tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 03

Kyle's Porch Ch. 03


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.

Part three of eight: A love leaves, and comes back broken


She looked off into the night, biting a finger nail. "I'm technically not a virgin, I went to a party on campus early in my freshman year. Somebody drugged the drinks they gave the girls there. I was raped, I don't know how many times nor do I remember it. I hope I never do. Since then I haven't let anyone that close. I should have reported it but none of us did."

"And making me promise?"

"I wanted you to break your promise. I had to make you promise, so I could feel safe with you. Every time I looked at you, even the first time, I wanted you to take me, show me what I have been missing. But you're too... Noble. You gave me your word, and you kept it. I d-didn't realize w-what I w-was p-putting you through."

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, she set me straight. She was not kind." Kate looked at her hands laying in her lap now.

I let out a breath. "So where we go from here?"

She said in a small voice. "You could tell me to leave."

"No. I don't think I could do that."

"What do you want me to do?" She asked with fear.

"I don't want either of us to do anything rash. I won't send you away, but I won't ask you sleep with me. I need time to straighten myself out. You nearly burned me out. Another week and I would have moved somewhere else until you left here. I never would have looked back. Now I at least I have hope returning. Can you stick it out until the weekend? Then with no job to worry about, I can free my mind to find you again."

"What do you mean, about your job?" Her voice was small.

"I work around machines bigger then this porch, on steel parts heavier then your motor home. If I make a mistake it could ruin a $50,000 casting, at the least. If it comes loose. It also could take a half-million dollar machine with it. Or my life and the guy working behind me. I have to have my mind clear to do that kind of work. If you still have an interest in me Friday night. We will have a serious open discussion, to decide our lives from there."

"I'm so sorry. I never knew your job was so dangerous. Can you forgive me even just a little?"

I said. "Come here."

She slowly got up not being able to see my face. I held out my hand as she came around the table and guided her to sit in my lap.

She said "For real?"

"Just a friendly hug between friends, Okay?"

"It will do for now."

I needed sleep so I didn't hold her long. It was just before my alarm went off that I woke up with an arm full of girl, with clothes on. I was able to get ready for work without waking her but her arm was searching the bed for me. I kissed her before I left, that seemed to satisfy her. That was our new routine up to Friday.

She was there when I walked onto the porch. She put on her halter and panties and picked up a shirt. We went in side and I started the cooler. She slid the shirt on and watched every move. I had not said any more from earlier in the week. Although she slept with me, that's all we did, and she was always dressed.

We talked for hours, we talked about our past, our present and our future. One of her concerns was what we would do if she had the opportunity to do field research. I said. "Don't take it if I can't go with you."

Kate and I settled into a hot summer romance. She moved her RV on to the property, parked in her designated area. She didn't live in it anymore. All her stuff now stayed in the house. Nigh-time bird activities turned out to be of little interest to her, so she set her activities to match mine. When I left for work She went to work. When I came home She took a brief break, then we sat or lay near each other while she studied until the light was gone.

We never had actually asked each other to marry, it was always "when we get married." We spent a few hours every weekend at my parents. Mom and Kate were always talking, and dad was captivated by Kate too.

In August Kate picked up a urinary tract infection that had us all worried. I took her in to see the Doctor and a few days later she was fine. Then a few weeks later she came down with dysentery. There were several night-time accidents from that. I cleaned up the messes and her. She was quite embarrassed about it. The Doctor told her quite bluntly to stop lying naked in the sand. Something she was always doing.

She closed down her study in November and returned the equipment to Tucson, the motor home to her parents. She came back in her car to write up her report. It took until the middle of December.

She planed to visit her folks in California over the holidays, she had a presentation for the first week in January. Then she would come home here and wait for an assignment.

The second week of January, much concerned, I called the office in charge of her studies and was told she was out of the country on a field expedition for at least two months.

I was so thrown by this, I had to ask my boss to put me on hardware machining. I didn't trust myself to be able to concentrate on the dangerous stuff. He looked at me for several minutes and agreed.


By April I was back on the big stuff. I hadn't heard anything from Kate. After the first several weeks mom and dad stopped asking about her. They could see how much it hurt me.

The beauty of the view was starting to return to me. I was spending more time on the porch. Saturday morning the phone rang and I assumed it was mom, she had been keeping a watchful eye on me lately. A voice said. "Kyle open the gate, let me in."

I automatically said. "Okay." And hung up.

I knew it was her, after hanging up. It would do no good to ignore her, she could just jump the fence. As I took the 4-wheel out to the gate, a very bitter feeling settled in on me. She looked good, although she had put on weight. I opened the gate and after a brief kiss she drove to the house. Apparently she was just going to continue as if nothing had happened. I left the gate open and returned on the 4-wheel. She was starting lunch and I sat on the couch, I didn't want to watch her, I didn't want to loose my anger or bitterness.

She took her top and jeans off, it was warm enough. She paraded into the front room and sat in front of me on the coffee table. I forced myself to look her over. She had put weight on around her thighs hips and breasts. She had lost some of the school girl look. I realized she hadn't suffered from our separation. Worse for me I realized she hadn't been without a lover, there were faint hickey marks on her throat and breasts not yet completely healed.

She sensed that it wasn't going to be easy. She said. "Kyle, you knew these expeditions come up quickly sometimes."

"There was no mail service from where you were? You certainly don't look like you were missing me very hard, you've gained ten or fifteen pounds haven't you?"

"Kyle we were so busy, the food there was very rich."

"I'm trying hard to want to believe you, but you should have waited another week for the hickey marks to be all gone. I seem to remember you wouldn't let me do that to you."

"Kyle, he meant nothing to me, it was you I thought of. I came back to marry you! It was so lonely out there without you."

"I was just as lonely here without you. But I didn't take a lover to pass the time with. Although I hadn't heard from you. I still believed in you, us."

She started another approach of denial. I said. "STOP! I loved you with all my heart. My soul is wrapped up in the thought of the girl in my life last summer. You are not her anymore... Miss Kate Brown please leave my property. You are not welcome here any more."

She sat in shock for a moment. Then she picked up her stuff and left, several times she tried to speak to me but I was past listening. She kept looking back not believing that I was serious. I followed her on the 4-wheel, to the gate. She got out of her car on the other side as I closed it and she started to speak.

I didn't let her. "Miss Brown. Good bye, good luck in your continued ... researches. Don't, come back."

She knew I was talking of her sexual researches because she put her hand on her neck where some of them were.

"Kyle! Don't do this!"

Calmly I said. "If this was to be an isolated incident. I might have been able to get past it. A few times in the sack and I would forgive you. But you have no remorse, You didn't really miss me much. But what about next time, would I accept some foreign sexually transmitted disease?

-But I was thinking of you?

The time after that, maybe a baby.

-I was thinking of you?

No. You only think of you. For the last time, Good bye, I don't yet hate you."

I drove away from the gate. She spun the tires violently in the dirt. I think I got her attention. Now I had to call mom because I knew Kate would head there next.

"Hi mom, she came back. She's gained weight and a bunch of old hickeys. I booted her off the place, I think you'll see her next. I'll be over Sunday. Bye."

I kept it brief because I only wanted to warn her. I wasn't ready to talk about it. I sat on the porch and got a little drunk, the phone would ring for a while, it didn't bother me. I made up a list of things to do.

1. Change my phone number.

2. Change the locks, 2 Gates, 1 house.

3. Put up new, no trespassing signs.

4. Run a 4th strand of wire on the fence posts.

4b add iron to the gates to raise the height.

5. Destroy the steps from the wildlife refuge.

I could start #4 and #4b tomorrow morning. I had some iron angles in the garage, and there were several rolls of barbed wire also. But I should wait for the signs #3 so I didn't have to make two trips around. #5 was a good one too.

Sunday afternoon I went for dinner. Dad was in the yard mowing. He shut down and greeted me "Son, she came here all smiles, she left crying. I didn't speak to her at all."

Then he got back on the mower. I went into the kitchen and mom had a cold glass of milk for me. I kissed her and sat down.

"She came here sure she could snow me. I saw how she had been living good, nothing to bother herself over while you lost weight. I saw the hickeys and the changes in her personality. I greeted her like I didn't know she had seen you. I asked if she had been to see you yet, She said your gate was locked, and she couldn't get in. Things went downhill from there. I never told her you had called. And son, there wasn't just one man, she was playing off two against each other to get what she wanted. I'm sorry, I thought she was such a nice person last year."

"Last year she was mom. I told her she wasn't the same person anymore. I'm going to change my phone number tomorrow, I'll let you know the new one. I'll change the gate and house keys too. I'll bring you over the new ones next Sunday."

Dad came in and we hashed it over some more. I stayed there overnight.

The next day I got the phone company busy, stopped at a sign store and placed an expensive order for durable steel no trespassing signs. It took the better part of two months to complete the tasks.

It wouldn't keep out any determined person, but I would call the Sheriff if she broke in. I think I would have prosecuted too.

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