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Letter to a Lover


Dear Brad,

You asked me last weekend, "What would I like to do to you sexually if I were given the opportunity." I have been thinking about this for days and now I believe I know the answer. I also know what measures need be taken to achieve this goal.

My fantasy is to dominate you. I really want to tie you up and have my way with you. I want to use my body to drive yours into a sexual frenzy, yet at the same time make sure that you to have no access to my pussy until I release my control back over to you and this will be at my discretion.

I would like you to allow me do whatever I want to you...and what I want more than anything is to make you physically submit to me for a change. When you get home from work tonight, I want you to get on our bed.

I am going to tie your hands together so that no matter how turned on you get, you cannot touch me until I let you loose.

I am going to part your legs as widely as you do mine and tie each one separately to the bottom bed rail.

I am going to use the blue nylon cords you own: the ones, which you bought to tie me up but now the tables are to be turned. I want you to experience what this feels like. I desire to make you feel and understand the things I go through when I am under your control.

I will use the same fasteners on you as those you use on me when we are together.

I am going to secure one of your wrists and bring the other wrist to meet it and entwine the two together.

I will bind the ends to the top railing giving you just enough slack to be comfortable...nothing else.

I am going to cover your mouth with tape to enhance the effect of your bondage. [Imagine me looking at you. Watching as your erection starts to steeple slowly rising higher each second. I see you lying there erect and needy. I will devour you but at my whim, not yours.]

I am wondering how I am ever going to remove your clothing if I tie you up like that. If I untie you to remove your clothing, you may not allow me the opportunity to finish my fantasy...I should make you strip for me first.

No, I have a better idea: I will cut your clothes off your body as you lie there. I would begin at your ankles and cut my way up your trouser leg whilst you watch: my long brown hair and copious, braless breasts dangling down in front of you. [However, you will not be able to touch them.]

I will slice my way to your inner thigh and stop.

I will lean in closer to you...unfasten your zipper and feel inside the opening...gently stroke your engorged rod with my fingertips. It is usually such a hard and eager fellow when I stroke it. You will desire my hand to stroke it more vigorously, possibly take it out of its confinement... put it in my mouth... we will see about that later.

What else will I do to you tonight, dear: let me think?

I will massage that bulky area between your thighs for just a moment more, and then cut up your other trouser leg until your legs and crutch are exposed to my view. I will then lean forward and kiss the inside of your thigh, almost where your balls meet your leg.

In my mind, I see you mumble something through the tape on your mouth. I simply look at you and smile.

I will revel in the size of your masculine endowment as I gently cut away the rest of the material.

I can imagine you giving me a warning look, which says, "Cut Me, and there will be hell to pay."

I will take great pleasure in watching your labored breathing as I step up your erotic torment.

I shall part the remaining fabric to glory in your erection. I will cut away your underpants and reveal your manhood to my lustful eyes in all its fullness. I love to see your cock. I always have.

I will lean forward at this stage and allow my long brown hair to gently brush backwards and forwards over your groin.

Is that a moan I hear coming from your lips. Shall I continue...?

I would want to see and feel my hands on your chest. That part of your body has always turned me on. I would push your polo shirt up under your chin. Play with your chest, stroke, and bite your nipples.

You will become my own plaything. Cock exposed body ready to fuck at my command: and fuck you I shall.

I am going to remove my shirt so that my naked breasts are yours to see but not handle [can you see them lover: large nipples standing erect, soft pink areolas.] I slip out of my panties so that you can see my ripe, ready-to-be-fucked pussy and know that if I choose to straddle you, you will penetrate me. [Can feel my tight pussy clutching at your cock right now? The feeling surrounding your dick as it moves in and out of my tight little hole.]

I would now straddle your lower legs, take your weeping cock in my soft hands, and begin to milk it: pulling slowly at first, then as your body begins to twist beneath me I would begin to milk it just that little bit harder...and with a tighter, firmer grip.

I would place my thick, wet tongue on the very tip where the moisture is thickest and tickle the end with teasing strokes...manhandle your balls and feel the heavy sac between my splayed fingers.

I can envisage you bucking your lower body slightly upwards desirous of a more interior-type contact. However, I will not allow this: not yet.

I want to tease you some more so I slide my body a little further up so that my pussy is just touching the base of your cock and I rock on my haunches rubbing my slick juices all over your cock.

I turn around and squat. My sodden pussy inches from your face.

The sexual scent of female arousal wafts up around you. You will be able to taste me just by the smell. It is sweet and thick in the air surrounding us. You know that scent well, my love.

I will lower my pussy to your face and make you pleasure me using the languid swirls and speedy swipes of your tongue, repeatedly flicking my clit and tasting the flowing juices I leak from deep within.

I would caress your chest and then pinch your nipples using a combination of gentleness and something akin to a light Chinese burn.

I would then return to my attention to your throbbing dick. I would pull and massage your heavy balls, working you up until you are obviously on the verge of coming.

My imagination is working overtime now and fantasy forms an image in my mind of the two of us at play.

I would lean in and kiss your cock with the same gentleness of a butterfly landing on a rose petal.

I would place my mouth around your tip and slowly edge your cock inwards. You have a huge dick and the fit always takes some getting used to. I am always mindful of my teeth possibly getting in the way and open my jaws a little wider to accommodate you. As always, I would use my spit to enhance the lubrication needed to cause the friction needed for your complete satisfaction.

I will make you watch as I place my mouth over your engorged cock, have you observe my long, brown, silken-strands of hair falling about your lower body. I would have you watch you as you feel suction on at least two thirds of your cock equivalent to that of a small handheld vacuum cleaner. I will suck on you to my hearts content. The drawing sensation on your cock will be extraordinary. I will make you continually buck your pelvis upwards trying to raise your hips right off the bed, your cock further into my mouth.

You will watch as I milk you further and when you finally squirt your come into my mouth, I will swallow every ounce.

Only then will I let you re-take control.

Hurry home.

Love Marie

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