Life after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1


"The men need to find the other blindfold that is in the bag."

I heard a few grumbles from some of the guys.

"Now gentlemen, you will follow Nancy to the bedroom and do what she says."

"Alright!" Michael yelled out.

"Michael, you're not that lucky," Dawn told him.

All the guys followed Nancy to the bedroom and she closed the door.

"When I tell everyone to do it you must place your blindfolds on so that you cannot see," Nancy told us.

"What's up Nancy?" Someone asked.

"You will have to wait."

The guys were all talking, several asked me what was going on, I didn't have anything to tell them. I looked around and all the hard-ons had gone away. It was taking a long time for Dawn to setup whatever it was. We did hear a lot of laughter coming from the other room for a minute.

The door opened and Dawn came in with one of the twins. Everyone turned to look at Dawn. I couldn't believe she had waxed her patch on her pussy, she looked so hot.

"Okay guys I am going to explain this game. There are strict rules to this game, if you break them you will be disqualified, so listen carefully. In a few minutes you are going to put on your blindfold and Jan is going to lead you one at a time back into the den. Then we are going to find out how big a liar each of you are. Here is what is going to happen. In the other room all of your wives are waiting on you. You have a test to pass."

"What's going on?" Jack asked.

The rules first. You cannot remove your blindfold until I tell you you can or you are out. You cannot use your hands to touch anything, you will understand in a minute. You cannot talk or make any other noises or you are out and you don't want to lose this game.

"What's the test Dawn?" I asked.

"Okay you liars, here is the test. You remember when you were all asked if you could taste several different pussies you said you could tell your wife from any others?"

A few yeses were mumbled.

"Well your wives and I think you are full of shit! In the other room all the women are lined up on the floor with their pussies propped up in the air and their legs spread. You will be taken into the other room and you have to get down on your hands and knees and do what Nancy and the twins tell you to do. You will get three minutes to taste each woman's pussy using only your mouth and tongue.

"Wow!" Someone said.

"When you find your wife, which I don't think any of you can do, you will feel around on the floor directly in front of you and pick up a chip, hopefully with your wife's name on it. Once you have done this you will continue until you have sampled all the women, this way if you chose wrong you may find her later."

"You have got to be kidding Dawn, our wives wouldn't agree to this!" John said.

"You wanna bet John? I got a lot of naked women in there that say otherwise. Now all you liars can put up or shut up!"

"What if we pick wrong?" Keith asked.

"You may pick as many women as you wish, if you need to. But for every wrong chip you get there is a penalty...and your wife will kill you."

"What if we pick right? Steve asked.

"If you somehow manage to pick just your partner, you may win, but I don't think any of you can do it!"

"What do we win?"

"I'm not telling, but you want to win."

"Two more things. One, there is a bonus if any of you pussy eaters can bring a woman to orgasm in the three minutes you get, I don't think that will happen either. Number two, just on the chance that any one of you has tasted more than one pussy in there, you may take more than one chip. If this happens and you happen to get it right, the more correct chips you have the more points you get. And, your wives are also blindfolded so they will not know who is eating their pussy at any time so they can't signal you."

Some of the guys were laughing and the others were talking.

"Any questions?!"

"No, I don't care if I win or not, I just want to taste 12 pussies!" Chris added.

The men laughed a bit nervously.

"I hope you guys do well or you are going to be in deep shit with your wives!" Dawn said.

Dawn left and closed the door leaving Jan behind with Nancy.

"James, did you know about this?" Jack asked.

"Not a thing, but I suspect your wives may have, I suspect that is why they all shaved," I told him.

"Anyone want to make any side beats?" Sam asked.

"Sure," several said.

"What's the bet, winner takes all?" John asked.

"Okay, thousand bucks each, winner takes all, okay?" Sam said.

"What determines the winner" David asked.

"You have to have only correct chips," Sam said.

Everyone agreed. This was going to make things more interesting, Sam must have felt pretty confident about picking Olivia and maybe Dawn.

I walked over to Sam to see how sure he felt.

"You feel pretty confident Sam?"

"Yes I am."

"You think you can pick out Olivia and her only?"

"Yep, and I can pick out your wife!"

"You think you can pick out Dawn?"

"Sure can!"

"I've got 5,000 that says I can pick out all of them correct and pickup a few bonus chips you in?" I asked

Sam looked at me hesitantly for a minute.

"Deal! Dawn had one fine tasting pussy, I can pick her out!"

"You have a bet then, are you ready for everyone to know you know what my wife taste like? Will Olivia be okay with it?"

"Sure, I'm taking you down!"

"We'll see. The most right answers and bonus chips wins, okay?"

"Sure!" Sam said.

The door opened and Jane came in.

"We are ready," she said.

"Okay men, everyone put your blindfolds on and remember the rules," Nancy said. "Wait for one of us to take you by the arm and lead you into the other room."

"Here we go guys!" I said as I put my blindfold on.

I could hear Nancy and the twins leading guys out as they shuffled their feet. Occasionally I could hear one of them telling a guy where to walk. I waited as I listened to everyone being lead out. Several minutes later I felt a hand take my arm.

"James, are you ready?" It was Nancy.


"Okay then."

I felt a hand grab my semi-hard cock for a few seconds then let go.

"Here we go," said Nancy.

I let Nancy lead me out to the den.

"Get down on your hands and knees and stay there," Nancy said.

I got down on my hands and knees and waited, there was more shuffling around the room for a minute.

"Okay guys, does everyone remember the rules?"

That was one of the twins.

"If you have any questions you better ask them now."

"No questions?"

"Okay, I have a stop watch, you get three minutes from when I say go and you must stop when I say stop! Got it!" Nancy said.

"Yes," came from around the room.

"Men, you are directly in front of a woman, all you have to do is move forward about 2 feet, you may use your mouth to find your way to where you are supposed to be, when it looks like everyone is ready I will say go. When I say stop you will either pick up a token and crawl back or just crawl back. We will help you move to your right to the next lady and if you are on the end, we will walk you back to the other end, any questions?"

While one of the twins was talking I now understood why Dawn got everyone to shave, she had really planned this one out, the ladies must have known some of this in advance. This was going to be a lot of fun.

"If everyone is ready, guys please move forward until you touch one of these beautiful ladies legs."

I shuffled my hands forward on the floor until I could sense I was close. I moved a little more and my arm bumped a leg. If I knew Dawn she had this set up so it would be at least two or three women until anyone came upon their wife.

I turned my head until I touched a thigh, I stuck my tongue out and ran it down the inside until I touched a pussy. I heard a gasped as my tongue first touched. I put my tongue on the pussy under my lips and waited.


I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out and explored the pussy lips in front of me. I ran my tongue up and down them several times as I heard another gasp. I leaned forward and shoved my tongue deep into the pussy and licked around the insides. Whoever it was was trying hard not to moan. I placed my mouth down over the top of the pussy and found the clit with my tongue. I drove my tongue in and began circling the clit as hard as I could, the pussy pushed up against my mouth and I pushed my lips down hard over the clit and began to suck hard as I tongued the mystery clit. The pussy tasted good and familiar while I sucked as hard as I could. The clit under my mouth was swelling to a good size as I sucked and tongued it. I was sure I had tasted this pussy before but I wasn't quite sure who it was.

I was trying to keep time in my head and I figured I had about a minute left, I thought if I was going to get someone off in three minutes it would be one of the first women before the excitement wore off. I sucked harder as the lady was pushing her pussy up to my mouth. I drove my tongue in and began flicking the head of the swelling clit as fast as I could. I heard stifled whimpers and I tasted juices flowing out. I took a chance and bit down and pinched the head of the clit between my teeth and ran my tongue rapidly over it.

"Shit," I heard as the pussy was thrust up against my mouth hard several times.

From the 'shit' I knew it was Karen, I had only tasted her once but her exclamation gave it away.

"No talking ladies!"

I bit down harder on Karen's clit and continued flicking my tongue over her pinched clit.

"Mmmm, mmmm,mmmm" Came from Karen as I felt her juices flow from her pussy as she jerked up.

"Stop!" Came from one of the twins.

I released Karen's pussy and her hips fell away.

"Men take a token or not and move back."

I kissed Karen's pussy quickly and took a token and backed up.

"Did anyone have an orgasm, if you did raise your hand."

"Well, we have two, congratulations guys."

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder then stick something in my hand. I laughed a little knowing I had given Karen a quick orgasm.

"Men please carefully move to your right a couple of feet."

I shifted to my right a little, I waited for someone to replace me because I was pretty sure I was on the first of the line because of how far I walked. As I waited I didn't hear anyone move next to me, then a twin said move forward. I inched forward doing some quick math in my head. There were 12 women so someone should have been brought next to me.

'Damn', Dawn had more than 12 women out here.

I touched a leg and moved my head to the side to find the inside of a thigh and ran my tongue down until I touched another set of pussy lips. I was thinking I would have to keep up with how many times I moved before I heard someone move to my other side. I bet Dawn had Amy and Sam playing, that would surprise a lot of the guys and make 14.


I flicked my tongue over the pussy below my mouth then kissed it. I leaned forward and licked from the bottom to the top several times. This pussy was already wet and juicy. I drove me tongue in and worked it around then laughed, this was Sam, I would know the sweet taste of her pussy anyplace. I pulled my tongue out and kissed Sam's pussy lips softly several times, I heard her moan softly. I knew Sam loved for me to just kiss and lick her pussy when I was taking my time so I licked from the bottom to the top over and over, just to tease her I moved down and ran my tongue across her asshole as I licked. I felt Sam giggle softly, she knew it was me. I kissed around on her pussy lips and inner thighs between licks. I could feel Sam giggling softly. When I knew I had about a minute left I leaned in and stuck my tongue in her ass, Sam jumped.


I pushed my tongue into Sam's ass as she spread her legs further apart and I licked around. Sam was wiggling her ass as I licked her asshole over and over as I heard her trying to keep her moans quite. I pushed my tongue in hard and Sam tightened up, I pulled my tongue out before Sam had an orgasm and kissed her pussy tenderly until time was called. I found one of Sam's tokens and picked it up and moved back.

"If any of you ladies have an orgasm raise your hand from now on."

If my calculations were right we would move fast because if Amy and Sam were playing it would take one more shift before someone was moved next to me.

"All the men please move to your right a foot or so, you guys are getting the hang of it," a twin said.

"Now move forward."

I inched forward until I touched a leg. I moved my head to the side and brushed against a leg. I turned my head to the other side until my face was touching a thigh. I kissed the thigh and then ran my tongue down until it touched some pussy lips. I heard a gasp. The thigh felt very long and slender, I wondered if it was Katrina.


I licked the inside of the thighs and heard another gasp. I moved down and licked across the lips once and then licked across the mound. This mound was absolutely smooth, no stubble. I remembered Katrina telling me she had had her pussy waxed. I knew it wasn't one of my girls because the leg was too long, I was pretty sure it was Katrina.

I took my time and licked up and down the smooth set of lips. I pushed my tongue in and probed around and then found the clit and licked circles around it until I felt hips begin to squirm. Whoever it was had a rich musky taste. I placed my lips over the clit and sucked on it hard while I tongued it. I waited until my internal clock told me I had about thirty seconds left. I stopped sucking on the clit and licked the full length of the pussy lips and then leaned down and licked across and asshole.

"Mmmm!!" Came out.

I pushed my tongue against the tight asshole and licked circles around it.

"Mmmmmm," came a muted moan.

I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and probed until time was called.

"Ohhhh," came out softly from in front of me.

I leaned forward and gave a quick kiss to the pussy in front of me. I felt her jump as I did then I moved back.

There was a pause, I was sure that someone was being moved to the far end of the line but I heard nothing. 'I knew Sam and Amy were playing because that would make 14 I thought, but I heard no one moved next to me.

"Move forward."

I inched forward wondering what Dawn had done. When I touched a leg I slid my tongue down again until I found my target.

"Ready, begin!"

I kissed the pussy lips below me and took my first taste. I licked up and down the lips several times and felt a familiar texture and taste. I stuck my tongue in to find the clit and found a large swollen clit. I ran my tongue around it and got a good taste. Just to make sure I drove my tongue deep into the pussy. I pulled my tongue out and kissed the tender pussy lips, this was Amy.

So Amy and Sam were playing. I licked Amy's clit again and she jumped, I could tell her clit was hard and swollen. I thought I would have some fun. I sucked Amy's huge clit into my mouth and began to tongue it hard, I knew if Amy was the least bit turned on I could bring her to an orgasm. I knew it wouldn't take Amy more than a minute to figure out it was me.

I sucked her clit in hard and flicked my tongue quickly over the end like I knew she liked it. I felt more than heard Amy moan deeply. I sucked her clit all the way in as it became fully swollen. I bit down gently around her clit and sucked on it hard.


Amy began to push her hips against my mouth as I sucked. I bit down a little harder as I flicked my tongue over the sensitive end of her clit. Amy began to thrust her pussy into my mouth. I sucked harder on her clit drawing it full of blood knowing it would make her extremely sensitive.

"Ahhhh," came out softly.

Amy jammed her pussy up into my mouth and jerked hard several times as I felt a wave of muscle spasms go through her body. Amy's hips dropped down to the wedge as she moaned. I leaned forward and licked her asshole because I knew all my ladies loved it. I pushed my tongue in through the juices running down the crack of her ass and probed.

"Ahhhh," came out a little louder and Amy jerked again several times.


I quickly kissed Amy's pussy lips and picked up one of her tokens and moved back and waited. I hand tapped me on the shoulder and slipped another token in my hand. I wanted to laugh knowing I had driven Amy to an orgasm she wasn't expecting. I finally heard someone move to the other end, Karen had been waiting and now she wouldn't have to wait any longer.

I licked and kissed down to the next pussy and tongued and licked it knowing it wasn't anyone I knew. Then moved to the next lady. I licked my way down and then explored the pussy under my mouth. While it wasn't one I knew it had a sweet taste and I took my time exploring and sucking on it.

I moved to my right again and did my licking and waited.

"Ready, Begin!"

I noticed when I ran my tongue down the inside of this ladies thigh she had short legs. I knew it wasn't Dawn I would recognize her smell. I kissed and tasted the wet pussy lips under my mouth. It tasted familiar to my tongue. I drove my tongue in and probed around, the pussy felt familiar and tasted familiar but I wasn't sure, if I was right it was Olivia. I licked around the clit several times and remembered Olivia had a large thick clit and small lips, I was pretty sure this was Olivia but with $5,000 on the line, I had to make sure, I had to get her to talk.

I leaned forward and sucked on this clit hard pulling it into my mouth, I remembered Olivia liked me being rough on her. I pulled her clit into my mouth and bit down on it hard while I sucked.

"Ay dios mío." Came out softly.

I knew it, this was Olivia. I continued to suck hard on her clit while I bit down on it. Olivia began to squirm and push back against me. I released her clit from between my teeth and let it go, a soft moan came from Olivia. I spent the rest of my time kissing and gently licking her pussy lips and even kissing the insides of her thighs then licked up and down her pussy lips softly. Just before time was up I ran my tongue across her asshole.


I was sure this was Olivia.


I kissed Olivia's pussy lips quickly, grabbed a chip and moved back. I wondered how Sam was doing, Olivia's pussy did really have a musky taste I remembered but I knew from her large clit and a little cheating.

"Men move to your right please and then move forward."

I shifted to my right and moved forward until I touched a leg. I knew the only pussy I had left to find was Dawn.

"Ready, go!"

I kissed the leg in front of me and ran my tongue down until I touched a pair of pussy lips. This pussy had large lips and tasted nice. It wasn't Dawn but I spent my time giving it a good licking and sucking it while I felt a few soft moans. Time was called and I gave the lips a quick kiss and moved back.

There was a pause and then we were told to move again.

"Men get ready!"

I moved forward and touched a leg with my face.


I kissed the inside of a thigh and then slowly ran my tongue down until I felt a soft set of pussy lips. The thigh had been soft and the taste of this pussy was familiar. This pussy felt and tasted a lot like Dawn's but I knew it wasn't. I licked and sucked and sampled, I was surprised at the similarity of the taste to Dawn but it wasn't her. I was thinking that if Sam really could tell Dawn's pussy from the other women's he was going to have a hard time with this one.


I kissed the pussy lips real quick and moved back.

"Gentlemen please move to you right!"

"Get ready!"

I moved forward and found a leg, I touched my face to the leg and could tell it was a long leg.


I kissed my way up to the knee of my new leg and then licked down slowly until I found some pussy lips. This was a long leg, the only other woman I knew that was that tall was Liz. These lips were soft and smooth, I knew Liz kept her pussy shaved. I was pretty sure I knew who this was. Liz's pussy was wet and swollen and she had a tangy taste. I dug my tongue in and found her clit and began to circle it as hard as I could. She had a nice size clit that was already sticking up so I placed my lips over it and began sucking hard. Liz began to moan softly as I sucked. I was enjoying this, I had seen Liz's pussy several times and wanted to dive in between her long legs and taste it. I felt her pushing her clit up against my lips as I sucked, I knew I had about a minute left, I was going to see if I could get her off.

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