tagInterracial LoveLaura Stars with her Black stallion

Laura Stars with her Black stallion


Hello, this is my second attempt at writing a story. Those of you found the last one "Laura Seduces her Black Stallion" palatable, thank you! It had some obvious errors - factual and grammatical, and I'm thankful to those who managed to ignore them and enjoy it. I promise to be more careful this time. This story is based on the same character "Laura Bending", but it is not necessary to read the first one to make sense of this one.


Laura is a suburban wife married to a wealthy New York lawyer. Her husband Greg is a senior partner at a law firm in New York. They live in an upscale community in the suburbs. At 38, Laura is a well spoken and sophisticated woman. She has an active social life with friends at wives clubs, social cause groups and community activities. She doesn't need to work and spends her days with her close group of friends either working out, shopping or attending parties. She is a confident and feisty woman who knew what she wants from life.

She has expensive tastes and enjoys the good things that come her way. She dresses fashionably and carries herself with grace. She takes care of her body and manages to turn heads. Regular visits to gym has kept her well toned, she is curvy but firm. Her legs are her best assets with defined calf muscles and flawless shiny pale skin that draws attention whenever she wears heels with short or slit skirts, which is mostly always. She had breast augmentation an year back and now at 36DD her tight dresses stretch on her bust, her breasts are well proportioned to her body and she look great in a bikini. She was a brunette and usually wears her straight hair pulled up or pulled back, which exposes her long neck and shoulders. He face is oval with pout-y lips which always have naughty twitch at the ends. Her black eyes which always looked like they had a hidden meaning to what she says. The effect of her presence was usually breathtaking as she knows she looks good and uses the awareness with impunity.

Although, after ten years of marriage, her sex life with her husband had dwindled in frequency and passion, but none of that held her back. She had developed a keen understanding of her sexuality. She knew how to find pleasure and was aware of things that excited her. She has been spending good amount time reading about psychology of sex and erotica. Her understanding of the male perspective developed very well as she puts her fantasies into practice. She had been having affairs outside marriage for last two years. She had an unapologetic attitude towards her indiscretions and deserved the male attention that she attracted.

She was also an avid connoisseur of pornographic material, written and recorded. She was one of the few women who liked watching porn from the male perspective. She would imagine the thoughts going through the male porn stars mind. Her favorite genres was younger guys with mature women, and black man white women wives interracial, mostly as it was taboo from the male perspective and she enjoyed thinking his thoughts as he enjoyed the physical and psychological highs the situation offered him.

She had also started following the stereotypical porn themes and activities in her short affairs and one night stands. She loved to let her sex partners be aware of her marital status and sexual inadequacies of her spouse, to give them the kick of conquest. Also, during sex she tried to imitate graphic porn scenes in sex positions, foreplay, post sex activities. She had recently got camera equipment installed in their bedroom to record her sessions. She found is very erotic to view them later. It was as close to reliving good sex as she could get. Her last two recordings had provided her with almost equal amount of satisfaction as she got off to explosive climaxes watching her young studs pound her in various positions. She loved each expression of incredulity, violent joy and belligerent victory she saw in their eyes as he violated his conquest in various depraved ways.

Laura's discovered that she could heighten her pleasure to a whole new level if she could direct the activities of her partner and herself to a well thought out script. She imagined various scenarios in which she would love a specific kind of reaction, physical and verbal, from her partner. She had had a few forgettable episodes where she had picked up a very hunky and fit young buck from a bar, only to discover his hesitation, lack of confidence or verbal ineptitude ruined her pleasure. She came to a conclusion that she needed a very specific type of gentleman with a certain kind of attitude towards sex and opposite sex. She found this most predominantly in the male porn stars of the mainstream male-centric porn video industry.

Since Laura always got what she wanted, so she decided to call upon the services of a Mr. Jabbar Kareem with the stage name of Brutus Stallion. He was a successful African american porn star. Laura liked her men to be muscled, clean shaven and at least 12 years younger than her, and he fit the bill perfectly at 26. She did some research and got his his agent's email. Her request was to the point. She wanted to shoot a porn video with Mr. Brutus which she would direct. It would be a scripted sex session with dialogues and vaginal, and oral sex. She would own the video and would not release it for commercial purposes. For the fee, she had mentioned a flat amount which was five times his normal charge per two hour video. He would be engaged for one full day and she would shoot the video at her house. She would arrange for the crew and equipment.

The depravity of idea with all its connotations turned her on, even while she was writing the email. It was in a state of this arousal she added a clause that there would an additional 1/5th bonus if Mr. Brutus could come up with improvisations in the spirit of the script and theme of the video. She will decide of the merit of the improvisation, and she will pay the bonus amount "per improvisation." Just to leave nothing to doubt, she mentioned had read about Mr. Brutus's offline persona and had hoped he would be able to draw some inspiration from his experience and make it for the production. She gave her phone number and some verification details and a legal contract. She also attached her pictures if Mr. Brutus had a needed to see his co-star in advance.

She had also contacted a group of cameramen and light crew who she knew from a common friend. They were a three member group who specialized in such events and offered discretion as one of their services.

She was able to get herself off just thinking of the base proposition she had made, she was a cheating married wife, but till now her dalliances were mostly with real day-to-day people like most married folks who cheated, this took it to a whole new level of depraved. While being aware of its immorality, she was unashamed and unhesitating. She got a call from the agent after four long days. He wanted to setup a meeting and check out the "studio" before any commitment was made. Laura had no problem with that, she invited him to her house during the day. Her husband was away for a fortnight so she could plan everything without any disturbance or need for secrecy.

"I am intrigued by the offer Mrs. Bending, it seems to be a very unusual one compared to what we get from regular studios," said Abdul. Abdul Hamid was Jabbar's agent.

"Please call me Laura Abdul. And yes, I'm not the usual studio as you would imagine. I am a married woman with some peculiar tastes. I'm a big fan and I want personally experience Mr Jabbar at his best. The video shooting will help me relive the experience later," replied Laura.

She had a mischievous smile on her lips as the black man heard her with a shocked expression. Her candor tingled her as well as him.

"I hope that Mr. Jabbar is covered against any potential lawsuit, although I admit that your contract goes out of the way to protect his interests," Abdul quipped. "In fact, Mr. Brutus would be lucky to get sued by you or your husband, the reparations proposed are substantial."

Laura, a non practicing lawyer herself, had drawn up the contract while watching Brutus Stallion pound Kendra Lust into her marital bed in one of her favorite porn flicks. She wanted to reward him for every stroke.

"I'm glad you are satisfied. Here is a copy of the script, please have Mr. Jabbar's opinion, the improvisation bonus clause would hold good if he suggests changes or additions that I find of interest. The theme, actions and dialogues are detailed enough, but please feel free to ask if you need more information. I plan to shoot in a week from now."

She went on to summarize it, "The theme of the video is very typical of current pornographic movies. Laura is a married woman who wants to experience wild sex outside marriage as her husband is fat and ugly and not equipped. She invites Mr. Jabbar, from an escort agency to her house and they have 2 hour long sex, It is heavy on dialogue and specifics. I hope Mr. Jabbar finds it satisfactory."

"Sure sounds good Laura, I'll have him look at it. It was a pleasure meeting you," Abdul said.

Three days later there was an email from Jabbar, it said:

Mrs. Bending, I am pleased to make acquaintance, and flattered to have an admirer in you. I find the whole idea intriguing and honestly more than slightly titillating. Everything in the script is like my own fantasy realized in words, and you do have a way with words, I love the dialogue,and pleasantly shocked by the realization that a woman would think up of those oh so delicious and dirty words. I am sure I will enjoy working with you. Here are my suggestions:

Laura's dress should be black with no stockings and black heels, the contrast of the pale bare legs with my skin is something you might enjoy.

Laura should mention her correct age in dialogue and ask for escort's age (38, 26). I think the young stud part of the theme would be hot.

When there is so much fellatio involved, I think you should have some lipsticks ready and freshen frequently as a part of the video, somehow I think it's something you would like.

The kissing is missed after the first exchange of tongue, is that something deliberate or it's something we will sneak in during the shooting?

Also include some dirty talking targeted at the male like - black bastard, filthy asshole. I played an escort in a movie where the script was mostly this.

Would you like to be eaten? There is no cunnilingus in the action, I can get you off with a mean tongue.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Laura read and re-read the email at night and formulated her reply in the morning.

Hi Jabbar,

Please call me Laura, considering what we are about to do. You have my unfettered admiration since I saw you first. If I have been following you on and offscreen I am sure you enjoyed reading the script but I enjoyed it more writing it with you in mind.

I loved your suggestions, however I have would consider the last two not really in line with what I had in mind. I loved the contrast suggestion. I wasn't planning on any stockings for the same reason. I love the age to be mentioned, would be remind me each time I'm watching that I'm such a naughty little slut.

And the lipstick idea, wow, I'm glad you have some experience with this, I would have never thought it and now it makes perfect sense.

The kissing is missed deliberately in the later scenes, as I'm sure Jabbar hates having his own precum on his lips. But glad you brought that up, I'm adding it as dialogue.

For the fifth one, Laura is a confident and powerful businesswoman, but she is also enjoys powerplay during sex, and sex for her is exhibition of the power of the male. The dialogue facilitates the view that Laura is the dirty one who is paying for sex with a man of color, while being married. She is also in completely turned on by this, so she ensures she is given adjectives in line with the situation. Meanwhile the escort is just doing his job, and doing it so well, which endears him to her. So she refers to him in praise, encouragement and adulation.

For the last one, if I have been following your interviews, then I don't think you like eating pussy. I also am not a big on getting eaten Not because your tongue is not talented enough, but because willingly giving oral sex for the escort's pleasure is a part of Laura's depravity. But again, I will change the script to ensure that this is mentioned as a dialogue, when Laura calls the escort agency, she mentions that she only likes giving oral.

I accept five of the six suggestions, please consider yourself twice richer. Looking forward to our meeting.



The shooting was decided to be at the Bending's country house in the outskirts of the city. It was a large mansion where they hosted occasional parties. On the day of the shooting, their bedroom was rearranged for lighting and camera equipment. There were overhead mics for capturing the dialogues, six cameras were installed to cover the shoot from all angles. The director's chair was set near the window with a monitor equipment to review each scene after it was shot. As per the script, it was supposed to be a hotel room where Laura and Jabbar were to meet. Laura was a businesswoman wife who was on a trip and wanted to explore wild sex with a paid escort while she was away from her boring husband.

Laura was sitting in the director's chair watching the movie crew arrange the equipment. She had her makeup done professionally and was dressed from the scene in a low cut long black dress, it had a slit all the way up to her thighs. It was low cut and stretched on her breasts. Her hair was styled pulled up and back and it showed her slender neck and shoulders. She had on some slight makeup and wore bright red lipstick. Her heels were 4 inch stilettos with a single strap. She was waiting for Jabbar to arrive as she was going over the script. Since she was both the director and actress in the scenes, she had an assistant director, Kenny, to manage off-screen while she was in the scene. She had prolonged discussions with Kenny on how the action in each scene would proceed.

Jabbar and Abdul were driving to the shoot, Jabbar was feeling especially good about today. He had been in amateur videos in the past, but this was taking the cake. He had seen Laura's pictures and spoken to her, he knew he was in for an exciting time. He loved his life and how things had been turning out lately. He was a rising very fast in the porn business, an industry that had little to offer to the male talent, he was sought after by big studios primarily for their interracial features. He got to work with all the top female actresses. He had made a fortune in the last year appearing in over 100 videos. Recently he had been getting requests such as Laura's for private performances and had made a killing. He loved sex and white women, he had a very athletic build, lean but very well defined muscled and smooth body. His very dark, almost charcoal black complexion contrasted well with pale white skins on tape. His attitude and actions onscreen during sex were naturally typical of a confident and dominant male, he improvised and followed his instincts. His website membership data had confirmed he had developed a select fan following, mostly white female and some white male.

"Hey you guys!" Jabbar wore white shirt with a necktie and black trousers, he looked distinguished and professional. He was accompanied by his agent Abdul. "Hey Jabbar!" Laura beamed at him as she stood up and shook hand. "I hope the setup is to your satisfaction."

"Oh you're the boss, it just needs to meet your needs." Jabbar smiled.

"Oh no I need your experience for this, this is my first time." Laura moved to Jabbar's side, allowing him a view of the place, as she pushed her hand into his and stood close to him. "I want it to look like one of your regular movies in every way." She said in a suggestive tone.

"Wow, this looks like a Hollywood set, are you sure we are just shooting porn?" said Abdul with a laugh.

Laura smiled. "Even porn needs to be shot well to be any good."

"Hey guys, we are ready for the pre-shoot interview, you have already read the prepared scripts, please move to the couch, we will have a 15 minute Q&A and then start with the first scene." Kenny the director interrupted them.

Jabbar sat down on the couch in the middle and Laura sat on his right. She turned towards him and moved in very close, she put her left leg out over his legs and the right one was bent down, her entire inner thigh was exposed through her slit dress. This was a well discussed position, Kenny adjusted her breasts to make them press and squish against his chest from the side, as Laura smiled and took Jabbar hand, placing it on her exposed inner thigh.

Camera started to roll as Kenny said, "Hey guys, we know why you are here, a quick round of introductions please."

"Hi!" Laura smiled into the camera cheerfully, "I'm Laura, and this young man here is Jabbar. We are here to enjoy each other's company and make each other happy." She turned to Jabbar and kissed his cheek.

"That's great!, so are you from this town Laura?"

"Oh gosh no, I am here on a business trip for my company, and I wanted to taste some local flavor," Laura pulled Jabbar's face to the side and kissed his lips, and pushed her tongue into his mouth, rubbing it into his. She turned to the camera momentarily "Yummy!" then she turned back and kissed him deeply.

"Show us your ring Laura." Laura showed her marital ring into the camera, "Are you happily married?"

Laura smiled. "Yes darling, my husband loves me, but I am a bad bad wife," she winked, "I hardly deserve him! Look at me!" She pushed Brutus's caressing hand onto her inner thigh, "I am a nasty wife." Laura laughed.

"How old are you honey?"

"I am 38 and my young black stud Jabbar here is 28, mmm, I'm a cougar." Laura smirked.

"Jabbar, what do you think of Laura?"

Jabbar smiled. "I'd rather there were more like her, ten thousand dollars to fuck a foxy bitch like here!"

"Ooh you think I'm a foxy bitch! Wait till you see more of me." Laura kissed him again as he pinched her nipple from above her dress.

"Ouch, naughty boy!"

"Bye and have fun guys, Cut!" Kenny said.

Laura continued to sit with Jabbar as he ran his hand up and down her leg. Kenny explained the first scene to them.

The first scene starts with Laura looking at the male escort website on her laptop lying on the bed in the hotel room. She is dressed in her black dress and heels and looked like she had just come back. She scrolls through and pictures as she ran her hands on her legs...lifting her leg from out of the slit of the dress she touched herself on her black thong as she looks at the black bodies on the screen. Selecting Jabbar's picture, she pulled out her phone and calls the agency.

"Hello, I'am calling about an escort appointment."

"Yes, the name is Jabbar, number 12B on your website."

"Great, here is the address..."

She hangs up the phone and gets up, and stands before the full length mirror, adjusts her dress. Then she applies a red shade of lipstick, and placed it open on the dresser. Turning, she looks around the room, she walked to her purse and pulled out a picture of her and her husband and placed it on the nightstand with a smirk on her face, next she took out her black dildo, gives it a kiss and placed it next to the picture.

"Cut!" said Kenny.

Laura came down to the director's chair are they replayed the scene. "Kenny, I think I need to smile a bit more in the later part, to show what naughty stuff going in my head." She sat down on the armrest of the chair Jabbar was sitting on, and smiled at him. "What do you think, Jabbar?"

"I think it was hot!, you were great."

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