tagLoving WivesLincoln Park Mommy Ch. 06

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 06


Chapter 06 (The Miami Recruiting Trip)

Two weeks later, as he was putting his dinner dishes in the dishwasher, Dan's phone rang. Looking at the Caller ID readout, he saw that Kelly was calling him from the MacGuire residence. He was a little surprised, insofar as Kelly had told him on her way out last time that she would be down in Miami this week on a recruiting trip. Knowing who was on the other end of the line, he answered the phone, "Hey, Kelly."

"Hi. Wanna come over? Mike's out of town again, and Evelyn's in bed already."

"Sure. You know I can't pass up any offers from you. But I thought you were in Miami this week on a recruiting trip."

"I was, but not all week. I just got back today, and as soon as I walked in the door, Mike left for O'Hare, so now I'm here all alone. Uh, I'm feeling pretty horny. Something happened to me in Miami that I want to tell you about; I'm sure you'll want to hear it." Dan could hear the smile behind her voice, and it excited him.

"Be right over," Dan said abruptly, hanging up the phone, abandoning the rest of the dishes, and pulling on a coat. He quickly caught a cab, and was ringing the bell of the MacGuire home within fifteen minutes of leaving his apartment.

When Kelly answered the door, Dan's cock went rigid immediately. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her lips were a deep red, matching her fingernail polish. She wore three-inch, black patent leather heels that brought her closer to his height and accentuated the muscles in her calves and thighs. Dan could observe this accentuation due to the bright red leather mini-skirt that stopped no more than two or three inches below the bottom of her beautifully formed ass.

But what really got Dan's attention was Kelly's white, ribbed, cotton tank top, with a one-inch cut at the neckline, exposing a modest (somehow) amount of Kelly's considerable cleavage. It stopped above her belly button, exposing much of her flat, sexy tanned stomach. Her 34D monsters were prominently displayed underneath, the nipples obvious in their excitement. So tight was the top that her jutting tits distorted the printing on the front of it. Dan was barely able to read what it said: "Cheater." Hanging off the top of the "t" was an image of a glittering diamond ring.

"Well, aren't you going to come in?" Kelly said, and Dan could see the lusty smile in her eyes.

"Uuhh, yeah. Sorry. You look incredible," Dan managed to mutter.

"Well, I feel slutty."

"Nothing wrong with that. You are a slut," Dan responded as he walked into the MacGuire's foyer, knowing that the degradation would excite her. He pinched one of her engorged nipples as he brushed by her.

"No, I know. That's the image I wanted. Meet me in Mike's office. I'll be there in a minute." With that Kelly sauntered off to the rear of the walk-up, toward the kitchen, totally at home atop her three-inch heels. Dan watched her tight ass sway back and forth as she walked away, before he retreated to Kelly's husband's office and got comfortable on the leather club couch. "Comfortable," of course, meant "naked." So, when Kelly entered the office a few minutes later, glass of wine in hand, she found Dan reclined into the corner of the couch, his eight-inch cock semi-hard.

"Mmmm. Is that for me?"

"All you want." Kelly quickly abandoned her wine glass, setting it on Mike's desk on top of some of the bills he forgot to pay before leaving town. Returning to the couch, she kneeled in front of Dan's naked body and started gently stroking his cock with her left hand, making sure to wrap her hand around it in such a way that her engagement ring and wedding bands were fully visible from Dan's perspective. After making sure it was fully erect, she bent and took the tip of his cock between her lips, and sucked it in past her teeth, lightly nibbling on the cock head as she went.

Keeping her left hand at the base of Dan's cock, the diamond glittering in the light cast from the Tiffany lamp on the desk, she began licking up and down the sides of the shaft, her wet, pink tongue leaving it glistening – almost dripping – in her saliva. She then moved back to the tip and took the whole length of it in her mouth and down her throat, luxuriating in the feeling of having her esophagus filled. Then, popping the cock from the warmth of her mouth, she said, "So, you wanna hear what happened in Miami?" and again encased Dan's cock in her mouth. Not waiting for a response, she began her story between licks and sucks.


After three days of recruiting at the University of Miami, Kelly was worn out. However, she loved Miami, especially South Beach and the Cuban neighborhood around Calle Ocho, for its energy and excitement. So rather than hunker down in her hotel room at the Delano for the last night of her trip, eating room service for dinner (no matter how good room service is at the Delano, it is still room service), she decided to take a cab down to Calle Ocho for good Cuban food. Kelly also had the fleeting thought of finding a strange cock to wash away the stress of the trip.

So, she jumped in the shower and did her make-up, a little heavier than usual. For clothes, she chose a conservative but still stylish black silk skirt and a white, loose fitting, sleeveless silk blouse; the buttons strained a little at trying to encapsulate her enormous tits. On her feet she wore the three-inch, open toed heels that she would later wear for Dan when she returned to Chicago. Clasping a platinum heart-shaped pendent around her neck and donning her engagement ring and wedding bands, Kelly was ready to go, and took the elevator down to the lobby to catch a cab to Calle Ocho.

The cab ride was thankfully short, and she arrived in the Cuban neighborhood with no real plan on where to eat. She walked a few blocks down Calle Ocho, ignoring (but privately reveling in) the cat calls she generated from the Cuban men on the street and hanging out in the storefronts. She was content to keep walking, and almost missed a restaurant with an open front that allowed the sounds of a live Cuban band to escape into the street. The restaurant was crowded but not full, and Kelly figured it must have a good menu to go along with the good music, so she went in and was immediately seated at table near the still-empty dance floor.

She ordered her dinner and a glass of wine, and had a second glass while waiting for her dinner to arrive. Her ropas viejas smelled fantastic, and Kelly eagerly downed it, along with another glass of Chardonnay. Finishing her meal, she ordered a fourth glass when her waiter, a young, well-muscled Cuban kid, came to clear her plate, and watched the people that had collected on the dance floor move the sound of the Cuban band. When she finished her wine, she asked for the check and while she was waiting for her waiter to bring it, she decided to stay and dance for a few songs.

After she signed off on her tab, Kelly got up from her table and moved to the dance floor and started to dance. At first, she was dancing by herself, but with time, various men, women and couples would join her for a few minutes. There was nothing sexual in it, just Hispanic nature to dance with those that are around you. But Kelly wanted it to be sexual. The wine, the relief from her stress, and the sounds coming from the Cuban band combined to make Kelly want to go wild. To let go of herself and have fun. To fuck. Anyone.

So, when Eduardo, who liked like he had just graduated high school, began dancing with her, she didn't want him to leave like the others had. Her movements became more suggestive and reckless, and Eduardo took the hint. He moved closer and started touching various parts of Kelly's luscious body, first her arms and then her hips and the small of her back. As the dance floor got more crowded, Eduardo became more daring, lowering his hand from her lower back to her ass. Meeting no resistance, Eduardo let his hand linger, and then squeezed a little.

Still meeting no resistance, he spun Kelly around, quite gracefully, so that she was in front of him but facing away, and they moved together like this. Kelly was getting awfully hot, not just sweaty-hot, but fuck-me-hot. She could feel young Eduardo's stiff cock pressing against her silk-skirt covered ass, and his arm wrapped across the front of her body, inching up and bumping into the bottom sides of her lovely tits, making them bounce slightly. She hadn't even talked to this boy yet, knew nothing about him, not even his name, but she did know that his young cock would be piercing her bald cunt within thirty minutes.

To make this happen, she turned her head slightly, looking over her shoulder at him, and said in a hoarse voice, "Take me home and fuck me."

"What? I not hear you because of music," Eduardo responded in stilted English.

Kelly couldn't hear Eduardo either, so she turned around to face him, but still kept dancing to the music. She draped her lovely arms over his shoulders and leaned into him, pressing her firm tits against his chest; he could feel her nipples pressing against the top of his stomach. Talking directly into his ear, Kelly said, almost in a shout, "I said, take me back to your place and treat me like a whore," nipping at his ear as she finished her sentence. Eduardo needed no second invitation, and grabbed Kelly's hand and led her out of the restaurant and into the street.

They hurried down Calle Ocho a few blocks, hand-in-hand, like two lovers anxious to get home and screw each other senseless. Which, of course, they were. But in holding Kelly's hand, Eduardo felt her engagement ring pressing against his palm. Holding up her left hand as they continued down the street, he asked, "Do you have husband?"

"Yes, but it doesn't matter," she responded in an impatient tone. "I wanted to get fucked tonight, and you're the lucky man. Now, how far to your house?"

"We turn right here, and it is just around corner." Sure enough, Kelly and her young Cuban stud-for-the-night arrived at his rundown bungalow just a few moments later. Barely in the door, Kelly unbuttoned her blouse as she walked toward the ratty couch pushed up against a dirty wall. By the time she reached the couch, her blouse was lying behind her on the filthy shag carpeting and her bra was floating to the linoleum floor of the kitchen just off the living area.

Eduardo was right on her heels, and his already thickening cock flooded with blood as he saw, from behind, Kelly's enormous tits bulge out from the sides of her body. "What a fuckin' slut," he thought to himself. Before she could turn around and draw him to her excited little body, Eduardo grabbed her from behind and pushed her over the arm of the couch. He bunched her skirt around her waist, and pulled her silk panties down while at the same time unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock.

Kelly was somewhat taken aback by Eduardo's actions, but offered no resistance, instead welcoming the roughness of this encounter. She found herself aching for the sensation of a hot cock splitting her pussy lips, and groaned in delight when Eduardo did just that, bracing herself with her hands out in front of her on one of the cushions of the couch. She felt the head of Eduardo's cock butt up against her labia and slide off to the side due to her moisture, missing its intended target. But Eduardo did not miss again, and sank what felt to Kelly like three or four inches of his cock into her in one try. "Yyyeeesss," Kelly moaned, looking back over her shoulder into the eyes of her young one-night-stand. "Gawd, that feels so fucking good."

Encouraged, and aided by Kelly's slutty wet pussy, Eduardo shoved the rest of his cock in her, not caring whether it hurt or not. Of course, it didn't; Kelly's pussy had seen enough cock that it was able to accommodate almost any cock – or other object of normal size – with little effort. Eduardo started pounding into her, ramming his hips up against her ass, causing short, tight ripples to undulate up her ass cheeks. "Is this what you wanted, bitch? To get fucked like a dog, like an animal?"

"Fuck yes," she groaned, letting her arms give way and burying her face in the smelly cushion. "I love this shit."

"Good, puta, you can get a lot more if you want it." Eduardo felt Kelly shudder and shake, and continued his rough treatment of the cheating slut. He grabbed her by the hips and started pulling her pelvis back and forth, on and off his cock. All the while, Kelly was moaning, rolling her head from side to side in the years-old couch.

"Keep going, asshole," she managed to get out. "This is what I want, to be treated like this, like a whore, degraded." As she continued jamming her hips back on the young cock that was dominating her, she felt Eduardo's hands spreading her ass cheeks apart, and one of his fingers searching around her crinkled star. The sweat collecting on Kelly's body, including her lower back and asshole, allowed the finger to violate the asshole, and Kelly moaned and groaned as the finger searched around the tight but elastic interior of her bowels.

Lifting her head off the couch, she again turned to her dominator, and whispered in low, hoarse voice, her teeth almost bared in her primeval lust, "You wanna fuck my ass? Is that what you want?"

"Fuck yeah, puta." Again, he felt Kelly shake with this degradation, and he knew she liked it. "You like being called a whore, slut, filthy pig?"

"Yyyeeesss. It makes me cum just to hear it."

"I'll fuck your filthy ass, but a little later. Now, I need to cum. Turn around, whore."

In spite of being turned on by her degradation, Kelly protested. "No, not yet. I haven't cum yet. Plleeeasssee let me cum." Despite her begging, Eduardo pulled his cock from her dripping cunt and his finger from her asshole, and pushed her over so she was on her back. He scrambled up the couch and straddled her chest, laying his cock between her remarkably firm tits and pushing them together. Kelly gave in to the inevitable as Eduardo began stroking his cock back and forth between her tits, holding them together with his hands to create a tight, warm cavern of titflesh. She relieved him of this burden, however, using her own hands to push her tits together, making sure to trap her nipples between her fingers to give her some stimulation.

"Fuck my tits, asshole. Fuck 'em, and cum on me so I can get mine." Not having cum yet, Kelly was still incredibly turned on, and got even more so to see her young lover's cock sliding between her sweaty tits, gliding smoothly under her engagement ring and wedding bands. As Eduardo's cock approached her mouth for the ninth or tenth time, marvelous in its purple hue and shiny complexion, Kelly knew he was about to blow his load all over her pretty face. She bent her head forward and engulfed the cock between her red lips and squeezing her tits tighter around the pulsing shaft.

Sure enough, Eduardo's cum shot from the tip of his cock into Kelly's mouth and down her throat. He pulled back, and a further shot created a line of sperm stretching from her chin to her eyebrow. Eduardo's final shots landed between Kelly's monster tits and liberally coated her inch-long nipples, before finally dripping down and collecting in the hollow of her neck.

Feeling Eduardo climb off her, Kelly begged, "Now me. Now me, please. Make me cum."

"Not yet, puta. Where are you staying?"

"What!?! You're not going to fuck me; you're not going to let me cum!?!" She was almost hysterical.

"You'll cum, bitch. Take it easy. All you American sluts are the same. Tell me where you are staying, and my roommate and I will come over in thirty minutes. Then, you can come all you want."

Never one to run away from getting double-teamed, and realizing that this asshole was not going to make her cum right now, Kelly told him to come the Delano.

"Fine, whore," Eduardo said, getting dressed. "We will come there in one half hour." With that, Eduardo disappeared into what Kelly assumed was his bedroom. She went into the kitchen and found a dirty dishrag, and wiped the cum from her face, neck and tits. On her way back to the living room, she grabbed her bra and then got dressed, walked out and back to Calle Ocho, and caught a cab back to the sanctuary of the Delano.

Kelly must have been quite a sight for the concierge when she returned to the Delano. Her dirty blonde locks were disheveled and some were matted to her forehead and face. The heavy patina of sweat that had resulted from the quick but vigorous fucking caused the silk Marc Jacobs blouse to stick to her voluptuous body. But Kelly paid him no mind, and breezed through the lobby and took the elevator to her room.

Quickly stripping her clothes from her body and leaving them piled on the foot of the bed, she jumped in the shower to rinse the young Cuban's sperm from her body. Turning the shower off and drying her body, she viewed herself in the bathroom's large mirror. "What a fucking slut," she said to herself. She knew she had a body that any man or boy would lust after, taking in first her 34D tits with their perpetually thick nipples, then her taut stomach and finally her cleanly waxed cunt. Many men had taken pleasure in these attributes over the years, and Kelly felt no remorse for her behavior, no shame in trashing her wedding vows, in defying the trust and loyalty that Mike had placed in her.

And what was going to happen tonight, she wondered? Here she was, alone in Miami, having already picked up a young Cuban man and fucked him silly. Soon, he and a friend would be joining her in her Delano hotel room and, for the first time in quite a while, Kelly would feel cock in two of her holes at the same time. Closing her eyes, she felt her cunt moisten at the thought. She savored the memory of the last time she was double penetrated, one cock slipping in and out of her loosened hole, the other screwing back and forth in her ass, four hands grabbing at her ass cheeks or tits, two sets of lips covering the real estate of her body. The sensations were almost overwhelming when the man on top of her pulled his cock from her ass . . .

On knock on her hotel door pulled Kelly from her reverie. Wrapping the towel around her, she opened the door, sure to keep her body behind it and presenting only her pretty, angelic face. "Hi, can I help you?" she said in her sweet, innocent voice, seeing the concierge that was on duty when she waltzed through the Delano lobby a little while ago.

"Yes, Ms. MacGuire. The gentlemen that are to meet you asked that I deliver this box to you," he said, offering a relatively small, flimsy, white cardboard box. "They have asked that you meet them in the lounge when you are ready. Given that they are guests of yours, Ms. MacGuire, I have taken the liberty of seating them at a table in the lounge."

"Thank you, Martin," Kelly responded, glancing at his name plate and taking the package from him. "Please tell them I will be down shortly."

"Of course. Thank you, Ms. MacGuire." Closing the door, Kelly walked toward the bed and opened the box, finding inside a cheap, almost plastic-looking mini-skirt in fire-engine red. 'What the fuck is this,' she thought. Pulling the mini-skirt out, she found underneath it a cheap cotton top, and pulled it out, too. Actually, it was a tank top. She turned it around to see its front, and her mouth gaped at what was printed there.

"'Cheater,'" she said out loud. "Jesus Christ. What am I supposed to do with this shit?" Looking in the box, she saw a hastily-scrawled note, and bent to pick it up, reading it to herself: 'Put these on and mete us in bar,' it said. 'Great command of the language,' she thought wryly, looking back to the cheap mini-skirt and skimpy tank. Hanging from the "t" in "Cheaters" on the front of the tank top, Kelly saw a gold ring with a diamond on top of it, glittering in a presumed light. 'What a cheap looking ring. Gold is so passé, and brilliant cuts so pedestrian,' she thought.

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