Life after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1


"Okay, ladies let's stick with the same subject."

There were some moans from some of the women.

"Ladies, here is your question. Have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?"

All the women looked away hoping Dawn wouldn't ask them first.

"Elizabeth, have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?"

Elizabeth looked at Keith for a second.

"I'll take the dare."

Keith looked disappointed.

"Elizabeth, you have a choice, your garter belt or your bra."

Elizabeth quickly slid her garter belt down her legs and handed it to Keith.

"Carol, what is your answer?"

Carol looked up at Dawn suddenly not expecting to be asked next. John looked at her and waited.

"Yes, once."

Carol smiled while John removed his pants.

Dawn asked Michelle then Lisa, they each answered yes. I guess they knew everyone had seen or heard about the two of them at the party. Their husbands removed their pants.

"Okay Katrina, your turn."

I waited on this answer.

"I'll take the dare please."

Katrina smiled and stood up while Joe unzipped her elegant dress and handed it to Nancy. Katrina was still one article of clothing up.

"Olivia what is your answer."

"Yes I have."

Sam removed his pants, we could all see the huge bulge in his underwear.

Dawn asked Liz next and she said yes, then Dawn asked Julie but Julie said no so their husbands were down to their underwear.

"Karen, have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?"

"No!" Karen stated a little too bluntly.

"Well, if that is the truth, Jack you just lost your pants unless you want to ask everyone else if they think Karen is telling the truth?"

Jack stood and removed his pants and handed them to one of the twins. Several of us knew Karen was lying but she didn't want anyone to know. I guess Karen was still hung up on what people would think of her.

Dawn asked Stacey and Jill, surprisingly they both took the dare, so they each lost their garter belts.

"Dawn, how about you?" Liz asked.

"Yes I have."

Dawn made me stand up and remove my pants and turn them over to the twins.

"Amy and Sam, you already answered this question, you ready for another question?"

"Sure," Sam said.

"Amy, have you ever been videoed having sex?"

Amy looked at Dawn and smiled.

"Yes I have."

I heard a couple of the guys say something to one of the other guys.

"Sam, do you think that is true?"

"For my sister, yes!"

Sam stood and Amy slid her garter belt off.

"Same question Sam, have you ever been videoed having sex?"

Sam looked at me and said, "Yes."

Amy stood and let Sam remove her garter belt. All the men were looking around knowing that the next questions would be revealing plenty.

"Well, it looks like we are down to show and tell, is everybody ready?"

"Can we get fresh drinks first?" Karen asked.

"Yes, let's take a break, everyone get a drink or anything else and come back in a few minutes."

I watched as the women got up and paraded around casually in their bras and panties, Katrina still had her garter belt, bra and panties but I was sure they would be gone soon. All the men were in their briefs, some were trying to cover their hard-ons but most weren't.

"James, are you ready to finish?"


"Dawn leaned into me and said, "I am going to take some dares to make sure you are the last with any clothes on."

"You don't have to do that."

"Trust me."

Everyone was giggling and laughing as they came back to sit down.

"Everyone ready?" Dawn said as she stood up.

"Sure, let's go!" Came from someone.

"Okay, everyone get settled."

"Okay guys, it's time for your next question, if you tell the truth, your spouse loses her bra, are you ready?"

"Yes, yes, yes," came from several guys.

"Now if you take the dare, you get to let it all hang out."

"Alright!" Came from some women.

"Make it a good question Dawn, we want to see some meat!" Karen yelled out.

"Okay guys here is your question, I hope you are ready."

"You first Dawn!" Came from Karen.

"Okay. James, would you let another man eat my pussy?"

I heard a couple of soft 'oh shits' from some place.

Dawn looked down at me and waited.


I heard a few soft gasp.

"You would? That's sweet of you," Dawn said and kissed me.

"Would you remove my bra please?" Dawn asked.

I stood and unhooked the back of Dawn's bra and slowly let it fall off.

"Oh those look nice!" Karen said as she saw the diamond pendants hanging from Dawn's nipples.

"They do don't they," Dawn said as she rubbed her tits and pulled on her diamonds.

There was quiet as everyone looked. For everyone, seeing Dawn's breasts was nothing new but seeing the beautiful huge diamonds hanging from her nipples was.

"Where did you get them?" Karen asked.

"My sweet husband gave them to me for Christmas."

"You must have been very good this year!" Karen giggled.

"Oh I was!"

The women all laughed.

"Okay, next. John, would you let another man eat your wife's pussy?"

John got a big smile on his face.


Carol looked at him a little stunned then smiled. John unsnapped Carol's bra and removed it.

"Keith, would you let another man eat Elizabeth's pussy?"

Keith took half a look over at John and then said yes. Elizabeth blushed then Keith removed her bra.

It appeared the men were not having an issue with this, I wondered if it was from the talks everyone had had around Christmas time.

Dawn went around the room and I was surprised that all the men said yes. Katrina was the only one that escaped because she lost her garter belt.

Dawn came to Amy and Sam.

"Well you two, I know every man, and probably some women in this room want to see your tits."

Amy and Sam giggled.

"You are going to be coming out of your sexy bustier, I just need to think of a good question for you two. Let me think a minute."

"I have a good question, if they will answer it," Olivia said.

This had to be a set up.

"Ask anything," Amy said.

"Okay Amy, is there a man in this room you would like to fuck?"

Sam elbowed Olivia.

Amy paused and looked around.

"Amy, do you want to answer that?" Dawn asked.

"Sure, I'll answer it. There are plenty of guys here I would like to fuck."

I was wondering what was going through the men's minds at this moment.

"If that is true Amy, Sam remove your bustier."

Sam stood and Amy stood behind her and slowly unbuttoned her bustier as Sam held it up with her hands. Once it was unbuttoned Sam let it fall forward and her beautiful breasts were now on display. I heard a couple of 'damns' from a few men. Sam's rubies hanging from her nipples looked beautiful.

"James, did all your ladies get jewelry for Christmas? John asked.

"Yes they did. They were all very good this year. Don't you think they look nice?"

"They look very nice!" John said.

"Oh that feels so much better," Sam said as she rubbed her tits and turned and sat down.

"Sam, will you answer the same question?" Dawn asked.

"Sure, no problem. I'm like my sister, I would like to fuck any of the men in here."

There was quiet for a few moments.

"Okay Sam, remove your sister's top."

Amy stood with Sam and she removed Amy's bustier. As she let if fall I heard several 'oh my gods'. This was the first time anyone other than me had seen Sam and Amy's firm breasts. Amy ran her hands up to her breasts and rubbed them and played with her emeralds hanging from her huge nipples.

"Thanks sis."

Sam and Amy sat back down. As I looked around the room, everyone was looking at the two of them.

"Okay ladies, we are down to the finish, are you ready?"

"Let's go Dawn!"

"Okay ladies, here is the question. You can tell the truth or you can take the dare. The truth and your man loses his briefs so we can all see, a dare and you are going to show us your pussy."

"Let's go!" Came from Carol.

"Okay ladies, here is your question. Ladies, if your husband said it was okay, is there another man in this room you would like to fuck?"

Several gasped were heard. I watched as most of the women took a long drink from their glasses. Now I knew a little about what Dawn had been up to and I felt like I knew the answers that we would hear.

"Katrina, what is your answer?"

Katrina looked around a few seconds then looked over at me and smiled.

"Of course there is."

Joe looked at her and smiled, Katrina reached over and removed Joe's briefs. Joe had a good hard-on and several women either gasped or moaned when they saw it sticking up.

"Julie, what would you do?"

"I might do it, Julie said nervously"

David looked at Julie for a minute and then stood and removed his boxers.


"Oh god yes!"

Steve elbowed her then removed his shorts.

"Karen, how about you, is there another man in this room you would let fuck you?"

Karen looked at Jack, he seemed more interested in the answer than Karen did.

"Yes there is."

Karen laughed as she removed Jack's briefs.

Stacey and Jill each said yes and removed their husband's briefs. The guys around the room had stopped trying to hide their erections and were just letting them stick out.

"How about you Dawn?" Liz asked.

Dawn paused and looked around the room hesitantly.

"I'll take the dare."

"Chicken!" Came from Liz.

"Let's see those panties come off!" John said.

I reached up and slowly pulled Dawn's lacy panties down her legs. Dawn stepped out of them as I picked them up. Dawn turned toward me to bend and kiss me.

"Damn Dawn, when did you shave your pussy?" I asked.

"This is my new look for the New Year, do you like?"

"It looks great!"

"You're out Dawn!" Liz said.

"Okay Olivia, how about you?"

"From what I see, there are plenty I would like to fuck!"

Sam looked over at her and smiled then he stood and removed his shorts. Sam had a huge hard-on and when the women saw it I heard them whispering to each other. Sam set down with his huge cock sticking up, Olivia reached over and gave it a squeeze.

"Carol, what do you have to say?"

"I agree with Olivia!"

John laughed and Carol pulled his shorts off.

"Elizabeth, we haven't heard from you"

"I'll take the dare."

Elizabeth stood up and Keith slid her panties down. Elizabeth turned to sit down.

"What the hell?" Keith said.

"What's the problem Keith?" Dawn asked.

"Uh, I'm just surprised, she has shaved herself."

"Hey, it looks good from here," John said.

Elizabeth blushed a little and then sat down. I watched as Keith stared between her legs.

Dawn got yeses from Michelle and Lisa so Jeff and Michael were out of their shorts.

I had my shorts still on and Dawn and Elizabeth were naked, Katrina still had her bra and panties on. Dawn had one question left to get the women's panties off, I couldn't wait, I knew a few women in this group already had shaved pussies so I couldn't wait to see the guys' reactions.

"I'm going to skip Amy and Sam since they only have their panties left anyway."


"Well men, the last question is for you, are you all ready?"

"Let's go!"

"If the men tell the truth ladies that's it, if the men take the dare, you get to keep your panties."

"We are ready!" Several ladies said.

"Okay men, last question. Men, would you let other people watch you and your wife have sex?"

"John you are first."

John hesitated a moment then looked at Carol.

"Sure, why not."

Carol looked at him then stood so John could remove her panties. I couldn't wait until John saw Carol's shaved pussy. Carol turned to sit.


John reached up and ran his fingers down Carol's smooth mound.

"Why did you shave?" John asked.

"Just something for the New Year."

Carol sat down and John continued to look at her pussy. This was going to be good.

"Elizabeth you are already naked but we will ask Keith? Keith would you let other people watch you and Elizabeth have sex?"


"Jeff, how about you and Michelle?"

"Sure, I know Michelle would love it!"

Michelle swatted Jeff and then he pulled Michelle's panties off.

"Damn, you're shaved too, you said you would never do that!"

Michelle giggled and grabbed her panties and sat down.

"Michael would you let others watch?"

"Sure, because I want to see if Lisa has shaved also?"

Michael grabbed Lisa panties and almost ripped them off.

"Okay, what is going on here?" Michael said as he saw Lisa's perfectly shaved pussy.

"Okay, all the guys say yes now, we want to see the rest of the shaved pussies!" Sam said.

All the women started laughing but they all got up and the guys slipped their panties off. The few that normally shaved looked good but the expressions from the men when they saw their wives pussy shaved was priceless. They were all asking questions and the women were making different comments.

After all the comments died down several of the men and some of the women looked at Amy and Sam.

"What about you two?" Jack asked.

Sam stood up and walked over to me and I slowly slipped her panties down. Sam had always kept herself shaved but seeing it just emphasized how young she was. She spun around so everyone could see. Amy stood and came over to me and I pulled her panties down, I even wanted to see her shaved pussy though I loved the red hair on it. Amy turned so everyone could see.

"Guys, I think we have been setup!" Jack said.

"Hey folks, we haven't finished yet!" Dawn said.

Everyone looked around for a moment.

"Katrina still has her bra on and James still has his briefs on!"

"Take them off!" Came from some place.

"Well, they are the winners, now we have to get their clothes off."

When Dawn finished she reached in her black velvet bag and produced two gold tokens and presented one to me and one to Katrina.

"What is this for?" Katrina asked.

"Don't lose it, you will want it later," Dawn said.

"Now, you two go stand in the middle of the room."

I stood and Katrina stood and we walked to the middle of the floor. My erection was making a huge tent in my silk boxers.

"Now, I have one final question for each of you to determine the overall winner."

"Alright!" John clapped.

"If you answer the question truthfully you get to stay in the game, if you take the dare you have to remove your clothes and you are out."

"James, here is your question. Would you like to watch me make love to another woman?"

I heard a few whispers.


"Okay, Katrina here is your question. Is Joe's cock the biggest you have ever had?"


"Next round. Katrina, here is your next question. Have you and Joe ever been in a threesome?"


"Okay, Joe is that right?"

"Yes," came from Joe.

"James, would you like to cum on my face while someone watched?"

I looked at Dawn, I had never intentionally done that.



Several people laughed.

"Okay, I am going to have to make this harder. James this is your next question. Is my pussy the best you have ever had?"

I looked over at Dawn for a minute as she looked at me. I couldn't get out of this question alive no matter how I answered it.

"I'll take the dare."

"You better not!"

"I'll take the dare."

"Okay let's see you drop those shorts!" Carol yelled.

"Wait, wait, wait. I haven't decided if I am going to kill my husband first!"

Everyone laughed. I looked over at Dawn and she winked at me.

"First we have to hear Katrina answers her question or take the dare. Katrina here is your question. Before you were married, were you ever in a threesome with two men?"

The room fell silent once again. Katrina looked at Dawn and then at Joe, Joe was looking up at Katrina. I suddenly felt like Miss proper Katrina was hiding something.



I looked at Joe and he got the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen. The room was still silent.

"Okay James, lose the shorts!"

Katrina turned back to me and got down on her knees and pulled my shorts down letting my massive hard-on pop out.

"Oh my god," I heard Carol say.

Katrina pulled my shorts from my feet and twirled them over her head in victory.

"Katrina is our winner!" Dawn announced. "And for our winner, she gets another gold token to be redeemed later!"

Everyone stood and laughed and slowly made their way to the bar for fresh drinks. No one was having a problem running around naked and no one was drunk so I guessed everyone was comfortable and that was out of the way. Dawn was talking to Katrina when I walked up to her.

"Pretty good game honey."

"What do you mean passing on if my pussy was the best you ever had!"

"I didn't want Amy and Sam to feel slighted, I wanted to leave them wondering."

"I know honey," and Dawn pulled my head down and gave me a big kiss.

"That game is going to be hard to top," I said.

"You wanna bet?"

I looked at Dawn unsure of what to say next, I decided to not say anything.

Dawn walked to the kitchen and stopped and talked to Nancy, Nancy followed Dawn to the study after she grabbed the twins. After they were gone for 4 or 5 minutes I went to talk to everyone else. Katrina walked up to me with a big smile.

"Sorry I beat you."

"That's okay, are you going to take the bra off or do you want to stand out all night?" I asked.

"Oh hell, I forgot all about it, would you unsnap me please?"

Katrina lifted her long auburn hair and turned her back to me. I reached up and unsnapped Katrina's bra for her and ran my hands around front and over her tits as I pulled her bra off.

"Is that better?" She asked.

"Much better, you look beautiful."

"Thank you."

"Can I ask you something Katrina?"

"I guess."

"How did Dawn talk you into shaving your pussy?"

"We all actually had it waxed, when she told me everyone was doing it I went for it."

"May I say you look delicious."

"Yes you may and thank you," Katrina said with a seductive smile.

"You look very delicious also."

"Ladies!" I heard Dawn announce.

Everyone turned to look at Dawn.

"I have a late Christmas present for all of you. If you will follow me to the basement you can pick them up."

The women looked around at each other as Dawn opened the doors to the basement and all the women but Nancy and her girls followed Dawn.

"What's up James?" Steve asked.

"You know as much as I do."

A few minutes later I saw Karen come back up the stairs first. Karen was carrying a leather covered foam wedge with a big bow on it. I knew what is was because Dawn and I had one in the bedroom, I used it to prop Dawn's pussy up off the bed about 10 inches. I could only wonder what this was going to lead to. Each of the other women came back upstairs carrying the same thing in various colors. Several of the women were laughing, some looked puzzled. Once they were all back I could see everyone had one including Dawn.

"Okay you have your present, sorry they are late," Dawn said.

"One question Dawn, what is it?" Carol asked.

Several of the women laughed including Karen.

"Karen would you like to tell Carol what it is?"

Karen laughed again then blushed.

"It's for propping your ass up off the bed so your husband can fuck you better!"

Karen started laughing more, Carol looked at it and smiled.

"Well thanks Dawn, I can use this!"

"Sorry guys, I didn't get you anything," Dawn said.

The guys laughed and a couple said that the wedge was good enough.

"Has everyone refreshed their drinks?" Dawn asked.


"Is everyone having fun so far!?"

"Yes!!" Came from everyone.

"Great! Are you ready for the next game?"

"Sure let's go!"


"Go for it!"

"Very good, I'm ready to start if you are!"

"Let's go!" Jack said.

"Okay, ladies you need to get the bag of chips that have your name on them from your box."

Everyone returned to their seats and the ladies retrieved their personalized bags. When they opened them they found the chips with their name on them and a blindfold.

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