Linda Leaves


Linda sat at kitchen table. She was exhausted, both emotionally and physically. So exhausted that even her hair felt tired.

What had she done?

She thought she was saving her marriage, but instead she created a disaster. She gave in to her husband, offered him anything he wanted of her, if he would just stay. Just love her. Now look at her? Six years have passed and here she was, nothing more than a toy, used at his whim or not. It was no way to live.

So she was going to get out. She had to get out, but could she?

There were so many thing stopping her from leaving. She was brought up to stay married, to obey your husband no matter what. He made the money, she took care of him, fulfilled him. She felt obligated to him.

Had he crossed the line? Had he asked her to do too much? Or did she go willingly.

She didn't care anymore. It was over as far as she was concerned. She waited for him to come home.

It felt like an eternity for the fifteen minutes to click by. She knew he'd be home at five, he was always home at five. Sometimes he wanted her right then, sometimes he would wait and he'd want his dinner served. Sometimes he wouldn't be alone. She feared those times.

What would it be tonight? What would he expect of her? Nothing? To be tied up and used? To give him pleasure and forget her own?

She felt trapped in a nightmare.

"I'm home," the familiar deep voice bellowed through the house, the door crashing shortly after it.

He came into the kitchen and found her at the table. She looked at him.

"We need to talk," Linda pushed a chair out with her foot. "I can't do this anymore."

They talked for a long time. About how he took her giving herself up to him and how he pushed it beyond reasonable. How he made her feel when he was with other women, women he knew she was jealous of. Women he used to make her feel small, useless, insecure.

"You took my wedding ring and gave it to a woman you had an affair with," Linda continued.

"She still wears it," Tom responded. "It's not like she pawned it or anything."

The words ate at her. They made her skin crawl. Was he justifying this? Was he going to sit there and say he's right? The anger built inside of her, her blood stewing.

"I used to think I hated her, that she was evil, but it's you, you're the one that's evil," Linda glared into his eyes. "You're the one who used me, not her. You used Karen too. You used her to manipulate me."

The words sunk in. From the first night Linda had given in she felt jilted, scorned. It didn't matter after that. She knew he was evil. She knew deep down, it was all him.

"I actually feel sorry for Karen," she continued, "it is worse what you're doing to her. I knew I was being used, she loves you."

Tom sat there stunned. Unable to move or say a word, he simply uncomfortably listened. He knew she was right, but was there remorse? He glanced away from her stares uneasily.

"I'm sorry," he stammered, his mind clouded by all the anger directed towards him. "I don't want you to go."

Linda felt pangs of guilt. She did love him deep down, before all of this anyway, maybe not now, but then.

"I can't stay like this," she looked at him, her stare softening. "It can't be this bad. I can't feel raped by my husband."

The words stung. Tom never felt it was rape, he felt it was play, foreplay. He'd still take her. She always seemed excited, how could it be rape?

"It's not rape," he offered back, "you enjoy it, you get off."

Linda looked at him, the glare returning.

"How about you try it for one night? Anything I want?" she slammed her hand on the table, "or I walk."

Tom couldn't respond. He was the man of the house, he was the alpha male. There was no way some little bitch like her was going to tell him what to do. But what would he do if she left him, or worse? Told her story. He'd be ruined. Financially, all of his relationships. Everyone loved her. She was the reason they had friends, he had connections.

"Just one night? What three, four hours?" Tom thought diplomacy was best for damage control. Really, what would she ask him to do? She was so meek. So easily molded.

"A Friday night, from five until I untie you," Linda said, shaking, "before five the next night."

"After that?" Tom looked at her, "what then?"

"We talk. We renegotiate. Either I'm happier or I have to go," Linda looked down at the table. She had said it. It was over unless something changed.

"Why should I do this then, let's talk now," Tom touched her hand, looking for an emotional response.

Linda picked her head up.

"Because it's the least you can do after what I've gone through for you," she squeezed his hands, "One night is pretty cheap for six years."

His face turned ashen. Linda could tell Tom knew that there was no promise of continuing. This was a payback for years of service, a bonus that he had no choice but to pay.

"Okay," Tom looked down at the table, his entire body trembling, "one night, no questions."

Linda felt a weight lifted off of her shoulders, he was going to feel the pain she has felt all this time. He was going to feel like the one who was used, who was small. It made her body flush with excitement.

It felt like an eternity for the calendar to shift to Friday. Every hour Linda's head filled with thoughts of manipulation, humiliation, desire and power. Power flowed through her for the first time. She was going to be in control. She was going to be powerful and strong. She was waking up.

Finally the day came.

"I'm home," Tom opened the door and shouted out tentatively.

"In here," Linda called from their bedroom.

The bedroom was all decked out, candles providing a flickering soft glow. Soft black cuffs contrasted starkly against the fresh tight white sheets on the four post bed.

Linda was dressed for a night on the town. Her body tightly squeezed into a black skirt and white blouse, her ample breasts pushing apart the buttons near the chest.

"Get undressed," she looked at Tom, "then get on the bed."

Tom dropped his briefcase and glared at her. Linda could see the fear on his face. Would he do it?

It took Tom a minute to collect himself, but slowly he started to unbutton his shirt, tossing it to the hamper, he slowly finished removing all of this clothing, neatly putting it away.

"That's not so bad is it?" Linda looked at him. His body was getting older, but still sexy. She started feeling guilty, like this wasn't a good idea, but the feeling passed.

"Why don't get you get into the bed," she smiled at him as she patted the mattress.

He dutifully climbed into the bed and laid down on his back. She slowly walked around, tightening the cuffs around his limbs.

"How does it feel?" she rubbed her hands over his body, avoiding his stiffening cock. "Are you okay or should I just leave you now?"

His cock jerked to attention.

"I have a surprise for you," Linda smiled and reached over to the top of her dresser for some peach scented shaving gel and a razor. "We're going to clean little Tommy up."

Linda squeezed the gel over his hips, legs, cock and balls and gently ran the razor over the entire area.

"You don't mind do you?" Linda looked up at him, almost finished. "I've always wanted you clean shaven, I think it's sexy, like a little boy. Isn't that what you like? Me like a little girl?"

Tom turned away disgusted. He never said he liked her like a little girl, only that he thought it was sexy, pretty in a way.

Linda grabbed a cool wash cloth and wiped the hair and gel away.

"Wow, I did better than I thought," she ran her hand across his completely bare cock. "Well I'm going out now. Karen said there's a great band at her bar."

Tom's heart sank. Is this what she meant by feeling raped? Unable to move, turned on and left alone? He was devastated.

Three hours passed.

Tom had plenty of time to contemplate all the horrible things he'd done. Why had he done them? Because he could? It wasn't right, but it felt so good. He loved Linda, but he loved Karen just as much. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

And, he loved the power. The control. Linda kneeling over his cock or tied to the bed posts. She couldn't say no. She couldn't say no to anything. His cock, his ass, any part of him could invade her. He loved it.

He felt like it made him a man. A successful man. He parlayed that power into connections, money and cash that bought her expensive gifts. Bought him expensive women. Why would she fight him, why didn't she want him to be successful?

Finally, the house door opened and voices echoed through the hallways.

"He's in the bedroom," Karen's familiar voice rang in Tom's ears.

Who was with them? What was happening? Why was Karen even there? Tom started shaking in fear, the pressure of the handcuffs reminding him of his situation.

Linda opened the door the bedroom and looked at Tom, helpless in the bed, the lights of candles flickering against his bare skin.

"I have a surprise for you, and remember, no questions," she lowered her finger to his lips. "If you start saying something, I'll just say it's over."

Tom laid still, afraid to move. It felt like she had him by the balls, like he was going to suffer or listen. He didn't want to do either. He wanted free. Away.

"I don't think I want to go," his words trailed off. Linda placed her index finger on his lips.

"You're all tied up with no place to go, honey," she smiled. "It's too late for not wanting."

Tom felt his entire body shrivel in fear. She wasn't going to let him go. This was rape. This is what she meant.

"Can we come in?" Karen knocked at the door, a slender tall blond man behind her. "Eric and I want to see."

They all crowded around Tom. He felt used, their eyes all over him, staring at him.

"You weren't lying? There really is a man tied in your bed?" the man looked at Linda. "So cool. Can I touch him?"

Tom's heart jumped to his throat. This wasn't part of the deal. This wasn't what he agreed to.

"Linda," Tom looked frighteningly into her eyes, "I didn't say this was okay."

Linda moved closer and held his head gently between her arms.

"Yes you did honey," she comforted him and watched as Eric reached his hands out and grabbed Tom's cock, squeezing it.

"He's so smooth, you were right, he's like a little boy," Eric reached his hands down between Tom's legs.

Tom let out a shudder, Eric's hands unexpectedly causing his cock to stiffen slightly.

"Linda, please," he looked up at her as she slowly started removing her shirt. Her ample breasts in front of his face. He reached his mouth out for them, for comfort, but they were too far away, taunting him.

Linda moved closer to Karen and both began to touch.

"Can you imagine," Karen whispered, "Tom getting fucked by another man? I can't wait."

Tom flailed against his cuffs.

"Linda, I want a divorce. This is over," he screamed at the top of his lungs. "I want a divorce."

It didn't stop. He kept screaming and flailing.

Linda smiled and reached out for Eric's hand.

"I could use your underwear," she started unbuttoning his pants. "Quick, he's annoying me."

Tom's screams subsided.

Linda pulled the underwear off, revealing Eric's incredibly large and hard shaft.

"Open wide honey, and for goodness sakes, be quiet," she stuffed the underwear in Tom's mouth.

Tom started to cry. How had this happened to him? He was successful. He knew the people who made people and was part of them, and now, look at him.

"Can we turn him over?" Eric asked. "I'd rather fuck him from behind."

Tom shook his head violently no in protest, but he couldn't talk. There was nothing he could do. He was going to be raped, just like she said. He was going to feel her six years of pain.

Karen smiled and began removing one of the cuffs, pulling it to the other wrist.

"Of course," Linda said, working on the ankles.

It wasn't long before Tom's head was buried in a pillow, his ass spread eagle. Karen grabbed a bottle of lube and stuffed it between his cheeks, squeezing the cold gel out, making Tom's entire body jerk.

"I always wanted to fuck a sissy," Eric crawled on the bed and positioned himself directly behind Tom, his stiff cock working around his ass, searching for his hole.

Linda moved closer to Karen.

"I'm sorry," Karen reached out and hugged Linda, "I feel so awful, I was a bad friend all this time."

They embraced as they watched Eric slowly slide his cock between Tom's cheeks.

Tom whimpered, tears dropping from his face. His ass was on fire, it felt ripped apart, torn, Eric's huge cock going deeper and deeper. He pushed and pushed the terrible tasting underwear, trying to get them from his mouth but he couldn't. Finally he buried his head in the pillows, crying like a baby.

Linda looked into Karen's eyes, they were so blue, so beautiful. She lowered her lips to hers.

"I'm sorry too," she gently kissed around her lips, "we should make up. It's not you I'm mad at."

Eric was relentless. Once he slowly found Tom's limit, he shoved his cock in over and over again, pulling on his shoulders.

"Oh yes, my little sissy," he screamed, "fuck me sissy boy."

Linda and Karen touched each other. They were watching years of hurt drift away. Years of their hurt were being pushed aside. It was incredible. The weight was lifted. They embraced and held each other.

"I think I'm going to come," Eric grabbed Tom's shoulders.

Tom started to moan. He couldn't believe he felt his own manhood hardening as Eric's twitched inside of him, pumping in his warm seed with rhythmic force.

Unable to stop the friction against him Tom's own cock shuddered out it's first juice then, shaking and flailing, so much more, until the sheets beneath him were soaked with his come, Eric's heavy weight squeezing him into the sheets, smearing him with his seed.

"Honey," Linda moved beside them and rubbed her hands through Tom's hair, "how can it be rape if you get so excited?"

Eric slowly removed his soft shaft from between Tom's cheeks.

"Rape? He loved it," Eric smiled. "I loved it too. I hope we can do it again."

Karen laughed.

Tom felt the warm cum dripping from his ass, mixing with his.

"I'm sure we can," Linda reach down and massaged Tom's butt cheeks, "Just give him a couple of hours, he must be sore."

They turned off the lights and left the room.

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