Learning to Live with Magic


Jim the voyeur watched as they disappeared, locked in embrace, into Melissa's room. He left the dorm, and went around to the outside. Melissa was on the third floor, but there was a hill. He climbed the small hill. He aimed his telescopic lens at the windows until he found Melissa's window. He knew it was hers: He recognized her boobs. He had a perfect view. Since her room is on the third floor, Melissa never closed her drapes, preferring the sunlight.

Jim stayed there for several hours as the two fucked liked animals, over and over again. He watched Melissa give Mark a spectacular blowjob, too. He even saw Mark take Melissa up the ass. Wow! He texted a couple of friends, and they joined his perch, sharing the telephoto lens of the camera. He knew Melissa from one of his classes, but he did not know who Mark was. Quite frankly, he did not care about Mark. Melissa was firecracker hot, and boy could she fuck! Wow.



Mark's sister Annabel was freaked out after her amazing incest with her brother. The transmogrification, the out of body experience, was beyond belief.

Fortunately, Mark had sent her a custom-made glove. He had taken a clay impression of her finger, and his friend in biochemistry had been able to make her a glove. He made several for her, actually, just in case. She had kept it on religiously, and there had been no slip-ups.

Annabel had decided to try to understand the phenomenon of their middle fingers of their right hands: those of Mark, her father, and herself. She had already had too many accidents before she realized it had been due to her finger, each and every time. Ten men had plundered her lascivious body, and she had been helpless to stop them.

Indeed, it was worse than being helpless to stop the men. Each and every time her finger made her crave the sex. At her previous college, the result was that she was considered the worst slut of the college. And it was true, too, and all because of her accursed finger! She felt that because of all this sex, she had been forced to transfer to this new college, where she was doing a damn good job of imitating a nun!

She had read the limited number of books the library had concerning magic and the occult, and she had Googled everything she could think of. She learned nothing useful. She took off her glove for the first time in weeks. Suddenly she felt a rush of endorphins. Wow!

"Did you do that, finger?" she said aloud, to nobody in particular, since she was alone in her dorm room.

In her head, she heard the words, "Yes, Annabel."

"What is your function, finger?' she asked, intrigued. She was sure she was hallucinating, but decided to let it go, to let her hallucination run wild.

"You already experienced it ten times, Annabel. I can force you to have sex with anyone I touch. In return, the men are forced to want to have sex with you. Most of them want it, anyway, but I change it from a desire to a fierce and urgent need. Do you like it?" she heard the disembodied voice say inside her head.

"Sometimes I do," Annabel said. It was the truth. "But it's too much. Ten men! Nobody fucks ten men, maybe ever, but certainly not in the course of 9 months!"

There was silence for a while. Then Annabel said, "What else can you do?"

"I don't know. I've never tried anything else," her finger said. "Except of course for that time when you touched the finger of your brother. I really enjoyed that! I suspect I can do a lot of things, especially for a wench like you."

"Hey!" Melissa said. "Don't you dare call me a wench!" Her finger drooped a bit. She reflected for a moment, then said, "Finger, turn on the television." The TV went on. Annabel almost fainted. It had to be just a freak thing. She said, "Finger, change the channel to NBC." The channel changed to Channel 4, the NBC affiliate. "Finger, you are amazing!"

"I guess I am," she heard the words in her head. "But I'm the best at sex. Try me!"

"I already have, finger. Your talents turned me into a slut. You made me have incest. I didn't want all that, and I don't like it."

"You wanted to fuck your brother. I just gave you an excuse," Finger said, as always, inside her head.

Annabel decided to test the finger. She said nothing, just thought the words in her head, "Help me get myself off, please, finger."

"Undress, Annabel. I want you naked," her finger replied.

"Do you now?" Annabel thought. Her finger had some nerve!

"It's sexier that way, Annabel."

Knowing her finger was right, Annabel stripped naked, lay on her back on her bed, and spread her legs. She began to caress her pussy, staying at first on only the inside of her thighs, teasing herself. She next stroked her labia lovingly, getting closer and closer to her clitoris. She knew she was getting wet. Finally, she touched her clitoris. It felt really good. Remembering she was testing her finger, she took the middle finger of her right hand and slipped it inside herself.

This was the moment her finger had been patiently waiting for. Annabel felt her finger getting warmer. It began to vibrate. Whoa! She thought. Her finger began to grow, while inside her. It got longer, and thicker, and it developed ridges along the side. Annabel was sure, because she pulled the finger out, and it looked like a flesh and blood dildo. Hell, it looked like a cock! Holy shit, it looked like her brother Mark's cock!

Annabel had experienced ten cocks plus Mark's, and she remembered them all. She was enchanted all eleven times. She had never had sex of her own free will. The cocks she had known were long, short, skinny and fat. Lots of variety to be sure, but her finger was currently a dead ringer for Mark's cock. She quickly stuck it back in, and began to pump her finger, the cock, in and out of her pussy.

Annabel came in minutes. Once she calmed down, she lay there naked, thinking. She called Mark, caressing herself lovingly as they talked. They agreed to meet at their parents' house the next weekend. Annabel had to learn what her father knew about all this, and she was scared of her father.

She needed Mark there, too. He was also scared of their father, but together they would give each other courage. Her finger spoke to her, through her mind. The finger said, "I want you to wear your sexy Halloween witch outfit when you go home to your father."

"But Halloween is over!" Annabel said. "You can't tell me what to wear, finger. What is your name, anyway?"

"My name is Tlazolteotl. It's an Aztec name. It's hard to pronounce, so you can call me Ted," Annabel's finger, Ted, said.

"Okay, Ted."

"And Annabel? Halloween is not over. We fingers have extended it," Ted said.

"You fingers, plural?" Annabel asked.

"Yes. Mark's finger, your Dad's finger, and me. We telepathically converse, the three of us. Wear the witch costume."

"It's too sexy to wear in front of my Mom and Dad," Annabel said.

Ted giggled. "Wear it anyway. And tell Mark to come as a wizard."

"Can you at least return my boobs to their normal size?" Annabel asked. She figured it was almost certain that it was her finger Ted who had enlarged them.

"That's a mistake. You look superhot with them just the way I arranged them. You'll see. It's better this way," Ted telepathically said to poor Annabel's head.


Annabel and Mark ask Donovan

Mark's mother Rebecca was surprised when Mark said he was coming home again. He also told her Annabel does indeed have the finger thing. "Oh, my!" his mother said, fearing the worst. The worst had already happened, so she was right to fear it. Annabel had touched four men with her finger in a folk dance and ended up enduring a semipublic gangbang. But since she was enchanted too, she did not simply endure the gangbang; no, she enjoyed it. That was what destroyed her reputation.

She had to transfer, to change colleges, because of that cursed gangbang. Thus their Mom was just a little late with her concern. Mark told her Annabel was coming home, too. Mark felt his mother's smile broaden right over the phone. He knew that she was thrilled. She loved Annabel, and she hated Annabel being estranged from her.

How the estrangement happened was not her mother's fault. Somehow when her father turned her green, wanting yet another sexual marathon, something went wrong. The father of Annabel's best friend Heather had just dropped by, to take Heather home. He turned green too, and Rebecca had no choice but to seduce him. Heather's father Jim had no choice but to be seduced. Soon Rebecca and Jim were naked, and rutting on the living room floor.

Now truth be told, Heather's father was more than happy to screw Rebecca. Both Donovan and Rebecca knew he had been lusting after her for a long time. But to do in front of their own daughters? Only Donovan could think up such an evil idea.

Annabel was frozen in place by this horrifying spectacle, but Heather screamed and ran outside. Annabel never knew this, and Heather never told her, but while running she suddenly froze for a minute. She turned around and saw Donovan. She then stripped naked and smiled seductively at Donovan, right there in their front yard.

Anyone driving down the street would have seen them. Heather did not care; it was if she were in a trance. Perhaps that's because she was in fact in a trance. She was emerald green, and enchanted, just like Annabel's Mom and her father were, inside the house. Donovan took her virginity that day, right there in their front yard. They had sex repeatedly, five times. Four of Heather's classmates saw all or part of the sexual marathon. The consequences at school after that were horrible for Heather.

Annabel was reflecting on this at the same time her mother was. Now she knew what must have happened. It was all her father. Emerald green is his color, just as blue is Mark's, and burnt orange is hers. For reasons only he could understand, he wanted Rebecca to have sex with Jim. Perhaps it was because while they were having wild sex, he could and did enchant the teenage Heather and deflower her. And he did. Five times he and Heather had sex.

During all this sex, Annabel had escaped into the back yard. She heard what sounded like Heather's voice, saying "Take me again, you bastard. Take me again! Now!" This was not credible, so she snuck around to the front, and saw Heather and her Dad engaged in passionate fucking. Her mother and Heather's Dad? Heather and her own Dad? It was too much to process. Annabel walked down to the small village and had a hot chocolate and tried to understand why she had fantasized all this. Because it must have been a fantasy, right?

Annabel arrived home before Mark. She now saw her mother as a victim, and not a slut adulteress. She and her Mom hugged, and Rebecca cried with joy. Rebecca also saw her custom made high tech finger glove. "Did Mark give you that? You too, Annabel?" Rebecca said. Annabel nodded. They hugged some more.

"Where's Dad?" Annabel asked.

"He'll be home in two hours. He has a lot of work to do, and he's with that pretty secretary of his, Brianna." There was some clear bitterness in Rebecca's voice. Not only did she not love her husband, she didn't even like him.

"Do you think she's green, and all that that means?" Annabel asked, sympathy in her voice.

"No," her Mom said. "He wants to, but I'm sure he's afraid of the consequences."

Mark arrived as they were talking. Rebecca gave Mark a long, loving hug. Then Mark and Annabel hugged hello. Rebecca noticed their hug was a loving hug too, but it seemed to her it was a loving hug not so much in a sibling way, but as in the way two lovers might hug. Her heart sank. Have my children already had sex with each other? It's because of their fucking fingers, she silently thought.

They sat and talked about their fingers for a while, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Donovan, so they could pump his mind. They heard his car. Annabel and Mark summoned their courage and forced themselves to greet their father warmly. He smiled at them. He could not help but notice how sexy Annabel looked in her new witch outfit, which was pushing the boundaries of skimpy. Mark was dressed as a wizard. Halloween was over, what was going on?

Donovan also noticed that Annabel's boobs were bigger than his memory of them. Well, a girl's breasts can get bigger at age 19, right? Maybe she is on the pill. Could that have the effect of enlarging a girl's boobs? Water retention or something? He would have to look into that.

After all the pleasantries, and once their Dad was in his favorite armchair with a large glass of Scotch whiskey in his hand, Mark gently broached the subject. "Dad," he said, "My finger became strange on my 18th birthday."

Annabel added, "My finger did, too. Did your finger become strange on your 18th birthday, too, Dad?"

Their father smiled. "I did not know girls could get this, too. You must be special, Annabel. Were their consequences?" he said, almost drooling as he imagined what might have happened.

"There were for both of us," Mark said. "Please tell us what you know about this special feature of our middle finger on our right hand."

Their father then told them. The condition has been passed from father to son for so many generations, nobody knows when or why it began. Annabel is the first female to have the condition, as far as he knows. If a woman gets pregnant while under the spell, her male child will have the finger. Maybe Rebecca is special, since Annabel got it, too. Even magic can make the occasional mistake.

He then went on to explain its main power is sexual enchantment. But he's trained his finger to do other tasks as well. Each person's finger has different talents. The finger's power lasts one's lifetime, and it gets stronger as you age. It's especially strong around Halloween and All Saints Day, and for two weeks following.

Then it clicked. "Is that why you're dressed in Halloween outfits? Did your fingers request it?" Donovan said, suddenly feeling alarm.

"Only mine did," Annabel said. "My finger talks with me, telepathically." She saw her Mom shaking her head in disbelief.

"It talks to you? How remarkable! I've never heard of that," Donovan said. "I think it's time to challenge your finger to a fight, Annabel."

Annabel was alarmed. She looked at Mark for help. Mark said, "No! You cannot try that with your own daughter!"

Donovan smiled. "You have much to learn, my son," Donovan said, pointing his finger at Mark, who promptly turned emerald green. What's more, Annabel and Rebecca, their Mom, could see he was green. Mark's eyes looked glazed. He was enchanted. Donovan next pointed his finger at his wife, Rebecca. She promptly turned green.

Rebecca, in a trance, walked over to Mark. She gently took his hand and led him upstairs to a bedroom, as Annabel watched in horror, and Donovan watched with malicious glee. The two of them out of sight now, and undoubtedly busy, Donovan looked at Annabel. Annabel removed her finger covering, and told her finger to protect her. Her finger said, "I cannot protect you from sex. I shall protect you from everything else."

Donovan looked at Annabel's threatening finger with amusement. "Trying to protect your honor from me?" Donovan said.

"Yes, yes I am, Dad. I cannot have sex with my own father! Please don't do this!" Annabel said.

"But by now your beloved brother Mark is making passionate love to my Rebecca, you know. Doesn't that make you jealous?"

"It makes me sick, you twisted fiend," Annabel said. "Poor Mark! Poor Mom!"

"Poor Annabel," Donovan said, as he pointed his finger at her, and she promptly turned emerald green. "Let's see if you're a better lay than your childhood friend Heather, who is now known as the slut of Vassar. We both know she's the green slut of Vassar, but nobody else can see the green. She's good, too. No complaints. How good are you?"

Unable to resist, Annabel replied, "Very," as she began to remove her clothes.

Annabel quickly became naked. "On the floor, my daughter. On all fours, please," her father said. He too was now naked, sporting a large and angry erection. As he slowly walked over to her, enjoying the view to the max, he suddenly fell. He was wrapped tight by a huge, blue, boa constrictor. "What the fuck?" he said, as the snake began to squeeze him, relentless applying more and more pressure.

Annabel was naked, and on all fours, waiting to be fucked, but Donovan was trapped by the blue snake. He began to worry about being crushed to death. He tried to use his finger, but the snake had it completely covered. He saw his green son, standing there and looking at him. "Mark," Donovan managed to say, gasping for breath, "Is your color blue? How did you do this?"

"My finger wants me to have sex with Annabel, not so much with Mom. He managed to free me after the second time I fucked Mom, but only because I promised to do Annabel. By the way, Mom is a prize, Dad. She's really good in bed. Better than really good, actually. She is amazing! She should be enough for you! Anyway, shame on you: it's best not to mess with me, Dad, because if you do, you mess with my finger, and my finger can get angry."

Mark added, "Your green wife will be along soon, and maybe she will want to fuck you, next? If so, she might just save your life? Let's hope so. Being crushed to death is a horrible way to die."

Both Donovan and Mark watched in awe as Annabel and Mark changed gradually from emerald green to baby blue. Transformation complete, Annabel said, "Oh, Mark, my hero!" and she ran to Mark, hugging him. Mark felt her naked breasts press against his chest. He couldn't wait!

Mark led her to his own bedroom. Annabel quickly got on the bed and spread her legs. "I'm wet already, and I want you, Mark."

"That's the spell talking," Mark said. "I only used it to save you from our Dad."

"Thank you. Don't you want to fuck me like the slut I am, like the slut that I have become?" Annabel said.

"Yes, I do. I want to possess you, to own you. I need you; the need is immense. I love you, Annabel, and I have wanted you ever since puberty. But I want you to know what we're doing, and not to be enchanted. I want the real Annabel."

"Finger, disenchant me," Annabel said. There was a pause, and she said, "Yes, Ted. I promise." Annabel's blue color faded. She was normal again. "How about now, Mark? Come on in, the water's fine. Really fine."

Annabel added, "I promised my finger we would fuck; only with that promise would he disenchant me. Now we have to!"

Mark looked at her with incredulity. She really did want to fuck him, even without magic! He stood there in shock. Impatient and frustrated, Annabel rose from the bed, her boobs jiggling in front of her. She grabbed Mark's erect, rock hard penis and pulled it towards the bed, with the rest of Mark following right behind. She was careless, and Mark turned burnt orange. He quickly pushed her down, spread her legs, and plunged his cock inside her, all the way to the hilt. Annabel groaned.

Annabel's pussy felt as good as Melissa's had. He loved fucking women when they were not enchanted. To be fair, he loved fucking them when they were enchanted, too. Maybe he just loved fucking women? So far that had been Melissa and her two roommates, his lab partner Mary, his sister Annabel herself, and now, his own mother.

Fucking his mother had been amazing. The very idea of fucking his mother previously had made him sick to his stomach. His sister was objectively sexy, but his mother? She had given birth to him! But when he forgot about all that, his mother was the sexiest Milf on the planet! There was no question about that.

Rebecca still had a perfect body, even at her age of 45. Her boobs had almost no sag, her waist was tiny, her legs were shapely, and her skin was soft and smooth. Her only weaknesses were the crow's feet around her eyes. And those disappeared when she was green. Her pussy, his own mother's pussy, had grabbed his cock with that velvety softness of an aroused woman's love canal.

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