tagNovels and NovellasLaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 05

LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 05

byDeckard Kincaid©

As mid morning approached, Michele awoke to find herself alone, blindfolded, naked, handcuffed and her limbs tightly shackled on an unfamiliar bed alone. She was not really sure as to where she really was, when in fact she suspected that she was still at Katya's. Unknown to Michele was the fact that the curtains of the room were pulled across a glass door that led out onto a small deck facing the mansion's Olympic size pool. After she had passed out, after her final orgasm, she was brought into this room, whereupon a black silk scarf was tied across her eyes snugly, while handcuffs were secured to her wrists and snapped shut over her head, at the same time her ankles were shackled and her legs her spread apart on the soft and silky sheets.

As Michele awoke, she could hear the faint voices of people walking in the far distance, but it was all mere background noise as she waited. Where was her lover Kincaid? She hoped he would arrive soon. It scared her, and at the same time, it excited her to find herself alone in complete darkness, not knowing where she was, as she went over in her tired mind how it all had come to be. The last she remembered was the party at Katya's and the orgy that had commenced when her lover had untied her dress and let it fall to the floor. Yet, at least now, it seemed like a dream.

After her final orgasm of the evening, that was brought about by the giant cock of the Congolese soldier that had reamed her ass, Michele's body shut down. The entire sexual experience of her first 24 hours in Paris, and the fact that she had not slept in over 48 hours had finally caught up with her as she lay in a silent heap on the couch. By the time she had passed out, it was nearly 5 a.m., but for the rest of the party guests the orgy had just begun as Luc left Kincaid to pleasure a sexy female Chinese diplomat and Katya in the hot tub, after he had helped Kincaid carry Michele's now lifeless and cum stained body to the ambassador's guest room.

As Michele slept, before blindfolding and shackling her, on the soft bed, Kincaid and Luc slowly cleaned her body with warm and soapy sponges. As they stroked her body, Michele let out small moans of pleasure as deep in her mind, thanks to the African Mahala coursing through her blood, she dreamt of countless erotic moments. In her mind she was being made love to by a thousand men and women. After Luc and Kincaid finished, they then tightly secured the blindfold around Michele's head and bound her limbs in the soft shackles, so that would not be able to move when she awoke. It was also during this deep slumber that Kincaid and Luc injected Michele with several more doses of Mahala, which acted much in the same way as Viagra did on men.

After about seven hours of sleep, after Michele had awaken from her deep slumber, she suddenly she became aware of someone in the room. "Hello?" she called carefully.

"Ah, you're awake," Kincaid answered.

"Yes," she smiled into the blackness.

Michele then felt Kincaid's hand take the handcuffs and unchained them from the bed, along with the chains on her ankles. After having been freed, Kincaid's hand touched her thighs and guided her to turn and sit on the edge of the bed. The hand on the chain still in front of her then tugged her, getting her to stand. Kincaid's hands then took her shoulders and walked her into the middle of the floor.

"Step up slowly," Kincaid said, "Careful."

She felt the edge of a coffee table against each of her shins, at which point Kincaid began tying something around each ankle. "What?" she asked.

"Each of your legs are tied to the legs of the narrow end of the coffee table. Now bend over at the waist and put your palms flat on the table."

Michele did as he said, after which she heard the curtains being opened with a rush and felt the warmth of the sun through the glass doors on her legs and ass and pussy.

"Nice view," he said, "Inside and out."

At that moment, Michele heard the voices again, the voices she had forgotten, the voices from the party, which sounded as if they were splashing around in a pool. It took Michele more than a moment to realize how exposed she was now, how exposed she was to the voices near the window and anyone who chanced to look in.

As Michele steadied herself, Kincaid's left hand ran down the small of her back, then moved over her ass, touching it lightly, caressing it, and feeling her soft white skin. A finger from his hand then traced a line down the crack of her ass over her anus, over her pussy, and finally over her clit. Then his finger came back up, quicker than it had going down, firmer and harder too, spreading her lips as it passed upward and back up over her back to her neck. The finger became a hand again and gripped the back of her head and turned it as Michele felt the warmth of Kincaid's cock on her lips, to which she willingly opened her mouth and took him in as he moved closer to let his cock move deeper inside her mouth while at the same time her lips came over the head as she tried to circle him with her tongue.

"So good," Kincaid murmured. "There are people from the party watching just outside the window, including all of those soldiers you fucked last night. There are also some of the female diplomats out there. Oh look! They have just noticed you, but they haven't figured out yet what they see. I can see a giant black man, in just his Speedos, and that Chinese woman, in her white thong bikini, coming closer to take a closer look. The woman is talking, but the man is just listening and looking."

As Michele sucked Kincaid's cock, his hand returned to her pussy and entered her, as she moaned around his cock and pulled him harder into her mouth. At the same time she took him deeper, Kincaid's finger that was now in her pussy moved to her ass and entered her there using the wetness from below, to which Michele responded by moaning again, but louder.

Kincaid then continued to describe the action outside the room, "They understand now. They see. And they're watching. The man has his arm around the woman's shoulder."

Kincaid's finger moved deeper into her ass and began to fuck her. To which Michele then gasped as he took his cock from her mouth and moved over to her hips and then moved his hands around her clit, pussy, and ass.

"They like what they see, and I do too. But if I fuck you now, it'll ruin their view of you. That wouldn't be fair, would it?"

Suddenly Michele heard a vibrator come to like with a roaring purr as she felt as it entered her pussy. The finger in her ass moved even deeper and was joined by a second finger, as Michele took in a gasp of air as Kincaid described in vivid detail the sex scene outside the window as two of the African soldiers fucked the Chinese woman hard and fast in her pussy and ass, while Kincaid continued to slowly fuck Michele with the vibrator until finally they could hear, through the thick bullet proof glass the sound of the Chinese woman cumming.

As Michele began to convulse with a mini orgasm, she heard the Chinese woman moan, Kincaid said, "Hmmmm, it looks like that was only the beginning. There are already four more men waiting their turn!"

Then, as the listened as the orgy progressed outside the window, Kincaid continued to describe the action as his sweet erotic torture of Michele became, for her, most unbearable, for she needed to cum hard. However, before she could explode, Michele suddenly heard a door open and the sounds of several high heeled footsteps enter, even as Kincaid continued fucking her pussy with the vibrator. From the sounds of the footsteps, it was clear that there were more than just two persons in the room with her.

It was after the heavy door closed that Kincaid with drew the vibrator, and sternly said, "Put her on the bed, on her knees."

The unnumbered hands, both male and female, guided her face down onto the bed. After which her wrists were then attached by the handcuffs to the headboard as more hands moved pillows under her breasts, while a pair of strong male hands moved her hips and opened her legs, after which they glided over her ass, pussy, and wet inner thighs.

Michele now pictured herself, at that moment, totally exposed to Kincaid and the others. She pictured it in her mind as a camera suddenly clicked and whirred, as the weight of the bodies moved on the bed around her.

"Do you want to take her?" asked Kincaid.

"Da," answered a woman in a sexy Russian voice, but it was not Katya.

The female body then moved onto the bed behind Michele as her hand moved between her legs, touching her pussy lightly, gently. Michele knew the hand would find her wet and hot, as the hand pushed a finger inside her slowly. The female finger then moved in and out slowly, leaving her to paint circles around her clit with her own juices. The same finger then brought those same juices to the pucker of Michele's ass and painted again, circling, and wetting her.

The finger then entered her ass smoothly as the camera clicked and whirred again.

Suddenly cool, thick liquid dripped down Michele's ass, running over her and around the woman's finger. Lubricant, Michele thought to herself, after which another finger entered her pussy. Was it the same person? Michele wondered; however she had no way of knowing as the two fingers began to fuck her, moving in opposing time, one in, one out, alternating their entry.

The feel of the tongue on her clit surprised Michele, for it was such a pleasant surprise. The second finger in her ass caused her to moan, but before she could stop it Michele felt the warm, smooth plastic of the vibrator sliding into her pussy, as the dull murmur of its purr joined in the chorus of her first orgasm.

As Michele's orgasm built up and then crashed over her, the fingers in her ass were withdrawn and replaced by a small vibrator.

"Stereo," one of the black men from the party said, from behind her, as the camera continued to click and whir.

Soon several more bodies moved around Michele as she was fucked by the two vibrators and the tongue. Soon Michele became lost in the wondrous physical sensations as the faceless bodies touched her, held her, licked her, squeezed her nipples, tongued her ears, pulled her hair, and finally consumed her.

As the bodies feasted on her sex, Michele came again, then again, then again until there was no point in counting, as it all became a dark blur, an unseeing mass of experience totally given to feeling.

Then it was over.

"Leave her there," Kincaid said.

Quickly the bodies got off the bed, and moved away. In a moment Michele was alone on the bed, as the mansion room door opened and closed several times. "They're leaving," Michele told herself, leaving. "Please come back," she wanted to scream, but she didn't.

It was then that Kincaid leaned over and whispered into Michele's ear, "Sleep well my darling, for you need your beauty rest. I shall return again in a few hours."

"Oui," was all she said, as felt a prick of a needle at the base of her neck, as Kincaid injected a Mahala and sleeping potion mixture into her, after which she heard the door latch itself behind him as she suddenly found herself alone again.

As the newly injected drugs worked their way to her brain, tears of joy welled up in Michele's eyes as she found herself, for the first time, wishing she could live in Paris forever, until quickly her sobs slowly gave way to a deep sleep.

Yet despite the fact that she was no longer conscious, Michele's brain continued to work for, in her dreams, she envisioned for the first time a life without Barry. Did she really love him? Did he really love her? How could he? Would a man in love let his wife have an affair in Paris? It was these thoughts which went around and around in her mind as she slept so deeply in her drug induced coma that she never noticed the strong male hands that carried her away to the waiting car and then up several flights of steps.

24 hours later Michele awoke, but this time there were no blindfolds or handcuffs, in fact she was no longer at Katya's, but instead was lying naked next to Kincaid in his giant king sized bed in his Paris apartment. Upon seeing the sun rising, Michele turned and looked at the clock, which read 9:00, nearly 24 hours after having been shackled, blindfolded, and taken on the bed by the faceless strangers, and nearly 30 hours after the orgy at Katya's. Upon awakening, and remembering, in vague detail about what had happened at the party, Michele, at that moment, had never felt more alive and so full of sexual energy as she stripped down the sheets to pay homage to the soft cock of her sleeping lover..

From nearly 6,000 miles away Barry watched, as well as about 1,000,000 others, via the Internet, as his nude wife awoke next to her French lover and proceeded to suck his cock. There was something in the way Michele looked over at Kincaid that told him that he might never make love to her again, but for now it was just a bad feeling in his gut. However, he was not about to stop watching, especially now that the light skinned African maid, dressed only in a sexy French maid outfit who had entered the room and had offered to lick Michele's pussy. Yet, as he watched, Barry could not help but think that somehow, all of what he was seeing on the screen was going to come back and haunt him, especially since, the day before, at the office, he received by private courier a sealed enveloped that contained over 24 pictures that showed his wife in various states of undress and clinical sexual positions, along with a list of top secret projects that Kincaid wanted information on.

Immediately Barry recognized that he was now being blackmailed by his wife's new lover, but he had yet to figure out who Kincaid was actually working for, especially since the letter that came along with the photographs was written on Russian government stationary and was sent via diplomatic courier. The letter said simply that Barry was to provide, via an encrypted web site, all of his personal passwords to Motorola's numerous mainframe computers that housed the company's industrial and technological secrets within one hour of his receipt of the package, or else he would be extremely sorry. Thirty minutes after receiving the package, Barry received a telephone call stating simply that he had exactly 45 minutes to send the requested information or else he would not be able to witness his wife's first workout with her new personal trainers.

45 minutes later, in the comfort of his home office, Barry sat at his computer, full of guilt and regret, but still as turned on as ever as he wondered what was to happen to Michele next, but not before he typed in all of the requested information on the encrypted web site that Kincaid had established for the information exchange. Seconds later, after Barry pressed the enter key on his machine, at a dedicated computer that was located in Maurice's office, in a private building in the center of Paris that which served as a front for Kincaid's computer consulting service, a bell chimed signaling the delivery of the requested information. As he looked at the information sent, Maurice just smiled and breathed a sigh of relief that he would not have to disconnect the web camera links all over Paris. However, even if he had to sever the dedicated and untraceable camera link to America, he would still record the 'Michele Show,' as it was now being called on the Internet. Maurice, who for years had been Kincaid's assistant, had decided that Michele's actions would be of particular interest to Kincaid's former lover, Kabuki (AKA Ukiko), as the knowledge gained from watching Michele might serve as important information to be used against Kincaid later during the mission the DGSE was planning for him, with Luc, and hopefully Michele, to infiltrate the GENOM Corporation in Japan, whose company secrets Kabuki was now in charge of safeguarding from foreign spies.

Unknown to Kincaid was that his former lover, Kabuki, was still alive, and that Maurice, her savior, would do anything for the sexy Japanese ninja and bondage queen, especially since she was now his mistress, both real and virtually. Unknown to Kincaid, during Maurice's off hours, he had recently spent many hours beta testing GENOM's new virtual sex products, one of which was called the Sensi-suit, the special suit that the Japanese company and its military wing had developed in order to extract, more easily, confessions out of foreign industrial spies just like Kincaid, Luc, and now MICHELE!.

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