Lee and I were well into the 5th year of what could best be described as a very contented marriage. My former life with Carol was still in the back of my mind, the medicine the Doctor prescribed allowed me to deal with her sudden death.

Lee and I had a nice apartment out on the East side of Portland, her work as a Nurse brought in good income, and my practice as a Massage Therapist was also doing fine.

One evening, there came a knock at the door, and our lives changed in an instant. There stood Carol's parents.

Right after Carol's passing, I had simply picked up and left. I had abandoned my old truck when it broke down on the Southern Oregon coast. It had been towed to storage. The tow company had turned the storage bill over to a collection agency, which sent out a letter to my old address in Nebraska. Carol's parents had taken over the house, and negotiated a settlement with the trucking company that cost Carol her life.

Now they knew where I was, and in short order, found me.

The amount of money was enough to make both Lee and I blink!

We purchased some acreage way out in the country, there was a nice creek in the pasture, and we tore down the old farmhouse and built a large Chalet style A-frame. Lee quit her full-time job, and went to a few on-call shifts, I continued my practice at the house in a special room I had built just for that purpose.

Life was good, but even though I got to see way more than my fair share of the female form in my massage work, I still had those nagging feelings. I liked the exquisite sensation of someone catching a "peek" at my wife, and I had fantasies of wondering how she would be with someone other than me.

I built a deck off the main living room, with a balcony that overlooked it. Lee delighted in sunbathing nude out there, it was nice and private. One day I was sitting out on the balcony, reading the paper, and glancing up from time to time at the view of Lee lying on her back on a deck chair catching some sunshine. She really was quite a sight to behold, her body was slender, long legged, she kept her pubic hairs trimmed in a neat "V" shape. She almost glistened in the sun from the oil she had rubbed herself down with.

I heard a car, and looked around the corner, it was the meter reader. I had only seen him once before, he was a nice looking guy about 35 or so. He climbed out with his clipboard, and started around the side of the house. I started to warn Lee, then something stopped me. I knew he had to walk right by the deck to reach the meterbase, which was attached to a pole on the other side of the house!

Quickly, I slipped just inside the sliding doors that led to my upstairs room.

From this vantage point, I had an almost complete view of the deck where Lee lay on her back, eyes closed, the soft music from her radio muffled his approach.

He stepped around the corner, and there was Lee! He stopped, started to turn, then realizing that she hadn't seen him, he turned back to get a good look!

Lee lay on her back, arms down at her sides, legs slightly apart, he was missing nothing! He stood there for what seemed like minutes, then gathering his courage, he walked around the deck to the meter.

Lee heard him when he tripped the catch on the meter and looked up with a start! She quickly grabbed a towel to cover herself, as he walked back by. He nodded at her and said something, then got in his car and left.

I stepped out on the deck, Lee looked at me with a mischievous smile, and said, "I just got caught!"

I laughed, she looked at my obvious bulge, and got up and came over to me. I quickly stripped down, enjoying the feeling of her slippery flesh sliding all over me.

"That turned you on, didn't it?" she asked as I slipped into her in one smooth motion. "Yes", I said with a shudder.

Afterwards, she lay cuddled in my arms. She asked me why that excited me so much, I told her simply that I didn't know, it just did.

"Well, if you react like that, I could do it some more!" she said with a giggle. The thought created another instant hardon in me, she reached out and lovingly stroked me with her hands. "Wow!, she said, "I guess it does!"

We made love again, taking advantage of the new-found excitement. Once again, we were snuggled up, just touching and enjoying each other.

"Let's order a pizza" she said. "From that place down in Troutdale."

I thought for a second about the 20 year old guy that delivered for that company, and said, "Sure!"

I went back inside to call in the order, Canadian Bacon, cheese, pineapple, all the good stuff. I gave them instructions to deliver it around the side of the house, explaining we would be out on the deck. Lee went out and lay down on her lawn chair, placing her feet on the deck on each side.

"How's this!" she asked me with a grin. I looked at her, her pussy lips were actually slightly parted, and I could see that she was also excited at the prospect, as they were engorged and swollen.

15 minutes went by, then 20, I got up and went to the upstairs room. Lee looked up at me and smiled, then lay back and closed her eyes.

Soon I heard the sound of the little import car coming up the drive. I waited and waited, then the doorbell rang! "Damn," I thought. "Why can't they take instructions". I opened the upstairs window above our front door, and surprise! Here stood a man about 50, holding a pizza.

I started to tell him I would be right down, then thought, "Why not?" "Take it around to the back" I told him. "I will be right down with the money!"

Then I hurried to the other end of the house, and looked out just as he walked around the corner. He stopped cold, then said, "Excuse me, lady, your husband told me to come on back."

Lee sat up and stretched, and told him to have a seat, that I would be right down. He put the pizza down on the table, and sat in the chair facing her.

"I hope I am not making you uncomfortable" Lee told him. "No Ma'am, not at all" he replied. "You are the nicest thing to ever happen to me on this job".

"Oh, I will bet you get to see lots of naked women in your job", she said.

"No, so far just one in her underwear and one in just a T-shirt" he replied.

Lee lay back on the lawn chair, then put her feet up on the edges. Her knees were about a foot apart, he just sat there in silence and stared. Finally, I came down and paid him. He handed me a receipt, and as he turned to go, he said, "Call back any time. Ask for Henry."

Lee and I sat down to enjoy the Pizza, she grinned at me. "That was fun!" she said. "I had a little orgasm from him looking at me!"

"I have a big one for you in just a minute", I told her, as I bit down on a slice...

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