Left Alone


Staying Home and Having Fun

After parking at the Hasty Mark I keep looking at the time. A few minutes past 8 pm I see your parents and sister drive past on their way to your uncles to spend the night. I wait 15 minutes then turn on the car and begin driving to your house recalling last night as I do so.

We were talking over MSN when you told me that your parents are going up there for a family thing but they are letting you stay home to studying over your reading week. I teased you about coming over but you just laughed and reminded me that I had to work the next four days. What you didn't know is that I moved my shift to an early one today and told my boss that I couldn't make it tomorrow.

I turn the last corner and your home comes into view. My excitement begins to grow and I look at the seat next to me. An innocent looking black bag is on it and I run through the same mental check list I've been going through all day making sure I didn't forget anything. After driving past your house I park the car on the next street over. I grab my bag and casually start walking towards your house thinking of all the ways I plan on enjoying your body. When I reach the drive way I look up and see the light on in the family room, perfect I think to myself as I toss my bag over the fence then hop over it myself. I check the basement window and see that it's still left open just how I left it from the weekend. I take the keys I had taken earlier and unlock the bars that cover the window then pried it open.

At last I'm inside your house, I felt my heart racing as I pull out a few items from my bag and pocket them. I climb the stairs while straining to hear any movement but all there is is the sound of the television from the living room. I drop my bag at the top of the stairs and open the door just a crack. I see you on the couch watching t.v. As I'm watching you your hand slowly finds it's way inside your pants, I almost laugh when I see this, wondering if you know just how much abuse your body will take tonight.

You check out the window once then relax and begin enjoying your body. Your hand goes under your shirt moving from tit to tit, pinching and pulling your nipples. I can see your hand moving lazily in your pants probably slowly stroking your clit. I feel myself growing harder as I watch you getting close to cumming I even consider just running up there and just having a night of hot hard sex, but I remind myself how much more both of us will enjoy the night if I continue as planned.

You begin moaning and biting your lower lip and I can't help but rub myself through my pants. You lift your shirt and bra and I can see even from this far away how hard your nipples are. You continue to abuse them, pinching them, pulling them, you seem flustrated that you can't treat both your nipples and finger your clit at the same time. You become more and more rough with your body and I can see your hand inside your pants moving faster and harder as well. Suddenly you cry out, close your eyes and your body just freezes then begins to shudder lightly as your organism washes over you.

Just before you finish cumming I realize that now is my best chance so I slip out from the stair way and into the bathroom. Guessing that you'll want a glass of water after that you'll come down to the kitchen and I can take you then. After waiting only a few minutes you catch your breath and get up from the couch. I stay perfectly still as I hear you walk past the door then quietly slip out and keep pace with you while taking my knife out of it's sheath. I wait till you're a step from the kitchen then everything started.

One hand snapped around your mouth, the knife resting against your neck. You were frozen, I whispered in your ear that you are mine now. That I will do anything I want to you and you're only going to beg me for more. You snapped out of it with that and began fighting me, I wrapped my arm around your throat and slowly flexed my arm cutting off her air. You clawed at my arm but soon your arms fell limp and I could feel your body weight come onto me. I quickly spun you around and kissed you before you came too. I just needed to do that now since I wasn't going to get a chance too later.

You started to come too so I put my hand over your mouth again and put the knife on your throat. If you do that again I will cut you I whispered. I put the knife to your throat and began slowly pressing it into your. You pressed your body hard against mine trying to escape the blade but I continued until it just broke the skin drawing a thin bead of blood. I felt a shiver go through you when I pulled the knife away. I took on a commanding voice and said, now here are the rules of serving your master. You will always address me as master, you need my permission to do anything, you will do everything I say right away or you will be punished, do you understand?

Defeated you simple nod your head. I tell you to close your eyes and I guide you to stairway leading up stairs. I move your arms through the banisters and hand cuff them together on the other side. I pull out the collar I had in my back pocket running my fingers over the lettering "H E A T H E R" remembering the strange look the clerk gave me when I bought it. I tell you to open your eyes and show it to you, the second you saw it I saw you take in a quick breathe, I just smiled and put it on you, I'd attach the lease later.

Using my knife I begin cutting off your clothing strip by strip telling you what I had seen you do earlier. I watched as your checks then your chest became flushed and couldn't help chuckling. Soon you were down to nothing but your panties. Standing there shivering and vulnerable I couldn't help but want to abuse you.

I leave but only for a second, reappearing with my bag with me. I open it and find what I was looking for two clothes pins attached by a metal chain. I dangle them in front of you and you begin to whimper. Begging me not to do this to you, I just slap you hard on the ass and tell you that you didn't call me master. I reach around you and let one slowly pinch down on your nipple then I do the same with the other clothes pin on the other nipple.

I can't help but smile as your cries become moans. I play with the clamps, lifting up the chain till you're forced to stand on your toes. Squeezing the clamps harder, giving the chain gentle tugs. I ask you if having your nipples treated this way makes your pussy wet. You shake your head violently from side to side and begin to say no until I pull hard on the chain and instead you just moan. Don't forget the rules, I gently remind you.

I slide my hand along your stomach and under your panties. I'm not surprised at all to find your pussy dripping wet. I smile as I feel that you also shaved today. I run my finger up and down your slit then begin focussing on your clit. After a few seconds of my finger on your clit rubbing it and the clamps pulling just enough to be on the brink of pleasure before pain you feel yourself getting ready to cum, then everything stops. You whine when I take my hand from your panties and I laugh. So now you want me to fuck you? I asked. You blush and remember that you are being raped.

I pull your panties down to your knees, reach into my bag then suddenly you hear a buzzing. I run it over your pussy and your whole body shakes, now you know what happened to your toy, you were very upset when you couldn't find it last night. You smile and moan as I slide as much of it as I can inside you and turn it on to it's strongest setting.

I pull your panties up to make sure that your toy doesn't move and tell you that you can't cum until I say so. I attach a short leather lease to your collar and unlock your hand cuffs. I lead you back into the living room. The weight of the chain pulling down on your nipples as you walk. I tell you to lay down on the coffee table with your chest up and you do just as your told. I take my bag and open it, drawing out a long length of rope. First I tie down one foot then the other and then tying your hands down as well.

The vibrator, the clamps and now being tied down is all too much for you and you feel an organism coming. You arch your back high in the air, wishing I would pull on the chain. Your hips are pumping desperately trying to feel more of the vibrations inside you. Seeing you cum that hard breaks my concentration and I decide that we both deserve a good fuck and that we can pick up where we left off after.

I strip off all of my clothes and my cock comes free. You're still shaking but when you hear my command to open your mouth you do so and are suddenly brought back to reality when you feel my cock slide in you. I ignore using my knife and simply rip your panties off, take hold of your toy and began fucking your pussy as hard and fast as I can. You moan around my cock and bob you head up and down sucking on me and running your tongue around the head. I lean over you and begin sucking your clit, taking it in my mouth then moving my tongue over it as quickly as I can all while still fucking you with your toy. This puts you over the edge as you begin cumming again.

Once you're starting to come down from it I take my cock from your mouth and take your toy from your pussy. You moan and say Master please fuck me, I want to cum on your cock and feel your body on mine. After cumming so many times your pussy is very wet and I slide inside you with one stroke. I put my weight on you, pressing the clothes pins and chains into you but you don't care you just keep lifting your hips to meet my thrusts.

I run my fingers through your hair pulling gently. I lift your head to mine and we kiss deeply and desperately as we both begin to feel our organism coming tongues teasing each other. Our pace becomes more urge and are hips slap together harder and faster with each thrust. When I feel your pussy tighten around my cock and pull your hair back hard and we both cry out cumming together.

After a moment and we both catch our breathe I pull my semi-hard cock from you. You look down and see it covered it our cum and ask your master if you can clean it. As you're sucking and licking it I smile as it begins to get hard again wondering what other things I can tie you to?

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