tagRomanceLara Defucco's Examination Ch. 04

Lara Defucco's Examination Ch. 04


I was left in the room, on the table still unable to close my legs or cover my chest with my arms. Soon after the doctor's left nurses came in and began to move the exam table. I was rolled through the corridors and into the main hospital. They had not covered me with a sheet and I remained with my tits exposed and my obviously soiled white panties barely covering my pussy and ass. So many people, employees, visitors and patients stared at me as I was led to my room.

I was put in a room with another patient who I could not see. They had moved the drapes around the other bed as then positioned my table in the room. Then they removed the too small bra leaving my tits free to flatten somewhat on my chest. Lastly they cut my panties from me and left the room. The allowed the door to remain open and so I was on display to all who walked the hall. My legs were spread in the stirrups and I was naked. I could still feel cum that had been deposited in me oozing from both my pussy and assholes. I was very embarrassed but too ashamed of myself to beg for any changes.

Soon the curtains next to me were swung back and I saw the woman who was to room with me. She was older, maybe in her late forties, early fifties. Her hair had been cut and styled and while it was hard to judge through her nightclothes she seemed to be in good shape. Her eyes were closed but she was a pretty woman for her age. I wondered what her reason was for being here. I would have asked but I am too shy and I did not want to be a bother to her.

Two nurses came into the room with a cart. On the cart were a bowl and some other items. The first nurse said.

"We need to clean you up a bit you have some tests scheduled."

I nodded and watched as they each took a long round object and placed it in the water then pulled them out and squirted some sort of soap or cleanser on them. They looked like a policeman's club but were made of a sponge like material. They used these tools to cleanse me. The club-like things were gentle on my body but firm and when one nurse used hers to wash my tits she washed them for a long while and my nipples became aroused as her club massaged them. The other nurse was rinsing hers and adding more soap before she used hers to clean between my legs.

It wasn't long before she had her club inside my pussy pushing it in and out. I was too ashamed of myself to ask what they were doing as my body responded to their cleaning. I felt like a child who pissed in the bathwater and did not want to show my ignorance. So I lie there and let them wash me inside and out. While the first was still scrubbing my pussy the other rinsed hers and after adding more soap, joined the first nurse between my legs and used her club to wash my ass. Soon they each had their clubs sliding in and out of me and I was having a hard time controlling myself. I knew that they were just cleaning me but the club like sponges they were using to remove cum from my ass and pussy were bringing me to orgasm. I struggled to control it, I fought with myself but it was no use and I heard the familiar noises from my throat as my pussy and belly contracted.

I turned my head to the side to avoid making eye contact with the nurses, so great was my shame. I realized that my roommate was now awake and staring at me. I closed my eyes but she said.

"No little one, let me see your eyes as you cum for the nurses. I am enjoying your bath."

I obeyed and her eyes filled mine as my orgasm came and came. Finally the nurses pulled their tools from me and dried me with a towel before leaving. I was left in my shame afraid to look away from my roommate. She soon stood and came to my bed and put her hands on my tits.

"I used to have nice tits like these."

She was massaging my tits and playing with my nipples and I was too afraid of her to ask her to stop.

"I love how soft and fleshy they are and how in contrast your nipples are so hard my little one. Did the nurses turn you on that much with your bath?

I nodded in shame at the truth of my reactions. She left one hand on my tit and moved the other one between my legs.

"Oh I see they did not dry you well! You are still very wet down her little one."

She used her fingers to manipulate my clit as she played with my pussy making it wetter and wetter. Finally I said.

"I am just here to be cleared to go to University. My doctor is completing the exams now. Please don't touch me like that."

"Now, now my little one! I will do as I please, they told me I could. I like playing with your pussy and maybe later I will have you satisfy mine. But for now I will just play with yours. I want to see how hard it becomes for you to not cum again."

She continued to play with both my pussy and tit and I was having little success in staying unmoved by her touches. I tried to close my eyes and ignore her but she said.

"I require you to keep your eyes open my little one. I want to see you always but most especially I want to see you when you cum. You are loose aren't you my little one?"

I nodded to her and kept my eyes open; unable to refuse anyone who made demands of me. I waited and did my best to hold back my orgasm not wanting her to know she could control me this way too but I failed and she smiled at me as I came for her fingers.

"Oh you juice so nicely my little one. You have my fingers all sticky and gooey. Here taste yourself."

She put her wet soiled fingers to my mouth and I opened up knowing I had to obey her. I tasted my own pussy and then swallowed the sticky mess she had gathered at my hole. She then retired to her bed and smiled before saying.

"I am so pleased they brought you in here. I have wanted a woman to fuck for a long time now. I will find a way for us to fuck tonight my little one. I see now they have come for you. Later my darling!"

This time it was two male nurses who had come to wheel me away. Still in my bed and unable to move, there was no sheet covering me. Naked I was wheeled down one hall and up another. I was finally wheeled into a room and my bed positioned in the center. The room was all tiles; the floor and wall were just clean white tiles. After the nurses arranged me they left.

I was arranged with my legs still secured to the stirrups but they had extended the stirrups and pulled them to the side. My legs soon ached as they were spread impossibly wide and I knew that both my pussy and ass were wide open. I do not know how long I was left alone before the door opened but when someone finally arrived I was shocked to see it was someone I knew.

Her name was Maize and she and I had worked together. She had learned early on how submissive I was and had soon made me her slut. She would often make me come to her car after work and then strip me. She would drive through the city exposing me as she would slow down and let people walking the streets look into her car. Usually once she had made me red with embarrassment she would find some alley and park the car then make me crawl between her legs and eat her pussy. Most nights she also took her hairbrush to my ass and repeatedly smacked me with it. Over the time we were together she had conditioned me to want her punishment, to want my ass pelted with her brush. Often she would make me beg her to spank my ass.

I had not seen her since I left the job hoping to go to University. I stared at her and felt afraid. I had never enjoyed the humiliation she put me through, yes I was trained by her to want what she did but I hated both her and myself for it. Tonight in this room I watched her as she unbuttoned her own blouse and bared her tits to me. Oh yes her tits were marvelous for an older woman. She had tits that were large but continued to defy gravity and stood out from her chest proudly. Standing topless in front of me and wearing only a modest skirt and shoes, Maize opened a bag she had been carrying. She removed her hairbrush and put in on my stomach. I cringed when I saw it fearing what she would soon be doing with it. Next she removed a large cylindrical object and set it next to the brush. Fear was making me squirm as much as I could while tied and helpless to resist.

"Maize, please. Not here not now, please?"

"Hush my slut. You know you love what Maize has for you."

"No please! Please Maize?"

She picked up the brush and smacked my ass a few times making me scream at the attack. My ass burned more from the memories of that brush then the pain inflicted by the few slaps.

"Now behave my little slut! Your Mistress will take you where she knows you want to go, but with a few small changes."

I cringed and shut my eyes as she put the brush back down. It felt hot on my bare stomach and looked to Maize pleading with my eyes. She ignored me and moved about the room gathering various things and bringing them towards my bed. On a pole hung a large bag filled with some sort of liquid and a fat tube coming from the bottom. Maize took that tube and applied some sort of cream to it. I felt the coldness of the cream as she slid the end of that tube into my asshole. She slid it in deep and I felt it moving inside me. Then she reached up to the bag and twisted a valve. Suddenly my ass felt warm and I realized that she was letting the fluid in the bag fill my ass. More and more of the warm liquid filled me and soon my belly was aching yet the bag was barely half empty.

The pain in my bowels increased as Maize squeezed the bag forcing the flow to go faster and fill me completely. When the bag was empty Maize took the tube from my ass.

"Maize please I am going to lose it and soil this room."

"You will hold it slut."

As she said this she retrieved the cylindrical object from my belly and I knew she was planning to plug my ass with it. Trying my best to not release the fluids in my ass I could only watch as she greased the plug then started to force it into my asshole. It was far too big and I screamed in pain as she managed to split my ass wide and settle the huge plug in my rear hole. I was gasping for breath as the pain in my ass subsided to some degree. The fluid was now trapped inside me and the combined discomfort of the fluid and the plug was all I could think about.

When Maize once again picked up her brush I hardly noticed. As she began to methodically spank my ass with it I felt the familiar pain of her spankings and soon my pussy began to respond. This was what I hated the most. I resented Maize for being able to make me respond to this degradation and to be excited while I was so embarrassed at how easily I was used. She continued to attack my ass and my body continued to move towards orgasm. I knew that Maize would not let me cum, not until she was ready for me to do so. Yes I knew all of this but still my pussy flowed with my juices as my ass was made red by the hairbrush.

The fluids in my ass were causing me to cramp, the plug in my ass felt like a fat cock and as Maize wielded her brush my ass cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"Are you ready to make Maize happy my slut?"

"Yes, please Maize."

"Are you going to eat Maize's sweet pussy like a good slut?"

I hated how she made me beg, almost as much as I hated how submissive I was. I was never able to resist her, she held me completely and so I begged her.

"Please Maize! Let me eat you. I need to suck your pussy. Please Mistress let your slut put her face on your pussy."

Maize came to the head of the bed and standing on a platform I had not seen she spread her legs and lifted her skirt showing me her cunt. She had never shaved her pussy and her pubic hair grew wild. I tried to lift my head to taste her, to please her but she held back a bit frustrating me.

"Tell me you want me slut! Tell Maize how much you love me!"

Maize I love you and want to use my tongue to please you. Please Maize let me make you happy."

I hated myself for my shameless begging of this woman. Yes, I was attracted to her. I like older women, but I hated the submissive in me, hated how she could make me beg her for this. Yet my own pussy was dripping, my bowels were cramping and my asshole was stuffed with her plug. I knew I would need to please her or I would never be allowed to release my own needs.

She lowered her ass to my face and I delved into her wet hot pussy with fervor. I ate her lovingly but rough. I wanted her to cum and to cum soon so I might obtain relief.

"Slow down my slut we have all the time in the world. You know your Mistress doesn't like to rush. Besides all those people up there watching us want to see a show my slut. Be a good slut and eat me nice. Be loving to your Mistress, please the doctors who are watching us."

From the corner of my eye I looked up and saw that the top of the walls were all glass and behind that glass were lots of faces, all staring at us. My pussy spasmed as I considered how slutty I must look to all of them. I was allowing a woman to sit on my face, my ass was streaked red from her spanking, my asshole was filled with a large plug and I had been given an enema to start. When Maize leaned over me I was grateful for her covering my naked tits, but when I felt her mouth descend on my pussy my level of embarrassment tripled. She was making love to my cunt with her tongue and I was beyond need now. I was a blathering idiot begging her Mistress to cum, licking her cunt and sucking her delightful juices as my own cunt was giving her the same. When she took her brush and slapped it repeatedly on my ass I lost it and came.

As I came she ripped the plug from my ass and all the fluids erupted and spilled onto the floor. So much sensation so quickly made my orgasm reach heights I had never known. I could not stop cuming and I could not stop eating Maize's own spasming cunt. I had forgotten all the viewers, I could care less that my ass had been emptied and soiled the floor. All I wanted was more, more pussy and more of anything Maize had to give me. I felt our bed rolling and knew we were being moved, but I did not stop licking and sucking Maize. She stood up and left my spasming cunt free while someone busied himself or herself with hosing my soiled ass and cunt with warm water. Once that was done I felt something penetrating my pussy and knew I was to be fucked.

Maize lifted her cunt from my face and said.

"See how you excited all the doctors? Now they all need some relief slut. I have told them to fill your pussy and ass with their cocks. I know you like that slut."

Then she sat back down on my face and I continued to eat her as cock after cock fucked me. I was happy not to have to see them, happy not to have to let them see my face as I came frequently as they fucked me. I was pleased to know that Maize's cunt baffled my screams as they took my ass and filled it with their cum. I don't know how many or how often I was fucked but as my used and cum smeared body was later wheeled back to my room the last thing I wanted was a tally. I could feel cum seeping from my pussy and oozing from my ass. My mouth was full of the taste of Maize and I was no longer thinking, I was just being.

Once I was left back in my room I tried to rest. I tried to put all the humiliation and abuse from my mind. I hoped that Maize was not to be a permanent fixture in my life again and I also hoped she would be. When my roommate got up and came to my bed I did not move. When she started to caress my tits and stroke my sticky cunt I just took it. I knew what I was and knew I would never escape my fate. I was everyone's fuck toy. So I relaxed and let this woman play with my body. Over the next two days in the hospital I was used by patients and doctors; nurses and visitors. The day they let me go my pussy, my ass and my mouth were exhausted. They handed me my approved exam papers and told me I was permitted to go to University. I wandered out of the hospital and headed for the bus stop. I wanted only to go home and take a shower then sleep for a long time.

As I neared the bus stop a familiar car pulled to the curb and the door opened. It was Maize and I got in. I am not capable of saying no. I am a slut. If you are ever in my town come and use me. Everyone does. Just ask for Slut Lara.

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