Las Vegas: The Sequel


* * * * *

I awoke with a vague feeling of terror, and felt my chest heave for air as if I had not taken a breath in ages. I convulsed violently, and desperately tried to draw air into my lungs. I quickly discovered my airway was blocked, and next realized that it was blocked with a hardening cock. Colin's thick dick had grown chubby in his sleep, and it had reached a girth and length large enough to choke me completely. I put two hands on his hips and pushed away, heaving in a gasp of air the moment I had even an inch of leeway. Unfortunately for my poor lungs, my motion had awoken Colin, and I felt a hand clamp down on the back of my head, holding me in place.

Colin moaned softly as he began to lazily fuck my mouth, with slow irregular thrusts. I gagged only a little, after the widening my throat had experienced earlier, and despite the discomfort was far to tired to find the motivation to try and stop him. Laying on his side, and with little leverage, Colin's thrusts were shallow and listless, although I felt his cock begin to stir even more, and harden significantly. Insatiable for my mouth it seemed, Colin decided he felt like getting off again in the middle of the night, and my mouth seemed as good a target as any.

It was impossible for me to maintain a seal around Colin's shaft with my lips, positioned as I was laying on my side between his knees. The right side of my mouth began to pool with saliva as my mouth involuntarily watered at the presence of a cock. I felt that pool grow, until it began to overflow the lower edge of my lips, and run down Colin's leg to create a wet stain on the sheets.This fact was not lost on Colin, who grunted with appreciation for the sloppiness of the blowjob, and he began to become more active in his pumping.

First I felt both of his hands clamp down on the top of my head, as he began to control it in time with his thrusts. I gagged slightly due to the awkward angle, and felt his head pierce my throat only a few times. No words were spoken intelligibly between us, but he grunted and groaned his approval, and I moaned and slobbered my encouragement. Despite my exhausted state, I found myself growing wet again, and desperately wanting to taste his cum. Colin was in no mood to draw things out either, and without warning he threw his right leg over my left shoulder. With my head pinned between his thighs, and his heels pressing into the small of my back, Colin gained the leverage that had been missing before and started to vigorously fuck my mouth again.

His actions made a sound like a washing machine in the wettest part of its cycle; all wet slurps and slops. I added as much suction as possible and was very aware of being rewarded for my efforts as I felt Colin's load begin to mix with the copious saliva still pooled in my right cheek. Colin moaned and I felt his cock pulse in my mouth as it expended itself, his balls draining their reserves into me. Again in an awkward position, I struggled valiantly to swallow his cum, but it was a losing battle, and much of it oozed out onto his leg and onto the bed sheet. When he finally removed his softening cock from my mouth, I quickly closed my lips and swallowed the remainder of the cum/saliva mix. Contentedly, I began to crawl up to nestle my head into Colin's chest and rift back to sleep. With an initial sharp jerk, I felt me head being guided back down to his thighs instead.

"Clean up your mess you fucking whore." Colin rasped at me.

Like the good slut I am, I pressed my lips against his thigh and began to suck and lick the cum off of him. I slurped it up like the remainder of a milkshake, and kept at it till his inner leg was bone dry. From there I moved down and even attempted to suck some of the liquid from the soaked material of the sheets, achieving little, but knowing it was the thought that counted. I sighed with delight at my own naughtiness then, and felt an approving pat on my head from Colin.

"Bring those tits up here." He muttered as I climbed up towards him.

As Colin groped my breasts absentmindedly, I very quickly drifted off again, and wrapped my legs around his, finding comfort in his strong yet gentle touch.

* * * * *

When I awoke it took my a moment to find my bearings as I stared confusedly about the room. I found myself alone in bed, the covers tucked neatly up to my neck. I noticed a pair of men's pants on my floor and realized Colin must still be around somewhere, and found an answer to this mystery a few moments later when I heard the shower start up. I laid lazily in bed, still tired from the revelry of the night before, and recalled all the details and their raw sexuality. I felt myself growing wet again, but decided to wait until after I had a shower before I pleasured myself. My face and chest felt sticky with residue from cum and saliva, and my hair was a disheveled mess. I stretched and rose from bed, just as the shower turned off and Colin emerged with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Oh, you're awake." Colin said with a hint of embarrassment. He looked pointedly at the ground, despite my exposed nakedness.

"Uh huh," I replied mischievously. "You didn't think I was dead did you?"

"No, no Nothing like that " Colin was quick to stammer. He began to mutter something, but his voice trailed off.

"What was that hun?" I asked, enjoying his discomfort.

"Well, about last night," he admitted, "I sort of feel like... well maybe I went too far..."

I put up my hands and waved away his apology immediately. "Are you kidding me?" I asked in pretended shock, "I loved last night I mean I was a bit caught off guard, and maybe you were a little rough, but just thinking about it this morning made me wet all over again " I declared.

"Are you sure?" Colin continued. "Because I wouldn't want you to think I have no respect for you, I do "

I again waved away his concerns. "Hun what we do in the bedroom, or any room for that matter, in a sexual way, is just that: sexual. I know that you're letting out your inner animal, but that deep down you really are a nice guy. I mean you DID donate two big loads of cum to me last night "

Colin chuckled and blushed slightly. "Fuck, you really do love to swallow cum don't you?" he asked rhetorically.

"I'm fairly certain the reason I was put on this earth was to pleasure men with my tongue." I answered with sincerity.

"Good god that's fucking hot, you turn me on so much, you slut." To emphasize his point, Colin gestured downwards to where his hardening cock was making a tent in the front of his towel.

Without a moment's hesitation I dropped to my knees in front of him, still naked. Colin placed his hands firmly on his hips and took an audible deep breath as I fished inside his towel, peeling away the two layers to get at his semi-hard meat. The moment I took it between my thumb and forefinger Colin let out a little gasp, his cock still sensitive from the night before. Without mercy I plunged my head forward to plant a big wet kiss on his groin, and began to slather his shaft with my tongue. My mouth watered as it made contact with his stiffening missile, and I quickly had the whole length of it coated in a sheen of spit. Colin groaned with pleasure.

"You're such a cum slut Lucia." Colin stated with certainty. "I fucking love watching you work on my cock like a whore."

I rewarded Colin with a beaming smile as I looked up at him and said "Well I fucking love making you cum. Pleasuring your fat cock and working a nice big load out of you " I winked up at him as I leaned in, taking his cock head into my mouth gingerly.

"Get to work you slut."

Go to work I did. I began to briskly bob my head on Colin's cock, which had now reached full erection. It strained with all the blood inside it, and I felt it hit my throat as I bobbed deeply on him. For the first time since he showed up at my door drunk, I had the ability to use my hands in conjunction with my mouth, and took full advantage of the opportunity. This was no slow, torturous blowjob, but all business, designed to fetch the gooey reward as quickly as possible. I stroked him with my right hand, twisting it as it reached the rim of his mushroom head, and bobbed my mouth down deeply on each downstroke. I kept him well lubed while I worked, and even spit on my left hand to that I could smoothly rub his balls, juggling them in my hand.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Colin muttered. "You're gonna milk the cum right out of me "

Colin's words turned into a giant moan of pleasure as I doubled my efforts, encouraged by his words. As I felt his balls tighten, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and stroked it with the head pressed firmly against my lips, with my mouth closed. Truth be told, I did not think my empty stomach could handle another load of cum, and so I rubbed his cock and aimed it at my pursed lips. With a bellow, Colin began to cum, hot gobs of it spurting out to smear my lips. It coated them with globs and chunks, while the more viscous liquid ran freely down my chin. I couldn't resist a little, and flickered my tongue out to lash the head of his cock, and scoop up the last drops as Colin's orgasm subsided. I kept it in my mouth a moment to savor the taste, and then swallowed the small amount. I smiled contentedly up at Colin as I softly stroked his cock, and gave it a sticky kiss on the head.

"I better take a shower." I announced as I stood back up.

I paused for a moment to let Colin grope my tits again, and take in my cum covered mouth and chin. When he seemed content, I continued on my way, and felt him give my ass a slap as I massed by him. I giggled, and closed the door behind me. Unable to resist another moment, my hand shot down to my pussy, and with seconds I was writhing with orgasm, my back pressed flatly against the door. I stifled my scream and bit my lip as I climaxed, for some reason shy to have Colin know how much joy I got out of sucking his cock to completion. When my orgasm subsided, I got into the shower, and cleaned myself up. Enjoying the hot water on my sore and tired body, I took my time, and relaxed under the heat and pressure. After nearly an hour, I finally emerged from the bathroom to find my room empty. With I shrug, I started to get dressed, until I noticed a note next to my phone. It read:

Thanks for eating all my cum, slut.
Meet me tomorrow at my hotel room at 8:00pm.
Caesar's Palace, room 671. Don't be late.
Bring your appetite.

Intrigued, I started to get dressed, and felt my pussy growing wet at the thought of seeing Colin again. God I could not get enough of his abusive cock. I wanted it in my mouth again that instant, and cursed my luck that he was already gone.

"Tomorrow." I said aloud, licking my lips with anticipation.

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