tagRomanceLast Dance

Last Dance


One final look-over in the mirror and I'm ready to go.

Tight jeans...check, Nice top...check, Stack heeled boots...check.

Subdued makeup, hair up and out of the way...check.

With one last spritz of body spray, I look at my reflection and smile. She smiles back, the picture of a fun-loving country girl ready to dance the night away.

Normally I don't go all out like this, but you see, its Karl's last night here.

And I want it to be memorable...

"Excuse me...would you like to dance?" A voice interrupts my dreary maunderings.

I look up; startled--this is the first time since I started coming here that anyone other than the barkeep has spoken to me.

A friendly grin meets my gaze, and twinkling blue eyes beguile me into answering.

"S-Sure, I'd love to!" I manage to sputter, completely taken aback by the fact that someone was actually asking ME to dance!!

He holds his hand out, and I place mine in his. Sliding off the barstool, I realize he is a good bit taller than me, at least 6 foot. He is very lean, with brown hair cut short and ears that stick out a bit. Not classically handsome, but I've never been drawn to that type anyway...No, this was a face of character, of laughter and humor, and all man.

He introduces himself as Karl, and I respond with mine. He grins...

"Kat, huh? Guess I'd better watch those claws!"

I tell him I don't really know how to two step, and he says that he will teach me.

And so he does...we glide around the floor, giggling at my missteps and making funny comments to each other.

It was the most fun I had had since getting here, and I was sorry when the lights came up to signal the last dance.

He showed his chivalry when he understood that I didn't want him to walk me home, to keep my location private. We promised to meet again the next day to dance some more.

That was two months ago, and now it's the last weekend that he will be here. We have become good friends, and the tension between us has grown. I feel torn and slightly afraid--I don't want to mess up a good thing, but am tired of living the cautious, dutiful life that I have been so far. Tonight I will be the bold one, and see where it leads me...

"Hey Karl, Hey guys!!" I herald the group sitting in "our" normal place. The music is already going, and loud. I can feel the base pumping, and it draws an answering pulse from between my legs. I feel myself moisten...Karl gets up to greet me with a quick hug, and takes my coat. We go to the bar, and I buy the first round. We go through the mock argument just like always, and I "agree" that he can buy the next round. The routine is comforting, and soothing. We drink a few sips and then head to the dance floor.

Dancing with him is one of the best sensations I have ever felt. I forget all my troubles, safe in his arms, melting and listening to his body tell me where to go and what is next. I know that tonight he can see slightly down my top; it's much lower cut than I normally wear. The tops of my breasts are starting to glisten with sweat as we dance several sets. I laughingly plead fatigue and we go back to our drinks. The heat of his body sears my side as we lean on each other, laughing at someone's joke. His hand scorches my back as he rubs my shoulder, a liberty I allow very few people.

Eventually it's the last dance...and it's my favorite song, courtesy of Karl pulling in a favor from the DJ...

Our last dance is magic...no steps out of place, only the music, and ourselves. I feel like I am drowning in his eyes as we stare at each other through the song.

Like all good things, it to ends.

We gather up our stuff, and I ask him to walk me home.

His eyes turn a darker blue as his body reads the message in mine...unspoken, but accepted.


The sound of the lock turning echoes in my head, and I shiver. I suddenly feel a hot breath on my exposed neck...He is right behind me.

"Are you cold, Kat?" he asks, his voice rougher than normal.

I turn, and look up into those incredible eyes.

"Kind of..." I respond, and feel my body respond to him, his nearness, and that damned wonderful cologne of his.

I take a deep breath to steady myself, and his gaze drops to my chest. I feel my nipples start to tingle as he caresses my form with his stare, blatant admiration on display. I flush, feeling my cheeks warm under such attention.

Tipping my head back, I moisten my suddenly dry lips with my tongue. Desire is surging through my body, making me tremble. He looks me in the eye, and gently says "Oh, hon..."

Gently his lips brush mine...the faintest of touches. I sigh, and lean into him.

I wrap my arms about him and kiss back, gentle, a little unsure...

He groans, and suddenly I am lost as he devours my mouth...lips, tongue and teeth sending my mind into a whirl. All I can do is hang on and kiss back with all the passion I have held in check for so long...

We stumble farther into my room, hands roaming at will. Fingers brush my breasts, eliciting a gasp from my throat. His chest is warm, lean, and lightly furred. I run my hands over his back, tugging at the undershirt where it tucks into his jeans. With a growl, he pops the buttons on my shirt, baring my bra and breasts to his heated gaze. I cling to him as teeth nip down my throat and sink into the junction of neck and shoulder, crying out softly in appreciation.

I feel frantic, needy, my head is spinning with desire...all I can think of is to feel him pressing along me, touching me, filling me...

With some amount of giggling, we disentangle from each other, and shed our shoes. Gentle hands finish removing the remnants of my shirt, and undo my belt. I feel my breath catch as his fingers dip beneath the waistband of my jeans, stroking my belly.

I return the favor, and nip at his neck when his head falls back on another groan.

Suddenly I feel cold air on my butt as my jeans are pushed down, and off. Standing in only my underwear, I can only gape as he finishes undressing himself.

If I ever had doubts about myself, this wasn't the time to try to prove it...he was obviously VERY happy with the view.

More kisses and caresses, and I feel my bra fall away, baring my breasts to his hands and gaze. My nipples are hard and begging to be touched, their coral color dark against the pale flesh of my breasts. Karl darts in and starts to feast on them, drawing moans from me as he kisses and suckles my mounds. I run my hands over his back, lost in the incredible heat of his mouth on my tender buds.

An instant later that I feel hands on my butt, kneading and stroking. My panties seem to slip down by themselves, leaving me completely bare.

He kisses down my belly, and then looks up at me, eyes now cobalt with desire...

"I want to taste you..." he whispers, and then lowers his face.

Searing heat, firm satin, pressure...his first lick rips a near scream from me. Slowly he delves deeper, sucking on my outer lips, and running that talented tongue up and down my most private area. I grab his shoulders, nearly overcome with the sensations flooding through my system. I nearly come when he finds my little button and gives her a firm lick. Slowly he laps at my center, drinking the nectar flowing freely. I can feel an orgasm building, winding me tighter and tighter...with a sudden thrust of a finger he brings me.

"Ah!!" I hear myself cry as I come undone on his tongue and hand. Moisture flood out, coating his face as I quiver above him.

Firm hands grip my hips, steadying me as I teeter, disoriented by the waves of pleasure echoing through my body. I feel my bed under my butt, and sit. He leans in, and I can taste myself on him as we kiss...

I run my hands down his body, reveling in the feel of skin under my hands. I tug at his briefs, and his member jumps as I brush it.

Freeing him from the confines of cotton, I take breath. He is perfect. Long, longer than I have ever personally seen, and shaved. His balls hang low, round and smooth, tempting me to lick and suck them like succulent plums...Gently I place a kiss on the head, and feel it twitch under my lips. Slowly I start to lick my way up and down this wonderful shaft, then taking it in my mouth in one swoop. He is too long for me to deep throat, so I wrap a hand around him and start to pump. I start to stroke those wonderful testicles, feeling them tighten, and listen to Karl gasp in pleasure.

Suddenly I feel him grab my shoulders and pull me away from my fun...

Roughly, he pushes me back onto the bed and flings himself on top of my body.

All ideas on seduction fly out my head as we entangle ourselves, kissing and touching with abandon. He stops only to put on a condom, and then presses himself to my entrance. I am nearly out of my mind, so filled with hunger and need...all I can do is beg "Yes, Karl, Please!!"

With a grunt, he thrusts up, half of his shaft sinking into me. It feels so good, all I can do is moan as he starts to work in and out of my tight sheath, slowly pressing more into me.

It's been a while for me, making for slow going, but even in his hunger Karl is patient and lets my body accustom itself to his invasion. Finally he seats himself fully into my tunnel, and lets out a deep groan.

"Ah, god, you feel so good!" he grates out into my ear as he starts to move deep within me.

Now the pace starts to speed up, his hands busy tweaking my nipples and pulling on my hips. I feel my pussy clenching on him, my hands raking his back as I urge him even deeper and harder into my depths. I feel the familiar tightening and moan that I am about to come...

"Yeah, do it, come on my dick!" Karl grits out, thrusting even harder in time to his word as I shatter. It feels like I am on fire, or exploding, or both as my body spasms around his member. I hear my shouts as if from a distance as pleasure sweeps through me, unmaking then remaking me...

Gasping I return to my skin, and feel Karl still moving in me. Grabbing my legs, he drapes my knees over his shoulders and proceeds to pound even deeper into my hungry flesh. Guttural noises fall from his lips as he works himself in and out of my wet hole, competing with the sound of slapping flesh.

"Oh god, oh god, I'm going to explode!!" he gasps, slamming even harder against my hips. I urge him on, feeling him thicken inside me...

"Aaahhh!!" he shouts, burying himself to the hilt in me as his body tries to turn itself inside out with pleasure. I can feel the spasms that surge through him, and press myself even closer, absorbing his cries with my mouth as he shudders his release.

We collapse in a tangled heap of sweaty, sated flesh, and sleep entices both of us into her embrace...

I went back to the bar today, since I promised Karl that I would keep dancing. The music is loud as always as I walk in, and by some coincidence it's my favorite song. I savor the memories of our "last dance" and smile to myself.

Best of Luck to you, Karl...

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