tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1

Life after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1


This is it! Dawn comes up with some pretty crazy stuff for the New Year's Eve party. This is a 4 part chapter, read them in order! I hope you have read all the chapters of this series, parts of some of them are drawn together here, but you can read without having read all of them.

Life after the Lottery Ch. 17, Part 1

The New Year's Eve Party – It's Finally Here


Dawn woke Sam and me up when she came into the bedroom to get Sam, she had on a set of short pajamas.

"Since when did you start sleeping in pajamas?"

"I have been up, now you two get up, we have things to do!"

I grabbed Dawn and pulled her down on the bed.

"The first thing I need to do is you!" And I started pulling her top off.

"You wish! You can do me at the party."

Dawn hopped up before I could get her pajama shorts pulled off.

"Young lady, you get up too!" She said to Sam. "And clean up this room someone else will be sleeping in here!"

Dawn meant it but I wanted to sleep in knowing it would be a long day.

"Good morning you two!" Amy said as she walked in wearing her robe.

"Good morning, now all my beautiful girls are here," I said.

"I can't wait for the party," Sam said excitedly as she sat up naked.

"Do you have anything left for it?" Amy asked her with a giggle.

"We heard you two late last night so don't talk," Sam said.

"Sam, you and I have to talk later," Amy said.

The intercom went off, someone was at the gate.

"Who could that be this early in the morning?" Dawn asked.

She got up and went over to the intercom.


"It's Nancy, I hope we are not too early."

"No, come in."

Dawn opened the gate to let Nancy in.

"Get up James," Dawn said.


Dawn got up and headed downstairs in her short pajamas, Amy was right behind her.

"What about you Sam?" I asked.

"I don't have anything to hide, remember."

"Join me for a quick shower, I want to talk to you anyway."

Sam got up followed me to the bathroom still naked. I turned on the shower and as soon as the water was hot we stepped in.

"Oh this feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes it does, and you look good all wet and slick."

As usual I woke up with an erection, Sam had not missed it and had grabbed me with both hands and pulled me to her. I bent over and kissed her deeply. I picked up the soap and began soaping Sam up as she stroked my cock.

"Sam, can I shampoo your hair?"

"Yes. You really do like my long hair don't you?"

"Yes, I have always liked long hair on a woman and your long red hair really turns me own."

"You like redheads a lot don't you?"

"I do."

I ran my hands through Sam's hair as she moved under the water.

"Does it excite you playing with my hair?"

"I have to admit it really does, is that okay with you?"

"It's okay with me, I just like you playing with it."

Sam released my cock and reached up and pulled all her long hair around one side of her neck and let it fall down. As long as her hair was it reached her waist in the front. Sam took two handfuls of the end of her hair and wrapped it around my cock and began to stroke me with it.

"You like that? Do you like how it feels around your cock?"

"Oh, yes."

"Does my red hair turn you on wrapped around your big cock?"

"It feels great and it looks great."

Sam began to squeeze my cock tight as she stroked it with her beautiful red hair.

"James, would you like to come in my hair?"

God it felt good wrapped around my cock and I did have a real fetish for red hair.

"Yes, I would like that."

"Come and sit," Sam said as she led me to the seats in the shower.

As I sat next to Sam she gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the seats. Sam leaned forward and dragged her wet hair over my chest. She then dragged her hair over my legs and thighs.

"You like that?"

"Oh yes I do."

Sam grabbed the bulk of her hair and wrapped it around my growing erection and began to work it and her two hands up and down the length of my shaft. I didn't know why but I was really getting turned on. I had always loved Dawn's long black hair but she had never asked me if I wanted to come in her hair and I had never asked.

Sam sensuously stroked up and down my shaft. The sight of her red hair engulfing my cock was strangely exciting. Sam really acted a lot differently when we were alone together.

"James, I really enjoyed the titty fuck last night, did you enjoy it?"

"You know I did, did you have fun?"

"Yes I did, maybe next time you can fuck my titties and my hair at the same time."

The thought was a turn on.

"Maybe Amy and I can use our titties and hair at the same time to get you off, would you like that?"

"That sounds like fun."

"I'll talk to Amy about it."

My cock was growing harder and harder, I couldn't believe I was getting so excited by this. Sam had both hands and her hair wrapped around me and was stroking faster. The view of her breasts as she bent forward doing this was really exciting. The water running off her nipples and down on to my stomach was very sensuous. As Sam stroked faster I felt my balls begin to swell.

Sam took a handful of hair and wrapped my balls with it while the other hand stroked my shaft with her hair.

"Oh god Sam!"

She began to stroke me faster and faster, I was surprised at how fast I was building to an orgasm.

Sam leaned forward and placed her hair between her breasts and mashed my cock between them. This was a real turn on, I couldn't help but think about her and Amy doing this at the same time.

Sam rubbed her hair and breast over my cock for several minutes. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew it was going to be huge. My cock slowly started to pulse and twitch.


"Are you about to come in my beautiful red hair James?"


Sam removed my cock from between her breasts and wrapped all the hair she could around my cock and began stroking furiously. I felt everything tighten up.

"Oh god Sam!"

She stroked several more times real fast and my hips shot up.


I jerked up again, I couldn't hold back anymore. I felt my cum rush up through my cock and shoot into all that hair. I thrust up over and over shooting a huge load of cum into Sam's hair with each thrust.

"Oh yes Sam!" I cried as I continued to unload in her hair.

Sam was stroking fast as I came. I had never had an orgasm like this from just being jerked off. I thrust up one more time as my cock pumped itself dry. I fell completely back onto the marble ledge. Sam slowed down her strokes. I watched as she sat up and I could see a huge amount of cum mixed in her hair.

"Sam that was incredible."

"I am glad you enjoyed it, now you can finish shampooing my hair," Sam said as she stood and helped me up.

We both laughed and I grabbed the shampoo and lathered up Sam's hair and worked the suds and cum through her hair.

Sam and I finished soaping each other up and rinsing off. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Sam grabbed a short robe when we returned to the bedroom.

"Sam, you probably should get dressed before you go downstairs, the caterer is here."


I got up and went to my bedroom and shaved and put on some sweats and a t-shirt before I went downstairs.

"You get lost?" Dawn asked as I got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Just showering."

"Well help Nancy and the girls unload their vans."

"We can get it," Nancy said as she walked by and said hi.

Nancy and the twins were hustling in and out of the house bringing more and more items in. Dawn and Amy were still in their pajamas when Sam came down the stairs in sweats and a big t-shirt.

"I met Amy but who is this James?" Nancy asked as she walked by Sam.

"Nancy, this is Samantha, Amy's sister."

"Hello Samantha."

"Sam please."

I had forgotten that Nancy didn't know I had two more gorgeous women living with me, I wondered for a moment what she was thinking.

"Are you ready for the big party Sam?" Nancy said as she looked at Sam probably concerned about her age.

"I can't wait, Dawn said you always have great food."

"I hope so or she may kill me."

Nancy headed back out the front door. Dawn had just walked up behind us as Nancy walked off. Dawn ran her hands through Sam's damp hair.

"You showered already?" Dawn asked as she looked at me and Sam.

"Yes, we took a quick shower." Sam replied.

"We did, did we?" Dawn said with a smile.

"Yes we did," Sam said as she walked away toward the kitchen.

"Why don't you cook us some breakfast while Amy and I go shower," Dawn said to us.

"Come her first."

I grabbed Dawn and leaned over and kissed her deeply. When I pulled my lips back I licked her lips.

"What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to taste Amy on your lips."

"James! Cook breakfast. And stay out of Nancy's way," Dawn said as she walked up the stairs calling Amy to follow her.

I tried to stay out of Nancy's way as I made coffee and fixed breakfast for everyone. Amy and Dawn were not gone long so I guessed they hadn't been fooling around. They had on sweat pants and t-shirts as they came down the stairs, both still had wet hair. When the two of them reached the kitchen to eat breakfast I could tell neither had on a bra. Dawn was wearing a pretty thin white t-shirt and I could see her nipples poking through it.

The four of us ate while Nancy and the twins started getting organized. Dawn, Amy and Sam were helping the twins move things into the dining room when Nancy came up to me.

"James, where can we put our clothes to change into later?"

"I'll go to the van with you and help you get them."

We went out to the van and Nancy pulled three garment bags and two small suitcases out. Before we went back inside Nancy stopped me.

"James, how old is Sam?"

"She is 18."

"Is she going to be here for the entire party?"


"She sure looks younger than 18."

"She is 18, going on 30."

We headed into the house, the twins and Amy and Sam were still in the dining room. I led Nancy to the first downstairs bedroom and we deposited everything there and went back to the kitchen.

"Nancy do you have everything you need?" I asked.

"Yes, I may have to go out later and get anything I forgot but I think we are good."

"Are you and the girls ready for tonight?"

"Yes, the girls are excited, I think they plan on putting on quite a performance."

"How about you?"

"I'm ready, I just have a lot of work to do before everyone gets here."

"No, I meant are you ready to put on a performance."

"What?" Nancy asked with a surprised look.

I had a surprise for Nancy.

"Are you ready to help your daughters raise money for graduate school?"

"What do you mean, they are the ones putting on the show."

"We'll see," I said to Nancy as I walked off.

I turned and saw Nancy looking at me, not knowing what I meant.

Nancy and the twins spent the morning cooking and preparing food. By noon she had gotten all the warming trays setup in the kitchen and on the table that was in the den. Several times when Nancy walked by me she gave me a curious look.

The intercom for the gate went off again, Dawn ran over to answer.

"Honey, I have some guys coming to help move the furniture around," Dawn said as she walked toward me.

"Move the furniture around for what?" I asked.

"I just need it moved and we can't do it."

I heard someone pull up in front of the house and then the doorbell. Dawn opened the door and two young guys were standing there in muscle shirts.

"Come on in," Dawn told them.

They looked like two college football players. I watched as Dawn had them lift and move all the furniture in the den around, by the time they were finished all of the sofas and loveseats were around the walls facing into the middle. I was guessing she wanted everyone to be able to sit in a circle.

"What's up?" I asked Dawn as I walked up to her.

"I just thought everyone would be able to sit and talk with things set up this way."

I watched as Dawn followed the two guys outside and returned shortly with them carrying some extra chairs. They brought 6 nice upholstered chairs to add to the furniture in the den. Then they returned to their truck and brought in two long folding tables and a two rolling coat racks. Dawn had the tables set up by the door. The final thing they brought in was two linen covers for the tables. Dawn reminded them to come back Tuesday then tipped them and they left.

"What is all this?" I asked.

"We needed some extra chairs and I didn't want people to have to sit on the dining room chairs, the two tables are for some things I need to set out and for your DVD presents and more space to hang everyone's coats."

"Okay," I said and really wondered what she was up to.

About the time the movers were finished the liquor store showed up finally. I had to get all the Champagne in the coolers once they brought everything in.

About 2:00 Nancy seemed to have everything under control, she told me she had some last minute things to prepare before everyone arrived.

"James, what time do you want us to change?" Nancy asked.

"Not until as late as possible, Dawn doesn't know about our plans."

"What time will people start arriving?"

"They could start showing up any time, we told them dinner would be at 7:00, but they could come any time after 2:00, but I have a feeling that everyone probably will not get here until about 5:00, Dawn decided to make it formal."

"James, the girls and I will need to change before then, we are not dressed for serving the hors d'oeuvres."

"You look okay, let me see when people will start showing up, how long will it take you all to get ready?"

"About 30 minutes, so don't wait too late."

By 3:30 no one had shown up so I found Dawn helping Nancy and pulled her aside.

"Dawn, we told everyone they could come any time after 2:00, did you change that?"

"Sort of, since all the women are coming in evening dresses, I told them to come at 5:00, is that okay?"

"Sure, I was just worried. Nancy and the twins have to change so they are ready when everyone starts arriving, I just needed to know."

"We are going to have to start getting ready in a few minutes, are you going to wear your tux or a suit?"

"Whatever you want."

"Wear your tux then, you look so handsome in it."

A few minutes later Dawn got Amy and Sam and headed upstairs. I told Nancy that she and the twins should start getting ready about 4:30 because everyone would be arriving starting at 5:00. She returned to the kitchen to finish the hors d'oeuvres.

"James!" Dawn yelled from the top of the stairs.


"Get your DVD's and put them all out on the second table."

"But nobody is getting them until they leave Sunday."

"I know, but I want them to wonder what they are all weekend."


I did as Dawn ordered. I brought all the wrapped DVD's with each couples name on them out and lined them up on the table for Dawn. I thought Dawn was being silly but I did it anyway.

I was helping Nancy while I waited on Dawn.

"James, what did you mean by 'we'll see'?" Nancy asked.

"I just meant that all the men may think you are part of the entertainment, you will look awfully good in that outfit."


"Nancy, you are beautiful women, show off your body and have some fun this weekend."

"When you brought this whole thing up at my office I just thought you wanted the twins to wear the outfits, I don't know how I let you talk me into it also."

"Nancy, don't under estimate yourself, I think you are a very beautiful woman."

"I don't know how you talked me into this," Nancy said with a laugh.

"It's 4:30, I guess I better get upstairs and change, you all change whenever you are ready. Make sure Dawn doesn't figure out what is going on, she is going to be surprised when she see's you."

I went upstairs to change. When I got upstairs I saw Amy going toward her room naked.

"You look nice!"

"Shit!" Amy said and ran to her room.

She had her hair in curlers and all her make-up on, she looked excellent. I found Dawn in our bedroom laying out her dress wearing a robe, her dress was new, something I hadn't seen before.

"Dawn that dress looks nice."

"We all have new dresses for tonight, I hope you like them."

I could see Dawn's dress was a pretty black sequenced dress, it didn't appear to be very reveling on the top but it looked very nice.

"What time is it?" Dawn asked.

"A little after 4:30."

"Shit! I have got to get dressed, you need to get dressed also."

"Don't panic!"

"We have to be ready before anyone gets here, Amy and Sam can come down later. Get dressed, get your tux and take it downstairs and get dressed!"

"I don't need to go downstairs."

"You will be in my way."

"Dawn, you can take the robe off, I know."

"Did Sam tell you?!"

"I figured it out by process of elimination."

"James, go along with it and don't say anything."

"Take off the robe and let me see."

Dawn slipped off her robe and turned toward me.


"You like?"

"Very much. Why did you do it?"

"You will find out, now get dressed!"

"Will you keep it that way?"

"We'll see."

"What about your jewelry from Christmas, is everyone going to get a chance to see it?"

"If you put them on me I think they will, and get Sam's and Amy's and take it to them."

I got the girls nipple jewelry from the safe and I helped Dawn put her diamonds on.

"Emmmm, that feels good," Dawn said as she fingered her diamonds.

I pulled my tux out of the closet and started putting it on while Dawn slipped on some very sexy lingerie. I stopped and watched as she did, I thought that it was overly sexy for the party. I felt my cock stir as I watched her put on a low cut strapless lace black bra followed by a pair of sheer high hipped lace black panties.

"What are you looking at? Get dressed and take the girls their jewels."

"Can't, I am watching my beautiful wife get dressed?"

I started slipping on my shirt and pants when I saw Dawn slip on a black lace garter belt and then a pair of sheer black silk stockings. Damn she looked good. She was going all out for the party. I continued to watch as she wiggled into the black sequenced dress. I noticed as she slipped it on that it was slit up to her thigh and the top was strapless.

"Would you zip me up please?" Dawn asked as she walked over to me and turned.

I zipped up the back of her dress, admiring how it looked as I did. When I finished, I reached around her and gave her a squeezed from behind.

"I have to finish my makeup honey," as she wiggled free and disappeared into the bathroom.

I got Sam and Amy's jewelry from the safe and went to Amy's room. I knocked on the door.


"Can I come in, I have something for you?"


I took their jewelry to them and they both laughed as I gave them the nipple jewelry. I went back to the bedroom to finish dressing.

I got my bow-tie tied and slipped on my coat. As I was slipping my shoes on Dawn appeared from the bathroom. What a sight, she looked incredible.

"You sure look hot and beautiful," I told her.

"Thank you dear, are you ready?"

"Yes I am, may I escort you?"

"Come on you."

We went downstairs, it was about 4:45. Nancy and the twins were not around, they must have been getting dressed.

"Honey, come with me and help me get something from the study."

"You are actually going to let me in there? I am not sure I remember what it looks like inside there."

"Come on!"

Dawn took me to the study. She had a bunch of small boxes all wrapped up with each couples name on them.

"Take these out and line them up on the other table."

We made several trips and got all the boxes moved, Dawn looked around and seemed to be satisfied.

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