Life after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1


"Nancy, I must say you are one beautiful woman!"

I got a few whistles and cheers as Nancy spun around for everyone to see.

"Thank you very much James," Nancy said as she bent forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Nancy I can't believe you let James talk you and the girls into this," Dawn said with a laugh.

"There's more to it I will tell you about later," Nancy told her.

"Let's all find a seat in the den while these beautiful women serve us dessert and coffee," I told everyone. "And before the weekend is up everyone settle up with Amy and Sam for your bids, make any checks out to me."

Everyone got up and found their way to the den and sat down on the furniture Dawn had arranged. Everyone was talking and laughing about what had just happened. As soon as everyone was settled Nancy and the twins began bringing out the desserts plates and then the coffee. We all admired the beauty of the three as they came and went and bent over serving us all. Dawn kept telling me she couldn't believe I had gotten them to do that.

Several people asked for seconds on the dessert and many kept asking for more coffee, I think they just wanted to keep our servers walking around naked. Eventually everyone finished and they collected the plates and coffee cups. Nancy came to Dawn and asked if there was anything else we needed.

"Yes, would you and the girls help me with something, I need some of those boxes by the table handed out."

"Sure, what do we need to do?"

"Each box has a couples name on it, would you hand them out to everyone?"

Nancy and the twins walked to the table and began picking up the packages.

"Nancy and her girls are handing out a package for every couple, when you get it wait until I say open them before everyone opens them," Dawn announced.

It took them a few minutes to get the boxes passed out, Nancy even brought me one.

"Now that everyone has their box you may open it. Inside you will find several different things that you will need for the rest of the weekend. Don't misplace them, they are important," Dawn announced.

Dawn set next to me on the loveseat and I unwrapped the box, inside were two black velvet bags, each one had our names embroidered on it. I looked around the room as the others pulled out their bags and looked at them. The bags were medium sized and I could tell that there were several items inside them.

"Can we open them?" Someone asked.

"Sure, go ahead and look inside."

I went ahead and opened the one with my name on it, as I fished around a found another velvet bag that was heavy with something inside it, I dug around some more and found a 3 pack of a Viagra sample.

"Dawn really," I said when I saw the Viagra.

"Hey, you may need it! There are other things in the bag that you will need later, I will tell you when you need them."

I opened a small velvet bag with my name on it and it was full of poker chips with my name on them.

"What are the chips for Dawn?" Karen asked.

I looked across the room at Karen and she was holding what looked like a handle full of poker chips, she was holding one up and it had her name painted on it. I looked around and several of the other women were looking through theirs.

"Everything in the bag you will need at some point this weekend, I have some games planned for us and these are things you will need."

"What if we need more Viagra!" John said with a laugh.

"There is plenty more if you need it John," Dawn told him, he stopped laughing as others laughed.

Nancy walked over to Dawn and asked if we needed anything else.

"Thanks Nancy, you and the girls have been real sports, if you want to get dressed go ahead. You are staying and helping us keep the drinks flowing aren't you?"

"Oh yes, we plan on staying all weekend."

"Well that is good. If you would like a robe look in the closets in the bedrooms and you will find some you can wear, unless you want to walk around naked."

"We'll be okay, thanks."

"Very good."

Nancy and the twins went back into the kitchen and the dining room to cleanup while we all talked.

"So Dawn, when do these games start and what are they?" Jack asked.

"They can start whenever we want and what they are is a surprise."

"This sounds like it is going to be a fun party!" Karen added.

"Can we start now?" Liz wanted to know.

"Does anyone want a drink first?" Dawn asked.

"No, we want to see what you have planned," Olivia said.

I knew if anyone knew what Dawn had planned it would be Olivia, Amy and Sam.

"Everybody ready then?" Dawn ask.


"Good. I thought that since our last party here was such a success I would make the games so that we could all get to know each other better...much better. You can put your box of goodies down we won't need it for this first game."

Everyone placed the items back in the box and set it on the floor.

"The first game we are going to play is just an ice breaker so we can get to know more about each other. We have all known each other a longtime, but I think there may be some things that we all don't know about each other and this will help. Is everyone ready to start?"

I heard a bunch of 'yeses' and 'I guess so's.'

"We are going play a variation of an old game, we are going to play truth or dare, but with a twist."

I heard a few moans from some of the guys. Dawn stood up and Amy brought her a large black velvet bag and then returned to sit next to Sam.

"Here is how we are going to play. I have the questions, there are questions for the men and questions for the women. Here is the twist. When I ask you a question, you can tell the truth or if you don't want to answer it you can take the dare. But, if you tell the truth, your partner must remove an item of clothing."

"Alright!" Came from someone.

"If you decide you don't want to answer the question you must remove and article of clothing."

"Alright!" Came from someone again with a few laughs.

"Now, is there anyone that doesn't want to play?" Dawn asked and waited.

"No, let's get started," Liz said.

"Okay then! I'll start with the first couple to my right and go around the room."

Dawn reached in the bag and pulled out a stack of cards. She turned to her right and to ask the first question. Jack and Karen where sitting there.

"The first question is for a man, so Jack this is for you. Ready?"

"Ready," Jack said with a smile.

"Okay. Jack, how many other women did you have sex with before you married Karen?"

Jack's eager look suddenly disappeared as Dawn looked at him.

"What a minute, that is pretty personal."

"Answer the question Jack," Karen said and everyone laughed, though it was a bit nervously.

Jack looked at Karen cautiously.

"About 10," Jack said.

Karen looked at him and smiled.

"Now you have to take something off," Jack said to Karen.

"What a minute first," Dawn said. "Karen, do you believe him?"

"Yes, he told me about all of them."

"Okay Karen, you get to choose what you want to take off."

Karen stood and placed each foot in Jack's lap wile he removed each of her high heels. Everyone applauded.

Dawn looked at the next couple, Liz and Steve.

"Steve, how many women did you have sex with before you married Liz?"

I knew this was going to be interesting because he and Liz dated through college. Liz turned to look at Steve.


"Three?" Liz asked.

"Before college," Steve said while he looked at Liz.

"Liz do you think he is telling the truth?"

"I guess, I thought it would be more than that."

"Liz, you get to decide what to take off."

Liz did the same thing, she lifted each of her long sexy legs up to Steve's lap while he removed her shoes, more applause.

The next man Dawn asked was Chris, he said 12 and removed Jill's shoes.

Dawn next asked David and he said 4 and removed Julie's shoes. Dawn then asked Keith.

Keith answered "thirty."

I heard a couple of bullshits.

"Elizabeth, do you think Keith had sex with thirty women before you two were married?"

"No, he is full of shit!" Elizabeth laughed.

"No, really," Keith pleaded.

"Okay, I'll ask everyone else. Does everyone thing Keith slept with thirty women before he married Elizabeth."

"No!!!" Came from almost everyone.

"Keith, no one believes you, you have to remove something."

Disgruntled, Keith got up and let Elizabeth removed his shoes and socks.

"John, how many different women did you have sex with before you married Carol?"

John turned and looked a Carol with some hesitation; they hadn't gotten married until after he graduated med-school.

"I'll take the dare."

Carol looked at him and just smiled. John let Carol take his shoes off.

Dawn next asked Jeff and he said 15 and then she asked Michael and he said 13, the wives let their husbands remove their shoes. Dawn asked Joe next and he took the dare and Katrina removed his shoes, I don't think he wanted to tell and Katrina didn't want to know.

"Sam, we all want to know how many women you had sex with before you got engaged," Dawn asked.

Olivia looked at Sam and smiled, Sam looked at her and hesitated until she elbowed him.


"Olivia do you believe him?"

"Yes I do."

Olivia let Sam remove her shoes then set down and hugged Sam's arm.

Dawn turned toward David and Julie, they were sitting next to Amy and Sam, Amy and Sam were sitting next to us.

"David, how many women did you have sex with before you married Julie?"

"Just 3," David answered.

Julie said she knew about them and David removed her shoes.

"Well, that leaves just you James."

"What about Amy and Sam?" Olivia asked.

This had to be part of Dawn's plans.

"Yes, we want them to play too," came from John.

"Amy, Sam, do you two want to play?" Dawn asked.

"Sure, you want to play Sam?" Amy asked.


I heard a couple of quiet 'alrights' from around the room.

"Okay Amy, tell us how many men you have had sex with?"

"Men, 7."

I knew Amy said men just as a teaser to see how many people caught it.

"Sam you think that is right?"

"I guess."

Amy stood and let Sam remove her stilettos.

"Okay, now we get to James. James how many women did you have sex with before we got married?"

I knew Dawn knew about all of them except one. I had had a few steady girlfriends so it wasn't that many. I had tried to have sex with more women but I had only had sex successfully with six.


"And that is correct," Dawn said so I removed her shoes.

"Dawn, are all the questions going to be like this?" Karen asked.

"Yes, and this was an easy one."

I heard a couple of groans from the men and the women.

"I think I need a drink then," Karen replied.

Everyone agreed and got up and went to the bar and fixed themselves a drink. Nancy and the twins brought out a couple of bottles of wine and poured. I was please to see that Nancy and the twins were wearing some of the really short silk robes untied.

After about 10 minutes and some conversation Dawn got everyone back to their seats.

"Is everyone ready to continue? I hope everyone is ready for some challenging questions."

"Let's go!" Karen said.

Dawn proceeded around the room and asked the women the same questions, after some truths and some dares everyone was missing shoes.

Dawn turned to Jack.

"This time men we are playing for you coats and ties and ladies we are playing for your stockings."

"This is the question for the men, Jack you ready?"

"I hope."

"Jack, when making love to Karen, do you sometimes fantasize about other women?"

"Ooh!" Came from many of the women.


"I'll take the dare."

Karen frowned and Jack took off his coat and tie, one of the twins was standing by to take it and hang it up.

Dawn skipped around the room this time asking questions. She asked John next and he took the dare.

"You guys are a bunch of chickens!" Dawn said.

"Keith, maybe you will tell us the truth."

"I'll take the dare."

One of the twins took his coat and tie, Elizabeth looked at him and frowned.

"Alright Jeff, do you fantasize about other women when you have sex?"


Michelle smiled and he took off her stockings slowly.

"An honest man finally!" Dawn said.

Many of the women laughed.

"Okay Michael, what is your answer to the question?"

"Yes! I think about Michelle a lot!"

Everyone laughed but I knew he was probably telling the truth.

"Joe, do you fantasize about other women when you are making love to Katrina?"


I looked at Joe and thought that I probably believed him.

"Katrina, do you believe him?"


"Okay lets asked everyone. Does everyone believe Joe?"

Most of the men screamed yes, Katrina smiled. Katrina stood and Joe reached up under her long evening dress and unsnapped her stockings and rolled them down. I was a little surprised when Katrina sat back down and hugged Joe, he actually smiled.

Dawn had asked everyone then came to Sam.

"Sam, do you fantasize about other people when you are having sex."

"Yes, men and women," Sam answered.

"I guess that is a yes," Dawn said.

Amy reached under Sam's short evening dress and unsnapped her stockings and rolled them off.

"Okay James, now it is your turn, do you fantasize about other women when you are making love to me?"

I paused a moment, I was thinking that I really didn't think about other women when I was with Dawn, most of the time.

"Not usually, I answered."

"But you do sometimes?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, I guess I have."

"Okay, you can remove my stockings."

I reached under Dawn's dress and ran my fingers across her pussy a few times before I unsnapped her garter belt from her stockings and pulled them down slowly.

"Ladies are you ready?"

"We guess," came from several of the women.

"Ladies, I have a different question for you."

"Oh no," came from Carol.

"Hey wait, we want to know if the women fantasize about other men?" Jack added.

"Jack, I'm sorry to tell you, but all women fantasize about other men when they are having sex!"

All the women started laughing when Dawn said that.

"True!" Came from Liz, several other women said 'true'.

Once the laughter stopped Dawn asked them again if they were ready for their question.

"Go ahead," Karen said,

"Ladies, I have a different question for you and I want honest answers, okay?"

"Okay," came from most.

"Ladies, would you get turned on more if someone was watching you and your husband have sex?"

The room fell silent, the women were looking around at each other.

"You go first Dawn!" Katrina said.

"Yes, you go first," Carol repeated.

"Okay. I get very turned out when other people watch us have sex."

"Really?" Carol asked.

"Yes I do. Now James lets have your shirt."

I removed my shirt and one of the twins collected it for me. Nancy was walking around filling wine glasses. Almost everyone was asking her or one of the twins for another drink.

"Now Carol, your turn."

Carol slowly looked around then made eye contact with Keith and Elizabeth. I waited for her answer.

"Yes," came out quietly.

"We couldn't hear your Carol," Dawn said.


Carol blushed then helped John off with his shirt.

As Dawn went around the room she got yeses from all the women, I felt like this question may have been planned. All the guys were missing their shirts leaving them with only their pants and underwear.

"Dawn, how do we determine a winner?" Liz asked.

"The last man and the last woman that has an article of clothing on wins."

"What is the prize?" Liz asked.

"They get a special token that they can use later. Then we will decide a winner between the two of them."

"Okay guys, your ladies will lose their dresses next so chose your answers carefully. If you take the dare, you lose your pants."

"Men, are you ready for the next question?"

"Sure let's go," came from Michael.

"Okay. Men, here is your question. If you were blindfolded and had the opportunity to taste your wife's pussy and two other ladies, could you pick your wife from the three?"

I thought Dawn was getting pretty brave with her questions, I knew how I would answer this question but I thought if any man said anything but yes he would be in deep shit.

"Sam, you go first."

Sam looked at Olivia then looked over at Dawn then back at Olivia and smiled.

"Sure I could!"

"Olivia, do you believe him?"

"He better answer yes!"

Everyone laughed, a bit nervously.

Olivia stood up and turned so Sam could unzip her dress and slip it down around her feet. Olivia had on black lingerie and looked spectacular. One of the twins took her dress and walked over to the coat racks and hung it up.

"Sorry honey," Sam said.

"Hey, it's what the game is about," and she bent over and kissed Sam.

I looked around the room and saw most of the men giving Olivia a good long look before she sat down.

"Chris, your turn."

Chris looked at Jill and said yes, Jill laughed and let Chris remove her dress.

Dawn asked Mark, Steve and Jack next, they all said yes. The men were enjoying seeing the ladies sitting around in their lingerie.

"David, could you pick out Julie from other women?"


Julie laughed at him and told him she bet he couldn't but couldn't prove it so she removed her dress.

"Personally, I think all you men are a bunch of liars, I think you just want to see your wives sitting around half naked," Dawn said.

Everyone laughed and giggled at what Dawn had said.

"Okay Joe, could you pick Katrina out from other women?"

Joe looked at Katrina and smiled.

"I'll take the dare."

"What?" came from several people.

"I'll take the dare."

"That means you lose your pants Joe," Dawn said.

"I know."

This seemed like a strategy play on Joe's part but I watched as Katrina pulled Joes belt lose and unzipped his pants and removed them. Most of the women looked closely as they saw the huge bulge in Joe's briefs. Nancy took the pants from Katrina. When Joe set back down Katrina leaned over and kissed Joe.

Dawn asked Jeff and Michael next, they both said yes. I figured since the two of them swapped wives they probably could tell the difference between the two. Lisa and Michelle were soon out of their dresses. Most of the men were starting to catch on that all the women had on the same kind of lingerie.

"James, could you tell the taste of my pussy from another woman?"

"Absolutely!" I answered.

Dawn leaned over and kissed me then turned so I could slip her dress off. The twins and Nancy were busy hanging up clothes and getting fresh drinks.

Dawn asked Keith then John. Keith answered yes quickly, John hesitated and then answered yes. Now all the women were sitting in just their lingerie except Katrina, Amy and Sam.

"What about Amy and Sam?" Olivia asked.

"I'm not sure what would be a fair question for them," Dawn said.

"Ask each of them something else then," Olivia said.

"Okay, Amy and Sam are you ready?"

"Sure," Amy said.

"Since you couldn't have answered the other question, let me ask you this."

"Amy, have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?"

The room suddenly got quite.

"Yes I have," Amy answered.

"Sam, that means you have to take off your dress, is that okay?"


Sam stood up and Amy unzipped Sam's dress. There was nothing but quiet from everyone. Amy slipped Sam's dress down slowly, there were a few gasped as the unveiling showed Sam wearing a red bustier, pushing her huge tits up very nicely. I had been curious how Sam was holding her tits up with that strapless dress, I assumed Amy was probably wearing the same.

"Sam, I have to ask you, have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?"


Amy stood and Sam unzipped and removed Amy's dress, she was wearing a bustier just like Sam. These two lovelies looked magnificent standing in a bustier, garter and panties. I could feel the anticipation of the men in the room wanting to see their tits.

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