Linda Ch. 03


The next morning I began thinking about my girlfriend Christine. Christine is a beautiful young girl and pretty nasty too. I thought she'd love having a night of fun with Linda. And maybe if Linda saw another girl being naughty, it might help release her nasty side for good. So many different possibilities and scenarios ran though my mind the more I thought about the idea.

I called Christine at about ten o'clock. I explained what had happened the past couple days and how this girl Linda offered herself to me in order to stay out of trouble with her husband. Needless to say Christine loved the idea of joining in. I knew she would.

At five o'clock that evening Linda walked in right on time as usual. "I have a friend coming over tonight," I explained. Linda didn't have much of a reaction to the idea. But I wondered what her thoughts were of another female joining us.

When Christine arrived about an hour later she sat next to me and planted a nice big kiss on my lips. We hadn't seen each other for awhile, but that kiss brought back so many memories. Linda sat there and for the first time in a couple days she wasn't the center of attention. But that was soon about to change.

"Okay Linda, why don't you show Christine what you look like." "Stand up and strip for us." Linda stood up in the middle of the room and disrobed just like she had the past two nights. I looked at Christine, "isn't she incredible?"

"Yes, she sure is," Christine replied running her tongue over her lips. "Have you ever been with another girl Linda?" I knew her answer before she said it." "No," she responded.

"Show us your ass." Linda knelt in the middle of the floor sticking her ass out to us.

"Now spread yourself open," I ordered. And she did, exposing her cute little asshole for us. "Touch it Linda." "Put your finger on your asshole." Linda reached around feeling in her crack and placed her middle finger right on her tight little anus. "My God, she does whatever you tell her," Christine exclaimed. "Yes I know." "She's becoming a good little slut."

"Stick your finger in your ass, Linda." I continued. The tip of her finger gradually disappeared inside her hole. "Taste it, put it in your mouth."

Christine was amazed. "You got her trained real good." "Maybe we need to teach her some more dirty things?" "I'd love to make her act like a hot little bitch in heat."

Christine and I moved over toward Linda. As she looked over her shoulder I kissed her asscheeks and ran my tongue over her soft flesh. Then I gave her one long lick right up through her asscrack. "Mmmmmm, she tastes so good."

Linda moaned out, "Ouuuu!"

I looked at Christine. Both of us realized Linda was enjoying this. I told Christine that would happen. As soon as Linda became aroused she really got into being nasty, especially using her ass.

"Maybe she needs to be treated a bit rougher than you did last night," Christine suggested.

"Perhaps you're right," I softly whispered to Christine, "go get our toys."

I began spanking Linda with my hand. "Okay Linda, so you liked me playing with your ass last night." "Let's see how you like this today." "I want you licking my asshole." "But I want to hear you beg and plead to lick it." "I want to hear you begging to clean my dirty ass with your tongue and how you want to stuff it in my tight anal hole and taste me." "And you'll do Christine too." "I want to see you act like a lesbian slut enjoying another cunt and ass."

I could see the shock in Linda's face just from the intensity of my voice. She knew that right then tonight was going to be nastier than anything she had yet experienced. And she was right.

Christine returned with our bag of sex toys that we had enjoyed together before. She pulled out the leather paddle showing it to Linda. She brushed it across Linda's face giving her a smell of the leather. "See this?" "This is going to help you do a good job licking our assholes." Christine disappeared from Linda's view. The next sound was the paddle whooshing through the air and striking Linda fully on her ass. "Oouuch!!" Linda yelped. Christine walloped her ass a couple times, which were really not that hard.

Christine stopped to say, "Linda..., that was just warming up." "Now I want hear how much you want to rim my boyfriend's asshole." Then the paddle whistled through the air impacting with a tremendous force across Linda's cheeks. "SMAACCKKKKK!!!" Linda screamed out. "OoouuuuuuuuCCHHH!!!" "What are you doing?" Then again that swishing sound and "Smaaacccckkk!!"

"Ohhh!!!" "Ohhhh!!!" "Nooooo!!!" Linda screamed out again. There was no way Linda was expecting this tonight.

Her ass was instantly red. "I'll lick it." "Let me...let me lick his asshole please." Linda cried out.

Christine keep walloping her ass with the paddle and coaxing her. "C'mon Linda." "I think you can do better than that." "Convince me you're a nasty anal fuckwhore."

With that said, Christine reached for the long plastic crop in our bag of toys. Maybe you need a few strokes across your ass with this to do better. Christine grabbed a kitchen chair and had Linda kneel on it and lean forward with her tits hanging over the back. "No please, I'll do it." "I'll lick his asshole real good. "And yours too."

Christine paid no attention to what she was saying. Linda held on to the chair taking the punishment as Christine whipped the crop three times across her asscheeks. Each time it whistled through the air impacting on Linda's ass. "Ohhhh!!!" "Ohhhhh!!"

Christine reached between Linda's legs feeling her cunt. "She's wet." "The bitch is soaked."

Was she enjoying this? Is it possible this punishment was arousing her? Linda looked up at me. I could see the pain in her eyes. She was breathing heavy too. "I... want your asshole." "I want... to lick it." "Please!" "Please!" "You're getting me turned on."

Linda was definitely getting enjoyment out of this even though her ass was being whipped. Perhaps she needed it rougher still.

I found a couple alligator nipple clamps in the bag. They had a lot of tension to them so I knew they would squeeze her nipples real hard. I wondered how she would react to the additional punishment. I clutched her tits as they hung from her chest over the chair. I squeezed her breasts hard one at a time and attached the clamps to her hard nipples. She whimpered out as they dug into her tender flesh. "Ouuuu" "Oouuuu." The clamps had a chain attached so I easily could pull on both nipples at the same time.

"C'mon Linda... how bad do you want to tongue my asshole?" I yanked on the chain. The clamps held firmly as her nipples stretched out from her breasts. I knew she could feel the clamps digging into her tender flesh. Then Christine wallop her with the crop again right between her asscrack. "So you like this, huh bitch?" Another stroke followed landing right inside Linda's crack over her asshole. She yelped." "AUUUUCCCCCCHHHH!!!"

"Linda??" "Linda??" "How bad do you want me?" I grabbed her face in one hand and pulled the chain stretching her nipples way out from her breasts. "How bad Linda?"

"Oh please...please... I'll lick your asshole real good."

"I'll suck it."

"I'll eat it."

"I'll tongue fuck your dirty asshole."

She was panting out of breath.

I let go of the chain and disconnected the clamps from her breasts. I bent down and kissed her on the lips while I deliberately squeezed each tortured nipple between my fingers. She whimpered into my mouth kissing me back as the pain ripped through each tit. "And you'll do Christine's ass too." "Right?" Then I went and sat on the sofa. Christine led Linda over to me. I was sitting with my legs spread and pulling them up high. Linda went down on her knees kneeling between them.

"Okay, Linda. Tongue fuck me."

And she did. Her tongue scoured my tight asshole. She was lapping at my anal hole with a fever and frenzy pushing hard and forcing her tongue inside me showing what a good slut she could be. "Oh Linda, that's so good." "You're such a good anal licking whore.

Christine knelt next to Linda holding a big ten-inch dildo. "Let's get you a real good taste of his ass." Christine placed the dildo on my anal entrance and pushed it in. All of Linda's licking had my anus pretty well lubed up allowing it to slide in easily. I could feel it enter me. "Ohhhhhhhh" "Christine," I moaned out. My beautiful girlfriend began fucking my asshole with it.

After shoving it in me deep a few times Christine pulled it out. I looked at the two girls seeing Christine holding the glistening dildo. "Suck it." "Taste his ass on the dildo." Christine grabbed Linda by the hair and forced her to take the filthy dildo, suck it into her mouth and clean the taste of my ass off it.

When Christine pulled it away I got up. "I want you to do a good job on Christine's ass now."

I had Christine kneel on the floor with her ass up. Then I took from our bag of toys a set of four medium size black anal beads on a string. I gave a few licks on Christine's asshole depositing some spit to lube her up. While Linda watched I pushed them one at a time into Christine's ass. After they were in I made sure to shove two fingers through Christine's asshole to be sure they were really deep.

"Okay, Linda" "Christine is going to love the feeling when you take them out." "I want you to suck them out." "Suck them out and into your mouth, all of them."

I could see Linda wasn't so sure about this, but she knelt behind Christine and slowly placed her lips over Christine's asshole. I could hear her softly sucking at first. Christine began moaning right away. "Oh God, that's so good." "Suck it Linda." "Suck my asshole."

I knew Linda was going to have a hard time extracting them. Her sucking would have to be pretty intense. I started fingering Linda's cunt. Perhaps getting her turned on again would help. I had two fingers in her. She was exceptionally juicy so I shoved a third in.

Then I noticed the nipple clips I had removed from her tits earlier. I picked them up and...fuck this was going to hurt... I reached between Linda's legs as she knelt and clipped one onto her clit. She instantly backed away yelping, "Ooouuuu fuckkkkkkk Nooooo!!!!" "Please!!!!!!......." "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Suck them out bitch." I yelled and then yanked on the chain making it bite into her tender clit.

"Noooooo!" "Nooooo!"

And she shoved her face into Christine's ass sucking with such a fever I thought she'd clean out Christine's ass with her mouth.

"That's it Linda." "Suck hard."

Not that she needed more encouragement, but just to see how filthy she could get, I grabbed the paddle and with a hard stroke, "SMMMAAACCKKKK!!!!", gave her a crack across her ass that instantly welted her cheeks.

"oooooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!" She was screaming into Christine's ass.

"Well, Linda?" "Are you getting them out?" "I know you like it rough." And I tugged the chain again pulling her clit hard.

Are you going to show us what filthy girl you are?"

"Yes" "Yes" "No more Please!." "I'll get them." "I'll suck them out."

"I'll be a dirty whore for you." "I'll be your filthy shit whore and suck her asshole.

Linda placed her hands on either side of Christine's ass and spread her cheeks wide. "Oh my, Oh FUCK!!!!..." Christine cried out. "She's doing it." She's sucking them." "FUCKKK!!!" "Oh you slut... Linda... you hot fuckin' whore."

"Suck them out bitch." I yelled. "I'm not going to stop until those beads are in your mouth." I could see her bear down on Christine's ass sucking harder and harder. Christine was delirious from the extreme feeling. Christine loves having her asshole licked and sucked, but this was more than even she had experienced before.

I kept lightly tugging on the chain sending waves through Linda's clit. Then I began hearing "Mmmm,".."Mmmm.." "Mmmm..." I was sure the beads were popping into her mouth. A moment later Linda pulled away from Christine's ass. She then immediately shoved three fingers deep in her own cunt. She went into an intense orgasm while at the same time grabbing the small ring on the end of the beads and slowly extracting them one at a time through her lips. Christine turned around. "She did it." "The filthy anal bitch did it." "And look at her now." "She's cumming." "What a hot cunt." "How did you ever get her to act like this?"

I carefully removed the clip from Linda's cunt as she continued moaning out in pleasure. She was thrashing about on the floor lost in her orgasm. I ran my hands up either side of her spread open inner thighs. I could see how dripping wet she was. Then Christine watched as I went right down between Linda's legs and covered her wet fuckhole with my mouth. I shoved my tongue deep in her soaked cunt making her scream.


Linda exploded with another orgasm the likes I've never seen any woman have. Her legs locked around my head as she wiggled and bounced her ass all over the floor. Her hands were on my head holding me there as I kept my tongue stuffed inside her hot juicy cunt.

Finally after what seemed like an endless orgasm, she sat up. My cock was so hard. I stood up, jerked it in my hand and began shooting a huge load all over her face. Then with cum running down her smiling face, Linda slowly picked up the anal beads and proceeded to suck the remaining filth from each one.

Christine moved to Linda, put her hands to her face and guided Linda's lips to hers. Their lips met and locked together in an endless kiss while Christine's hands roamed over Linda's body.

When the kiss broke Christine told her, "that was so fuckin dirty." "You're a nasty little slut aren't you?"

"Yess, yess, I'm am. "I'm a slut." "Oh fuck..., I love being a dirty slut."

An hour later we were all dressed. Linda was ready to go home. "Your husband comes home tomorrow doesn't he?" I asked.

"Yes he does." Linda replied. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I can't ask him for anything like what we did. He'd ask too many questions." "But I have to have more."

As she walked out the door for home I said, "call me."

To Be Continued in "Linda Ch4 - The Roadside Slut"

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