tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 10

La Playa Ch. 10


Many thanks once again to Susurrus for his expert editing!

Larry and Laura arrived at the launch dock mid-morning on Wednesday, and took a seat under an awning to wait for Jack and Diane. They had made this date on Monday after meeting the sexy couple at this same dock and sharing a great adventure with them on the Isle of Eros. Jack and Diane had introduced them to some of the thrills of bisexuality that day, and the two couples became instant friends. They had dined and played together the previous night, and had agreed to a different approach to the day's outing.

Both couples were experienced swingers. Coincidentally, both had only enjoyed same room full swap and the girls decided that separate full swap might be a fun bit of extra spice to add to the day, especially if they twisted the concept of "full swap" with bisexuality. So they agreed the previous evening that Jack would pair with Laura and Larry with Diane for the first few hours, exploring the island and having whatever fun presented itself. Then, the four of them would meet for lunch, pairing off boy-boy and girl-girl for the remainder of the afternoon.

Larry was a little afraid that Jack would have an intense emotional effect on Laura, since he was in better shape than Larry, had blonde hair and a devilish grin kind of like Robert Redford, who was Laura's heart throb. Jealousy and "cheating" were always just under the surface in the lifestyle, and experienced swingers were bound to see a few fights and marital blow-ups at parties and clubs. Swinging was definitely not appropriate for many couples, but for those who understood both its possibilities and its limitations, could maintain some degree of separation of sex from emotion (an admittedly difficult prospect), and who had a healthy relationship in the rest of their life, it could provide some wonderful bonuses.

Larry knew that was why so many swingers were middle-aged, and why you often found couples who were on their second or third marriages before they found each other and clicked in the lifestyle. You had to be mature and self-confident enough to handle the emotional challenges. He turned to look at Laura who was beaming at him.

"What's the grin for?" he asked with a smile of his own.

"I noticed how intently you were thinking just now. I know exactly what thoughts were going through your head, and that made me think of how very much I love you," answered Laura.

"You had a worry about this full swap idea, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it," she continued. "We wouldn't be normal if we didn't worry at least a little bit, but it's being aware of each other's feelings, respecting each other as individuals, and giving each other the freedom to grow that swinging is really all about, isn't it?"

"Well, that and having free access to all the pussy a man can imagine," Larry grinned.

He ducked as she swept the large floppy sun hat she was wearing off and toward his head, then came back up and took her in his arms.

"I love you, Woman, and I'm proud of you. Thank you for being so amazing. I hope you have a great time with Jack today, and with Diane. You two seem to have really hit it off."

Laura smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "That's my wonderful Neanderthal," she said, patting him on the head. "You know you have nothing to worry about. Really, it probably ought to be me worrying that Jack will steal you away after last night," she observed.

Last night Larry had fucked his first male ass, and had been quite taken by the way Jack could clamp down on him. Larry hadn't returned the favor, and remained an anal virgin, but could that last barrier be all that far from crumbling?

Larry blushed a bit, remembering how incredible Jack's warm canal felt, and said, "Honey, no man could ever replace you. I mean, just look at you!"

He leaned back and drank her in. She had replaced the floppy straw hat, wore sunglasses that would be stylish on the Costa del Sol, a large shell necklace, no top, and one of her Wicked Weasel bikini bottoms. Light sandals adorned her feet, which also sported three toe rings. She grinned, stood, and did her best Jane Mansfield imitation, thrusting her hips one way and her 36C breasts another, one hand behind her head.

Three wolf whistles cut the air as Larry, Jack, and Diane all expressed their appreciation in near-unison. Jack and Diane were just starting across the boardwalk onto the dock. Diane skipped ahead of her lover/husband and squealed into Laura's arms. The women kissed passionately, then separated slightly and looked into each other's eyes.

"Good morning, Lover," smiled Diane. "You look good enough to eat right here."

"Hey, that's my girl you're groping!" Jack yelled, "At least for this morning."

"Well, you better bring her back to me in good condition, Don Juan," said Diane. "I have plans for this wench this afternoon!"

"Hey, what about me?" laughed Larry. "I feel like the ugly step brother all of a sudden."

"Don't you worry, sweetcakes," Jack cooed as he took Larry's hand and pulled him into an embrace. "I've got similar plans both for this," he boldly squeezed Larry's cock through his Speedo, "and this," he announced, grabbing Larry's ass cheek and giving it a pat.

"That's right," Diane said, smiling.

"Jack was talking at breakfast about how you two boys have some unfinished business to take care of. I hope we get to watch!" she said as she squeezed Laura's nipple.

This flustered Larry a little, who had only opened the door to gay sex a couple days earlier, but he covered his embarrassment with bravado saying, "Well, it'll be up to you to get me ready for him, Honey! Let's get on the boat."

They gathered their beach bags and boarded the launch, which had arrived at the dock a couple of minutes before. The boatman really loved his work. His passengers were a constant visual feast. The one woman with the big straw hat and no top had luscious looking tits. And the next couple, both completely nude except for matching straw cowboy hats, puka necklaces, and sandals looked like movie stars. He had learned already that he needed to beat off on every break to be able to maintain concentration for safely delivering his passengers to their Island of Love.

Diane said, "Uh uh, you two," as Larry and Laura began to sit down side by side. "Pairing off begins officially right now, and Laura, you are in my space!"

With a giggle, Laura got up and moved past Diane, tweaking a nipple ring as she passed, to take a seat next to Jack. Diane, though, sat down directly into Larry's lap.

"Hi, Lover," she murmured as she nuzzled into his lips for kiss. "Did you bring along the butt plug I told you to get?"

Diane knew instinctively that a man like Larry would need encouragement and coaching to achieve full situational bisexuality. She doubted that he had a truly bi or gay bone in his body. Instead, she thought of her new friend as a hedonist who had intellectually come to the conclusion that good sex was good sex, no matter what the actual act entailed, and was thus open to bisexual situations. Her assessment was right on, and Larry responded well.

"Yes'm," Larry replied. "I suppose you and Jack are a-wearin' them cowboy hats to do some bronc busting today?" he asked in an exaggerated drawl.

"Sugar, the only thing that will be busted today is your cherry!" enthused Diane as she smothered his mouth and thrust her tongue down his throat.

Jack and Laura were similarly engaged on the other side of the launch as it made the short trip out to the Isle of Eros. Laura had a hand wrapped around Jack's rapidly hardening eight inches, and Jack had Laura's left nipple between a thumb and forefinger as they kissed. Jack thought Laura's tits were truly perfect. He loved Diane's 38C chest, but found that Laura's smaller breast fit into his palm ideally, and her nipples were incredibly responsive. Laura swooned a bit as the cock in her hand grew and the man attached to it twisted her nipple, sending strong sex signals throughout her body. This was going to be a fun day!

The boatman kissed the launch to the small dock on the island, and his passengers broke their various embraces almost reluctantly. A third couple, inspired by the foursome, broke off from the licking the one man was giving his friend's nipples and jumped up on the dock.

"Thanks again, Nigel," said Jean Luc as he waved at the boatman and grabbed Gil's hand for the walk to the beach.

"Yes, Nigel, we appreciate the ride," said Diane, picking up the boatman's name and blowing him a kiss as she stepped across the gunwale.

"Anytime, missy, anytime!" Nigel grinned at the nude woman as he realized that the two couples were disembarking in different pairings than they boarded in.

"Hi, and welcome back," smiled Jacklyn, the Beach Service Coordinator. "Will you folks want to share a palapa again today?"

"You have a good memory," said Laura, "but today we'd like separate palapas, if two are available."

"Yes, and we'd like some distance between them, if that's possible," chimed in Diane. She gave the lovely resort employee a devilish grin saying, "We're playing a little game today."

"Sure, no problem," Jacklyn replied.

"There weren't as many people here early this morning. I guess the BDSM class took it out of some of them last night," she said with a laugh. "How about Palapa 12 for you," she gestured to Jack and Laura, "and Palapa 3 for you?"

"That will be fine, Jacklyn," replied Laura. "I don't suppose we could get you to reserve a table for four at the Cabana at noon as well?"

"Of course. I'll go put the reservation sign on it right away. The gong will ring at noon to announce lunch. You all remember about using the flags to call for service, and to be extra careful about the sun, don't you? We have a guest in the infirmary today who didn't heed that advice yesterday."

"We'll be careful. Promise," Jack assured her, once again appreciating the tanned beauty whose breasts stood out under the gauze of her see-through uniform top.

"Then have a great day, and we'll see you at noon!" Jacklyn said as she waved them toward the beach.

The foursome walked together as far as Palapa 3, then paused to say their farewells.

"Have fun, Sweetheart, and don't worry," said Laura to Larry as she kissed him reassuringly. "You're the guy I'll be sitting next to when the plane takes off on Saturday. I promise."

"You too, Woman," Larry said as he gave his wife a warm hug.

"You'll have him all primed for me?" Jack asked Diane in a low voice as they shared their own embrace.

"You betcha, Tiger," smiled Diane as she pressed her pierced nipples into his chest. "And don't wear that pretty pussy out for me. I'm feeling like she's going to be a special lover for a long time."

"You wonderful slut!" Jack laughed as he cupped his wife's ass cheeks, pulled her closer still, and soul kissed her one more time.

With that, Jack released Diane and grabbed Laura's hand, saying, "Come on, Wench, I need suntan lotion on some tender parts!" He shot over his shoulder as he walked away with his friend's wife, " Have fun with the slut, Larry!" then dragged Laura off down the beach.

Larry and Diane took care of the business of sunscreen first, taking Jack's cue. Of course, they spent extra time on each other's erogenous zones, and kissed hungrily throughout the process.

"Now where is that butt plug, Lover?" Diane asked as she reached for a few packets of lube in the palapa's supply box.

Larry reached into the beach bag and removed a small box he had picked up at Geppeto's just after breakfast. It contained a copper colored bullet butt plug that the hostess in the shop had told him was recommended for extended wear. During a long, slow fuck they had shared the previous night, with Diane atop him as Jack plowed Laura from behind over on the sofa, Diane had whispered in his ear about the incredible pleasures of anal sex.

She had painted a picture with her creative mind that became cemented in Larry's as he fucked Jack later. Then she whispered her instructions for him to pick up the plug before coming to the island as they said their goodbyes. The whispering gave the event an illicit flavor, though Larry wouldn't have been surprised to learn that Laura and Jack knew all about Diane's furtive scheming, and indeed that Laura had approved the plan when she and Diane had been slow dancing right after dinner.

Larry opened the box and handed the butt plug, a little uncertainly, to Diane.

"Be gentle. Go slow, please?" he pleaded with her.

"Don't worry, sweetie, when I'm done with you, this will feel great. Now lie down on the chaise and let Lady Diane get at you."

Larry spread a towel, removed his Speedo (why had he bothered, he wondered) and lay down on the oversized lounge. He drew his knees up half way to his chest, and Diane settled her elegant derriere down beside him. She pressed his knees apart, leaned over and using only her lips took his semi-flaccid member in her mouth and sucked down to the base.

This was only the second time Larry had experienced Diane's suctioning lips, and he moaned his approval and relaxed his head back on the recliner. Diane tongued, licked, and sucked his shaft like the expert she was, all the while opening the package of lube, lubricating and setting aside the plug, then moving her fingers toward Larry's ass. At her urging Larry slipped lower in the chair and pulled his knees to his chest as she tongued his balls. Then she used her thumbs to spread his cheeks and trailed her tongue down from his balls to his anus, rimmed him for several seconds, then licked back up again. She repeated this move several times before she moved a thumb to his hole and began circling it.

Using a combination of spit and lube she circled his asshole, pressing in slightly harder with her thumb on every third revolution, until suddenly her thumb slipped into his anal cavity. With that, she swallowed his now-hard shaft once again right down to the base. Man, could this girl suck cock!

Larry moaned loudly as this sexual dynamo manipulated his cock and ass. He found himself unconsciously moving his hips, trying to get more of the invading digit in his ass. Diane sensed his readiness, and replaced her thumb with two fingers, beginning an instant pumping motion. She matched the movements of her neck and fingers, sucking this sweet cock and finger-fucking the ass that her husband would deflower later in the day with gusto.

After a number of thrusts she modified her fucking, spreading her fingers slightly more on each out stroke, and making sure to add more lube as she went. When she judged he was loose enough, she added a third finger and began a circular motion with her wrist, all the time giving him one of the best blowjobs of his life. Larry was in ecstasy, and felt his cum building in his balls.

"Oh god, baby, that is so good!" moaned Larry. "You're going to have to slow down or I'm going to cum!"

Diane lifted her mouth from his organ and responded, "That's what I want, Lover. I want your cum in my mouth right now while I fuck your ass. Give me your juice, baby. Don't worry, I know how to make sure you have more for later!"

And she plunged her lips and tongue back down his cock. Larry's smaller mind took control at the sexy words, and he let out another groan as she resumed her cocksucking. It was when her fingers penetrated deeply enough to hit his prostate that he lost all control. Guttural grunts escaped his throat, his eyes clenched tight, and he lifted his ass into the air, thrusting up to meet the mouth that pounded up and down on his shaft as he exploded. Diane felt his asshole clenching rhythmically around her fingers as she captured, but did not swallow, the pulses of seed that drenched her throat. She moaned her encouragement around the rock hard shaft as she milked his cum for all she was worth.

As she felt Larry's body begin to relax and settle back down on the chaise she simultaneously released the suction on his cock and reached for the butt plug with her free hand. Removing the three fingers from his ass and leaning up to kiss him, she easily slipped the small bullet into his rear as she passed him his own cum to taste. This brought on a second mini-orgasm in Larry as the plug passed his relaxed sphincter and his mind enjoyed the nasty pleasure that this minx was offering him.

They swapped his cum back and forth a few times before a thought hit him and he made a show of swallowing for her. His ass felt full, but deliciously so. Laura had helped him with an enema this morning, and he had only drunk some papaya and nibbled some fruit for breakfast in the combination of hope, dread, and expectation that Jack would fuck him later.

"Ooh, you're getting to be quite the sybarite!" exclaimed Diane as Larry took her into his arms.

She loved Jack dearly, and would never leave him, but one of the things she loved about swinging was getting into the arms of the some of the big men, six feet and over and feeling their power. She molded her body to his and slid up and down on the combination of sunscreen and sweat, feeling the delicious pull of her nipple piercings on his chest. Larry let his hands explore this marvelous compact body, so similar to Laura's and yet so different, especially in the size and cushiness of the exquisite teats that massaged his chest and stomach.

A finger found her prominent clit and flipped the ring that ran through it roughly, causing her body to jerk with each manipulation. Her hand was also busy on his cock, and he was pleasantly surprised to find himself remaining mostly hard after that very intense cum. He realized now that her strategy had been to spend his first cum in the hope of giving him long-lasting staying power, and that she had played her cards perfectly. With that thought he crushed her lips with his own and rolled atop this now placid and willing woman, who only moments before had him completely under her spell. She spread her legs around his torso and guided his hot member toward her pussy with her hand, crying out in delight as the hard manhood speared deep into her belly with one smooth thrust.

Laura, in the meantime, was off in her own ecstatic world. Jack's cock was buried deep in her ass (she had followed the same regimen as Larry that morning of an enema and light breakfast) and she was asking him a constant stream of lewd questions about what he would like to do to her husband as she rode him cowgirl-style under the shade of the palapa. They had chatted amiably during their longer walk, holding hands and discussing the beautiful people on the beach, the pleasures of the resort, and their delight in lucking in to such a compatible pairing of couples that first morning on the boat. Like Larry and Diane they had liberally applied sunscreen to each other as they settled in to their designated location, then had moved into a torrid sixty-nine.

Laura had a hard time with the extra size of Jack's cock in her throat. She wondered to herself again about the diversity of nature and the fact that her man, considerably bigger than Jack in most ways, was smaller than him in the cock department. True, there was only an inch difference in their length, but Jack's cock was also fatter. This worried her a bit when she thought of Larry giving up his anal cherry to this monster, but then she remembered the plan Diane had shared with her and all their careful preparations. Then the thought occurred to her that she could test out the size of this cock ahead of time for her horny but anally inexperienced husband. Laura was one of the relatively rare women who genuinely enjoyed anal sex, which always made her a hit with the guys at various swinger parties and venues.

She lifted her lips from Jack's cock and said, "Hey, stud, how about a nice ass fuck to start your day?"

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