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Knock Knock


You're in the kitchen cooking dinner wearing your red robe. I just came back from work. I see you from behind, sneak up on you and cover your eyes. I say, 'Knock Knock!', your hands grab my waist from behind and you pull me closer. You say, 'Who's there?' I say 'Oh you,' You turn around and look at me. 'Oh you who?' I gently whisper into your ears, 'Oh you look so hot tonight!'

You smile and playfully kiss me. I put my hands on your hips and push you against the fridge. We start to passionately kiss, hands frantically moving against our bodies. The doorbell suddenly rings, but we don't stop. The ringing continues and we still make out and don't care about anything else.

You raise your leg to my waist and grab my face to take my tongue. Our tongues fight passionately in our mouths. I kiss around your neck, shoulders and a little down. You pull me back up to kiss me some more. My hand slides into your robe so it can slide into your panties. Your hand grabs my crotch to feel my increasing hardness. You start to move your hand up and down over my erect manhood. My hand in your panties starts stroking your vagina. The other hand cups your breast. You feel intense waves of pleasure within your body and you don't want me to stop, but soon as your moans start to get a little louder, I take my hand out of your panties.

You kiss and lick my hand dry. I turn you around and slide your robe off of you. I lift you and take you to the dining table and lay you over it. I kiss you on your lips and start kissing down to your feet. I kiss up your bare legs to your waist. I kiss you over your panties.

I grab your panties by my teeth and tug on them. You raise your hips slightly off the table. I slowly pull them down with my teeth. I come up kissing you from your legs to your waist and to your gorgeous breasts. I suck on your nipples and kiss around them, giving you teasing love bites from time to time. After giving time to both your breasts I grab your thighs and pull you to the edge of the table.

I push myself between your thighs. You wrap your legs around my waist and we start kissing. You undo my pants' button and it drops down with a little tug. You take my shirt off and kiss my shoulder. I slide down and spread your legs. I feel wetness on your legs. I kiss where they're wet and keep kissing till I reach your vagina, it's completely drenched. I trace the outline of your vagina with my tongue. I feel the bump of your clit. I suck on it for a while.

You grab me by my hair and you're really enjoying it. You're feeling an orgasm building up in you but I stop just at the end point. You pull me up and make the same position again, pull me between your thighs and wrap your legs around me, your hands on my back, you grab my manhood and place it over your vagina in line with your clit, and I start rubbing my manhood against your vagina.

My manhood is erect and hard, ready to dive into your moist and warm vagina. I rub the tip to tease you a bit more. I place it on the opening and let it go. I place my hands on your waist. You place your hands on my shoulders. For a minute we stare into each other's eyes with passion and desire. I slightly thrust my head in and watch you arc your head back with pleasure. I take it out. You smile and tell me that you really want it in and you're in no mood of games.

You grab it with your hand and forcibly push it in. You are tight at first. You bite my shoulder as I move all of it in all of a sudden. I go slowly out and then slowly back in increasing pace as your vagina opens up to me. You pull me tight close to you so that the rhythm doesn't break. You're losing control and I'm going faster.

You're moaning crazily as I'm going faster and faster, your nails scratching all over my back. You love me inside of you and I know it too. I'm about to explode but I don't want it to end. I pull out and you are shocked.

I kiss you and turn you around on your stomach. I pull your legs further to expose your vagina. I kiss your cheeks and spread your legs, holding your thighs like a wheelbarrow. You cling onto the edge of the table in anticipation. You're expecting a little tease first but to your surprise I go all in, in one push, you let out a scream. I lean over you and cup your breasts and start going in and out of you really fast, the sweet pain you feel is getting intense and I go even faster as your screams get louder. Your hips move up and down as I go in and out.

The sounds of our skins pounding echo in the cold November night. Just as I know time is running out, I pin you in one place. I furiously pound you with all my heart, closing my eyes, wanting to last a bit longer, your screams breaking my concentration. Our steamy sex has really made the whole room atmosphere really warm, we are sweating heavily, but still holding on to each other for our hottest moment together when we climax.

As we are getting closer to our orgasms, the grip of my hands over your body gets tighter, you can feel it that I am just as near as you are. You start moving your body accordingly. As I feel your whole body contracting around me I know its time. I pull out once and just go all in one final time screaming the arrival of an intense climax as my knees go week and I explode inside of you and your body spasms with me and you shower your love juice on me.

The moment slowly subsides. I collapse onto your back. And kiss your neck still inside of you. Both of us are speechless. It takes time to get back to our senses. I get off and collapse onto a dining chair. You get off the table too and sit on me. We share a soft smooth and long kiss. We tightly hug each other and stay in that position for a long time. We sit hugging there your bare breasts against my chest. The smell of sex in the room is too powerful.

I think about just what happened and we exchange a few floating kisses. You feel a tingling in your butt. You move back and look down to see I'm semi hard again. You look up and smile at me devilishly. I smile thinking what you have in mind.

You push me back against the chair, kiss my shoulders and my neck and down my chest to my crotch. Its still wet from being inside of you. You grab hold of my manhood and move your hands along it, rubbing it dry. It gets really hard in your hands and then you gently kiss the tip and just tease it with your tongue. Then you come up and sit on top of me again and we kiss passionately.

I kiss your breasts as you move up to position your vagina on top of my manhood. You just stay there for a while, while I make circles around your nipples with my tongue. I feel your moistness dripping on top of me, I accidentally move up to slide it in. You moan but smile and pin me down again. You still want me to give attention to your gorgeous breasts. I keep nibbling and kissing.

I feel more moistness dripping and then suddenly you grab my hair and go down me with full force and we get to be face to face again. We stare into each other, my manhood inside of you completely, throbbing within you. We are speechless, just breathing heavily. You go up again slowly, I kiss your exposed breast. You do this a couple of times waiting in each position.

You ease your arms around my neck and get closer so that each time you go up your breasts rub against my face. You ease into flow, taking charge of the pace, steadily getting faster and slowing down suddenly from time to time. I kiss whatever my lips touch as you move. As your pleasure builds up you go faster and faster and then you stop going all up but just move slightly up and down and I move up to meet you half way each time. Suddenly the light goes out but we continue in the moonlight.

As you start moving faster and faster the chair starts cracking until It can't take our passion anymore. It breaks and e pile up on the floor. It doesn't stop us and you just get back on top and continue riding me, your gorgeous breasts waving magnificently in the air above me, moving with you, visible in the moonlight. As I feel again we are reaching a climax I push your back onto the floor your legs ease onto my shoulder.

I lick your soaking vagina a bit but you scream for me to just go inside already. I place my hands by your sides to pin you down and start going violently forward and backward. You at first moan with each push but then you start screaming every time I go all in.

Your eyes are closed, you clench onto my head, digging your nails into whatever you find, I just go faster and faster feeling I'll rupture an artery soon. You bite your lips and then let out a scream so loud and long as you climax that it just makes me orgasm at once. Your whole body arcs up with unending pleasure and I just keep moving with you to stay deep and feel the pressure of your climaxing body. You collapse back to the floor and I collapse on top of you soaking with sweat.

We don't wait this time to get back to our senses, we just senselessly kiss each other so passionately and violently. As we relax a bit the kissing slows down and softens up. You move on top of me and kiss me one more time. You settle by my side on my arm and put your head on my chest and your legs over me and we just embrace each other, our juices still flowing here and there now and then, I kiss your forehead and tell you that I love you. You kiss my chest and tell me you love me too. We go to sleep on the kitchen floor with empty stomachs but full on love and sex.

I wake up the next morning to find that you're not there. I see our clothes lying around and the smell of sex still prominent. I find a note on the counter, it reads, "Join me!". In the distance I hear a shower running. A smile comes across my face...

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