Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 07


Crystal was on fire, her pussy streaming with juices that coated the cucumber and my hand, and ran in drips down her asscheeks and thighs. The smell was divine, she was so fucking horny. I didn't have the leverage I had a few moments ago, so pushing the cuke into her cunt was not so easy; but I gripped it with the liquids all around it, twisting it around, sort of just pushing it in and not really pumping it. She was fucking close to cumming, the way she was screaming and gasping. The sight of her wet pink clitty made me go for it, and I leaned forward, tongue out, flicking across her clitoris while I was shoving the fat cucumber into her adoring vagina. Crystal really screamed at that, I felt her hand grab my nude ass to her side while her other hand pulled her knee far to the side, exposing her cunt more to me. I tasted her musky wet clitty, teasing it by flicking just the tip of my tongue over it, around and around, while her pussylips stretched to take the thick cucumber deeper into her pussy. I rammed the banana hard into my own cunt, going in a good four inches, feeling it provide a little relief to my cock-hungry twat.

My friend thrashed with an orgasm, squeezing the cucumber so hard it started to slide out, I really had to grab it and keep it shoved into her cunt while she cried to the end of her climax. Squeezing the hard cucumber in her gushing pussy left her breathless, she almost choked, trying to regain her breaths, almost fearing her breathing had stopped forever.

Next thing I knew, Crystal was pulling me on top of her, in a "69" position. I'd done this with Thom about 48 hours earlier, and made him cum in my mouth. Now, I was fucking her pussy still with the cucumber, staring down at it, while I felt her grab the banana from my hand. It's not what she wanted. The banana launched off the bed onto my floor somewhere, discarded by my lusting female guest, and she was already reaching into the plastic grocery bag for another device. I looked over, laughing, seeing her take a carrot out.

A carrot? That's not that thick.

Not for a pussy, it isn't.

She didn't wait. With my knees spread around her head, my small tight half-Asian ass in the air, Crystal immediately touched the blunt, thick end of the carrot -- the top, I guess -- against my pussylips, but just to get it wet. Moments later, I felt the hard veggie move upwards, between my asscheeks, and a second later, I had the most erotic feeling of that carrot at the hole to my butt. I screamed in shock, leaning forward as if to move away, but Crystal did it, pushing the lubricated carrot into my butthole. Fuck it felt strange! The pressure in me was intense, moreso than Thom's finger had been two nights earlier. The carrot was fucking hard, without relief, as it shoved an inch or two inside my butthole.

Crystal's mouth was simultaneously on my clitoris, licking juices off of it, sucking it into her thick lips, before sliding upwards and shoving her teenage tongue into my aching cunthole. I rammed my hips back, shrieking, loving it. Crystal was eating my pussy while she was pushing the carrot into my butt.

You won't believe the fun we had doing this. I had three or four orgasms for sure, first from the carrot in my ass and the cunnilingus she was performing, then a few minutes later from a zucchini in my cunt, and finally from a sweet potato that Crystal shoved into me. That potato was fucking unadulterated lust, let me tell you. First, it's like hard as a rock, so it hurts going in -- my cunt can't squeeze it like a cock, it just goes into me as thick as it is. Second, it's shaped for fucking. Crystal could grab the wide blunt end, shaped like the head of a baseball bat or something, getting good leverage on it. The other end was more narrow and a little pointy, like a nice dildo, which she shoved a good four inches into my pussy. It got thick fast and that stretched open my cunt too, and the horny Latina began hammering it into me, fucking me hard with it, pumping her arm and shoving the hard root in and out of my amazingly horny pussy. I came so hard around that sweet potato, twice.

Meanwhile, I used the cucumber on her pussy, later joined by another carrot I shoved into her butt, so she got double-penetrated under me. I was leaning back a lot to fuck the veggies in my own pussy as I bent on my fours in reverse position over her nude body; but I gave her enough attention holding the cucumber and carrot to fuck her twin holes, going back and forth between them to fuck her hard, giving Crystal some orgasms of her own. The liquids all over her smooth bronze thighs, asscheeks and abdomen sparkled in the bright lights of my bedroom.

"Mi amiga," screamed my slutty Latina friend, "you're so fucking good, I'm so fucking horny!"

The DVD had been playing the whole time on my laptop, shuttled off to a corner of the bed. I glanced over at it, seeing a black guy with an amazing bone -- can we say 10 or more inches? -- stuffing himself into a petite white brunette with super-large fake tits.

Cock. Dang, these veggies were fun, but they weren't cocks.

No, we didn't have a cock in my room.

But, in Daddy's room . . . .

With a scream of pain and relief, I crawled off of Crystal's body, falling to my side, making her remove the objects from my ass and cunt. I was achy-sore, but still so horny, and my cunt was dying for the ultimate relief. Fucking a salad wasn't the real thing. I hoped that Crystal felt the same way too.

We both needed a few seconds to catch our breaths, moaning and purring, then I looked over my shoulder to see her smiling towards me. The mutual satisfaction was amazing.

"I never knew you were a little slut," the Latina slut cackled at me, her mouth so wet from my pussyjuices that she'd been licking.

I sat up, arching my back, watching her gaze at my A-cup little titties. My eyes fell to her naked body in return. Her big tits had those huge long dark nipples; her shaved pussy and all of the soft, bronze skin around it was glistening with her cuntjuices. She had puppy-dog eyes looking up at me, wondering what I was planning next. Behind me, my laptop computer was making muted sounds of the white girl screaming from the huge black cock pounding her vagina. "So," I asked casually, not sure if it was a good idea, ""you wanna have some REAL fun tonight?"

Crystal nodded affectionately, smiling warmly up to me. "Well this is pretty fucking fun -- whatcha mean?"

"Just play along," I commanded exuberantly, climbing off my bed and helping her to do the same, "just follow my lead."

It was the perfect plan, I suddenly realized, to make my hottest fantasies become reality.

Daddy, do I ever have a present for you!

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