pen down and stood up. He walked a few steps to the bar and fixed himself a drink (Hyla flower tea). He offered you some, but you kindly refused. He took a sip and started to play with his mustache. He, then, started to narrate and explain the problem to me.

"I received reports of several missing individuals since the last 2 months. Most of them are men, but there are some ladies, as well. Most of them disappeared in the dark mountains. I already sent some scouts out there, but they reported nothing. Although the dark mountains is remote and close to the edge of our territory, merchants and hunters doesn't seem to encounter any pirates or anomalies in that area. It's odd, really odd. But nothing like a good mystery to keep us entertained. So Sir Darien, what can I do for you?"

"You sent Aldrin to take back his post on the Prince's side. Should I go back to my own post, as well? Or do you have something for me to do?" you asked Frankel. "Ah, Darien. All our posts are covered. I guess you can have the rest of the day off? Spend time with you wife. I know you have some leave time coming very soon. I assume you are going to venture out into the countryside. You probably need to spend some time stocking up supplies for the trip. You're dismissed. Take some of the fruits on the table. I won't be able to consume them before they rot."

You thank Frankel for his generosity, to which he just shrugged, and offered that he can summon you anytime he needs assistance. You walked back slowly to your quarters, thinking of what to do the rest of the day.

Upon reaching your abode, you immediately undress and change to civilian clothing. As you are folding and putting away your used clothing, you noticed the scroll that the Prince gave you this morning. You removed it from the pile of clothes and placed it the nightstand on your side of the bed. You planned to read it later but, for now, you have to go to the garden and tell your wife the good news. You are sure that Alana can definitely find something to do for the rest of the afternoon.

The women are usually in the garden picking flowers and arranging them in nice bouquets. Sometime they are in the banquet hall making quilts. Your window overlooks the garden. So, you stretch your neck out to see if she is there. You so no one, just kids running around. You, then, proceeded to the banquet hall. As you walked along the halls of the palace, some of the patrol personnel recognized you and asked why you are in civilian clothing. You told them of you good fortune and continued your way to see your wife.

Upon reaching the banquet room, The lights were out and there is no one in the room, either. You turned around (for the sole reason that you have nothing better to do) and decided to head back to your quarters. You apologized to the old lady that you almost ran over as you spun to face out of the room. You learned from her that all the women went out to the meadows to gather flower seeds that they are going to plant in the garden. You decided not to pursue Alana and just head back to your room and catch back some sleep time.

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