tagBDSMLady Arndale Ch. 02

Lady Arndale Ch. 02


Lady Arndale could have easily applied the cream herself but had asked me to do it instead.

The bruising on her arse where I had smacked her with the hairbrush wasn’t too bad, but I knew she enjoyed the sensation of me rubbing the cream on her. I shouldn’t have been there at all of course, it was nearly seven in the morning, I started my work as a gardener on the Arndale Estate in hour’s time. Instead I looked at Lady Arndale’s beautiful face in the dresser mirror as she bent over her chair. Her woollen skirt was pulled up tightly over her bum, leaving the marked cheeks exposed as I some of the cream towards the stocking-tops on her thighs. Lady Arndale always wore stockings now, it just made for easier access…

Hmm, I trailed a cream-covered finger lightly between her arse cheeks. I felt her shiver a little, her large breasts heaving inside her white blouse. I used my own foot to part her high-heeled feet apart a little as I leaned and kissed the back of her neck. I was still naked, my warm body against hers.

“Aren’t you done yet?” she asked, my eyes watching hers in the mirror.

“No,” I replied, caressing her left tit with my hand while the fingers of my right hand trailed back down in between her buttocks. “No, I don’t think I am…”

I scooped some more cold cream on my index finger and began to trail it over her arse again arriving at the cleft of her cheeks. I motioned her legs apart a bit more. This time, with little circular motions, I began to work my finger into her arsehole.

“Oh,” she moaned, as my hand travelled up form her breasts to over her throat. I gave a little squeeze as my finger worked deeper. Her eyes widened, mouth opened. My finger began slowly, but surely to fuck her tiny hole.

“I certainly don’t think I’m finished… I think you’re not completely finished either… are you slut?” I knew the effect the word would have on Lady Arndale as she pushed back on my finger, her slippery, cream covered bum taking my finger to the hilt. “Sluts never are. What do you want, my dirty little slut?”

“If you even think… oh… about putting that filthy cock up my arse again, you’ll get such a thrashing… ummm… young man.”

The thought of going over Lady Arndale’s lap for a spanking made my erect twitch with anticipation. I began to withdraw my index finger. “I’m not sure I’m able to control what my hard, slippery, eager, filthy cock does…” I moved behind her, my left hand pushing her slightly forward, my right manoeuvring my cock up and down her cheeks. She started to moan louder. My hand went back to her chest and this time reached inside her blouse. “I’m sure it’s decided what you need, slut.”

I thrust forward with my prick pushing into Lady Arndale’s puckered arsehole. She cried out, managing to control the volume of her voice – but only just. I grabbed hold of her right tit and began to push and pull her against my naked body. Steadily we set into a rhythm as I buggered her pert, beautiful arse. We watched in the mirror, morning light beginning to play across the bedroom, peeking through the drawn curtains, both our expressions of joy and delight. Her blouse was stubbornly refusing to come undone, so I ripped at it. It tore, some buttons fell on the dresser, but her breasts were bared to me as I scooped each out from their bra cup. My hand snaked back to her throat, which I squeezed a little tighter as we fucked. Never dangerously, but she loved giving herself over to me like this. I began to thrust a little deeper, a little faster. I smelt her sweet blonde hair as kissed her neck once more. Her own hand reached under the front of her skirt, searching for her clit. I adjusted my positioning to make it easier.

“Oh, yes!” she exclaimed as her fingers began to rub and massage her clitoris. I began to fuck her hard now. I whispered to her how she was just a common whore, a cum-slut that loved being buggered. I told her that she needed her arse filled everyday, that she should come to me for it. A lady of the manor, taken up the shitter. We both grinned at the filth pouring out of my mouth. I began to pound into her, my balls slapped against her arse –THWACK – I stung my hand off her arse just once. She groaned at the impact, as her fingers worked her clit. Her groaning became louder, my obscenities stopped as I tried to control myself. I could feel my balls tightening, I gripped her hair, pulling her head back. “Yes, yes, fuck yes, “she exclaimed. “YES!”

She shook as my cock quivered and throbbed emptying my cum into her milking, contracting arse. The energy flowed through both of us we came, her head back so far are mouths met, tongues lashing against each other as I continued to spunk.

Slowly the shaking stopped and Lady Arndale fell forward as I looked at our sweat-covered bodies in the mirror.

The sun brightened the room even further.

Later that morning I’d returned to my room on the estate to find a note on my bed. It read:


In smaller writing had been added:

Loved every second of it! Xx

My thoughts once more returned to being put across Lady Arndale’s lap, something she’d done before. My arse bared and reddened, happily coming as my cock rubbed against her stocking-clad thighs, her warm embrace later… I considered bringing myself off there and then, but unfortunately there was work to be done.

Around the front of the house hanging baskets had been laid out each to be arranged within the porch area. My boss, Dave, the head gardener was already sorting each of the baskets. “Look lively, the old bitch could be back any minute.” I didn’t tell Dave that I didn’t think Lady Arndale was a ‘bitch’ and approaching forty wasn’t that ‘old’. Dave and our employer didn’t always see eye-to-eye. “The cow’s got a right mare on,” he told me. I picked up a trowel and tried to ignore the mixed-up farm imagery. I enquired as to what. “We’ve got a dinner on here tonight. Hence the baskets. Usual private sector types and the odd soldier, but she’s two short on the serving staff. Guess who’ll have to fill in? Me and you.”

Actually this wasn’t on my agenda, I had hoped to get away from the house while the dinner was on and get down the pub. I did have a life outside the estate… So when 11 O’clock came around I was not in the best of moods. Having made my excuses to Dave I went to the West Entrance and stood just outside the porch. Inside Lady Arndale had just let one of the dogs off.

“And don’t let him near the drawing room!” she called to one of the serving girls. “Or you’ll be gone too!” I smiled as I heard barking from inside. Lady Arndale walked out to me and told me to get inside the porch area. She closed both doors to the outside and the inside door. Lady Arndale was still wearing her woollen skirt from this morning, but had a replacement blouse on. On her feet were green Wellington boots coated with mud. “Stop staring and listen.” I stomped to mock-attention. She rolled her eyes. “I need your help tonight. Two of the serving staff have ‘colds’ or something and I need help. Dave’s already agreed, but I know you don’t usually work nights…”

I looked at her carefully. How should I play this? “Well, it is my night off,” I told her. “I was hoping to get away for a bit…” She pouted for a second and then turned to a rack on the back of the door. From it hung one of the dog’s leads. She threw it at me. I caught it.

“You help me out tonight and I’ll wear that afterwards. When they’ve all gone home, I’ll put that on, for you.”

I didn’t really think twice about it. “Deal.”

“Now, young man. You can clean my boots.” She stopped and stared at me, I tried to read her expression. What did she want me to do? Ok… I thought. Just do it…

I dropped to my knees in front of her, the green Wellington boots staring at me, splattered with mud.

Lady Arndale began to laugh. I looked up at her. She bent down and kissed me on the cheek.

“My boy, even I wouldn’t let you do that. Now for Christ’s sake get up and get the hose!” I stood up, embarrassed as she continued to chuckle at the silliness of the situation.

The dinner came around quickly and the dining hall at Arndale House was decorated splendidly. For my part I was trapped in a jacket that was a size too small, still, apart from sniggering from the other serving girls, nobody cared as the usual round of offshore developers, investment bankers and complete wankers arrived to charm Lady Arndale. She looked vivacious that evening. She wore a black dress with tiny straps over her shoulders, leaving little of her chest to the imagination. The dress was ankle length with a split up the left side revealing her long toned legs. On her feet she wore a dainty pair of black mules, with a spiked-heel. I played the servant with all the energy I could muster. And it had gone midnight by the time I was dismissed. Still I ‘d had enough coffee in the kitchens and was still awake.

It was a little after half past midnight when Lady Arndale walked back into her bedroom. She drew breath as she saw me. I leaned against one of the posters of her bed, naked, cock oiled and erect in the dim candlelight. I held the lead in my hands and smiled. Lady Arndale locked her bedroom door and walked in. She stood up straight, but kept her eyes cast down.

“Am I properly dressed?” she asked. She didn’t have stockings on that evening, but I let it go.

“You look beautiful-“ she went to walk forward. “But, your shoes aren’t right at all.” I indicated to the floor just to her left and there I’d placed her five-inch heeled patent black stilettos. “More becoming for a slut.”

That word again, she shivered. Lady Arndale stepped out of her mules and went over to the stilettos. Despite the extra height they gave her, she took smaller steps. “Now kneel in front of me.” She came and knelt, her head remained bowed. Slowly and carefully, making sure it wasn’t too tight, I slipped the dog lead over her. She was utterly mine now. I asked her to confirm this.

“I am yours… Sir.”

I found the choice of word a little surprising but kept the lead gripped in my hands. “Now suck me.”

Lady Arndale grabbed the base of my hardened cock and began to wrap her tongue around it and all over it like she was licking an ice cream. I shuddered and leaned further back as her fingers pulled on my ball sack and her mouth slowly but surely began to suck on my thick, hot penis. She moaned as she took me further in. A little deeper, a little more strongly. I began to moan as her tongue worked over me, her mouth sometimes leaving my cock to kiss my balls. I got up on to tiptoes as her mouth went under my testicles. I grinned and immediately turned around. With both hands she parted my cheeks and began to tongue my anus. Such a sweet, wonderful feeling having my arsehole licked. “Good dog,” I told her as she probed deeper, French-kissing my eager arse. I pulled on my own cock as well, the semen boiled within me… But not yet.

I lightly jerked her away from my bum with the lead and she leaned back. Turning to face her once more I moved both of her straps from her shoulders. I told her to step out of the dress. Gracefully she stood up and then kicked the dress away. She was naked too now, save for her high heels and lead. She grabbed my cock as she kissed my mouth, warm, wet and sensual. I groaned, pushing her away and instead took her tit in my mouth, licking, sucking her nipple, I quickly moved to the other one as she squeezed my cock at its base. Her other hand was in my hair, stroking, pulling. I moaned even more and reached down to feel her pussy.

Her cunt was slick, it felt open and ready. I needed to be inside her.

Letting the lead out a little I moved back on the bed. I almost scrambled backwards as I lay back on the sheets, cock still pointing outwards. Lady Arndale stood at the foot of the bed waiting patiently before I tugged on the lead. She crawled on to the bed towards me. Her tongue slid over her bottom lip as she approached. As she reached my chest she stopped, waiting for instructions.

“Get on my prick now!”

In one graceful movement Lady Arndale slipped her wanton, open cunt on to my cock and I almost shouted. Her hot, tight pussy throbbed as my cock became buried in it. Lady Arndale arched backwards with the pleasure that came over her, she gasped and swiftly began to bounce up and down on my prick. I reached up to her breasts and pinched both her nipples hard. Her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape that quickly became a smile. She liked that. Enjoyed the brief, delightful moments of pain and pleasure. I shifted my knees up allowing me to thrust into my lady’s cunt better. However even I smiled at the stabbing of those stiletto heels into my legs. She bounced and pushed back a little harder as mouth once more roamed over her gorgeous tits.

Then as I leaned my head back onto the pillow I had an idea. I took the free end of the lead and while ensuring there was enough slack, threaded it between bedposts. Before she could realise, Lady Arndale was tied to the bedstead. At first she looked a little shocked, angry even, but as I continued to pump into her she smiled and threw her head back as far as the lead would let. We fucked for several minutes like this until I stopped her and ordered her off my prick.

As she slid off me I quickly got out from under her and told her to lay back herself. She twisted the lead around and leaned back against the bedposts facing me. I came up to her chest and knelt over her. Her mouth formed that inviting ‘o’ shape once more and I plunged my cock back into it. I wanted to fuck this posh, gorgeous mouth of hers. The bedstead shook as I grabbed hold of it and rammed my cock into her mouth, she sucked with all her might and frigged her clit furiously. I pulled back on her hair a little as I plunged my prick into her. Her mouth had become another cunt, eager to milk the spunk from me. She moaned and groaned as the feeling of coming inside her grew. I too wasn’t long from finishing. I pumped and pounded, watching my cock slide effortlessly between her lips.

“Have this slut!” I shouted. She was crying out coming as I pulled my cock from her mouth and shot my cum all over her face. Arc after arc of sticky semen lashed across her nose, mouth and throat. Her own orgasm had made the bed shake, her entire body on fire, our sweat combined, rolling off our bodies. We took several moments, breathing deeply, me still knelt over her.

After a moment I loosened the lead collar and lay down beside, tracing my cum down her cheeks, letting her suck on her finger for a moment. She then turned and kissed me deeply.

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

I smiled and thanked her, before pulling her back to kiss her once more.

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