Like a Daughter to Me Ch. 03


"Well, here we go," she said, taking a deep breath as I joined her. She paused awkwardly, looking down at the ground. "Wish me luck?"

I took her chin gently in my fingers and made her look up at me- her eyes were lost in mine as I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her lovingly. Less than a second passed before she melted into my kiss, returning it with great passion. I held her close and the kiss lasted several seconds before I finally let her go. She sighed and smiled at me, her expression grateful.

"Thanks," she said quietly. "Trust me, our afternoon'll only get better from there. Love you, Trekkie."

She then spun and trotted off toward the buildings, turning to wave and blow me a kiss. She then disappeared through some doors. I sighed and leaned back against the car, thinking about the kiss we'd shared- certainly our truest kiss to date. How on earth was I going to keep from tearing this girl's clothes off and savaging her before she gave me the all-clear?

There is little or no cellphone reception in the county. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure they hadn't even finished transitioning to digital from analogue at this time. Analogue had ceased being a thing anywhere else on the planet ages ago, but the Door was a little behind the times, since the permanent population hovered around only two thousand people, so it wasn't exactly a high priority on the cellphone companies' list of places to build new towers. That being said, I pulled an old, dog-eared copy of Dune out of my backpack and read for the next hour while leaning back against the car. The day was warm, but the sun was not beating down on me, due to the trees which towered over our parking spot.

Out of my peripheral vision I spotted the doors open and out skipped my beloved Cait. I closed my book and looked up at her smiling while she trotted back to me, her eyes glinting with excitement. Before I could say anything, she threw herself into my arms and kissed me deeply, her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs wrapped around my waist. I tried not to moan in amazement as she pushed her tongue into my mouth, her taste sweet from some candy she'd been sucking on earlier.

"Mmmm, God, I love you..." she said, finally breaking the kiss and beaming at me.

"Audition went well, I take it?" I asked, my hands now reaching down and clasping her backside to support her. I was suddenly aware that she'd already removed her panties, my hands on her bare ass. Not that I objected.

"Really well," she answered, her eyes alight. "They'll be calling me back, but I'm not even sure I wanna do any of their shows, now that I've seen them. I just wanted to knock their socks off, more than anything, to make sure I still had it."

"I can attest to that." I chuckled, squeezing her butt cheeks and making her squirm. "Everything about you is amazing, after all."

She giggled in delight and kissed me again, her tongue tangling with mine as her body squirmed in my grip. Cait finally ended the kiss and looked up at me. "Time to go celebrate and enjoy our day?"

"As milady wishes," I said easily, putting her down and starting to escort her around to the passenger side. "Where to?"

"I know where we're going," she announced, stopping me from taking her around her car. "So I'll drive."

"By all means." I said agreeably, getting into the passenger's seat while she took the driver's. "So, where are we headed?"

"You'll see!" she replied, surprising me by sliding her tank-top over her head and wiggling out of her skirt, leaving her fully naked in the driver's seat. I recovered quickly and began removing my clothes as she turned on the vehicle and pulled out of the parking lot.

Did she know about some nude beach I wasn't aware of? Toft Point was on the other side of the peninsula. We were likely to raise a few eyebrows on the highway in our current state of undress, especially if we had to slow down for traffic when passing through any of the towns.

But Cait didn't turn right to go back up to the highway, she actually took a left and proceeded to rumble down a small path that barely qualified as a trail. It angled down an incline and wound through the endless trees for nearly three minutes, until we finally arrived at a small clearing, barely big enough for four cars. She stopped in the middle of the clearing, turned off her car and got out, looking excited.

I had barely gotten out of my side and closed the door before she leaped into my arms again, kissing me hard, her limbs wrapped around me. I held her tight and kissed her back, shivering as I felt her wet pussy pressed to my cock. I couldn't have stopped the raging erection if I wanted to, and believe me, I didn't. I was soon hard as a rock and Cait moaned into my mouth as she squirmed her wet womanhood against me, pressing and pushing and sliding in great need.

I took the hint and positioned myself until my cockhead was at the entrance of her pussy, splitting her slippery lips. She adjusted her legs behind me and leveraged herself down onto my stiff rod, taking me deep inside her with a loud groan.

My God. Finally. Cait and I were fucking. We kissed fiercely as I held her tight, the two of us revelling in the sensation of my cock buried deep within her. The kiss ended and she kept her forehead pressed to mine, her eyes closed.

"Worth the wait?" she asked in a breathless voice.

"Always, babygirl." I replied, nodding. I held her steady, my hands clamped onto her butt cheeks and she began to squirm and push her hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her wanton pussy.

"Gnnnnn, it feels so good," she moaned, her mouth next to my ear. "Why did I make us wait so long?"

I didn't answer but simply held her tight, moving my own hips in time to meet her measured thrusts, sinking myself deep inside and then almost all the way back out before sliding in again. Cait shuddered and gasped, her fingers clutching at my back.

"Maybe I was just afraid," she panted, continuing to fuck me. "You know I've always had a crush on you, right?"

"Feeling's been mutual," I murmured, kissing her neck and making her shiver in pleasure. "You know I've always been crazy about you."

"'n you were so good and patient, waiting instead of just taking me up to your room and raping me," she hissed as she picked up the pace. "I would've loved that an' not objected a bit... but you- gnnnnnnn- you waited, you were so considerate of me..."

"I always will be," I replied, pressing my lips to hers and kissing her. "I love you, after all."

"I love you too," she said almost feverishly as she returned the kiss, her fingers now snaking into my hair, knotting in it. "Mmmmm, fuck me..."

I couldn't believe we were really finally doing this. I mean, yes, it was perfectly obvious to everyone around us that Cait and I were crazy about one another and the sexual tension between us had been palpable almost since Day One, but this still seemed like something of a fantasy to both of us at that very moment. Fucking one another, kissing hungrily, doing our best to make one another cum...

I turned around and pressed Cait against the side of the car and relaxing my grip on her, letting nature take over and she sank even deeper down onto my cock. She broke the kiss and groaned loudly before biting at my shoulder.

"Oh my God, I've wanted this..." she gasped as she squeezed her pussy around me. "Oh, you have no idea."

"Pretty sure I do, actually..." I grunted as I pumped myself against her, my cock spearing deep inside her pussy. "You feel so good, Cait!"

We writhed and ground against each other lustily, sweat shining on our bodies now. The warm summer mid-morning kissed our skin, while the tall canopy of trees protected us from the sun's rays. I couldn't believe we were finally fucking, making love even, since we knew we loved one another.

"I want you... every which way..." she panted, arching her back and shuddering. "Gnnnn, please fuck me from behind..."

I put her down now, realizing that our sweaty bodies were making it hard to keep her boosted, even if she had been pinned against the car. I took her hand and pulled her around to the hood of her car and bent her over it. The engine hadn't been running long enough to make the metal hood hot and she whimpered in delight as her opulent breasts squashed against the cool steel. I positioned myself behind her and spread her pert ass cheeks apart while sliding my dick up and down her sopping netherlips.

Ahhhhh!" Cait cried as I speared myself deep inside her with one strong motion. She pushed back on her hands, taking me as deep inside as she could, while my hands gripped her hips and pinned her in place. I began thumping against her, driving into her pussy with a will. She gasped and whimpered in pleasure, flexing herself around me as she enjoyed the power of my body. The slapping noises our skin made drove us both wild. My hand reached forward and clutched her hair, causing her to groan shamelessly and crane her neck, her body now hovering above the car hood. Her breasts swayed hypnotically as her body rocked back and forth.

I fucked her harder and harder until she was shaking and finally bit her knuckle to keep from screeching. She spasmed beneath me as she came, her pussy bathing my groin with her wet pleasure. Determined to make her cum again before allowing myself release, I kept hammering into her while she panted and gasped loudly. Her body had sunk back down to rest on the car hood, trembling as she tried to recover from her orgasm.

I pulled out suddenly, making her mewl in protest, but then I turned her over, so that she was still arched over the hood of the car, but facing up. I pushed her legs apart with my own and stood between them. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at me while I loomed over her. I took hold of my sticky cock and tapped it against her pussy and clit, teasing her. She whimpered pleadingly, desperate to feel me inside her again. I leaned in and pressed my cockhead through her lips and then slid home, making her shudder and sigh loudly, her arms reaching up to grip my shoulders.

Her eyes opened and we stared at one another as I began a strong, slow sawing motion with my hips, sliding back on forth inside her. Cait sighed as she squirmed her hips against me, fondling her breasts while I fucked her. The incline of the hood meant she was slowly sinking onto me again, each thrust going a little deeper, making her gasp and moan while she massaged my cock with her tight tunnel. She felt like heaven around me.

"I'm so sorry I made you wait," she breathed, her hands kneading her breasts. "I just..."

"Shhhhh," I said gently, smiling down at her, even as I fucked her. "It doesn't matter. We're here now and I love you."

"I love you too," she said, smiling up at me. "You gonna cum in me, Ludo? It's safe to."

"If that's what you want," I replied, feeling a tingle of delight at the prospect. "I would love to. I didn't cum last night after you left, so you're gonna be pretty full."

"That sounds... wonderful..." she panted, squirming harder now, her skin pink with her arousal. "Gnnnnn, can't wait to feel your cum in me..."

I fucked her harder and faster, knowing she wanted us to cum together, finally. My hands gently pushed hers off her breasts and I began massaging them strongly, making her writhe and groan lustily. I could feel her pussy tightening around me and the warm, tingling sensation building in my balls. Any second now, I'd be past the point of no return and cumming inside my darling Cait.

I pulled her up so that she was almost folded in a v, perched on her ass cheeks with her legs now wrapped around my waist and her chest pressed to mine. I was deeper inside her than ever and she whimpered and gasped as she looked up into my face. I wanted her against me when we came together, I craved the feeling of her skin.

She was shaking now and my hips smacked against her desperately, long past the point of no return. I crushed her to me and kissed her savagely, biting her lower lip and making her wail in need. Our kiss was a desperate one and we both groaned, almost shouted, as we came together, her greedy pussy milking the pearly cum from my throbbing cock. Thick creamy ropes lashed her insides and never seemed to end, because I was so desperate and pent up.

We kissed as we writhed and pumped against each other, my cum now trickling out of her around my shaft and balls. Cait moaned as she felt it sliding down over her taint and between her cheeks, her pussy unable to hold any more. I could even feel the stickiness of it against my thighs. Her head was now buried against my shoulder, fingers clutching reflexively on my back, her nails digging in. Cait churned against me, moaning into my shoulder and biting it.

"Uhhhhhhh..." I heard her sigh, feeling her heart thundering against me, as she could no doubt feel mine. Her head finally came up and her blue eyes were crystalline, tears on her cheeks. She smiled at me warmly and then pressed her lips to mine. We kissed one another lovingly for some time, just enjoying the sensation of being bound to one another like this. An eternity could have passed, I wouldn't have noticed.

I lifted her gently, feeling her shudder as she sank once again onto my still-hard cock and brought her around the side of the vehicle. She slowly lowered her legs and tried to touch the ground, but couldn't, because she was still impaled on me and I was significantly taller than her. She giggled and I held her still while I bent my knees slightly and then withdrew from her, making us both shiver.

There was a ridiculous squishing noise as my cock left her pussy and she shuddered and giggled as my cum began to seep out of her. Without a word, she dropped to her knees and had my cock in her hand, stroking it before slipping the head inside her mouth, moaning as she tasted our mingled cum. Then she slid her mouth slowly down my length, humming quietly. I stood still, my eyes closed as I reveled in the feel of her hot, wet mouth enveloping me.

She moved her head back and forth slowly, enjoying herself as she cleaned our cum from my still-hard dick. Her hands were on my hips and her breasts were pressed against my thighs while she cleaned me lovingly. Finally, she pulled her mouth off me off smiled up at me, her hand now gently pumping along the shaft.

"You're still hard," she mused. "Want some more? I'm hoping my girl can take it, because I want to feel you in me again."

I nodded and she stood, hugging me and sighing contentedly. She then opened the back door of her car and pulled out a large blanket she'd stored back there, probably for this occasion. She spread it out on the ground, in an area where the sun's warm rays just peeked through the trees and then lay on her back, with her legs spread wide and her arms reaching out for me.

I came down onto the blanket and took her in my arms, kissing her lovingly and without delay, slipped my cock back inside her gooey pussy. She sighed in rapture and held herself to me tightly before opening her eyes, smiling at me and booping my nose.

"You don't need to cum again, Trekkie," she cooed, her slick walls holding me tight. "I just wanted to keep you inside me a while longer, y'know?"

I nodded and we kissed some more. She sighed and stretched her body, noticeably pressing her breasts up close enough to be kissed. "Can you believe we're lovers now?"

"I think we're both thankful for that." I answered, gently sliding myself in and out of her. I leaned my head down and kissed her breasts and swirled my tongue around her nipples. There were no artificial barriers between us anymore, no vague proxies for intimacy. We could fuck and make love freely now. For the most part.

She must have sensed my thoughts, because she smiled. "Yeah, we'll be a secret from my parents, of course. And while most of our friends won't give a shit if we're fucking, we'll have to be careful there, too, because some of them talk and things have this disturbing habit of finding their way back to my mom and dad. They'd make my life a living Hell before you finally had to kill them on my behalf."

"Anita's gonna be thrilled that we've finally done it," I pointed out. "She's been so exasperated that we've been holding off on fucking for absolutely no good reason as far as she's concerned."

Cait nodded. "That does bring up another point, though. I'm glad we're doing this, I've wanted to for a long time, but... it's really okay with me that you have sex with Anita, Mike. I know it's casual. And society'll never let us date properly because... well..."

"Because I'm pretty much twice your age?" I asked, grinning and pushing my cock as far inside her as possible, making her shudder and gasp uncontrollably.

"Yeah, that," she breathed, finally adjusting and then gently thwapping my shoulder. "Bastard, tell me next time you're gonna do that."

"Nope," I said cheerfully. "But the same holds for you, Cait. You can date other people if you feel the need."

"I probably will date casually, just so my parents don't get suspicious," she mused, caressing my back. "You're really okay with me dating?"

"It's not like I own you." I reasoned.

"It sure feels like it at the moment," she purred, smirking and undulating beneath me, squeezing her pussy around me. "An' I likes it."

"I love it too," I said, nodding. "We can be lovers all you like, Cait. We both want it. If our relationship status changes, we just tell one another, alright?"

She nodded. "And unless it's something super-serious, I'll probably keep fucking you on the side. You okay with being my side-Trekkie?"

"Perfectly." I replied, pushing deep inside her and making her shudder and cry out as she came.


True to my word, I took her to one of my favourite places to eat in all the county, a little upstairs place that served amazing crepes, of both the main course and dessert variety. Cait teased my about my 'old man' choice of swiss cheese and asparagus, while I prodded her about her Millennial aversion to real food.

Her response was to reach under the table, coat her finger in her pussy juice, slink around to my side and then wipe her hand on my crepe when no one was looking.

"At least now it's interesting and edible..." she said airily as she sat down and resumed eating.

Later, we were walking hand-in-hand along the beach, just enjoying being together. We had removed our shoes, leaving them back at the car while we sauntered around on the warm sand. The wind off the lake was stiff enough to make her nipples harden beneath her tank-top and she giggled as she hugged my arm, pressing her breasts into me to let me feel them.

"Y'know what's great about us fucking now?" she asked, squirming her tits against me subtly.

"Aside from everything?" I quipped, grinning at her. "Please elucidate."

She giggled. "Because we'll still have fun like we did before, too. Same silliness and shenanigans, but there's another level to it now. We can be around our friends and be like we always have been, but the minute they're gone, you can tear my clothes off and rape me, y'know?"

I nodded. "Well, I do love raping you, no argument there."

"You haven't raped me yet, silly," she pointed out, giving my arm a thwap. "Not gonna make me wait too long, are you?"

My response was to grip her wrist and alter our course, walking her over to a thick stand of trees that bordered the beach. She clued in what I hand in mind once we were inside the stand, her eyes going wide.

"Are you serious?" she breathed, looking nervous. "I mean, there aren't that many people around, but..."

"I've passed this stand of trees before and mused that it would be perfect to fuck in," I replied, pushing her up against the trunk of the largest tree and lifting her skirt before reaching under to fondle her suspiciously moist pussy. "So my question to you is, are you gonna chicken out here, the first day of our new, glorious understanding?"

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